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What if I tell you that you can learn anything from the heroes that you have admired since your childhood, the heroes who are the reason you chose the carer you are in?

For me, it’s like learning to build an iron man suit from Tony Stark, the famous Iron Man.

Well, it seems practically impossible for me but not for you.

MasterClass has got it covered.

In this MasterClass review, I will discuss the platform in depth along with its pros and cons to help you decide whether it is worth to invest in masterclass or not

But before moving to the article, here is a screenshot from Trustpilot where MasterClass has an excellent rating of 71%

Review of Trustpilot Masterclass

Also, I have included other MasterClass reviews from earlier graduates to give you more insights about the course.
So keep reading…

Reviews of MasterClass from Earlier Graduates

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Ratings :

I’ve taken several courses through MasterClass now, and they’ve all been excellent quality. They include in-depth videos with people who are highly skilled and experienced in their field, and usually also have downloadable content with additional information and practice assignments. The production quality is super high, which makes it really engaging and enjoyable

   –via Trustpilot

Khairul Bakar ​

Khairul Bakar

Ratings :

I learn great insights from world’s leaders.
How they think, what they have done differently, learn from their mistakes & their wisdom.

If you have no budget constraint , do take the ‘All Access’ package. It is really worth it.

   –via Trustpilot

Masterclass Reviews on Quora

jon masterclass review

Jon Sanchez

Ratings :

I have started two classes. Ron Howard, and Malcolm Gladwell. I am pleasantly surprised by the intimacy, candor, and vulnerability that the teachers exhibit. Their tips and thoughts are refreshing and interesting. They are excited to do this class, and they are well chosen. I am having a great time listening, watching and learning. I am looking forward to learning about poker and basketball in the near future. At this point, I give it a 10/10.

    – via Quora

Will Chou

Will Chou

Ratings :

What makes it special is the fact that they get superstars to teach these courses. It started with a couple cool stars like James Patterson and Usher. 

It will help accelerate your journey if that’s where you want to head because it can point out subtle mistakes, mindset shifts, tactics, and strategies you wouldn’t have considered using. It’s like your personal mentor.

 –via Quora

MasterClass Reviews on Reddit

In my opinion, MasterClass is completely worth the money. I don’t see myself renewing year after year, but in just over a month I’ve plowed through more than 10 courses. If you’re somebody that loves to learn, MasterClass can help you learn about your passion.

     -via reddit

All the classes are extremely well done. I did the Annie Leibovitz one and it was super fun. Honestly, I would go for it. $90 for a bunch of in depth interviews and tips from a photographer you really like definitely sounds worth it to me.

    –via reddit

Improvement Reviews

Bad service- good class

The class is good- I purchased the Joyce Carol Oates masterclass for myself and my mom-while expensive. However, they haven’t treated me very well. I’ve had to email costumer service to access my class and my mother has still not gotten her class even though it was promised two days ago. I’ve had to take a lot of extra time in my day to hold their hand and get them to give me the products I bought.

     – via Trustpilot

It’s really hard to navigate

It’s really hard to navigate. I can’t use my Apple TV remote to jump back 10 seconds and to pause and scan back farther, you have to tap the touch pad just to make the cursor show up when it should be there automatically.

      –via Trustpilot

Table of Contents

What exactly is MasterClass?

Two entrepreneurs David Rogier and inventor Aaron Rasmussen thought there was a huge reserve of knowledge in the heads of domain experts and it can prove helpful for hustlers like you and me and hence MasterClass was born. 

In simple words, MasterClass is an online learning platform where the most successful people teach you the ways that made them achieve such incredible glory. 

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

MasterClass was started with an aim to produce classes having:

  • Experts who are the absolute best in the world in their respective domains
  • To have the best video production quality among any educational platform out there.
  • To provide quality content and insightful lessons that are not available anywhere else. 

Really, they have the world’s well-known instructors on the platform. 

As a student, you have James Patterson to learn writing thrillers,  

Helen Mirren and Samuel L. Jackson teach acting, Ron Howard teaches directing, and you can learn dance music from Armin Van Buuren.

An aspiring chef can even learn cooking from the famous Gordon Ramsay and a budding tennis player can learn tennis from Serena Williams

The list goes on. 

MasterClass has given access to a wonderful learning experience form top creators which you normally wouldn’t have.

