12 Best Free Online Courses You Might Not Know in 2023

Free Online Courses

This article entails all the free online courses providers . Note that this online courses comes with or without certificates depending upon the course providers

Gone are those days when you need to sit in a classroom for hours to study a specific subject with no breaks and listen to your boring professors.

In this digital world, with these free online courses it is now possible to master any subject, any time, anywhere. All you need is your laptop and high speed internet. Welcome to the world of digital learning.


“New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on Earth, the more truth we have to work with, the richer we become”

 I completely agree with the above statement because in today’s modernized world we need to keep ourselves upgraded and hone our skills to stay prosperous and love the work that we are doing. This side hustle will pay off one day.

Before moving to the list of Online Courses let me tell you why you want to take this courses

  1. You love to learn
  2. Wish to get a good salary package
  3. Switch your current job
  4. Want to work on a interesting project
  5. Increase your knowledge base and be superior than others
You must make a commitment to developing new talents if you wish to advance in your current position or switch to a different industry. The easiest method to achieve that is through enrolling in free online classes.

List of free online courses from different course providers and universities

YouTube and blogs could be a great point to start exploring but this free online courses will provide you in-depth knowledge without costing a penny.

To all those who wants to keep learning and master the required skill-set, we have summarized 12 best free online courses that will help you gain expertise in your field of interest.

Here is a list of best free online courses with certification you should take

 Udemy is one of the best online platform (free and paid both) on the internet today as it hosts varieties of courses ranging from software development to music lessons.

It offers courses from more than 15 major categories that include design, marketing ,web and app development to personality development courses.

I personally recommend Udemy as it is one of the most trusted online platform for free online education.

Some of the free courses on Udemy are mentioned below you should try out.

Many people ask me whether Udacity’s nanodegree program is worth it? And my answer is always ‘’yes’ .Udacity not only offers courses but nanodegrees that last for 6-12 moths where will get a certificate after completion.

Udacity mainly comprises of technology courses ranging from AI ,Machine Learning and Robotics to Programming and Data Science . Many of its online courses are free of cost while its paid version will cost you some penny.

Some of the free courses available on Udacity :

Now popular known as LinkedIn Learning , Lynda is one of the best source of free learning.

It allows learners to learn coding and other technical skills through vast library of video content.

Lynda usually offers a free trial period of 30 days (Be sure you cancel the subscription within 30 days to avoid getting charged for next month)

This free online courses from Lynda will surely help you to upgrade your programming and professional skills.

Sign up on Lynda

Edx as many of us know , is one of the best free online eduatio source across the globe as it directly provide superior quality courses from world’s best universities like Harvard and MIT. As some of the courses might be paid Edx offers free Harvard online courses as well.

Are you thrilled to be educated by folks from Harvard and MIT.

If yes then enroll yourself at any courses on Edx of your choice ranging from business  management to data analytics. Edx also provide free online courses on engineering to humanities.

Many of the Edx online courses are free with certificates.

Following are some of the free courses you can take on Edx

For those looking for completely free online course , Alison is a good option to explore.

It offers free curses on English literature, Business, Personal development and so on.

Alison is free, you only have to pay if you want to remove the ads.

It offers wide ranges of courses , completely free , to learners ready to upgrade their knowledge.

Now this is the one I personally recommend to everyone.

Khan Academy courses are completely free for everyone whoo wants to learn.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that believes in providing quality education for everyone. They don’t even publish ads on their website to have a better user experience.

For Free. For Everyone. Forever

Khan Academy provides complete free online courses on science and maths, programming launguage, economics, history etc.

I recommend Khan Academy to start learning online and make a bright career for yourself

Sign up Khan Academy

Coursera is one ogf the most popular online learning tool globally as it offers free online courses from world’s leadig institutes in the form of video lecturers.

Imagine learning from top universities like standford ,Michigan and Yale and also from companies like google at the comfort of your home that too for free.

Isn’t it incredible?

Courses offered are tremendous in engineering, physics, maths, humanities, medical, bio, programming etc.

Coursera courses lasts from six to eight weeks along with assignments , exercise followed by a project exam.

Some of the free courses offered by Coursera

Well this is one of my faviorites

Everyone has some creativity inside them and if you think that you want to explore that artist in you , CreativeLive is the place for you.

The best online courses for artists and entrepreneurs

Their courses are live streamed and you can watch them for free.

They cover courses on photography and videography, Art and design to music and audio.

These folks will teach you to take out the creative in you and turn it into a real business. Don’t let the artist inside you die.

Signup on Creativelive

Are you interested to learn coding?

If yes then codecademy is what you should consider.

The reason I suggest Codecademy is that they have very innovative and interactive platform that makes coding a fun to play with. You don’t need to make a set up moreover you can learn the syntax of any coding language in your web browser.

Codecademy offers free online courses on varieties of topics like web and app development, programming languages and data science.

Hone your programming skills with Codecademy.

Sign up on Codecademy

A very good platform to learn new skills or hone an existing one

We believe that this is how the future of education will be.

Creative+Technology+ Business+ Lifestyle

These are the four categories in which Skillshare courses are being divided.

This might bother some people that skillshare does not provide any certificate on completion of any course, which in fact, is not necessary according to me , if your purpose to grab that skill and explore.

Learn something new on skillshare today.

Signup for free on Skillshare.

A UK based online learning platform that provides courses in the form of storytelling.

This obviously makes learning collaborative and interesting.

They teach all topics ranging from Advanced Robotics to Nutrition.

Most of the FutureLearn online courses are free but if you seek for certification ,it might cost you a penny.

Study your heart at FutureLearn

Signup on FutureLearn

This is the real gem many learners are unaware of.

It hosts many interesting videos on diverse topics.

TedEd is also termed as ‘Lesson Creator’ where you can create assignment around any video including videos from YouTube.

Isn’t it amazing? Plus the tool is completely free.

Here are few interesting examples


You just read about “12 free online courses you can take” from the comfort of your home. Hope this article helps you to keep learning and keep exploring yourself to turn you into an ocean of knowledge.

Share this article with your friends to let them know about the knowledge which is absolutely free.


Josh Hutcheson

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