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15+ Best Apache Airflow Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

How can you prepare for an Apache Airflow certification?

In order to have a successful career in data engineering, you’ll need to learn and master a number of Apache tools, including the most popular Apache Airflow. What’s more, you can very easily prepare for the Airflow certification by taking Apache Airflow courses online that have a hands-on learning approach.

Once you learn Apache Airflow, you’ll be able to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor your own workflows and pipelines.

So you’ll be able to visualize your data pipelines’ dependencies, trigger tasks, and success status.

In this article, we are going to review the best Apache Airflow courses and certifications online to teach how to develop data pipelines and workflows using Python and Airflow.

Along the course, you’ll also learn how to use Google Cloud composer, as well as get a proper introduction to distributed configuration management.

Let’s get started.

1. The Complete Hands-On Introduction to Apache Airflow | Udemy 
2. Apache Airflow: The Hands-On Guide | Udemy 
3. Apache Airflow: Develop Data Pipelining & Workflow | DevTechie Interactive | Skillshare 
4. Developing Data Pipeline & Workflow in Python using Airflow | Nehaa Vishwakarma | Skillshare 
5. Apache Airflow | A Real-Time & Hands-On Course on Airflow | Udemy 
6. Apache Airflow: Complete Hands-On Beginner to Advanced Class | Udemy 
7. Apache Airflow on AWS EKS: The Hands-On Guide | Udemy 
8. Apache Airflow using Google Cloud Composer: Introduction | Udemy 
9. Apache Airflow: The Operators Guide | Udemy 
10. Apache Airflow 2.0: Complete Distributed Configuration | Udemy 
11. Apache Airflow 2.0 using Docker, Docker Swarm | Udemy 

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