Learning from a hero who has inspired you to take the field you are in. What else do you need in life? 

Just watch their intro video. I liked it, you may too.

Many graduates say that MasterClass is really addictive.

The video courses are more engaging and inspiring.

It’s like watching Netflix, they say. The production quality is well compared to Netflix and TED Talks.

It’s better to learn while being entertained.

Stars share their knowledge in video lessons.

Once you begin watching this video lessons, you’ll get instantly hooked to it.

All MasterClass courses are self-paced and you can access them through your computer and phone.

Just open up the platform, and you are good to go.

Learn Masterclass Anytime

One of the good thing about MasterClass is their twitter page and Facebook page  where you can interact with any of the stars in their  ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions.

Also, you can stay up to date with their latest offerings.

Moreover, MasterClass is looking forward to expanding their courses in Entrepreneurship and Politics as well. 

So it’s better to stay updated. 

To date, they have secured a funding of $136.4 million and have taught more than one million students.

But I feel you should stay properly informed if you’re thinking to join MasterClass. 

Hence in this MasterClass review, I’ll share both good and bad about the platform. 

Keep reading..

Here’s the summary of all the points mentioned about MasterClass:

  • MasterClass is an online learning platform where you get to learn form the most successful people. (will discuss more on this below)
  • The video lessons are amazing with Hollywood-level production quality
  •  You get access to lessons in the form of videos and notes.

Who should take MasterClass?

MasterClass is for anybody

Do you have the urge to learn something out of the box?

Then believe me MasterClass is for you. 

Technically it is for anyone interested in learning something new and exciting. 

Does that become a bit broad? Let me be specific 

MasterClass is designed specifically for people who want to become or already are creative professionals like artists, photographers, cooks, singers, painters, etc 

This platform is dedicated to the ones interested in learning cool and practical artistic talents from the most successful people of their respective fields.

MasterClass offers video courses for writers, musicians, journalist photographers, tennis players, basketball players, and the list goes on.

In case you are oriented in any of these fields then MasterClass is for you. 

In short, if you are interested in any of the below-mentioned carrier options, then you should go for MasterClass and none other

  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Graphics designers
  • Directors

You can sign up here

When we compare masterclass with other online learning institutes like Udemy or Coursera or Udacity, these are tech-focused whereas masterclass shows you the artistic side of learning in a very creative way. 

In our MasterClass review, you will find that this platform is ideal for creative people who look for inspiration from the heroes.

MasterClass is all about lighting the spark inside you. 

Although there are several other online education platforms like Skillshare and Creativelive that also teaches you the artistic career options, they have no match for the quality content MasterClass provides. 

Here you will find a large amount of premium video content that will inspire you and will make you think outside the box. 

Who is MasterClass not for?

MasterClass is not for someone would like to excel in the classroom environment. 

Also, it is not for someone who is looking for an accredited education. 

As these are recorded videos, you do not interact 1 on 1 directly with the instructor. 

Also don’t compare MasterClass courses to your college-level courses. 

Lastly, it is not for the ones who are hesitant to learn new things. 

Although video classes are entertaining and joyful learning MasterClass requires a bit efforts from your side too 

Now, I’ll be upfront and say this… If you prefer a more hands-on learning environment, this might not be for you. 

On the other side, if you want to learn new things with having the freedom of learning at your own pace, then MasterClass is for you. 

You are reading MasterClass review 2022.

MasterClass Review: How it works?

When you enroll in MasterClass you get access to the following:

  1. Video lessons
  2. Workbook
  3. Community

Let’s discuss all the three features mentioned in this MasterClass review in detail

1. Video lessons

Most classes are organized into video-based lessons.

Each lesson typically contains 25 video lessons which are 5-10 minutes long.

The video quality is really outstanding.

The amount of work the MasterClass team puts in to create a single video amazes me.

I mean just look at the trailer for the all-new Kris Jenner course.

Have a look at the camerawork, lighting, music, and animation used in this video.
This experience is truly worth remembering.


This are the documents you can download that contains summaries of the key points of every video lesson along with some extra reference and assignments.

These workbooks can be downloaded as a pdf.

Books also included a direct link to a lot of useful resources
It’s an interesting feature where you get to learn a lot extra.

