Is 1000 a good SAT Score?

Is 1000 a good SAT Score

After spending countless hours studying, trying to do well, and hinging all of your further education hopes on the results of the SAT, finding out you have a score of 1000 can feel like a mixed bag. The main question probably going through your mind is: “Is 1000 a good SAT score?”

According to the experts at, a score of 1000 can be considered a very decent test score. It places the SAT test-taker firmly within the 40th percentile of every taker of the exam, and makes the test-taker eligible to apply to a wide variety of colleges. That being said, it is not considered a “competitive” test score. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know after achieving a score of 1000 on the SAT. You’ll find out whether or not the score should be considered good or bad any why, as well as lists of schools you can expect to get in to with these scores and which ones are less likely to accept and applicant. We’ll even respond to some frequently asked questions!

Should a Score of 1000 Be Considered Good?

A score of 1000 on this particular exam puts students in the 40th percentile. This means that they are capable of having their pick of many colleges to apply to. However, the difference comes because a score of 1000 does not guarantee that any of these colleges will be likely to accept the applicant. 

This is called a lack of competitiveness in the score. Test-takers who score higher on the SAT are more likely to get in if they apply to the same university or institution that a test-taker with a score of 1000 also applied to.

What Schools Can You Get Into With a Score of 1000?

Name of UniversityAverage Composite SATUniversity Info
Radford University1039Located in Radford, VA, this is a 4-year institution with a beautiful campus and 79% rate of acceptance.
California State University Fresno1030This 4-year institution is public, located in California as the runner-up largest university in the state, and has a 90% acceptance rate.
Manchester University1013This 4-year institution is actually a private university located in North Manchester, IN, in the suburbs, with a 70% acceptance rate.
University of West Georgia1020This 4 year institution is also located in a suburb with a 78% acceptance rate and offers more than 80 academic programs.

Which Schools Are Hard to Get Into With a 1000 Score?

Name of UniversityAverage Composite SATUniversity Info
California State Polytechnic University1140Located in Pomona
Texas State University1095Located in San Marcos, TX
Indiana University1100Located in Indianapolis, IN

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Frequently Asked Questions

The topic of a good SAT score can be a big one to try and grasp, and more than likely, reading about which schools you may be able to get into and which you may not has filled your mind with new questions! Luckily, we have the answers for you in our FAQ section below!

Is below 1000 on the SAT bad? 

The answer to whether or not getting a score that is below 1000 on the SAT is bad is up to the preference of the test taker. If you are hoping to get into Ivy League colleges, or even have your pick of many of the colleges around the world, it is important to know that a score below 1000 on the SAT is probably not your best way of getting there. 
Luckily, it is possible to study up and take the SAT more than once to improve your score. Also, if you’d rather not take the SAT all over again, you can look for schools that allow a student to apply for entry without considering their SAT score. 
Bear in mind, however, that these colleges will probably require a student to still have a high Grade Point Average and a wide range of impressive extracurriculars to make up for the SAT score below 1000. 

Do colleges accept 1000 on SAT?

As mentioned previously, yes, many colleges will definitely accept applicants who report a score of 1000 on the SAT exam. Because you’ll be in the 40th percentile of those who took the exam, however, remember that your chances of beating out any significant competition to the top colleges are pretty slim. 

How hard is 1000 on the SAT?

Considering the fact that the average score for the SAT is about 1060, and 1000 is only mildly below that average score, it is possible to say that it is easy to score a 1000 on the SAT. That being said, every student’s experience is different. 
Some test well, while others find the pressures and environment of the SAT exam to be too distracting or disruptive to their ability to complete the exam well. For these students, getting a 1000 may not be easy even if it is below the average.

What is considered failing the SAT?

Truthfully, there is no such thing as passing the SAT or failing the SAT. You either have a score that allows you to enter the type of college you dream of, or you do not. Universities have differing requirements for SAT exams. Therefore, whether or not you’ve failed the SAT or passed the SAT is really up to your own goals and judgement!

Conclusion: Is 1000 a good SAT Score?

To wrap everything we’ve learned up, the answer to the question “Is 1000 a good SAT score?” is:  yes, the score of 1000 can be considered a decent SAT score. This is because it puts test-takers in the 40th percentile of their peers and allows them to look over a wide range of universities willing to accept that score. 

With that being said, we established that even though students with an SAT score of 1000 can apply to these colleges, they are not exactly in the top percentage of applicants guaranteed to get in. This is because while a score of 1000 can grant a student applying ability, it is not a “competitive” score. 

However, it is still a score that opens up options for continued education in today’s universities! An SAT score of 1000 can certainly be considered a good score. 

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