6 Best Data Science Programs Online with Certificate in 2023

Best data science programs online

Looking for best Best Data Science Programs Online to boost your career?

You have landed at the right place. I have personally taken some of these courses, reviewed and researched this data science courses and handpicked the best to let you choose the most suitable course for you.

You are reading Best Data Science Programs Online available on the web.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is one who collects data from various sources, organize the collected data, analyze the structured data and delivers a solution based on your findings. This helps the organization to make strategic decisions.

Data Science is the most promising career choice for learner and professionals and I personally suggest that if you are planning to make your career in data science, then do take any of the courses recommended below. This online data science courses will provide you with in-depth knowledge required to be a professional data scientist.

Requirements to be a Data Scientist

You don’t need to be hardcore programmer to be a data scientist but basic programming in python or R is essential. Moreover you should be familiar with concepts of Math like algebra, calculus and probability.

Lets go one by one and explore the ‘Best Data Science Programs and Courses Online’ to be a data scientist

1.Udemy’s Best Data Science Certification Online (Rating 4/5)

Udemy online courses

Course name: Data Science A-Z

Udemy clearly stands out as one of the best online course for Data Science as it provides step-by-step training to data science concepts along with real analytics examples. Udemy also provides homework exercises that are challenging enough to make you an expert in data science. According to Udemy you don’t need to be an expert in programming but a passion to learn and tackle the real life problems concerned with data science is must.

Udemy Data Science Program

  • Cost: $100
  • Duration : 21 hours
  • Certificate : Available
  • Taught by: Kirill Eremenko
  • Learning : Preparing data, perform visualization, modelling data and curve-fit the data

In this course you will get insights of tools like SQL, SSIS, Tableau , Gretl

This is one of the best online course I found to learn. Join the class and start learning data science.

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” This is my favorite Udemy course so far. Kiril is very enthusiastic and great at breaking things down so you can understand them. Also like it that R and Python aren’t covered so the course doesn’t get bogged down in how to program in 2 new languages. You get so see the big picture without getting lost in the details. At the same time I feel like I got a lot of really practical and useful information. I’m sure I will be referring to this material often in the future” – by Charles Blue

Also have look at Udemy’s other Best Data Science Programs Online

2.Coursera Data Science (Rating 4.5/5)

Coursera free courses

 Data Science Specialization by John Hopkins University

Launching your career in Data Science has become easy with 10 course introduction to data science taught by prominent professors at John Hopkins University.

Basic concepts and tools are taught in this online course that will power your entire data science journey. I recommend this course because after completion you will get a final project to work on where you will apply your skills learned in the course using a real-world data.

Coursera Data Science

  • Cost: $49 or free (without certificate)
  • Duration : 21 hours
  • Certificate : Available in paid course
  • Taught by: Jeff Leek, Roger Peng , Brian Caffo (all PhD )
  • Learnings : R programming ,GitHub ,Machine Learning , Regression Analysis

The prerequisite for this program is that you should have some programming experience either in R or any other understanding language . Also a good understanding of Algebra and Calculus. If you have this in you, then you are good to go.

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3.Metis  (Rating 4.8/5)

Metis data science

This is the only course on the list that is offered Live online. You will literally feel that you are sitting in a classroom with other students where you ca ask questions to the instructor and clarify doubts.

  • Cost: $ 750
  • Duration :
  • Certificate : Available
  • Learnings: Introduction to Data Science, Data Acquisition and aggregation, Data Analysis , Data Modeling and Evaluation

Prerequisites required for the course are statistics and algebra that covers frequency distribution and other concepts of vectors and matrix. Also metis offers some per-lectures to make sure every student stays on the same page.

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4.Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science [ Edx]

Edx data science

Designed for those who are serious about maing their career in data science . Data Science hosts 1.5 million career opportunities .This course will help you develop your analytical and programming skills a it is built in collaboration with leading academic universities.

  • Cost: $99/course or entire program at $1,089
  • Duration : 16-32 hours/course
  • Certificate : Available
  • Learnings: Microsoft excel to explore data, Transact-SQL , R or Python, ML modes with Azure Machine Learning, Implement a solution to data problem.

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Also explore other  Best Data Science Programs Online from Edx

Data Science Essentials -Microsoft


5. Harvard Data Science

Harvard data science

CS109 Data Science

I added this course to the list for those completely novice to data science and its concepts. This online data science course from Harvard will bolster your understanding of data science and its applications . The good news is that the course is completely free .

  •    Cost: Free
  •    Duration :
  •    Certificate : Not Available
  •    Learnings: Data Science Overview, Pandas, Python, Github , Probability ,Distribution ,Frequency,statistics

Unlike any other course provider this course does not have any interactive platform, but this course will surely add value to your knowledge.

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Also view other Harvard data science course (edx)

Professional Certificate in Data Science

6.MIT Best Data Science Programs

MIT data science

Micro Masters Program in Statistics and Data Science 

The ultimate online program to mastery data science .

Designed by faculty at MIT, this course wil mould you into a master of data science ,statistics and machine learning. This program will train you t be effective practitioner of data science , dding value to your organization. The valuab;ee certificate obtained from this course will help you t acaclerate your carrer towards a master’s degree at renowned universities around the globe.

  •    Cost: $1350
  •    Duration :  1 year 9 around 750 hours of effort)
  •    Certificate : Available
  •    Learnings: Machine learning ,statistics ,probability, capston exam, data analysis

Basics of mathematics and python programming are highly recommended while taking this data science online course. I personally recommend this course for thode seriously planning to launch their career in data science and make yourself a prosperous future.

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