Here’s a screenshot form Gordan Ramsay’s teaches cooking Workbook

Gordan Ramsay Workbook

3.Access to the community

MasterClass has a community called ‘The Hub’ where you can discuss, share your ideas, connect with other peers taking the same class.

The good part of this community is that you can dive deep into discussions in the political forum.

The Hub Masterclass

Many earlier graduates said that they have really good feedback on their wiring assignments and photographs. 

This seems to be the best way of collaborative learning. 

Isn’t it?

Taking MasterClass is an overwhelming experience.

When you enroll in, you are directed to an interface that shows you your first lesson. 

Unlike other online education institutes where you have to go through structured courses one after the other, MasterClass has a bit different approach. 

In MasterClass, you don’t have to follow a certain order to watch video lessons. 

It gives you the flexibility to jump from one instructor to the other. 

This is one of their unique selling points. 

As discussed earlier, the video lessons last between 5-10 minutes and can be taken anytime during lunch or traveling. 

 It’s really easy to make the decision to watch one of them in one sitting.

Especially when you know how astounding theses videos are. 

But you need to have All-Access Pass to MasterClass courses, in case you want to check out. 

With the All-Access Pass, you can take as many as you want in a year. 

Great, Isn’t it?

You can sign up here

Will these classes make me a Celebrity? 

Well it depends on your ability to circumnavigate obstacles in your way to become a superstar.

These classes may not turn you into a celebrity but they will surely give you an idea about your superstar’s life journey. 

It is not guaranteed that after taking Dan Brown’s thriller writing class you will publish the best selling novel. 

And that’s completely OK. 

This courses can only give you an idea to kick start your own journey 

Here you get an insider’s feel of what it takes to be successful.

Hence my only suggestion is to look at these classes as an inspiration and unbox your own creativity. 

It’s time to know more about your instructors, your ‘gurus’

Who are the Instructors?

Masterclass Teachers

As we know most of the MasterClass instructors are well-known celebrities, some being super successful in their fields. 

Here is a list of some well-known instructors(click on the link to view their courses)

It is really amazing to have such amazing personalities on a single platform to teach us. 

Also, it is relatively cheap. 

What do you think might be the price tag when taught by some of the world’s leading experts? 

In the next section of MasterClass Review, we will have a detailed discussion over the pricing structure and the duration of the course.

MasterClass Price

MasterClass comes with three types of pricing structure where you can vary the amount of devices that can access the account. This is different from the past that offered single class options; Masterclass has now switched to all-access, annual billing  

All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course content, you are free to ask for a refund. 

Here you get access to every single current and future class available on MasterClass. 

  • Individual: $15/month (1 device)  
  • Duo: $20/month (2 devices) 
  • Family: $23/month (6 devices) 

The 30-day money-back guarantee is applicable for all subscription levels. 

Each course offers premium content and with this pricing, it is comparable to the Netflix of online learning. With such low pricing what else one can expect.

Although I agree that these classes won’t transform you from a beginner to a master, they do give you some insights to unleash your own creativity. 

Sometimes it becomes confusing which price option could be a better fit. 

Hence to make your confusion clear, let’s ruminate over both the options in this MasterClass Review.

MasterClass Duo or Family: Which one to choose?

Choosing between the Individual plan and Duo comes down to needing to share. The individual plan is an easy choice if you’re the sole learner. 

Let’s break down the offerings from both the packages 

Here’s what you get through the Duo Level:

  1. One log-in, 2 devices
  2. Access to every course on MasterClass 
  3. Access to playlist feature (about playlist in the coming section of this master class review) 
  4. Access to all future courses added to the platform
  5. Access to the ‘The Hub’ community 

Here what you get in the Family level: 

  1. One log-in, 6 devices
  2. Access to every course on MasterClass 
  3. Access to playlist feature (about playlist in the coming section of this master class review) 
  4. Access to all future courses added to the platform
  5. Access to the ‘The Hub’ community

The key difference is the amount of devices. The Family plan becomes very cheap if you can share the subscription with paying friends and family. The best thing about this strategy is all subscriptions are all access passes now and the platform has something for everyone. 

As stated before, MasterClass has strayed away from the one-off class sales. I think this is a good move as the single class option was overpriced in the past. Also, I think that most people interested in MasterClass want to try multiple teachers.

