10 Best Online Masters in Data Science that is worth grabbing in 2024

10 Best Online Masters in Data Science that is worth grabbing in 2022

Are you planning to upskill yourself? Or, a career transition?

If yes, this blog is for you. We are talking about the topic that’s gonna rule the world, “data science.”

Well, mastering a skill would be rewarding. Now, you would be wondering, is it possible to master a skill in data science? If yes, then

What’s the best degree for Data Science?

To lessen your worries, we have listed Best Online Masters’s in Data Science. 

Let’s answer your question first: what’s a master in data science? And which online course is best for data science?

Right now, data science is a fantastic field to work in. Both the demand and the salaries are high. With a bachelor’s degree, you can find decent entry-level (and even some mid-level) data science positions, but a master’s degree considerably expands your career prospects.

The Data science master’s program is a new degree that is a combination of mathematics, statistics, and programming language.

The master’s degree is recommended for those who are interested in making a career in data science. Core subjects include machine learning, databases, statistics, data mining, cluster analysis, and much more. 

Why choose a Master’s in Data Science online?

Your smartphones, wearable technologies, computers, IoT devices are generating an immense amount of data. As a data scientist, you will be playing an essential role for businesses across various industries to utilize the data for decision-making. 

The need for organizations to draw information from data has made data scientists a high-paying job and an in-demand skill.

However, you might be thinking, will I be able to create any difference with a master’s degree in data science? Why should one invest time and capital in a master’s in data science online?

If you want to advance your career to the next level then considering a master’s degree in data science is the right choice.

Getting the Best schools for masters in Data Science is extremely important that huge benefits right from leveraging career opportunities to real-time experiences. So, let’s know why to choose the best online masters in data science.

Skill development: 

Data science needs knowledge of programming languages, like Python and R, and methodologies, like machine learning, data wrangling, and data visualization techniques.

A master’s program is crafted by an industry expert to provide in-demand skills. You will be exposed to applying the concepts and drawing insights from the data sets. 

Get qualified:

As per KDnuggets, around 88% of data scientists are master’s degree holders and 46% have Ph.Ds. When you upskill, you’re likely to create opportunities in a profession.

Your job position is probably to get advanced in the competitive world when you earn a master’s degree in data science.

A majority of data science career guides say, data science field creates higher and greater career opportunities with master’s degrees. 

Better salaries:

In the data science field, a master’s degree will enhance your job opportunity with an attractive salary. For example, the average salary of a data scientist is $114,012 which will increase by 10% in 2025 to $125,790.

The compensation will expand as the data scientist aspirant gains more knowledge and develops in-demand skills. Pursuing a master’s degree in data science will open doors for rewarding careers. 

Hands-on experience

Real-time projects add advantage to the master’s curriculum, which is an important part of the program.

Projects will help to apply skills and methodologies to innovate different ways to solve a real-world business problem with massive data sets.

You will be asked to perform a capstone project that allows you to explore your domain and discover the next move in your career. 

Career opportunities:

Organizations require data professionals, your efforts in earning a master’s degree in data science will be a bonus.

The potential jobs are a data scientist, database administrator, computer and information research scientist, and much more.

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How to choose the best online data science master’s program?

Since the education-providing system has switched to digital, many universities are providing online masters in a data science program.

Many offer programs on different specializations, such as analytics, machine learning, data engineering, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and much more.

You can pick either part-time or full-time enrollment based on your preferences.


What are the requirements to apply for the best online masters in data science program?

Undergraduate degree 

To obtain a master’s degree in data science program, you must have an undergrad degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) discipline or in business, where the skills must be relevant to data science. 


The minimum undergrad GPA for master’s application enrollment is 3.5. Some universities don’t consider GPA for admission, but it depends on the subject you choose. 


Universities want to learn more about your academic/ work achievements, which is accepted through a letter of recommendation provided by your undergraduate institute or professionals, like your manager or team lead. 

GRE Scores

Data science master’s program applications are taken into consideration when you provide your GRE/GMAT scores (Quantitative, Verbal, and Writing).

