The 25 Best MasterClass Courses in 2024

Best MasterClass Courses

If you’re searching for an honest and reliable list of the best MasterClass courses, you’re in the right place.

Best Masterclass Courses Shortlist

And if time is of the essence for you here’s our shortlist of the best courses:

  1. Gordon Ramsay: Cooking Masterclass
  2. Chris Voss: Art of Negotiation Masterclass
  3. Jon Kabat-Zinn: Mindfulness and Meditation Masterclass
  4. Matthew Walker: Science of Better Sleep Masterclass
  5. Tom Morello: Electric Guitar Masterclass
  6. Steph Curry: Shooting, Ball-Handling and Scoring Masterclass
  7. James Patterson: Writing Masterclass
  8. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Scientific Thinking and Communication Masterclass
  9. Daniel Pink: Sales and Persuasion Masterclass
  10. Gary Kasparov: Chess Masterclass
  11. Paul Krugman: Economics and Society Masterclass

Our Methodology for Choosing the Best Masterclass Courses

I’ve been using the platform for years now, but even that is too short a time to take every single class in the library.

Thankfully, I found a smart solution.

I enlisted the help of 13 trusted MasterClass students in my community. Together, we were able to assign and complete 180+ courses on the e-learning platform.

At the end, all participants submitted detailed reviews of each course they took.

I was able to compile a full review of the 25 best MasterClass courses based on the content curation criteria set by for online courses:

  1. Reliability and relevance of the instructor on the subject matter.
  2. The ease with which students can absorb the information provided.
  3. Valuable learning objectives that the instructor meets at the end of the masterclass.
  4. Evergreen nature of the content (so you can always refer back to it and still get value)
  5. Production quality (video, audio, course structure, engagement level)

I scored the courses according to the above criteria, and 25 of them stood out as the absolute best.

Don’t have time to read the full review? Here’s a quick summary list of the overall best courses we’ll review in this post:

Top 11 Overall Best MasterClass Courses

1Gordon RamsayCookingFood3 hours and 54 minutes
2Chris VossThe Art of NegotiationBusiness3 hours and 8 minutes
3Jon Kabat-ZinnMindfulness and MeditationWellness6 hours and 30 minutes
4Matthew WalkerThe Science of Better SleepWellness3 hours and 12 minutes 
5Tom MorelloElectric GuitarMusic5 hours and 34 minutes
6Stephen CurryShooting, Ball-Handling, and ScoringSports & Gaming3 hours and 41 minutes
7James Patterson WritingWriting3 hours and 31 minutes
8Neil deGrasse TysonScientific Thinking and CommunicationScience & Tech2 hours and 14 minutes
9Daniel PinkSales and PersuasionBusiness2 hours and 57 minutes
10Garry KasparovChessSports & Gaming7 hours and 20 minutes
11Paul KrugmanEconomics and SocietyCommunity & Government3 hours and 56 minutes

25 Best MasterClass Courses (By Category)

We all have different interests, fields, and careers. That is why I decided to split my MasterClass reviews to cover every category on the platform. There are 11 categories, and I’ve provided the best masterclasses in each of them.

Find out their duration, concepts, key takeaways, number of video lessons, pros & cons, ideal student, and more.

I’ve also given the platform itself a thorough and honest review based on my experiences working through these courses, so if you want a broader perspective on the system then read my review to find out my answer to the question ‘is Masterclass worth it?‘.

Let’s dive in!

Best MasterClass Courses in the Food (Cooking, Baking) Category

1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking (I & II)

Duration: Course I – 3 hours and 54 minutes (20 lessons) | Course II – 4 hours and 40 minutes (15 lessons)

Dare I say, this is one of the overall best courses on MasterClass. Why? Because it has all of the makings of great educational content and more.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking is a two-part masterclass that was created by perhaps the most recognizable chef in the world. He currently boasts seven Michelin stars and 58 restaurants across several continents.

Gordon is also a veteran TV star, so he knows his way around the camera. You may have seen him on one of his many reality shows, including Hell’s Kitchen and Next Level Chef. It’s little surprise that his masterclass is really engaging. I personally took this course and loved it.

Even if you don’t plan to cook professionally, you can still benefit from the lessons. All of the dishes, methods, and ingredients he mentions in the course are ideal for home cooking.

Course I focuses on kitchen organization, cooking methods, and food recipes. Course II places almost all of its emphasis on food recipes, most of them restaurant-worthy. You don’t have to complete both courses. But I think anyone who saw the first course as an excellent cooking masterclass would be happy to take the second course.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Expert knife tips and techniques, such as how to make perfect cuts with meat, fish, and herbs
  2. How to pick tasty and flavorful vegetables to make better dishes
  3. New world-class recipes good enough to serve at home and in a restaurant
  4. How to roll pasta dough the right way so it doesn’t come out sticky
  5. Ways to avoid common kitchen mistakes you didn’t even know you were making


  • You’ll learn from one of the most passionate, interesting, and experienced chefs in the world
  • The class combines the theoretical and practical aspects of modern cooking
  • Fantastic audio and video production quality
  • A cookbook is available, and it contains several facts and helpful resources
  • Cooking techniques are simple but yield fantastic results when done right


  • Some of the ingredients used are not common
  • I felt he could have taken more time to explain some of the recipes

Who is it For?

