Is 19 a Good ACT Score?

Is 19 a Good ACT Score

The pressure of getting a good grade on the ACT is something that everyone can relate to. To make matters worse, calculating whether or not your particular score is a good one can be challenging. For example, what if you got a total score of 19 on the ACT? The question is: “Is 19 a good ACT score?”

According to, 19 is considered a good ACT score, but will not get most into competitive colleges. This is because a good ACT score can be defined as a score that rates a test-taker higher than the majority of their competition. By getting a 19, a test-taker has managed to score just barely above the 50th percentile. 

In this article, we’ll go over whether or not the score 19 should be considered a good score. Furthermore, we’ll answer some questions that are frequently asked about the ACT, and even help you to learn which colleges are most likely to accept an applicant with an ACT score of 19. Let’s get started!

Is 19 a Good ACT Score?

An ACT Score of 19 is equivalent to about 980 or 1010 on the SAT. 980 is actually the lowest score you can receive on the SAT and still, on average, be accepted into some colleges. An ACT score of 19 is therefore passable in order for you to get into a university, but it is low enough to keep you out of most of the competitive or well thought-of universities in the country.

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What Schools Can You Get Into With a Score of 19?

Taking the ACT can be a stressful and arduous experience. It requires plenty of study and preparation, not to mention confidence. Having to re-take it can be as much of a hassle as picking out your ideal university to attend. 

In order to alleviate some of this burden, we’ve prepared a list of the schools you can get into if you have a score of 19. 

University  Average ACT Composite Information
California State University – Fullerton 21 A 4-year research institution located in Orange County of California. It has the largest student body of any University of California State, with a reputation for easy but growth-promoting classes.
University of Texas at San Antonio 21 A 4-year public institution of research that has an Honors College and a wide variety of Undergraduate Degrees. The largest university in the region of San Antonio.
Portland State University  20 A 4 year public institute located in the center of Portland with eight different colleges in Oregon. It was founded for the sake of WWII veterans returning from the war and has a 95% rate of acceptance.
Indiana University – Purdue University of Indianapolis 21 This merged school offers degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University in more than 350 study areas. It is a 4-year public institution in the major city.
San Francisco State University 20 A public, 4-year institution originally started to train teachers in the Bay Area of California. Offering bachelor’s degrees in 77 study fields, it has an 84% rate of acceptance. 

What Schools Would You Find it Hard to Get Into With a Score of 19?

Though many of the above school may raise your hopes for admission into universities with a score of 19 on the SAT, there are a few you’d have trouble getting into. These are listed below:

University Average ACT Composite
University of Chicago 34
Princeton University 34
Stanford University 35
Harvard University 34

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to know more about the score of 19 on an ACT test, and which schools such a score can earn you a high chance of getting into, don’t worry! We have you covered with the answers to these frequently asked questions. Read on to discover more.

What can a 19 ACT score get you?

Statistically, it is not likely that having a score of 19 on the ACT will get you accepted by over a thousand of the schools in the United States. However, a score of 19 on the ACT will get you in to most schools if at least 176 colleges are applied to.
Outside of these statistical numbers, you are assured of getting in to most community colleges or lower-level institutions, with a handful of more highly valued institutions being likely to accept a potential student with a score of 19 on the ACT. Higher educational institutions such as Harvard or Princeton will not likely accept a score of 19 on the ACT.

What ACT score gets scholarships?

There is one component in modern economic life that everyone can agree on: scholarships are a very good thing! However, if you got a score of 19 or lower on your ACT, chances are, you’re worried about what ACT score gets scholarships.
The answer is that the minimum of scholarship requirements for most scholarships is a grade point average of 3.5, at least, and an ACT score of 25. Other requirements include an SAT score of 1120.
Though an ACT score of 19 may not get you a scholarship, it is still, as previously mentioned, enough to get you in to most community colleges and even a handful of universities, being just above the 50% line of ACT scores.

Can I Get Into Harvard With a 19 on the ACT?

If you get a score of 19 on the ACT, you’ll probably have trouble getting into Harvard. This is because, even though Harvard University proclaims that they have no minimum ACT score for successful applicants, their average accepted students have a score of 33. 
This means that sadly, if you score a 29 on the ACT or lower and list that on your Harvard application, you will probably be passed by for applying students with a higher score. 

In Conclusion

To sum it all up,  19 is a good ACT score if you are hoping to be accepted into some universities. It’s range in score conversion to the SAT is between 980, which is the lowest SAT score you can have while still getting into some colleges, and 1010. However, getting into Harvard University or other Ivy League schools will likely be out of the question. 

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