Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

I’ve always been a fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows. I watched him display his skills and charisma on TV with programs like Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and Next Level Chef. While those shows were great, they were more for my entertainment than my education.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out Ramsay had not just one, but two cooking courses on MasterClass.

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Review

He has created two masterclasses titled Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking I and Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home.

I relished the chance to learn from the cooking master. However, like you, I had my doubts.

  • Without the glamor of modern showbiz, would Ramsay still be as captivating?
  • Would I learn more than I would on one of his shows?
  • These were valid questions, seeing that a MasterClass subscription isn’t free.

I searched around and found that he doesn’t do this anywhere else, there are no Masterclass alternatives to Ramsay’s course.

So, I decided to try the classes and create this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review.

You can see that my review promises to be very honest and detailed. If you don’t have the time to read it all, I’ve got you covered.

Check out the overview section below.

It contains a summary of the entire article with enough info to help you make a quick decision.

If you buy the course through the links in this article, we can earn some affiliate commission.  This helps us to keep OnlineCourseing up and running for your benefit.

Overview of Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Before we dive in, let’s get a quick overview of the MasterClass platform and its star instructor, Gordon Ramsay.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is an online learning platform with over 180 classes and 100 instructors. What sets MasterClass apart from competing companies is that they only hire celebrity instructors. These instructors are famous, relevant, and active in their respective fields.

MasterClass has courses from some of the biggest names in the world, such as Bill Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The aim of the company is to provide top quality video lessons from premium instructors at an affordable rate.

Currently, MasterClass’s main focus is on art and creative fields. There are several cooking masterclasses on the platform, but Gordon Ramsay’s is one of the most popular.

Meet Your Instructor: Gordon Ramsay

Scottish chef, Godon Ramsay, is one of the most famous culinary faces on American television. People from all over the world recognize his face from his cooking shows, interviews, or social media memes.

Ramsay’s biggest career achievements include the following:

  1. For his contributions to the culinary world, the Queen of England gave him an OBE.
  2. He set the Guinness World Record for Fastest Time to Filet a 10lb Fish in 2017, which was later broken in 2022.
  3. He set another Guiness World Record for Longest Pasta Sheet Rolled in 60 Seconds in 2017 , later broken in 2020.
  4. He has been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame.

Ramsay is currently a 7-star chef and has 58 restaurants across various locations in the US, Asia, and Europe. He has also published several cookbooks, some of which became best-sellers.

Ramsay is no novice when it comes to teaching cooking skills. That is probably why MasterClass decided to trust him with two classes, a rare occurrence on the platform.

Summary of Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review

Course CategoriesFood, Home & Lifestyle
Course RequirementsNone
Content FormatsVideo Lessons
Downloadable workbook
Spoken LanguageEnglish (subtitles available in other languages)
One-on-one InteractionUnavailable
What I Liked the MostProduction quality
What I Disliked the MostNo active community
Pricing$180 – $276 per year
DiscountsAvailable via limited time offers
Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee

Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Pros & Cons


  • Lots of new cooking skills to learn
  • Engaging content
  • Superb video and audio quality
  • Provides many practical examples and lessons
  • Class comes with many features that ease learning
  • New and unique recipes available
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Good overall value for your money


  • No certification
  • No active community or one-on-one instructor interaction
  • No available subscription plan for one course or one month

My Review of Gordon Ramsay Masterclasses Course Content

Next, I’ll review both of Gordon’s masterclasses individually. Each class is made up of several video lessons. Rather than reviewing each lesson, I’ve grouped the lessons into sections based on their related content. I’ll also include the serial number of the lessons in the section to help you find them more easily.

Course 1 – Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking I

Categories: Food, Home & Lifestyle

Duration: 3 hours and 54 minutes

This class has 20 video lessons in total. The lessons range from less than 2 minutes to more than 24 minutes. The class focuses on tips, recipes, and knowledge sharing.

Gordon Ramsay’s Experiences (Lessons 1, 2, 11, 19, & 20)

There are five video lessons dedicated to giving you an insight into the life and career of Gordon Ramsay. You’ll learn what makes him tick and see a side of him that he doesn’t show on TV.