Anyone who wants to become a better cook will love this course. It will take you much closer to the pro level than most of the online cooking classes out there. Fans of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows will also enjoy this. If you want to try out new methods and recipes, or hope to open a restaurant someday, this masterclass is for you.

2. Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

Duration: 4 hours and 36 minutes (16 lessons)

If you like meat, then you’ll love a tasty and juicy barbecue. Many Americans consider Texas the best state for BBQ. So, when you see a masterclass by Aaron Franklin, owner of the most famous BBQ restaurant in Texas, you know you’ve stumbled on something exciting.

Aaron has won several awards and hosts his own show, which has a massive global following. In his masterclass, he reveals some of the grilling secrets that have made him so successful in his niche.

You can just feel his love for meat and grilling shine through the course. Although the lessons are barely five hours long, the instructor does his best to cover as many important topics as possible in the lessons. He also does well to stick to the Texan style of cooking brisket and other barbeque meat.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build and manage the fire while grilling meat
  • Choosing the best wood for your recipe
  • Smoking and seasoning pork butts and ribs 
  • Home cooking methods to help you grill meat better
  • How to select good-quality meat for Texas-style BBQ
  • The recipe and process of making Aaron’s famous brisket
  • A little bit about the history of Central Texas BBQ


  • You get to learn from arguably the best Texas-style BBQ maker in the world
  • Aaron does his best to take you through each process
  • Highly practical, despite being an online cooking masterclass
  • The ingredients and equipment used are easily accessible
  • Good course structure and progression that beginners will appreciate
  • Great video production


  • The course focuses solely on the Texas style, with little effort at branching out
  • Aaron makes some cuts and techniques look easier than they actually are when you try them yourself

Who is it For?

If you want to improve your BBQ quickly and without having to go for physical lessons, this is the perfect opportunity. The course works well enough, even if you don’t plan on cooking meat the Texas way. That’s because a lot of the lessons apply to general grilling.

3. Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals

Duration: 3 hours and 37 minutes (17 lessons)

MasterClass seems to have a course for any type of cooking you can think of, and Dominique Ansel’s class is the best when it comes to making pastries.

The class covers French-style pastry fundamentals. The instructor is a world-famous pastry chef whose ingenious invention, the Cronut (a combination of a croissant and donut), was termed one of the best inventions of 2013 by Time magazine. I remember how viral the pastry dish was on social media.

Since then, Dominique Ansel has ridden the wave of fame, opening several bakeries and workshops along the way.

Prior to partnering with MasterClass, he had never offered an online class. This was his first, and he certainly did it justice. Hence, Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals makes our top 25 list by ranking 3rd in the food category.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Recipes and cooking techniques for various pastry dishes and desserts
  • How to make top-quality pastry cream and strawberry jam
  • How to make the perfect croissant
  • Useful tips for creating your own pastries
  • How to assemble, coat, and top off cake


  • Dominique provides engaging lessons using his own valuable experience with case studies
  • You can turn the lessons learned into money by opening or managing your own bakery
  • Good for both beginners and experts
  • There are lots of delicious recipes


  • I know you shouldn’t expect to get it, but there was no recipe for the Cronut

Who is it For?

This class is for anyone interested in baking. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or expert; you will learn something valuable from it. You can use the recipes to create dishes for family and friends or to sell to customers for profit.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Arts & Entertainment (Photography, Acting, Filmmaking, and Videography) Category

1. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Duration: 3 hours and 4 minutes (15 lessons)

Annie is a big-time photographer who is popular for her work with high-profile celebrities. She has photographed and created stunning portraits of several celebrities, including the late Queen Elizabeth, Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Annie began passing on some of her vast experience and knowledge in 1983, when she published her first book, Annie Leibovitz: Photographs. She published several other books after that, and some of them have been really popular among photography enthusiasts.

In her MasterClass course, she teaches how to create portraits and become better at photography in general. She promises to share everything she knows about portraiture, which is the aspect of photography she’s most famous for. In 15 lessons and 3 hours, she works to achieve these goals. Read on to find out if she does.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of being a professional photographer
  • The core principles of portrait photography
  • How to create interesting photography concepts
  • How to use light to your advantage when creating portraits
  • Effective procedures for taking portraits of people near you
  • Annie’s perspective on camera sharpness and focus


  • You get to learn how a famous photographer like Annie creates her portraits
  • The course includes some practical work for students
  • The masterclass content is easy to follow and understand
  • A short duration allows you to pick up portrait photography quickly
  • You’ll find some helpful case studies and work reviews


  • The part where Annie hosts sessions with students can feel boring
  • Not as helpful for expert photographers as there aren’t many lessons on camera settings and other technical aspects of modern photography
  • Although this is expected with Annie’s style, there is some nudity, which some people may not like

Who is it For?

This masterclass will help anyone looking to unlock their creative side or start off with portraiture. I can only recommend this masterclass to you, if you’re a beginner or hobbyist. Also, if you’re a fan of Annie and would like to draw inspiration from her style, feel free to take the course.

2. Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

Duration: 5 hours and 40 minutes (31 lessons)

Hans Zimmer isn’t the most popular instructor in the Arts & Entertainment category of MasterClass. However, the fact that his course beats masterclasses from household names like Samuel L. Jackson, James Cameron, and Martin Scorsese to the second spot in its category says a lot.

The Hans Zimmer masterclass is a great course that focuses on film scoring, the act of composing original soundtracks for a movie. You’ll be learning from the man who composed scores for dozens of classic movies. Some of the most popular of these films are:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Lion King
  • The Dark Knight
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Inception
  • Gladiator

The list goes on, but I’ll stop right there because, by now, you get the point; Hans Zimmer is one of the best film scorers in Hollywood. MasterClass has offered you the chance to learn from him.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create a memorable theme using Hans’ process
  • The art of working with movie directors
  • Hans’ approach to creating unique sound palettes
  • How to score scenes of a film
  • Which scenes need a score and which ones don’t
  • Techniques for dealing with writer’s block
  • Insights from Hans experience while scoring classic films like The Dark Knight
  • Effective ways to work with musicians


  • You get to learn from a world class film scorer
  • Hans has an open and relatable personality that makes the course more engaging
  • Great video and audio production quality
  • The course covers the technical and emotional aspects of film scoring
  • He provides interesting behind-the-scenes information


  • The course offers guiding principles and hardly any step-by-step guide
  • Some beginners might struggle to understand certain parts of the lessons

Who is it For?

I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to compose soundtracks for films for a living. If you’re a music producer interested in trying a new genre, you might love it.

3. James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking

Duration: 3 hours and 20 minutes (15 lessons)

If you love watching big-time blockbuster movies, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen a James Cameron film. He is one of the most successful directors and filmmakers in Hollywood. Some of his best works include:

  • The Terminator (1984)
  • Titanic (1997)
  • Avatar (2009)
  • Avatar (2022)
  • Aliens (1986)

You can tell that James has been at the top for a long time. He has won several awards, including three Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. There’s hardly anyone more qualified to give a masterclass on filmmaking.

As a movie fan, I went into this course buzzing with expectations. The class promised to teach epic filmmaking for every budget. So, it was clear from the start that he wouldn’t be sharing ideas that only work when you have millions of dollars to spare.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Top tier filmmaking tips from a Hollywood legend with 40+ years of experience
  • What ideas are worth pursuing and what ideas you should discard
  • How to tell stories from a perspective unique to you
  • Professional filmmaking rules
  • The technical parts of filmmaking, such as lighting, lens work, film scoring, and sound
  • Unlocking creativity within your budget
  • Insights into the innovative technology used in Avatar
  • Insights into the tricks used in The Terminator
  • Tips on working as a director or filmmaker in Hollywood or any other movie industry


  • You get to learn from a Hollywood legend
  • Simple but effective tricks that you could try in your movies
  • The course includes indepth analysis of some of James Cameron’s best scenes
  • The course comes with an extension in the form of a workbook
  • You’ll learn a lot of valuable information under 4 hours


  • Some might come in expecting a lot more focus on Avatar 

Who is it For?

I believe this course is ideal for all aspiring filmmakers and directors. It’s also good for you if you simply want to uncover the secrets to making epic movies. I also recommend this course to fans of James Cameron and his movies. There’s a lot of information in it that you can’t find elsewhere.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Writing Category

1. James Patterson Teaches Writing

Duration: 3 hours and 31 minutes (22 lessons)

As an up and coming writer myself, I was ecstatic to discover that the first author to sell a million e-books had an existing MasterClass course.

This felt like a chance to not only hone my writing skills, but to learn a lot about the marketing aspects of authorship, which many writing courses ignore. What’s the point of writing a really good book if nobody reads it?

James has won several outstanding awards for literary works such as Women’s Murder Club and the Alex Cross book series. He makes a lot of money from writing, and was once the highest-paid actor in the world for three consecutive years.

With such a reputation, it would have been a massive disappointment if James Patterson didn’t deliver a comprehensive masterclass that covered all major aspects of being a successful author.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find and develop interesting writing ideas that could be your next bestseller
  • Research methods and techniques that enhance your writing and help you connect with your audience.
  • Patterson’s method of creating and using comprehensive outlines
  • Ways to deal with writer’s block
  • How to create compelling characters
  • Patterson’s strategy for hooking the reader from the start
  • How to use suspense in your work
  • More pro writing and editing tips
  • How to successfully get published
  • What makes a marketable book title and cover
  • Patterson’s style of book marketing and advertising to get more sales


  • Instructor is arguably the most successful author living author
  • There are lots of additional resources in the course workbook
  • The course was fun and easy to understand
  • It covers a good chunk of the money-making aspects of authorship
  • Great logical structure to the course content
  • Focuses on the creative process


  • Most of the advice and tips come based on Patterson’s experience and not general practice
  • There is some cursing in the class, which some people may not be comfortable with

Who is it For?

This course may be beginner-friendly, but it is ideal for writers with some experience who have never been published. It can also help professional authors who simply want to improve their creative writing and marketing skills.

2. Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Duration: 4 hours and 54 minutes (24 lessons)

With nearly five hours of content, Malcolm Gladwell’s masterclass is the fifth longest course in the writing category. However, it’s the second best, based on it’s sheer quality and helpfulness.

Malcolm is a journalist and non-fiction writer who has been writing for The New Yorker for over 27 years. He has created what I and my team of reviewers have tagged “the best non-fiction writing masterclass.”

Malcolm also writes books; his debut book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, was ranked one of the best books in the 21st century by The Guardian. I never read it, but I can’t argue with the 1.7 million copies it sold by 2006. Those are incredible numbers for a non-fiction book.

Malcolm takes a philosophical and data-driven approach to writing, and I couldn’t wait to find out what he had to offer in his MasterClass course.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to structure a narrative by building an open-ended puzzle
  • How to use data and tools to keep readers engaged in your story
  • The proper way to do research for non-fiction writing
  • The makings of a potentially good story
  • How to develop a story
  • How to conduct better interviews
  • Malcolm’s method for capturing compelling, real-life characters
  • Tips for using the right language and jargon


  • A refreshing take on modern non-fiction writing
  • Lots of great advice from an experienced journalist
  • The course includes interview tips, which is vital for journalists
  • Malcolm does well to provide both theories and practicals
  • Unique approach to journalism


  • Malcolm tends to stray from the point while speaking
  • His unique ideas may seem controversial

Who is it For?

If you’re interested in non-fiction writing or journalism, this is the best MasterClass course for you. It covers everything a beginner or intermediate writer would need to improve their skills.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Design and Style Category Music Category

1. Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar

Duration: 5 hours and 34 minutes (26 lessons)

It’s not often that you get the chance to learn a musical instrument from a Grammy Award winner. However, MasterClass has made that opportunity available to everyone who wants to learn to play the guitar.

Enter Tom Morello, a popular guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His masterclass is a practical course that aims to teach you how to use the electric guitar to create your own sounds.

Tom has a unique sound that sets him apart from other guitarists. He has been a part of popular rock bands: Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. So far in his career, he has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards, winning two of them.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Tom Morello creates his signature sounds
  • How to write a riff your audience would enjoy
  • Techniques for becoming a better electric guitar player
  • Tips for improving your musical creativity
  • Strategies to help you better sustain your musical career
  • Strategies for getting the most out of a recording studio
  • Live show performance tips


  • Tom provides lots of practical and easy-to-understand tips on electronic music production
  • The instructor clearly has a gift for teaching music and he carries the class well
  • The course is a great gift for fans and lovers of Tom Morello’s sound
  • The course content is enjoyable
  • Video and audio quality are great, which is vital for any musical course


  • Complete beginners may struggle to follow the classes

Who is it For?

This course will help competent guitar players find their sounds and create better riffs. You’ll enjoy it even more if you’re already a fan of Tom Morello.

2. Armin van Buuren teaches Dance Music

Duration: 6 hours and 50 minutes (33 lessons)

If you’re not a part of the dance community, you may never have heard of Armin van Buuren. However, he has been voted the best DJ on the planet five times by DJ Magazine. He is presently ranked 5th on the top 100 DJ’s list, which is a major achievement considering other names.

Armin is from the Netherlands, and he’s known worldwide for his progressive DJ style. He has been in the music industry as a DJ and producer for about twenty years. In his masterclass, he promises to teach how to produce your own melodies and mix popular songs for the dance floor.

The only question left is if Armin’s expertise and skill with dance music can translate into a great course for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create tracks in a studio or on your home computer
  • Logic Pro (digital audio workstation) tips and tricks
  • Where to find melodic inspiration
  • Groove construction
  • How to create interesting mixes from dance music
  • DJ career advice for beginners


  • The course is great for both beginners and professional DJs
  • Engaging and insightful
  • Armin provides lots of practical tips
  • Fans of his tracks will enjoy learning how he creates them
  • Great sound quality


  • The course is the longest in the music category
  • You might need to research some of the terms Armin uses, if you’re a complete beginner

Who is it For?

The course is ideal for upcoming DJs and producers. Most of it will help you in terms of club music specifically. You may not find much value if you prefer to pursue other music genres, such as R&B.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Sports and Gaming Category

1. Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring

Duration: 3 hours and 41 minutes (17 lessons)

He’s arguably the greatest shooter of all time. When it comes to 3- and 2-point shooting, no one in the NBA is more equipped to teach it than Steph Curry.

He is a two-time MVP and currently holds the record for the most three-pointers in a season, having scored 402 of them in the 2015–2016 NBA campaign.

I’ve watched him, and you probably have too. It’s undeniable that he’s an amazing shooter. The question is, can he translate all of that talent and experience into a valuable course for aspiring ballers?

This masterclass doesn’t just focus on shooting. Steph also touches on other key attributes he’s an expert at, such as handling and game sense.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of modern basketball
  • Advance techniques and tips
  • Basketball practice drills for better shooting, dribbling, and screens
  • Tips for maintaining confidence under pressure
  • Preparation methods and tasks to do before games


  • You get to learn from one of the best NBA players of this generation
  • Detailed tips to improve basketball technique
  • Includes film study of Steph’s great games
  • The workbook contains key resources for further learning and practice


  • Some lessons may feel too short for some of the more advanced techniques

Who is it For?

