15+ Best R Programming Courses and Tutorials Online in 2023

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How do you increase your expertise in data science?

If you want to work in data science then you have to learn and master some of the best tools for data handling, and R is one of the best programming languages for data science.

By learning R programming you’ll be able to run your code without any compiler since R is an interpreted language. This makes coding in R much easier than when using a compiled language like Java.

In this article we are going to look at the best R programming courses and tutorials online to get you started with this language.

Through these courses you’ll learn advanced data analytics, time series analysis, as well as forecasting in R, among others.

There are also classes for learning how to use R if you are coming from an Excel background.

Let’s get started.

1. R Programming AZ: R For Data Science (Course & Exercises) | Udemy 
2. Data Science and Machine Learning Curriculum Bootcamp with R | Udemy 
3. Data Science: Foundations using R Specialization 
4. R Programming | Coursera 
5. Learning R Online Class | LinkedIn Learning 
6. R Programming in Data Science: Setup and Start Online Class | LinkedIn Learning 
7. R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science | Udemy 
8. Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in R | Udemy 
9. R for Data Science: Lunchbreak Lessons Online Class | LinkedIn Learning 
10. R for Excel Users Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
11. Applied Data Science – 3: R Programming | Kumaran Ponnambalam | Skillshare 
12. R for Data Science: A Practical Introduction | Donovan Harshbarger | Skillshare 
13. Scrape Web (No programming experience) R Big Data | Mark Gingrass | Skillshare 
14. R Shiny Interactive Web Apps – Next Level Data Visualization | Udemy 
15. R Tidyverse Reporting and Analytics for Excel Users | Udemy 

Below, I have also written a brief summary of what each of these top R tutorials is about, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. R Programming A-Z™: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!

The R programming language has a very steep learning curve and students often get overwhelmed.

This is the best R programming course is a truly step-by-step tutorial that builds on what you have already learned and move one extra step forward.

After every video you learn a new valuable concept that you can apply right away. And the best part is that you learn through live examples.

In summary, this R programming for data science course has been designed for all skill levels and even if you have no programming or statistical background you will be successful in this course.

2. R Programming For Absolute Beginners

R is the most widely used tool for statistical programming because it is powerful, versatile and easy to use.

It is the first choice for thousands of data analysts working in both companies and academia.

This is one of the best R programming tutorials on Udemy that will help you master the basics of R in a short time, as a first step to become a skilled R data scientist.  

The course is meant for absolute beginners, so you don’t have to know anything about R before starting.

But after graduating this course R programming for absolute beginners course you will be able to further develop these skills, by practicing, starting from what you will have learned in the course.   

3. R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science

Are you ready to take your R Programming skills to the next level?

This best R programming course on Udemy uses unique datasets designed with years of industry experience in mind, engaging exercises that are both fun and also give you a taste for Analytics of the REAL WORLD.

In this R training course you will learn:

  • How to prepare data for analysis in R
  • How to perform the median imputation method in R
  • How to work with date-times in R

The more you learn the better you will get. After every module you will already have a strong set of skills to take with you into your Data Science career.

4. R Programming Hands-on Specialization for Data Science (Lv1)

R is considered as lingua franca of Data Science and R programming skills is in exceedingly high demand.

Almost every Data Science and Machine Learning job posted globally mentions the requirement for R language proficiency.

In this R tutorial for beginners course you will start from the very basics of introducing Data Science, importance of R and then will gradually build your concepts.

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Along this R training you’ll learn about the mind-set and thought-process of working on Data Science Projects and Application development.

The R programming project at the end of this course will focus on developing automated and robust Web Scraping bot in R.

5. R Programming for Statistics and Data Science

R Programming is a skill you need if you want to work as a data analyst or a data scientist in your industry of choice.

It is one of the top languages to get you where you want to be. Combine that with statistical know-how, and you will be well on your way to your dream data science job.  

