Is 1300 a Good SAT Score?

Is 1300 a Good SAT Score

If you’re a student who is looking to get into a good university, taking the SAT beforehand is very important. Not only that, but because the competition is so strong and the universities are getting pickier with the students they admit into their programs, it is equally important for you to get a good score in order to remain a part of the race for an admission.

For people with a 1300 SAT score, you must be wondering, is 1300 a good SAT score to get into an above-average university? The answer is yes, it is. A 1300 SAT score means that you were able to answer most of the questions with a clear mind and good proficiency, placing you at a good high percentile in the statistics.

This article will tell you what percentile a score of 1300 lies in, as well as what schools you can and cannot get into with a score of 1300. So read on ahead for information that will increase your chances of getting admission into a good university.

What percentile is a SAT score of 1300?

Even though the percentiles change every year according to how many test takers there are and what results they get, on average, a SAT score of 1300 will place you in the 87th percentile. This means that out of the approximate 2 million test takers, around 270,000 scored the same or higher than you, and the rest scored lower.

Another indication of how this score is good is that it places you at an advantage; you can apply to approximately 1350 schools which you’ll be considered compatible and competitive for, and you’ll fall short of getting into a total of 150 or so schools, which have a much higher threshold requirement for SAT results from their incoming students.

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What schools can you get into with a score of 1300?

To start off, we’ll be listing the ten schools you can get into easily with a score of 1300 along with their SAT averages and other specifications, which will give you an idea of where you should apply with a score of 1300 for a good chance of getting in.

SchoolSAT averageSAT rangeAcceptance rateAdmission chance
Benedictine College12301100-135098%99%
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences12401090-139098%98%
Caldwell University11601000-131096%98%
Western Washington University12001090-131096%98%
University of Kentucky12101083-133094%96%
Penn State Main Campus12501140-136092%94%
Arizona State University12101100-132088%93%
Oregon State University12501120-137089%90%
Washington and Jefferson College11801050-130084%91%
Michigan Technological University12301130-133586%90%

The SAT averages for these ten colleges range from 1160-1250, meaning that the students they admit and have been admitting for several years have their scores lying within that range, giving you more than a fair chance, since your SAT score of 1300 lies much higher than that.

The SAT range, however, includes the score 1300, with some universities having their upper limits even higher than that, ensuring healthy competition and a sense of satisfaction in case of a successful application.

Most of these universities are considered the best in their own respective states, with high acceptance rates and probabilities of you getting admitted with a score of 1300. This means that the universities have a solid academic reputation, being the top-ranked ones in their own states, giving you a healthy academic experience should you choose to go there.

If you want to find out how much of an admission chance you really have based on SAT scores, GPA, extracurricular and other factors, use this link.

What schools would you find it hard to get into with a score of 1300?

While there are many universities that will give you admission with a score of 1300, there are few which have specific requirements for SAT scores that they expect the applicants to fulfill before their admission can be considered. Here, we’ll be listing ten such schools:

SchoolSAT averageSAT rangeAcceptance rateAdmission chance
University of California, Los Angeles14201300-153011%6%
Wesleyan University14101300-151019%10%
Davidson College13801300-146018%11%
University of Miami13801300-146028%17%
University of Florida13901300-147030%18%
University of Richmond13701280-146029%20%
University of Texas13701280-146829%23%
Bucknell University13701295-145035%23%
University of North Carolina12601140-138020%24%
Trinity University13701230-150034%24%

Most of these schools are considered the best in the country and as you can see, they have an upper SAT result limit of 1400-1500, which means that although you can apply to them with a score of 1300, your chances will be much limited as compared to a person with a score higher than you.

These universities are listed according to the admission chance, from the lowest to the highest. The admission chance for a person with a 1300 SAT score for these universities doesn’t exceed 25%, so the probability is quite low.

So these universities have a higher set average for SAT scores, and your admission into these universities will be much harder, but not impossible.

Should I take the SAT again with a 1300 score?

Generally, there shouldn’t be a need for you to retake the SAT since a score of 1300 is considered well above average. If you don’t have a specific school preference and place you want to go to, this score is more than enough to get you into any good university.

However, if your dream schools are considered more prestigious or are among the IVY League schools, you might need to work harder and give the SAT again for an improved score as per the requirements to get into those schools.

If you want to know how to improve your SAT score to be eligible for the more prestigious universities, click here.

Final thoughts: Is 1300 a Good SAT Score?

We know that taking the SAT is an important, if not, necessary part of college applications. And if you’re a person who has a score of 1300 on the SAT, you might also be wondering if 1300 is a good SAT score for getting into one of the better universities. Worry not, this score is well above average and can get you into many high-ranking schools.

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