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Masterclass has become a popular choice in the online learning world, but it’s not the only one. That said it’s reputation is not without merit.

I’ve personally worked through 25 courses on the platform (allowing me to write about which I found to be the best Masterclass courses) and I’ve also published thorough review which sets the scene for all of the classes available on the site and asks the question ‘is Masterclass worth it?‘.

But we’re not here to talk about Masterclass, here are some alternatives to research.

3 Masterclass Alternatives

We have selected 3 other contenders to help you make the best decision:

  1. Skillshare
  2. Nas Academy
  3. LinkedIn Learning

For those seeking Masterclass alternatives or different options in e-learning, we’ve got you covered.

Typically the reasons I hear for people choosing an alternative to Masterclass falls into three distinct buckets:

  • Cost
  • Course variety
  • Learning / teaching style

If any of those reasons sound like you then below I’ll guide you through other platforms that might better suit your learning needs and preferences.

Let’s dive into the world of online courses and discover what other treasures lie beyond the well-publicized Masterclass.

In Depth: Our Pick of Masterclass Alternatives


Since a great many MasterClass courses tend to focus on arts and crafts, Skillshare is an ideal alternative. The platform offers courses mainly for creatives. They have over 34,000 classes and 11,000 instructors.

Like MasterClass, SkillShare also hires some of the best experts in a field and gets them to create video lessons. Some of SkillShare’s instructors, like Marques Brownlee, have also appeared in MasterClass.

Nas Academy 

Nas Academy is also another platform that focuses mainly on creatives.

The instructors are nowhere near as well-known as those at MasterClass, but they provide great content.

The topics covered include business, content creation, and cryptocurrency.

 LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn now offers a broad category of classes similar to MasterClass through it’s LinkedIn Learning platform.

The content creation team here is extremely professional, and the instructors have immense experience in their field.

LinkedIn Learning classes are mainly for:

  • Business-minded people.
  • Technology enthusiast.
  • Content or art creators.

When you finish the courses, you can earn certificates that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Have you chosen your Masterclass alternative?

In conclusion, while Masterclass offers a unique blend of celebrity-led courses and high production values, it’s clear that the e-learning landscape is vast and varied.

I’ve personally subscribed to all of the Masterclass alternatives above to assess whether they truly do cater to different budgets, learning styles, and subject interests.

I’ve also subscribed to over 25 different Masterclass courses and I find the platform engaging and one of the best out there.

Remember, the best online learning platform is the one that aligns with your personal goals, learning preferences, and budget.

That’s the bottom line.

Ultimately whichever e-learning platform you choose, whether its Masterclass or one of the alternative options available – you are the one that still has to do the hard work.

Reach out to me if I can help at any point along your journey in the world of e-learning but for now, happy learning!

And in case you were wondering, I’ve posted some of my favorite Masterclass courses I worked through below with links to in-depth reviews of each:

Josh Hutcheson

E-Learning Specialist in Online Programs & Courses Linkedin

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