At various points in this masterclass, Gordon talks about his childhood, ambitions, and mentors. He also reveals how he opened his first restaurant and how he earned his Michelin stars. You can learn from his experience if you hope to build a culinary empire in the future.

Towards the end of the course, Gordon shares his expert advice for aspiring chefs and offers some encouraging words.

Stocking and Organizing the Kitchen (Lessons 3, 4, 10, & 17)

As a cook, your kitchen is your workplace, and you must treat it as such. Gordon Ramsay shares tips on his design layouts and how he organizes his kitchen to get the best results.

You will also learn what utensils you need to get started. As the lessons progress, Gordon gives instructions on what ingredients to get for your cooking. You’ll learn the following and more:

  • How to select tasty vegetables
  • Identify healthy and delicious fish like salmon, trout, wild turbot, and sea bass
  • Finding quality ingredients for a seafood dish
  • Getting the best beef, lamb, and pork cuts

Working with Knives (Lessons 6 & 12)

A knife is perhaps the most useful and irreplaceable tool in the kitchen. Hence, Gordon dedicates two whole lessons to teaching you how to use it.

The first lesson, “Knife Skills” covers ways to sharpen, hold, and cut with the knife. You’ll also learn practice exercises to help you get better at using a knife.

The second lesson, “Breaking Down a Whole Fish”, teaches how to filet a salmon like a pro. Here, Gordon showcases the skills that earned him his first world record.

Cooking Delicious Eggs (Lessons 5 & 7)

Gordon likes to use eggs in his kitchen, even though they can be tricky. His masterclass contains some lessons on using eggs as ingredients in your cooking.

You’ll watch Gordon make poached eggs and mushrooms on brioche. He also makes scrambled eggs with white truffle and sea urchin.

Making Tasty Chicken (Lessons 8 & 9)

In two consecutive video lessons, Gordon teaches how to cook chicken properly. It starts with a practical lecture on butchery, where you learn how to efficiently cut a chicken into bits.

Next, Gordon roasts root vegetables and adds them to a dish of chicken supreme. You can follow the master chef through every part of the cooking process.

Cooking Salmon Fish Perfectly (Lesson 13)

There’s also a 16-minute lesson on cooking salmon with shellfish. You’ll learn tips for fileting salmon and making a savory dish with the result. The dish also includes some of the tasty vegetables picked out using Gordon’s principles.

Professional Pasta-Making (Lessons 14, 15, & 16)

Pasta is a stable food in many countries all across the world. However, its home lies in Italy, and that is where Gordon learned some of his pasta-making skills.

The process begins with a lesson on making pasta dough with your hands. In the end, you should be able to make fresh pasta the Italian way. After the lesson, Gordon takes you further with some pasta-rolling tutorials. You can learn how to roll pasta into a thin and delicate form.

Although you can use the pasta created to make several noodle dishes, Gordon chooses to cook the lobster ravioli as a practical example.

Making Gordon’s Beef Wellington (Lesson 18)

Gordon Ramsay’s version of the Beef Wellington is one of the most popular dishes served at his restaurants. He shares his recipe and cooking methods in the 18th video lesson of his first MasterClass course. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Downloadable Cookbook

The class comes with helpful resources in the form of a downloadable PDF cookbook. It contains facts about Gordon, recipes, and a recap of the course’s core concepts. You can also practice your cooking with the exercises and assignments in the book.

Course 2 – Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home

Categories: Food, Home & Lifestyle

Duration: 4 hours and 14 minutes

As the title suggests, this course is basically a recipe class. You get to watch Gordon cook various restaurant-worthy dishes in a way that you can attempt at home. Most of the recipes in the class are from his restaurant, which has earned three Michelin stars. 

I couldn’t find the time to try all of the recipes, but I was able to attempt four out of the fifteen in the masterclass.

These are the dishes I loved the most and decided to make myself.