Basketball beginners and semi-professionals will learn a lot from this course. Ultimately, how much it affects your game will depend on your dedication to using the practice drills.

2. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

Duration: 7 hours and 20 minutes (29 lessons)

When I saw the lengthy duration of Garry Kasparov’s masterclass, I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I took it as an indication of the course’s educational value. Chess is one of the most complex games in the world, and it has a really high skill ceiling. Hence, an in depth course should take many hours to cover the fundamentals and advanced topics.

 Garry Kasparov is a chess grandmaster from Russia. He is one of the greatest players to have ever touched a chess board. He achieved the record of being the youngest ever world champion in 1985, when he was 22. He was also ranked first for over 255 months, a record at the time.

After his retirement from competitive chess in 2005, Garry delved into writing and politics. He has written several books since then, and most of them are about the game he loves so much.

Garry Kasparov’s masterclass is a full tutorial to help both beginners and intermediate chess players get better at the game.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The fundamentals of chess
  • Basic to advanced chess concepts and strategies
  • How to get the best out of every chess piece
  • Effective attack and defense techniques
  • How to identify and overcome your weakness
  • Ways to improve your endgame strategy
  • How Garry plays chess
  • The different kinds of chess openings
  • How to analyze chess games and playstyles
  • How to improve your mental toughness


  • The course includes practical simulations of Garry playing against other players
  • The content is detailed and Garry does well to break it down
  • He is an excellent teacher
  • You’re learning some high-level gameplay
  • Finishing the course has a high chance of making you a better player almost immediately


  • You still need a basic understanding of chess and how the pieces work to follow this course
  • World class players may already know most of the information in the classes

Who is it For?

This masterclass is ideal for chess players who want to go pro in the near future. It will serve as a tutorial that helps you reach the next level quickly. You’ll still need to practice and play a lot of games before you can fully grasp the concepts in the course.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Design and Style Category

1. Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone

Duration: 2 hours and 19 minutes (12 lessons)

If you’ve ever seen the Netflix series Queer Eye, you may have noticed the handsome and charismatic Tan France in his role as a fashion expert.

Tan France lives and breathes fashion, and he has been actively in the industry for over 27 years. I agree with Tan that fashion style should be for everyone. However, not everyone has the same natural instinct that he does. Which is why I think having him on this masterclass was a terrific idea.

The aim of the course is to inspire and instruct the average person to find their own style and use it to their advantage. By the end, you should be able to build a wardrobe you can trust for everyday wear and special occasions.

Let’s find out if the course lives up to its promises.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The rules of great style
  • When to follow the rules and when to deviate from them
  • How to create a capsule wardrobe 
  • How to mix and match items in your wardrobe
  • How to create your own style
  • What colors work for you and how do you pick them
  • Tips on prints and textures
  • Tan’s process when shopping for new clothes
  • How Tan styles clothes in the Queer Eye series


  • Tan is a global fashion icon, and you’ll feel more confident about your choices if you learn from him
  • The instructor is charismatic, with a teaching style that makes the content more enjoyable
  • Great sound and picture quality
  • A well structured course that covers several valuable fashion concepts in a short time
  • Offers both theoretical and practical value
  • Perfect for fashion novices


  • Not enough lessons for experienced stylists

Who is it For?

Anyone who is inexperienced when it comes to fashion style will greatly benefit from this course. It doesn’t matter your physique, race, gender, or age.

2. Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty

Duration: 3 hours and 48 minutes (19 lessons)

Makeup can be tricky to learn. How you approach a session is different depending on the subject, making it easy to mess things up. The MasterClass platform hosts a course by Bobbi Brown, an American makeup artist and writer. It covers the fundamentals of makeup and beauty.

Yes, there are tons of free makeup tutorials on YouTube, but not many of them have such a high-profile instructor. Bobbi Brown was once the recipient of the “Glamour Woman of the Year Award,” which is a big deal in the fashion and beauty space. She has also written five books about beauty and lifestyle.

Her work on this masterclass was enough for it to make it into our top 25 list of the best courses. Let’s find out why!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to look great using simple makeup
  • Makeup techniques for everyday outings and special occasions
  • Makeup business tips for entrepreneurs
  • Techniques for using different tools in a makeup kit
  • The essentials of popper skincare
  • Eye and brow techniques
  • How to feel good about your looks more often


  • The course both inspires and instructs
  • Use models with different facial features and skin tones
  • There are lots of tips that stem from Bobbi’s vast experience
  • You can use the tips to make money as a makeup artist


  • Focuses mostly on beginner lessons
  • None of the models used had skin problems, which are common to the average person

Who is it For?

Anyone can learn from this course, provided they care about looking and feeling beautiful. It’s a course that serves both professional and casual makeup artists. I strongly recommend it if you aspire to work in the makeup and beauty industry.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Business Category

1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation

Duration: 3 hours and 8 minutes (18 lessons)

What does a former FBI hostage negotiator have to teach you about business? Apparently a lot, considering Chris Voss has a proven track record of helping business people find success through his consulting company, The Black Swan Group. The company uses hostage negotiation strategies to solve the business communication problems their clients face.