Not everyone is like my friend Catherine, a budding tennis player, wanted to learn tennis from Serena Williams. But, MasterClass, with this change in subscription option has catered to people like my friend Catherine in providing more classes that she might be interested in. One example would be Wayne Gretzky on “the Athlete’s Mindset”

Take away- the Family plan is much cheaper if you have the ability to utilize all 6 devices by sharing with friends and family who are willing to split the cost. 

Otherwise, the Duo subscription is an easy choice. 

Get the all-access pass

Is MasterClass free trial possible?

Unfortunately today MasterClass does not offer any free trial. They used to do this up until august 2018.

MasterClass plans compared to other course providers

In this MasterClass review we are going to compare master class price plans with that of Skillshare, Creative Live and LinkedIn Learning

Although all these courses have pricing somewhat closer to Masterclass, the value that MasterClass brings to the table is much more. (detailed comparison in coming sections of this masterclass review)

Hence my suggestion is to go for the MasterClass’s Family Plan and share it with paying friends. 

What’s a better deal than this?

Is there any Masterclass all-access pass discount coupons?

Masterclass Discount and Coupon Code

Unfortunately, MasterClass doesn’t offer any discount code or coupon. They had discounts in their early days but not now.

Hence any website claiming to have MasterClass discount and coupon code is actually lying. 

Sometimes MasterClass does have offers on certain occasions but they are common to all. 

Their last sale included giving 20$ off if you purchase the course as a gift for someone.

Recently due to the coronavirus outbreak MasterClass offered two subscriptions at a price of one.

Can you share a Masterclass subscription?

Yes! It is the differentiation of their subscription levels. With the Family Plan, for example, you get 1 account on 6 devices. You can split this with 5 other friends and family and only have to pay $3.83/month. Review: Getting most out of MasterClass

While I was writing this Masterclass review, I thought of giving you a few hacks you so that you can utilize the platform to its most.

My first suggestion is that you learn a single topic from different structures.
Combining different classes from different experts will definitely give you more insights about the topic.
For instance, you can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay as well as Thomas Keller.
This is also applicable to all other categories.
At this moment there are few categories with only one or two instructors but I am sure Masterclass will add few more classes in the near future.

My second recommendation is to make use of playlist feature.

Playlist is one of the added advantages of Masterclass
It is mainly useful when you dive from one category to other and I have no idea where to start from.

I’ve put together this comprehensive Masterclass Review along with both pros and cons of the platform so you can decide if it is suitable for you or not.

In this review of, let’s breakdown the good and bad about the classes.

Pros of

There are a lot of things I have like about as an online education institute. Here are a few of them: 

1.The quality of the instructors 

Masterclass offers you an opportunity by giving you access to some of the world’s exceptional individuals that have impacted millions of lives and have inspired thousands. 

I think this is the main differentiator of masterclass when compared to any other online education institute 

Every single teacher is quite simply world-class. 

This was always the goal of Masterclass’s Core Team. They always aimed to bring together the best in the world to teach and share and make it an affordable price point. 

It’s hard to believe how were the co-founders managed to lure search experts to join forces with Masterclass. 

As per Hollywood reporter, instructors $100000 in advance for delivering their courses and latter a share of 30 % their classes generate.

In this way, they managed to convince Dustin Hoffman to teach acting, James Patterson to teach writing, Serena Williams to teach tennis and Steve Martin to teach comedy

This is why I think their instructor quality is way much exceptional than any other platform. 

2. Excellent production value and video quality

Video Quality

This being one of the best standout features of the masterclass. 

Yes they have a handful team of videographers and editors who make videos extremely entertaining to watch

The team always makes sure lessons are of the highest quality possible

With such high production value, they are aiming to bring the quality of Netflix to the online learning industry. 

Just to get the feel of the quality checks out the Ron Howard’s trailer for directing. 

The camerawork, the lightning along with the background music makes the video a joy to watch 

With such a high level of video quality, the teachings become easy to absorb. 

Isn’t it? 

3.Variety of classes

Masterclass hosts 11 different categories with plenty of learning resources in them 

These classes are specially designed for writers, journalists, actors filmmakers, athletes, etc. 

Moreover, they keep updating new content almost every week. The team is constantly working with different famous personalities to bring you the best course possible. 