This top R tutrial on Udemy wastes no time and jumps right into hands-on coding in R. But don’t worry if you have never coded before, we start off light and teach you all the basics as we go along.

You will receive a verifiable certificate of completion of this R programming training with your name on it.

You can download the certificate and attach it to your CV and even post it on your LinkedIn profile to show potential employers you have experience in carrying out data manipulations & analysis in R.  

6. Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in R

Time series analysis and forecasting is one of the key fields in statistical programming.

It allows you to see patterns in time series data, model this data, finally make forecasts based on those models

Proper understanding and training in time series analysis and forecasting will give you the power to understand and create those models.

In this best selling R tutorial on Udemy, you will learn about different ways in how you can handle date and time data in R.

Things like time zones, leap years or different formats make calculations with dates and time especially tricky for the programmer.

After completing this top rated R training on Udemy you will also be able to visualize, clean and prepare your data.

7. Applied Statistical Modeling for Data Analysis in R

This Udemy R programming course will take your statistical modeling from basic to an advanced level for practical data analysis.

By taking this popular R tutorial you will save time and learn what the arcane statistical concepts have to do with the actual analysis of data and the interpretation of the bespoke results.

Frankly, this is the only one course you need to complete in order to get a head start in practical statistical modeling for data analysis using R. 

This on Udemy R programming courses will provide you with a robust foundation to carry out PRACTICAL, real-life statistical data analysis tasks in R.

8. Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023

R is known to have a steep learning curve and the explanations in most tutorials are often vague and high level. But this course is different.

By the end of this best R programming course on Udemy, you will not only understand how they work but you will feel comfortable to do any sort of data manipulation you can imagine in R.

Studies show that if you practice what you learnt within 24 hours of learning it, your understanding lasts longer and you gain the ability to instinctively apply what you learnt in the real world

That is why at the end of most lessons in this R tutorial, you are posed a coding challenge and asked you to solve before moving to the next topic. I sincerely hope you take these challenges seriously.

9. R Tidyverse Reporting and Analytics for Excel Users

If you use Excel for any type of reporting or analytics then this course is for you.

There are a lot of great R training courses on Udemy teaching R for statistical analysis and data science that can sometimes make R seem a bit too advanced for every day use.

15 Best R Programming Courses and Tutorials in 2023
15 Best Data Science Courses and Certifications Online

This R course uses the Tidyverse standards for using R which provides a single, comprehensive and easy to understand method for using R without complicating things via multiple methods.

It’s designed to build upon the the skills you are already familiar with in Excel to shortcut your learning journey. 

10. R Shiny Interactive Web Apps – Next Level Data Visualization

In this course I will show you step by step how to master R Shiny.

We will start out with the general shiny script. You will then learn how to make your app interactive by using input widgets.

Along this top R tutorial you will also learn about advanced shiny apps that allow zooming and downloading

Note that this R programming course requires basic R skills. If you are totally new to R, check out some R intro material first and then revisit the course.

11. R Programming for Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods

This is the best R programming course on Udemy that focuses on using R software to program probabilistic simulations, often called Monte Carlo Simulations.

By taking this R training, you’ll learn how to write your own R functions to perform simulated inference estimates, including likelihoods and confidence intervals.

The course teaches skills in continuous and discrete random variables, parameter estimation, Monte-Carlo Integration, and variance reduction techniques.

The amazing R programming course partially utilizes the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) spuRs package to demonstrate how to structure and write programs to accomplish mathematical and probabilistic simulations using R statistical software.

R is a language designed especially for statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.

In fact, all the R libraries focus on making data analysis easier, more approachable and detailed.

Besides, every new statistical method is first enabled through R libraries.

This makes learning R programming for data science a perfect choice for data analysis and projection.

As new R programmer you’ll also find the R community very active and supporting and they have a great knowledge of statistics as well as programming.

Have you tried learning R programming for data science before?

What was your experience?

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Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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