So in essence, you will be learning directly from the CEO, lessons that companies pay thousands of dollars to get. Although the Chris Voss masterclass is listed in the business category of the library, the lessons apply to everyday life.

The aim is to teach you the art of negotiation, and allow you to get your way more often than you normally would, be it at the conference table or dinner table. After all, hostage negotiations have the highest stakes, and Chis was one of the best at them. It’s safe to say he’s the perfect instructor for a course like this.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Chris Voss’ negotiation skills and strategies used throughout his career with the FBI
  • How to apply smart negotiation techniques such as mirroring and labelling
  • The method of achieving better delivery in conversations
  • How to read the body language of other people during a conversation
  • What questions to ask during a negotiation
  • How to sharpen your awareness
  • Chris’s tips on negotiating your salary
  • Tips on how to respond to kidnappers if you have to


  • The content includes real recordings from some of Chris’s hostage negotiations
  • The techniques used are simple, yet effective
  • This is perhaps the most enjoyable course on MasterClass
  • Chris is a skilled instructor and his expertise is clear in the classes
  • Great course structure with clear progression
  • Practical exercises are interesnting and useful


  • You can find most of the information in Chris’s book
  • I was hoping for more real-life case studies

Who is it For?

This is one of the few courses I can say is for everyone. You don’t need to have any prior experience or interest to gain value from it. We’re all having to negotiate in our day to day lives—at the office, at the market, and at home.

2. Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion

Duration: 2 hours and 57 minutes (16 lessons)

Daniel H. Pink is an American author with seven New York Times bestsellers under his belt. But that’s not what I found most impressive about him.

The man has been researching persuasion as a science for several years. Many of his bestselling books revolve around this concept (sales and persuasion). His most popular books include WHEN, DRIVE, The Power of Regret, and To Sell is Human.

If indeed Daniel Pink can provide a concise course based on his many years of study, then we would have a fantastic online course on our hands. In this masterclass, Dan aims to help you learn how to become better at selling while motivating your friends and colleagues to achieve their potential.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The scientific method of persuasion, according to Daniel
  • How current sales trends affect your persuasive abilities
  • Strategic communication
  • Pitching clients, investors, donors, and employers like a pro
  • The process of understanding group dynamics
  • How to motivate yourself and others
  • Ways to boost your commercial decision-making


  • Dan incorporates a lot of scientific facts in his course
  • The course covers both practical and theoretical aspects
  • The course content has a proper structure, making it easier to follow
  • The instructor is a good speaker
  • He offers a wide range of business strategy ideas
  • He stays on topic most of the time


  • Focusing on scientific methods may seem restrictive to some people

Who is it For?

If you want to learn to be better at sales using key facts, Daniel’s course is ideal for you. It will help you in your business, career, and personal lives.

3. Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership

Duration: 2 hours and 36 minutes (12 lessons)

In 1988, Anna Wintour became the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, the most popular fashion magazine in the world. Since then, she has continued to make waves in the fashion industry.

Anna has been a creative leader for most of her career in the fashion industry. She’s clearly good at it because she has a proven track record of getting results from her team. Anna has faced her fair share of controversy and criticism, but she has never let it deter her. Even those who don’t like her personality and style of leadership cannot deny the results.

In her masterclass, Anna talks about what it takes to be an outstanding leader. She also offers tips to help you become more creative and find your vision. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build your creative vision
  • How to turn that vision into a reality
  • Ways to find your voice and stand out
  • Tips for working in the fashion industry
  • How to make better editorial decisions
  • Anna’s path to becoming an impactful creative leader


  • Includes tips for fashion designers and other creatives
  • The lessons from the course can be applied to leaders outside the fashion industry
  • A visual course with lots of unique images and footage
  • You get to learn from the experience of a fashion icon
  • The course contains useful behind the scenes clips


  • Some of Anna’s ideas are controversial

Who is it For?

I recommend this course for anyone who hopes to work in the fashion industry. It tells you what to expect and how you can rise above the competition to succeed.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Science & Tech Category

1. Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication

Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes (13 lessons)

Considered by many to be the most recognizable face in the science world, Neil deGrasse Tyson has done it all. If you’ve never read any of his books, there’s a chance you’ve seen him on television.

He has made a name for himself as “that guy who explains science in a way everyone can understand.” He is exciting, charismatic, and outgoing in a way that has gotten a good number of the general public interested in astrology and science as a whole. Neil has become so influential to our generation that he was invited to guest star in the popular hit show, The Big Bank Theory.

Tyson is a famous American astrophysicist and writer who has worked in a number of roles for top universities and museums. In his masterclass, he teaches how to find truth based on scientific facts and how to communicate those facts to just about anyone. This course seems to be an insight into the methods and tools that have brought Neil deGrasse Tyson so much success over the last three decades.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The best way to understand scientific facts and principles
  • Find objective truths
  • How to keep your cognitive and cultural biases from affecting your research
  • How to communicate effectively so everyone is carried along
  • Tyson’s methods for maintaining an engaged audience
  • Tips on getting better at scientific arguments 


  • Neil is one of the best speakers in the field of science
  • He does well to explain key concepts
  • There are lots of actionable tips you can try
  • Top-notch production quality
  • The entire course is brief and concise


  • The course is mostly theoretical, with very little in the way of practicals

Who is it For?