You can browse through various categories, create a playlist and start learning. It is as simple as that

4.Having a mobile app

While many online education institutes strugling to develop a mobile application, Masterclass has done a better job on this. 

Many prefer to watch Masterclass videos on the laptops but it’s not possible always. 

Trust me the mobile application is as good as there desktop interface. 

Masterclass app

You won’t find much difference in running between the two. 

Masterclass mobile app has excellent features and works seamlessly

Now you can learn anytime, anywhere, even during lunchtime or on a train while traveling. 

5.Additional resources

As discussed earlier masterclass provides supplementary material along with the video classes in the form of workbooks.

 These workbooks offer documented lessons and further helps you with a better understanding of the subject. 

The workbooks also contain references to other articles that can broaden your scope of understanding. 


Masterclass provides such valuable courses at very reasonable price

Here you have the option to choose from two different packages single class for an all-access pass.  

Both packages come with a 30-day refund policy.

As already discussed in the price section:

  • Individual: $15/month (1 device)  
  • Duo: $20/month (2 devices) 
  • Family: $23/month (6 devices) 

Quick Bit: If you are a sole learner, you an obviously save a bit of money by choosing that option. If you plan on sharing, then find a few other people to go in with you and opt for the Family Plan.

Cons of [ Review]

 As much as I enjoyed the classes there are certain things that I didn’t like about the classes. I am going to share all the drawbacks of the platform in this review 

1. Lack of interaction with the teachers

Masterclass does have its shortcomings. 

Like any other online education institute, Masterclass does not facilitate interaction with instructors. 

Talking on this, instructors do not provide feedback to your assignments. 

For instance, Serena Williams does not personally evaluate your backhand while teaching tennis. 

This becomes a one-sided conversation and does not provide feedback back which is an essential part of learning. 

Obviously, it is not practical for a celebrity to look over each and every individual, but I think Masterclass should find an alternative to this problem. 

2. All classes are pre-taped 

This is one of the disadvantages of all e-Learning platforms. 

We don’t have a schedule, as a result, there isn’t any question and answer session. 

All the classes are self-paced that means you get the same content every time you take it. 

This limits the improvement cycle that can be done to make changes in the lessons taught. 

3. You cannot download the classes 

Masterclass does not allow download it’s video lessons. 

This limits your learning when the subscription is over(not for single courses as they have lifetime access) 

However, they did provide workbooks in the form of downloadable PDFs that recaps the talking points along with few references. 

But can a PDF replace the intensity of video learning?

4. There’s no free trial 

As discussed earlier Masterclass does not provide any free trial. Many online courses provide a free trial to there courses. 

Giving free trial gives some test of the quality of the video lessons and can persuade many students to enroll in.

Masterclass used to provide a free trial way back in 2018 but that is not the case anymore. 

5.Shortcomings of the community feature

The masterclass community feature called ‘The Hub’ is a great addition theoretically but at the same moment is not efficiently used.

Although being a very useful feature there are very few active participants apart from a few popular threads.

Many students learn at their own is instead of group learning. 

So it becomes difficult to get a sufficient number of people engaged on a single assignment. 

You might be aware of the fact that your instructors don’t participate in any of the discussions that happen in the community. 

So it gets a little boring sometimes. 

Anyway you can use it to get feedback from other peers taking the same course

Do you think all these shortcomings will deter you?

I don’t think so as Masterclass has a lot to offer with such low pricing 

Major Takeaway: 

All these negatives don’t outweigh the gains one will get out of MasterClass.

I think we have discussed enough about Masterclass. It’s time to compare it with other platforms like Skillshare and Udemy to know who is offering more in less money and to understand whether Masterclass is worth the money?

MasterClass vs Other Online Courses

Today there are many online education institutes offering a variety of subjects including technical subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc. whereas some offer subjects like arts, design, writing, dancing, etc. 

Masterclass is one of the later. 

But other players like Skillshare, Udemy, and CreativeLive also offer their courses in this domain. 

Let’s compare one-by-one in this Masterclass Review

Masterclass vs Skillshare

Skillshare also offers online education in the form of video lectures the same as Masterclass does but there’s a slight difference between the two.

We can say that Masterclass courses are more like personal development courses whereas Skillshare offers more hard skills like photography and design. 

It totally depends on you what type of education you are looking for.