A majority of universities require your test scorecard for admission, while some may waive off; and hold undergrad scores or work experience. 


It’s advisable to have a resume ready whether you’re applying for a master’s soon after undergraduate or work experience. This gives a clear picture of your skills and relevant industry knowledge to choose a program.

Which are the top master’s in data science online programs?

To lessen your worry and confusion to choose the best one and to answer your question, is an online master in data science worth it?

Here’s a list of the best online universities for data science designed to provide from an industry-specific point of view. So, let’s start the list of the best online masters in data science.

1. Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals 

Study mode – Online |Hybrid |Scheduled Classes

Duration – 1.5 – 2 years

Cost – $5,872

At Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals you can pick either a full-time or part-time master’s in a data science program, learners will be taught by senior data scientists and leaders.

The concepts involve data visualization, computer statistics, and Machine Learning. You can select game theory and data mining as your elective subjects.

The prerequisites for a master’s in a data science program enrollment are calculus, Python, or Java. 

2. The University of Texas at Austin 

Study mode – Self-paced classes | Scheduled 

Duration – 1.5 – 3 years

Cost – $1,000

The University of Texas master’s in data science program is designed to give foundational knowledge about statistical theory and the curriculum includes visualization, machine learning, and optimization.

You can learn data science from both statistical and computer science perspectives. The prerequisite for a master’s program is a degree in computer science, statistics, or equivalent. 

3. Northwestern University 

Study mode – Online | Scheduled Classes

Cost – $4,664

Duration – 1-2 years

You can complete 12 courses online and the master’s program at Northwestern University teaches you to make data-driven decisions.

Learners are allowed to pick one of five specializations in a general track and the core topics are decision analytics, practical machine learning.

The specialization covers analytics management and artificial intelligence; mainly it focuses on building innovation-driven startups. The prerequisite needed is a bachelor’s degree. 

The program by Northwestern School of Professional Studies collaborated with Great Learning to provide comprehensive learning. 

Career support – 1:1 career guidance and placements 

Core topics – Analytics and Modeling, or Artificial Intelligence

Hands-on with real-time projects

4. University of Colorado Boulder

Study Mode – Online 

Cost – $20,010 

Duration – 2 years (8-week sessions further broken into 4-6 weeks for individual courses)

You will master the in-demand skills focussing to enhance your data science knowledge through a multi-disciplinary approach.

This master’s in a data science program is unique, like there’s no requirement of GPA, GRE.

You can personalize the learning to obtain your master’s degree, such as enrolling in 8-week courses to start with academic credits. 

The program master of science in data science by the University of Colorado Boulder is available online on the official website of Coursera 

You can access your course through the Coursera app:

  • View video lectures transcripts
  • Watch recorded sessions offline
  • Submit assignments and take part in quizzes 
  • Make notes 
  • Set weekly progress goals 

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5. Postgraduate program in data science – Simplilearn 

Partnering with Purdue University and collaboration with IBM 

Study mode – Online | Self-paced

Cost – 2,39,000 INR 

Duration – 1 year

The program in data science is perfect for working professionals. You will experience interactive learning models with every live session by practitioners, practical labs, hackathons by IBM, and real-time projects. 

A post-graduate in data science program is provided by Purdue University which is available on Simplilearn online

Key takeaways:

  • PGP certification and alumni association member
  • Classes by Purdue faculty and IBM experts
  • More than 25 industry-oriented data sets and 3 Capstone project
  • LevelUp sessions by MIT faculty

The eligibility criteria for the master’s in a data science program are:

  • 2 years of work experience
  • Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics and programming

6. Master of Science in Data Science – upGrad

Partnered with Liverpool John Moores University and International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B)

Study mode – Online | Part-time

Cost – 4,99,000 INR

Duration – 18 months

The master’s program is designed for both computing and non-computing backgrounds. You will develop key aspects and technical skills to make data-driven decisions. 

