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Top 8 Coursera Free Courses Handpicked just for you 2021

Computer Science and Programming

Humans can typically create one or two good models a week; machine learning can create thousands of models a week.”- –  Thomas H. Davenport

Want to kick start your career in Machine learning?

Machine learning is the technology behind self-driving cars, online recommendations from Netflix, fraud detection etc. This free coursera course from Stanford will bolster your concepts of machine learning making you capable to apply algorithms in programming robots, database mining, computer vision etc.

Machine learning today hosts one of the highest paying jobs in the industry .So what are you waiting for. Apply for this free Coursera course and be an expert in Machine learning.

  • Duration: 56 hours, 7 hours/week
  • Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks, clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems ,Bias/variance theory
  • Application areas: Virtual Personal Assistants, Financial Services, Marketing and Sales, Healthcare, Social Media, Robotics

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“Great overview, enough details to have a good understanding of why the techniques work well. Especially appreciated the practical advice regarding debugging, algorithm evaluation and ceiling analysis.”

Python is widely used and high level programming language that makes programmers fall in love with it. Python is important language for aspiring data scientists and remains one of the world’s most popular language for web development.

  •  Duration: 3 months , 11 hours/week
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Data structures, Networked application program interfaces, and databases
  •  Application areas: Web development, GUI  based applications, software development , network programming, Games etc

Get your hands on with Python with this course from University of Michigan

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from University of London International Programmes

Find the entrepreneur in you. 

Do you wish to learn the secrets of entrepreneurship that people like Bill Gates and Richard Brandson applied to their business and grew them into multibillion dollar companies?

Then this is the course you must enroll into.

Financing your startup is very important for growth and sustainability but in today’s world where VC’s are reluctant to invest , you should learn ways to bootstrap your startup and keep growing without external funding.

This free Coursera course will teach you the ways to find your startup without venture capitalist.

  •  Duration: 22 hours, 6 hours/week
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Bootstrapping , Managing Finances, Funding, Lead generation
  •  Application areas: Startup, Business, Entrepreneurship

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University of Cape Town

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to tackle a social problem , this course will help you validate your knowledge about social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship is at its nascent stage and is growing rapidly, as it is inspired to drive a social change benefitting the society.

  • Learnings: Problem solving tips, Funding, Lead generation
  •  Duration: 4 weeks , 5 hours a week
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  •  Application areas: Startup, Business, Social Entrepreneurship

This course will offer an overview of social entrepreneurship and tools to help you tackle the challenges in this field.

This coursera free online course is crafted into four stages i.e. Define, Design, Pilot and Scale

Let’s be the changemaker


“The Course is very informative and it really helps us have an expanded view of things or topics. For me, in week 4’s assignment- making prototype, it would be more helpful to us- especially the “beginners” if the mentors or teachers in this course will give their personal feedback”


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Data science

From John Hopkins University

Data Science has proved to be one of the most promising career path for trained professional hosting high paying jobs.

A skilled data scientist becomes valuable for any organization as he is responsible to collect the data, organize it , translate in to solutions and tackle the problem.

Before taking this course you should be aware of basic algebra and calculus.

  • Duration: 11 hours
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Better understanding of regression models
  •  Application areas: Internet search, Digital advertising, Image recognition, speech recognition, gaming ,price comparison websites etc.

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From John Hopkins University

This course is an extension of the above course and will enhance your knowledge about Advanced Linear Models. I suggest to take both the courses simultaneously to boost your knowledge on Data Science.

  •  Duration: 10 hours
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Better understanding of regression models
  •  Application areas: Internet search, Digital advertising, Image recognition, speech recognition, gaming ,price comparison websites etc.

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Art and Music

 Music is Divine

Everyday millions of people listen to western classical music. It helps in relaxation. Right?

This course will take you through the beauties of western classical music of famous Bach, Mozart, Wagner and Puccini.

If you are interested in classical music you should definitely try out this course.         

  • Duration: 45 hours, 9 weeks (2-3 hours per week)
  •  Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Classical Music
  •  Application areas: Music, Concerts, Recordings

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Everybody possess some or the other creativity. If you want to explore the artist inside you, this course will make you find your passion.

Aware-Inspire-Be creative

This is how the course will fuel your passion. Find the artist in you.

  • Duration: 6 weeks (3-4 hours per week)
  • Cost: Free (Audit only)
  • Learnings: Recognize your creativity , creative problem solving skills , Evaluate an idea
  •  Application areas :  Creatives, Designing, Personality development etc

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