If you’re curious about science, this course will explain the basics in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson will also enjoy watching him. The course is perfect for beginners and may not be suitable for students with advanced scientific knowledge.

2. Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

Duration: 5 hours and 19 minutes (29 lessons)

Dr. Jane Goodall is a name that has become synonymous with wildlife conservation. She is most popular for her work with chimpanzees after studying them for 60 years of her long and impactful career.

While there are several documentaries about her, few of them are as concise and informative as a five-hour masterclass by Dr. Goodall herself. She’s one of the many top scientists who believe chimps are similar to humans, but this course allows her to explain why in more interesting details.

An environmental activist, Dr. Goodall aims to promote conservation by revealing more about her experience as a scientist in Africa. She also hopes to teach more people about climate change and the need for a greener environment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Details about Dr. Goodall’s fascinating life before moving to Africa
  • Insights into what it was like to work in Africa
  • Facts about animals and plants
  • Details about chimpanzee behavior
  • How humans threaten the existence of wild life
  • Facts about climate change
  • What you can do to support conservation
  • Why there is hope for the future


  • Dr. Goodall is a knowledgeable and charismatic instructor
  • You get to learn how you can make a difference
  • The content has a lot of inspirational and emotional value
  • It was made with a lot of love for nature


  • There’s a lot of storytelling, which gives it a documentary vibe rather than a course

Who is it For?

If you want to start out as a conservationist, you should learn about Dr. Goodall. This course is the perfect way to do so. The course is also ideal for environmental enthusiasts.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Home & Lifestyle Category

1. James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation

Duration: 2 hours and 22 minutes (11 lessons)

I recommend James Suckling’s masterclass as the number one course for lovers of wine. It’s fun, imaginative, and educational.

If you haven’t heard of James, he’s a renowned wine critic with over 40 years of wine-tasting experience. In that time, he has tasted nearly 300,000 wines.

No one is more qualified to teach a MasterClass course on wine appreciation than James Suckling. In this course, he explores the process of wine tasting and shares several tips to help enthusiasts become better at it.

He is surely qualified, but let’s find out how useful he can be as an instructor.

What You’ll Learn:

  • New wine appreciation and testing techniques
  • How to easily evaluate wine quality
  • The different flavors, aromas, structures, and textures of wine
  • The basic principles of wine-making
  • Wine storage methods you can try
  • Jame’s method for properly reading a wine list
  • Tips for experimenting with wine pairings


  • You’re learning from a world-class wine critic
  • The course does well to demonstrate a lot of the concepts and techniques
  • Helpful workbook
  • The course is easy to understand
  • The course is brief and to the point


  • The majority of the wines used are expensive

Who is it For?

If you love wine or James Suckling, you’ll love this course. Both beginners in the wine tasting field and experts will gain value from taking it.

2. Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training

Duration: 2 hours and 58 minutes (15 lessons)

If you own dogs or plan to in the future, this may be the course for you. Dog training may be tough, but people like Brandon McMillan are proof of why it’s worth the effort and patience.

Brandon is an American TV personality and expert animal trainer who won his first Daytime Emmy Award for his popular show, Lucky Dog, in 2015. Although the show ended in 2020, it scooped up two more Emmy Awards (in 2016 and 2018).

Brandon is famous for rescuing dogs considered untrainable from shelters. He would then proceed to train them successfully and find them new homes. Brandon strongly believes that if he can do it, so can you. Hence, he has produced his first masterclass.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The attributes that make each dog unique
  • How to set the stage and relationship required to train your dog
  • The 7 vital commands you need to train your dog
  • Key lectures on teaching them each command
  • How to identify and navigate common dog training obstacles
  • Ways to make training produce long-lasting results


  • Every dog owner I know who used Brandon’s methods got great results
  • The course is well-structed so you know what to expect after each class
  • Covers both theory and practical aspects of dog training
  • As a former TV show host, Brandon is a great instructor
  • We get to meet several adorable dogs
  • Lots of useful and easy-to-understand tips


  • This course covers early training only, so do not expect to learn to teach your dog any tricks
  • Only a handful of behavioral problems were discussed

Who is it For?

Anyone with a dog can learn from this course. Even if your dog is no longer a puppy, you can still train them using the lessons in this course. Thinking of getting a new dog? Use this course to learn how to train them successfully.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Community & Government  Category

1. Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society

Duration: 3 hours and 56 minutes (22 lessons)

Paul Krugman is an American economist with 27 books to his name. He is also a columnist for the New York Times magazine.

In 2008, Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his analysis of trade patterns. When it comes to economics, Krugman is one of the most experienced in the world.

He isn’t new to creating educational content on economics. He has given several lectures and worked as a professor at several popular universities. His MasterClass course focuses on giving you a deeper understanding of the world through economics.

A lot of his beliefs and ideologies are controversial. However, judging from how far he has come since the start of his career over 40 years ago, Paul is a renowned economist.