If you want to get a bit inspired and want to know the actual efforts required to be successful, then go for Masterclass. 

Skillshare will be more useful if you want to get some hard knowledge about the field that you are in. 

Masterclass vs Udemy

Today Udemy is one of the largest online education platforms all across the globe.

But it differs a lot from Masterclass in terms of quality 

The disadvantage of Udemy is that anyone can create a course on it. 

This impacts the quality of teaching and it varies from instructor to instructor. 

This is why Udemy has gained some negative feedback in recent days. 

Whereas Masterclass is a premium online education institute. 

Along with its renowned instructors, it has amazing production quality of the videos. 

Still, if you wish to have a concrete hard skill for your profession, Udemy could be cheaper provided you do thorough research, and then select the course. 

Masterclass vs CreativeLive

Creativelive is the only online course that can be closely compared to Masterclass. 

CreativeLive is mainly aimed at creative professionals teaching soft skills like photography music, art, design and also offers business and marketing classes.

CreativeLive does have a lot of courses to offer, and many of them are of high quality and good courses . 

That being said, they don’t have the same high-profile celebrities that MasterClass has.

However, I’m not discrediting CreativeLive.

It’s a great platform for those looking to up their professional career.  

I do, however, want to get inspired and entertained by absolute legends. That’s why MasterClass is so appealing to me.

Reviews of some famous masterclass classes

1.DeadMau5 Masterclass review:

Tracks Like Deadmau5

If you are a big fan of electronic dance music(EDM) then you should definitely check out this masterclass from Joel Zimmerman. 

Deadmau5 is one of the famous music producer and DJ and is also the best selling artist on the EDM circuit. 

However, looking deeply into his inspiring career one gets to know that is production abilities are extraordinary. 

The moment when he announced that he will be teaching on MasterClass, many aspiring music producers were eager to learn from him. 

Even though you are familiar with setting up a drum compressor, you should definitely check out this Deadmau5 teaches electronic music Masterclass‘.

From the trailer, it is predicted that this is not any ordinary class. 

In this MasterClass, there are 23 impeccably made video lessons 

Each video lesson is 3 to 21 minutes long with a high-quality sound. 

This class is a good start for those thinking of embarking their journey in the field of EDM production. 

The course starts with theory instructing which gear and software to use. 

Obviously, this is not completely designed for beginners but if you are really serious about EDM production, this class can you prove a jackpot for you. 

It is really insightful watching Deadmau5’s approach of finding melodies, one-Shots, and Fx on an experimental base. 

To make you stand out, he teaches how to experiment and find refreshing sounds. 

He firmly believes that in order to create outstanding music you don’t need any expensive gear. 

This feels really inspiring to hear from someone like deadmau5. 

Such genuine pieces of advice truly makes this masterclass valuable. 

Taking this master class you will get a lot of inspiration by watching a true EDM Master’s creative process. 

You can get more insights about the class here

2.Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass Review

If you are an aspiring writer you would have always dreamt of Malcolm Gladwell as your Guru. 

Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for the New Yorker and is also the best selling Author 

Some of his famous books include 

  • Outliers: The Story of Success
  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
  • The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
  • What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures 

You can access Malcom Gladwell’s Masterclass Here.

This Masterclass has been made by putting a lot of effort from the instructor as well as from the Masterclass team. 

Sometimes you get a feeling that you are sitting with Gladwell in a cafe discussing with him about the craft of writing. 

His style of teaching gives you insights about Gladwell’s thought process as a writer. 

There are about 24 models in this class between 10 to 15 minutes each. 

The good part about the class is you get 76 pages workbook to go along with your modules. 

The workbook contains an excel class project which guides you to write 7000 to 8000 world article with a quality similar to that of the New Yorker. 

In this way, you can pitch your article to any publication of your choice

Here are some of my favorite lessons in Gladwell’s class:

  • Structuring Narrative: The Imperfect Puzzle
  • Holding Readers: Controlling Information
  • Developing The Story
  • Characters: World Building

Once you go through all these lessons, you come to know how much thought process the writer has to put to keep a reader engaged.

Gladwell’s teachings are memorable applicable and entertaining at the same time. 

Each and every lesson is focused on how to make you a better writer. 

He is good at communicating his lessons in concise and memorable ways. 