  1. Crispy Duck with Red Endive and Spinach
  1. Rack of Lamb with Thumbelina Carrots
  1. Szechuan Chicken Breast and Udon Noodles
  1. Raspberry Soufflé

The class also features a downloadable PDF cookbook. It contains very detailed, play-by-play guides on cooking the dishes mentioned in the video lessons. The book also includes exercises for further practice.

My Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Learning Experience

Now, it’s time to give you my perspective on Gordon Ramsay’s masterclass. I’ll be providing my key takeaways from the course, what I needed in my kitchen, my likes, and my dislikes. Here, you’ll find out if I really learned anything or if it was just a waste of time.

You may agree with some of my opinions, so be sure to read through the entire section before you buy the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass.

Key Takeaways

Making Perfect Cuts

I found the knife tutorials in this class very useful. As someone who has had problems sharpening knives in the past, the tips Gordon gave were a game-changer for me. I also learned how to cut different kinds of meat and fish. There was also a brief lesson on how to chop herbs.

Picking Veggies

Did you know that ugly-looking vegetables could actually have more flavor? Well, I didn’t know this until I took the Gordon Ramsay masterclass. He also taught me how to buy vegetables based on the season.

New Recipes

There are a ton of unique recipes in these classes, particularly the second one. I wrote down quite a few of them. I also prepared some at home and will try the others before the end of the year.

Rolling Pasta Dough

Prior to this class, my pasta dough always came out of the machine sticky. Gordon helped me avoid that by showing me how to pre-add flour to the machine. I also wasn’t aware that you shouldn’t wash your pasta machine.

Materials I Needed

Although each recipe has a set of ingredients, I needed some kitchen essentials to be able to follow the class. Below is a list of the materials I used:

  1. Frying pan
  2. Nonstick pan
  3. Sauce pan
  4. A set of knives
  5. Sharpening steel
  6. Cutting board
  7. Sieve
  8. Toaster
  9. Grater
  10. Scissors
  11. Plastic wrap
  12. Aluminum foil
  13. Finishing salt

What I Liked

Passionate and Engaging Instructor

The fact that Gordon has been on so many TV shows is a clear indicator of his charisma on screen. He brings that charm into this class and leaves out most of the over-the-top antics he’s famous for.

If you watch the first lesson, you can already tell that Gordon is passionate about cooking and genuinely wants to share his knowledge with you. He does a good job explaining his processes in a way that engages and informs students.

Practical Class

The class effectively blends the theoretical and practical aspects of cooking. Gordon does well to give unique, practical advice you never knew you needed. If there’s a technique to make the next step of cooking easier or more effective, Gordon will mention it to you.

The cookbook also comes with several practical assignments. If you’re serious about cooking, you should do these assignments. They will surely help you improve your skills in the kitchen.

Stunning Production Quality

This part is true for all of the courses on the MasterClass platform. The production quality is top-notch, from the lighting to the camera angles.

You can also watch the video lessons in HD format. There is a settings feature that allows you to take the video quality up to 1080p. The sound from the video is also clear, loud, and crisp.

It’s obvious that MasterClass has an impressive video and audio production standard, and the Gordon Ramsay course meets it.

The Best of Gordon Ramsay Playlist

There is a 12-minute playlist on the platform titled “The Best of Gordon Ramsay”. This is a collection of snippets from his two classes. 

Even after finishing both classes, I still find the playlist useful, as it contains some of Gordon’s best advice. He talks about grilling, knife handling, finding your passion, and more.

Helpful Features

MasterClass provides a lot of helpful features to make learning easier. I decided to make a list of the ones I found most appealing. Check them out:

  1. My Notes: This allows you to make quick notes for each lesson without having to pause the video.
  2. Playback rate control: This feature combines well with My Notes as you can slow the video down or speed it as you like.
  3. Bookmark: It allowed me to mark key points in the lessons for future reference.

What I Disliked

Some of the Ingredients are Not Common

While the class tries to use regular ingredients to make the dishes, there are some exceptions. For example, sea urchins and lobsters are rather expensive.