The major doubt is whether such an expert can deliver a course that regular students would understand. Let’s find out.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How economics is a tool for societal analysis
  • The evolution of economics throughout history
  • The reason for the financial crisis of 2008
  • How China’s expansion affects the economy in USA
  • Effective data verification methods
  • How to find and neutralize your biases
  • Better societal awareness and contribution


  • Paul speaks with a lot of confidence, stemming from his vast experience
  • He uses compelling storytelling to drive home key points
  • The course contains lots of engaging graphics and animations
  • Educational and informative
  • Paul performs proper referencing of his facts and data
  • Professional method of teaching from the instructor


  • The course focuses on the US economy
  • It was created before Covid-19, a major economic event

Who is it For?

The course is ideal for all open-minded people who want to learn real-world economics. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of academic economics to follow the classes.

2. The Power of Empathy By Pharrell Williams and Noted Co-Instructors

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes (10 lessons)

The Power of Emphathy is the only masterclass on our top 25 list that has multiple instructors. It is also one of the shortest, barely lasting an hour and a half.

The course has seven instructors:

  1. Pharrell Williams: The most famous of the nine. Having won 13 Grammy Awards as a music artist and producer, he is the most famous of the lot.
  2. Roin Arzon: A fitness instructor at Peloton and a NY Times best-selling author.
  3. Roxane Gay: Another NY Times best-selling author. She mostly writes about social issues.
  4. Walter Mosley: The first black man to receive the National Book Award’s Lifetime Achievement Medal.
  5. Robert Reffkin: CEO of Compass real estate brokerage and founder of America Needs You, a non-profit.
  6. Gloria Steinem: Feminist icon anf activist who has founded several women’s organizations.
  7. Cornel West: Profrssor of philosophy and author of over 20 books.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Information about Pharell Williams’ life and the role of empathy in it
  • The origin of empathy
  • How empathy relates to sympathy and poverty
  • How to become a more empathic person
  • Fueling your actions with empathy


  • Highly inspirational course
  • You can use the lessons learned to positively impact your community
  • Pharell williams is not afraid to talk about past mistakes that have caused controversy
  • Instructors are intelligient individuals with a lot of interesting insights into society


  • For such a short course, having so many instructors affects the course structure

Who is it For?

Anyone looking to pick an interest in activism will enjoy this course. It doesn’t teach how to actively create an empathic society, but it does well to inspire.

Best MasterClass Courses in the Wellness Category

1. Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation

Duration: 6 hours and 30 minutes (20 lessons)

There are lots of mindfulness apps and free videos out there. All of them promise to teach you how to meditate and improve your mental health.

Regardless, we decided to place Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness course on our list of best masterclass classes because it deserves to be there.

Why? For starters, Jon is a world-famous mindfulness expert with decades of experience. You can find the other reasons below.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to improve your self-awareness
  • Better ways to handle stress
  • How meditation works
  • Meditation techniques and postures
  • How to deal with pain and suffering


  • The course takes a scientific approach rather than a purely spiritual one
  • There’s a steady progression in the course structure
  • Jon covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of mindfulness
  • I used the techniques I learned and they were pretty effective


  • You need to dedicate a lot of time to following the course
  • The masterclass videos are focused on Jon, with no secondary visuals

Who is it For?

I strongly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in mindfulness and meditation. It will not make you a teacher, but it will improve your health and well-being.

2. Matthew Walker Teaches The Science of Better Sleep

Duration: 3 hours and 12 minutes (15 lessons)

Everyone needs sleep, even though many people don’t get enough of it. When I came across this course, I realized it checked all the boxes and should make the list, provided the content was good.

Sleep deprivation has several adverse effects on the human body, and neuroscientist Matthew Walker is here to help you get better sleep.

He is a professor of neuroscience at the University of California and has published several books on the subject of sleep.

Let’s find out what this masterclass has to offer!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Methods for getting more and better sleep
  • Chronotypes and how to identify them
  • Ways to improve sleep schedule
  • How to boost your memory with better sleep
  • The benefits of having good sleeping habits
  • How dreaming works and how it helps your everyday life


  • The instructor is backed by decades of research on sleep
  • The tips provided are actionable and easy to understand
  • All suggestions are healthy and natural
  • Great video content
  • One of the most accessible courses on the MasterClass platform


  • The course could have been more practical and less theoretical

Who is it For?

This course is for people looking to get better sleep despite their stressful lives. However, I would recommend it for every human, even if you currently have a healthy sleep pattern. It helps to understand how sleep works so you can handle any problems that may develop in the future.

Additional Masterclass Courses

I’ve worked my way through almost countless courses on Masterclass and here are some addition courses I would recommend that didn’t make the list:

Which are the Best Masterclass Courses?

MasterClass has something for everyone. The first step to choosing the best MasterClass courses for you is to understand your needs.

By painting a clear picture of what you want, you can make the most of eache masterclass review I created above. Once you find a course, go to the MasterClass platform and watch the trailer. You don’t need an account for this.

If you loved the trailer, you can proceed to create a paid account if you don’t have one. This will give you access to all of the courses on the platform. We’ve reviewed the very best, so our list is the perfect starting point on your journey to enlightenment. Happy learning!

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