Masters of Data Science program is provided by Liverpool John Moores University and International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore which is available on upGrad online

Key takeaways:

  • Industry-oriented guidance
  • Learners’ support 24/7
  • Career mentorship 1:1
  • High-performance coaching 
  • AI-powered profile builder
  • Interview preparation
  • Network & learning experience
  • Placement assistance

7. University of Michigan 

Study mode – Online 

Cost – $31,688 – $42,262

Duration – 1-3 years

The University of Michigan School of Information has partnered with Coursera to provide leadership-focused learning. You will learn to break the complex real-time problems into simpler ones through expertise in contextual inquiry and data visualization. 

The master’s program for data science provided by the University of Michigan is available on Coursera, online.

Key takeaways:

Usage of Computational methods for big data

Explore multiple approaches for data visualization

Master analytic techniques, like ML, NLP, Neural Analysis, and much more

Data science applications in real-time (Search system, Recommender, Social Media Analytics, much more).

8. The University of Illinois at UC

Study mode – Online | Scheduled class

Cost – $670

Duration – 1-3 years

Master of computer science in data science at the University of Illinois is partnered with Coursera. You will be exploring statistical and computational methods which also cover networking.

The core subjects of the program are artificial and machine learning. You can pick your specialization, like data mining or visualization. 

The prerequisite for this program is knowledge of object-oriented programming language and a bachelor’s degree. 

9. Tufts University 

Study mode – Online | Scheduled Class 

Cost – $1,697

Duration – 2 years 

At Tufts University you can earn a master’s in data science with no prior experience. You can select weekly classes online and complete modules with supplement classes at your scheduled time.

The core subjects include big data, probabilistic systems analysis, intro to ML, and data mining. 

10. International University of Applied Sciences

Study mode – Online | Part-time

Cost – 98 Euros

Duration – 1-2 years 

At the International University of Applied Sciences, M.Sc in Data Science learning model is created with a business model point of view to understand data-driven decisions.

You can apply for scholarship options here to reduce the program fees.

The prerequisites for admission are a bachelor’s degree, scholarship program option, specific field knowledge, 1-2 year of work experience, and English speaking skills.

Hope you liked this list of the best online masters in data science. Now let’s know the outcomes of a master’s degree in data science.

Quick Overview of the Master’s in Data Science –

Master’s in Data ScienceApprox. CostAverage Duration
1. Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals$5,8721.5 – 2 years
2. The University of Texas at Austin$1,0001.5 – 3 years
3. Northwestern University$4,6641-2 years
4. University of Colorado Boulder$20,0102 years
5. Postgraduate program in Data Science – Simplilearn2,39,000 INR1 year
6. Master of Science in Data Science – upGrad4,99,000 INR18 months
7. University of Michigan$31,688 – $42,2621-3 years
8. The University of Illinois at UC$6701-3 years
9. Tufts University$1,6972 years
10. International University of Applied Sciences98 Euros1-2 years

What are the outcomes of a master’s degree in data science?

You will understand the use of industry-specific tools and technologies to solve complex data sets. 

  • You will be able to draw insights from a complicated analysis, which will help in decision-making.
  • You will be able to improve your resume visibility by showcasing skills, like AWS, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and SQL.
  • You will be able to learn in-depth concepts of predictive modeling, data visualization, risk analytics, machine learning, and AI. 
  • You will be able to handle large datasets with data science skills. 


How long will it take to complete a master’s degree in data science?

If you opt for full-time, the time taken to complete the master’s degree in data science is 2 years. However, for a part-time course, it might take 3-4 years. 

Is a master’s in data science worth it?

Yes, it adds more weight to your resume and career transition. 

What are the prerequisites to earn a master’s degree in data science?

You must have an undergraduate degree in business, computer science, economics, mathematics, and statistics, or a relevant discipline, and 1-2 years of work experience is preferred. 

What are the highest-paying job roles in data science?

Based on your skills, you will be paid. Out of which lead data scientist is one of the top-paying jobs with an average salary of $134100.

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