Hii Iam Akshay

My story dates back to 2017 when I decided to make a career in Machine Learning and Data Science. So I searched for various online courses that were both affordable and were well recognized to ease my chances of getting hired.

Finally, after a lot of research, I ended up with a dozen of courses from Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Pluralsight, Codecademy etc.
Being confused about what could be the right choice, I started digging more, read reviews on social media, stocked few LinkedIn profiles of earlier graduates, took the advice of my colleagues, and finally ended up with Udacity and Datacamp.

I realized there’s a huge gap in the way a student has to find the right online course.
To help other learners like me, I started OnlineCourseing.Here I review tech courses and suggest the best to help my students land in a job.

By the way, this is me during an international robotics competition in 2016.

The world is changing rapidly and students must learn to adopt new technologies as early as possible.

I am on a mission to provide you with all the necessary learning resources(courses).

Keep Learning..