Malcolm has great stories to share and it seems like he is really passionate about helping us to get over writer’s block and dive ourselves into the pool of writing. 

He is known for filtering complex concepts of writing in to more understandable form. 

I recommend this Masterclass for those who want to improve the way of research and polish their non-fiction writing skills

By the end of this Masterclass, you will be more confident as a writer and can take any project that comes your way. 

You can also have look at some other writing Masterclasses

Other best writing masterclass of 2022

  1.  Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing
  2. David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing
  3. Joyce Carol Oates Teaches the Art of Short Story

3.Gordan Ramsay's Cooking MasterClass Review

You can access his classes HERE and HERE

It’s time to improve your cooking skills with chef Gordon Ramsay. 

I took this masterclass because I suck at cooking and I really wanted to learn the fundamentals of cooking. 

We also know that chef Ramsay is a superstar of cookery entertainment. 

He starts the class by introducing himself, his journey in cooking till now and how it made him the world-renowned chef he is today.

He thought me the most valuable concept of cooking: kitchen layout and how to optimize it using a few supplies. 

Then he goes on making mouth-watering dishes one by one. 

I suggest not to watch his lectures on an empty stomach. hahah.. 

It is clear that he has inbuilt cooking creativity that is built on a superior foundation of culinary fundamentals. 

In this class, Gordan takes you through 20 chapters that are well edited and perfectly shot 

Throughout the class, he talks about his professional journey, gives some life advice along with some of his philosophy. 

Don’t worry you won’t get bored. He knows how to keep you entertained. 

He goes through a lot of technical skills such as how to create a perfect kitchen layout, some knife skills and how to break down a whole chicken and whole fish.

Every lesson is accompanied by a workbook that contains insights about the lessons taught along with some additional assignments that can expand your knowledge of understanding of cooking. 

The best part about the course is a feature called ‘office hours’. a Q&A option where you can ask questions directly to Gordon Ramsay himself

The personal touch given by Ramsay makes the experience of taking this masterclass a truly remarkable one

From this MasterClass, you will get to learn about the following: 

  • Ways to handle a knife efficiently
  •  Making the perfect poached eggs
  • Learning new recipes and updating the ones you already know
  • Breaking down a whole chicken and whole fish
  • Learn to make a perfect Italian pasta dough
  • and many more

Grace Rasmus, a Brooklyn-based writer tried all the recipes given by Gordon and is extremely satisfied with the taste. You can get to know all her recipes in this article

See also our review of Rouxbe professional chef certificates 

4.Neil Gaiman Masterclass Review

This masterclass is a must for any aspiring writer. 

To date, Neil has achieved many awards for horror and science fiction books like Hugo and Nebula. 

If you haven’t read any of his books, then I suggest you read them before taking this Masterclass. 

Neil has been into various things as an author a journalist and blogger as well there was a time when he considered himself a failed writer. 

Today because of his hard work is listed as one of the top 10 living post-modern writers. 

You going to know his journey through his Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling masterclass.

In his Masterclass, Neil teaches ways to get inspired to write something new and also suggest certain techniques to find new ideas when you are tucked in. 

Gaiman emphasis on developing new characters in your head through a process that involves turning a vague idea into a completely new being.

The class is all about Neil telling stories about his own writing experience. 

This class also includes “office hours,” where you can ask him questions and he will reply to you with a video. 

I have said before, this class is a must for any aspiring fiction writer.

The most important thing to learn from this Masterclass is to make you understand that everything involves storytelling, be it a song or a drama.  

Even giving a speech or pitching an Idea needs to grab your audience’s attention.

Storytelling is an integral part of our career and I am sure this class will play its part in any of the situations. 

5.Steve Martin Masterclass Review

Are you aware of this fact that you can make people laugh irrespective of your personality? 

The answer is yes, even if you are introvert, you can take this masterclass from steve Martin and enhance your humor skills. 

Steve Martin is one of the most famous comedians of all time, he is is also a musician and a filmmaker too. 

He has been in this industry for over five decades and knows inside out of comedy. 

You don’t have to be an inborn comedian take this Masterclass. 

You just want you to have the ability to turn every environment and made it into a place of joy and fun. 

After taking his class, you will have the confidence to walk on the stage and talk your mind without any fear

In short, you learn to keep your audience engaged. 

