15+ Best MasterClass Courses & Certifications to Take in 2023

1. Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration 
2. Neil Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking & Communication 
3. Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation 
4. Matthew Walker Teaches the Science of Better Sleep 
5. Bill Nye Teaches Science and Problem-Solving 
6. Terence Tao Teaches Mathematical Thinking 
7. Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion 
8. Will Wright Teaches Game Design and Theory 
9. Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society 
10. Howard Schultz Business Leadership 
11. Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership 
12. Sara Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship 
13. Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership 
14. Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing 
15. Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein Teach Advertising and Creativity 
16. Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography 
17. Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication 
18. Robert Reffkin Teaches Buying and Selling Real Estate 
19. Elaine Welteroth Teaches Designing Your Career 
20. Richard Branson Teaches Disruptive Entrepreneurship 
21. Kris Jenner On The Power of Personal Branding 
22. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography 
23. Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture 
24. Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation 
25. Robin Arzón Teaches Mental Strength 

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