It would have been nice to see them stick to regular ingredients only or at least provide cheaper alternatives.

No Active Community

Even after completing assignments, there is currently no way to show your work to the instructor. There is also no community on the platform for you to share your work with and get feedback from. The best you can do is share your results on social media.

No Certification

If you’re trained by someone as great as Gordon Ramsay, you’d want to have something to show for it. Unfortunately, MasterClass does not currently offer a certificate of completion.

How Much Does Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Cost?

The subscription cost for both Gordon Ramsay MasterClass courses is between $180 and $276. The pricing packages are billed annually with a starting price of $15 per month, which amounts to a total of $180. A single subscription will grant you access to Gordon’s masterclasses and every other piece of content in the platform’s library.

Below are the plans and pricing options available: They are similar, so the table only shows the differences between each plan.

No. of Simultaneous connected devices126
Offline ViewingNoYesYes
Monthly Price$15$20$23
Annual Price$180$240$276

If you want discounts, MasterClass does offer limited-time deals. For instance, there was a Mother’s Day discount program recently. It offered 25% off if you chose the Duo plan and 35% off if you chose the Family plan

If you run a restaurant and want to help your staff improve their cooking skills by giving them access to this course, you need to contact the MasterClass sales team. They may offer you a group discount.

Also, MasterClass offers a 30-day refund policy. You can request your money back if you are not satisfied with the course.

Is Gordon Ramsay MasterClass For You?

Now it’s time to help you decide if you should subscribe to the Gordon Ramsay Masterclass. Here is my recommendation.

This MasterClass is for you if you…

  • Are a fan of Gordon Ramsay
  • Want to improve your cooking quickly
  • Want to try new recipes and cooking methods
  • Are a beginner chef who plans to open a restaurant in the future
  • Want to take other cooking courses without having to pay extra

The MasterClass is NOT for you if you…

  • Prioritize getting a professional culinary certificate
  • Are currently in a location where you can’t get most of the tools and ingredients

Alternatives to Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

There are several other cooking courses on MasterClass, many of them just as good as Gordon’s. I made a list of some of the best.

  1. DOMINIQUE CRENN teaches Modern Vegetarian Cooking

This is a great course if you’re a vegetarian and only want to cook vegan dishes. Gordon’s recipes contain a lot of meat and fish.

  1. YOTAM OTTOLENGHI teaches Modern Middle Eastern Cooking

If you prefer to focus on Middle Eastern dishes, Yotam is a master at making them. He teaches you how to cook traditional dishes with modern techniques.

  1. THOMAS KELLER teaches Cooking Techniques I, II, & III

This three-part course is almost a direct alternative to the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass. Thomas is a world class chef, and he shares some of his skills, knowledge, and recipes in this MasterClass.

  1. GABRIELA CAMARA teaches Mexican Cooking

Gabriela is a popular chef, and in her MasterClass, you’ll learn how to use simple ingredients like corn to prepare tasty Mexican dishes.

  1. ALICE WATERS Teaches the Art of Home Cooking

Alice Waters’ support of the farm-to-table movement shows in this course. You’ll learn simple techniques of home cooking using readily available organic ingredients.

(Spoiler alert: this course made it onto my best Masterclass courses list).

Final Verdict: Is Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Worth It?

Yes, I strongly believe the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is worth every penny it costs. I was afraid we would only get a rehash of what he does in his cooking TV shows, but this was completely different. Gordon was calm and collected, and the content he produced is unique. Many of the tips he mentioned were completely new to me, even though I’m an avid watcher of his shows.

You can learn a lot by following the lessons and workbook. I also believe that, with enough practice, it’s possible to land your first cooking job with the help of this course. The subscription model is annual, so you can always return to the lessons and brush up on your skills. Take your time to follow Gordon’s instructions, and you’ll get the best value from the masterclass.

In case you were wanted some additional Masterclass recommendations or wondering the same question as everyone else ‘is Masterclass worth it?‘, here are some of my favorite Masterclass courses I worked through below with links to in-depth reviews of each:

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