There are many comedy classes out there but there is no match for this one. 

No other teacher can mark the caliber of Steve Martin 

Getting into comedy since early age Steve has a lot to tell about his journey and years of experience which he brings to the lesson. 

In this class, he shares his insights in 22 video lessons with two additional videos that cover his comedy journey and life experiences.

This masterclass not only teaches you comedy but also helps in improving your personality development as a whole. 

Everything in comedy extends from the persona. 

Steve emphasizes on creating a comedic persona and then branching out from there.

One thing I liked about Steve is that he comes out and says that his main goal is to inspire people to get out and perform.

This sentence itself gives me enough confidence to enroll for this MasterClass

I hope you too get inspired by Steve like I am

If you have signed up for all-access pass then do keep this Steve Martin teaches comedy MasterClass on your list

6.Samuel Jackson MasterClass review

Sharp Like Jackson

There you go budding actors.

You obviously know who Samuel Jackson is. Right?

He has been acting in most of my favorite movies as one of the most iconic characters.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to learn about character and performance from him?

Jackson strongly emphasizes on the value of reading while developing a character.
You have to read all the sources material available when developing characters.

With over 21 videos in this MasterClass, it adds up to about 5 hours to complete.

Along with it, you get a 56-page workbook busting with acting exercises and access to office hours where you can ask him questions regarding acting.

This MasterClass has a fantastic instructor in the form of Samuel L Jackson and is laid out wonderfully and logically from start to finish.

In case you are working on something right now, this class will spark thoughts and ideas that you can apply to your own act.

I can see this masterclass as being immensely rewarding in the sense that it’s incredibly motivating.

FAQ of Masterclass

What format do MasterClass courses take?

MasterClass courses follow a pattern and curriculum designed by the instructor. The classes are comprised of about 20 video lessons of about 10 minutes each. The videos feature cinematic visuals and close-ups with hands-on demonstrations that make you feel you are one-on-one with the instructors.

The instructors may also offer downloadable guides to help reinforce your learning. You can also interact with the program by joining class discussions, sharing your thoughts, and uploading feedback to other students’ work.

How long is a class on MasterClass?

Classes on MasterClass are between 2 and 5+ hours of video content that are split up into lessons of about 10 minutes. You can choose to watch and re-watch these videos anytime.

Do I have to complete a class within a specific time?

You don’t have to rush anything with MasterClass. MasterClass is designed so you can watch and learn at your own pace and on your own time. There are no deadlines and no limits. You don’t need to complete the classes if you don’t want to.

How does my MasterClass annual membership work?

Once you subscribe to the annual membership package, your time of access to MasterClass starts ticking down from that moment. Also, with your yearly membership, you get unlimited access to 100+ instructors across 11 categories, downloadable instructor guides, and a member community group where you can exchange feedback and discuss lessons.

Can I interact with my instructor?

There is minimal instructor-member interaction on MasterClass. This is because the instructors are not employees of the MasterClass program but guests. So, they won’t be available most times to relate with members.

However, instructors may sometimes attend to the questions or work of a few select students. Also, MasterClass may host live Q&A sessions for members. This avenue would allow for direct interactions with instructors. But this rarely happens and is not guaranteed.

MasterClass will inform members if and when an instructor will host a live event on their platform.

Can I get just one MasterClass?

You can purchase a single class on MasterClass for $90 per class. However, it is more cost-effective and advantageous to buy monthly, or even annual access as that will give you access to all the courses you want for a limited time.

How can I watch MasterClass for free?

MasterClass class does not offer any free services or classes. However, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee which may serve as a loophole in their program and allows you to enjoy their content and retrieve your payment if you cancel within 30 days.

The 30-day money-back guarantee only works if you purchase their monthly or annual membership package and cancel on or before the 30-day mark. After that, your money will be refunded, and you’d have had full access to their content for the period you were subscribed.

Is Masterclass Worth The Money?

In this masterclass review, we have been through all the pros and cons of the platform. 

The price is worth it if you are interested in having an inside look at how art is made and want to get inspired by the greatest minds of our generation. 

However, if you’re looking for some specific technical skills and are expecting to get an instant return on investment, then Masterclass is probably not for you. 

In the end I would only like to say, given the offerings from Masterclass at such in-budget price, it is a great platform to learn from. 

All the best

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