Some Weird Certifications Online for Free you don’t know about

This article defines some out of the box weird certifications online for free. The world is filled with mundane activities requiring no specific training . But at the same time there are roles we have to play in our daily life that requires special training and guidance.

Here comes the list of some Weird certifications online for free of cost that requiring no previous knowledge about the subject. Any beginner can tae this courses to staand out of the crowd.

List of some Weird Certifications Online for Free in 2019

1.Street-Fighting Mathematics by MIT

MIT online courses

No no it doesn’t teach you how to fight rather it teaches you art of accurate guessing and tackling problems without doing any calculations in Mathematics.

You are taught reasoning and analysis, approximation and generalization of the problem to solve it using some smart methods. You can apply the knowledge obtained from this courses to geometry, algorithm building, differential equations and many more application making you feel like you are a calculator.

The problem MIT runs this course at the start of the year in January for the complete month.

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2. Master of Science in Foresight

Weird online certification

University of Houston

Can you tell what going to happen in future? No right

But you can learn to predict with this weird online certification by University of Houston.

Did you just predicted that you are going to become a Master of Science in Foresight?

Hell ya Go and check out this course

Its not magic but they will teach you how to predict future by knowing its past.

You can be a valuable asset to a company working to make a strategic planning . Make sure to use the same knowledge while betting on sorting events

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3. Learn to be an AirBnb host from Udemy

Weird online certification

Want to earn extra  by becoming Airbnb host in your neighborhood?

Udemy has literally offered a complete course on ho to make this possible and they charge only $10 for the course. They teach you killer tips to take photos of your property and listing optimization.

Plus you get a certification for this. Now you can put this weird certification at your reception. Haha.

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4.Dog Psychology Course [ Weird Online Certifiaction Free]

Dog psychology online course

This course is ideal for Dog owners and their care takers and to those students interested to study canine psychology.

It is necessary to understand and treat dogs properly as they are an integral part of our life meaning they are our family. But often e fails to understand their behavior sometimes and disrespect their feelings.

If you are a dog lover and want to understand your puppy better do take this weird certification on Dog psychology .

There are NO any pre-requisites required for this course. No background training is necessary. Anybody can enroll whether you are a beginners or experienced one.

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5.Vegetable Gardening Course

Vegetable Gardening Course

You might have worked in your garden for quite a while but yes you would have definitely missed something that could have added much beauty to your garden. On the list of weird certifications online free and paid vegetable gardening course stands 5th .

The course in hosted by Udemy and is priced at $10 only. If you love to spend time in your garden you will definitely learn some valuable information regarding gardening here.


6. Wasting Time on the Internet

Weird Certifications Online for Free

From University of Pennsylvania

We spend most of our time in front of screens for checking social media, watching dog videos, texting and shopping.

If all these activities are compelled to create emotional works of literature, how useful our net surfing would become.  According to the instructor we can create our complete autobiography using Facebook and twitter.

With a laptop and high seed connection this course will teach you how to spend more time on internet productively.

Imagine you are allowed to put on your Headphones and stare at screen for 3 hours, interacting with chat bots and social media.

This are some out of the box ideas I think you should give a try once.

Check this out -> Bloom Institute of Technology review

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