8 Best Interior Design Certification and Courses 2023

Interior design certification

Looking for Interior Design Certification ? You have landed on the right place

Before enrolling into any interior design certification course you must ask yourself following question:

  1. Are you a creative individual?
  2. Do you observe things around you in detail?
  3. Do you want to be your own boss?

Well then don’t look any further.

Today I am going to talk about Interior Design Certification Programs, opportunities and salaries.

As a profession Interior design has gain huge popularity globally.

ID is a profession that leads one express their creativity through work.

It is a art that focuses on appropriate use of space,architecture and design to make your home and office more attractive and comfortable.

Architecture and creativity forms base of Interior Design .

If you are a certified Interior Designer you can get recruited in following firms:

  • Interior Design Firms
  • Architecture and Design Firms
  • Infrastructure and property Developers
  • Furniture Manufacturing and Design Firms
  • Interior design shops

Professional interior designers and do-it-yourselfers at home can start or advance their professions with the aid of an online interior design certification. Additionally, it can impart some trade skills, such as drafting, using design software, interpreting floor plans, using color and design aspects, and industry practices.

You can also start your own venture if you are ready to dive in entrepreneurship. Using one’s knowledge and skills one may also market interior design goods and products such as furniture decorative items , utility products etc.

Before you get board lets dive into the list of best Interior Design Certification Courses

List of Best Interior Design Certification Courses

  1. Newyork Institute of Design + Arts (Nyiad)
  2. Interior Design Institute
  3. Udemy Interior Design Certification
  4. Newyork School of Interior Design
  5. Skillshare
  6. MIT OpenCourse Ware Program
  7. AutoDesk Homestyler
  8. Lynda

The first and foremost course for Interior Design Certification I recommend is Online Interior Design Course by Newyork Institute of Design + Arts (Nyiad)

Not only me but most of the reviewers suggest the same Interior design certification form New York Institute of Design and Arts

The reason behind this is, the courses is so well designed to make you a master in interior designing.

The thing I didn’t like about NYIAD is they don’t market their courses. Such awesome courses should as many people looking to gain interior design certification. Even I am not getting any affiliate benefit for promoting this course but still I want you to take this course.

1.Newyork Institute of Design + Arts (NYIAD)

Online Interior Design Course

This online interior design certification from NYIAD is a comprehensive course covering all basics of Interior Designing topics to make you a professional interior designer.

New York Institute of Design + Arts (Nyiad) Interior Design Certification


It is a self-guided course without any deadlines so can you can put your time accordingly.

You are supposed to do a project at the end of each unit and mail the project to the Institute. The project is reviewed by your teacher and you get a mail with their audio feedback. Now this feels very interesting as you get the personal attention from your instructor.

The best part is you will learn how to deal with clients, doing room condition checklist, asking clients the right questionnaire that makes you understand how they live and use their space.  

Take this Online Interior Design Course.

Plus this course is approved by Designer Society of America that means you are eligible to apply for DSA’s Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification (RIDQC).

Interior Design Certification Cost

The course comes with monthly and annual bill plan where you can get the complete course done in $799.

Interior Design Certification Cost

Good news is you can cancel the program within 14 days if you feel the program is not up to the mark and get your refund back.

Go to Course

2.Interior Design Institute

The Interior Design Course

The interior Design Institute is also one of the best and most advanced solution to get Interior Design Certification.

After reading some reviews from learners who had taken this interior designer certification I felt this course is equally competitive to above course from NYIAD. The good part about this course is that your doubts will be cleared within 24 hours.

This Interior Design Course is intense and self-directed and provides a deep understanding about interior designs

Well now if you say you are interested and want to know how much to pay and how to pay. Now let’s talk about some financial. The course will cost you some $999 If you make a one time payment. Otherwise you can make weekly or monthly payments of $45 and $183 respectively.

Take this interior Design Course

3. Udemy Interior Design Certification

Udemy globally has proved one of the best online course provider hosting courses of all types.

These courses does not provide you any bachelor degree certification in interior design but are designed to explain you niche applications of interior designing. If designing is your hobby and you are not looking for a long course then Udemy is the option for you.

Udemy hosts not one but multiple interior design certification courses like

  1. How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro
  2.  How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps
  3.  How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home
  • Cost: 10$
  • Certificate: Available

Udemy rightly says that most of us live in a room with improper wall colors and unattractive furniture arrangements, learning some core design principles will always help us to bring some harmony to the house we live in.

 It often confuses learners sometimes which interior design certification courses to choose. My suggestion is to take those courses which you are going to apply in designing. For example if you want to make changes to your kitchen then you must opt for ‘How to design your dream kitchen’. If you want to improve lightning effects of your home then you must take ‘How to use lightning effects to transform your home’.

4 .Newyork School of Interior Design

Newyork School of Interior Design offers interior design certification to those  already having a bachelor’s degree and are looking forward to choose a specialty in the field. Learners can obtain a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in healthcare interior design.

You can enroll either full-time or part-time for this course If you enroll for a full time program you an finish the interior design certification within a year.

All the courses are offered through video conferencing where students can interact during the live session of the class and also the projects are assigned during the conference only.

If you are a working member , don’t worry these courses can be taken during the day as well as night.

Go to Course

5. Skillshare

Like Udemy , Skillshare also hosts multiple interior design courses. The major difference between Udemy and Skillshare is their pricing structure where Udemy chaarge you according to course selected and but skillshare has a premium feature where you are charged monthly based on your subsription and the price is as low as $5 per month.

View here all Skillshare Interior Design Courses

Free Interior Design Schools and Courses

6. MIT OpenCourse Ware Program

Principles of Design

Grab this fabulous opportunity to learn free online interior design courses, where you get to taught by instructors from the leading universities in the world.

This course will teach you basics from history of design , dedicated to some of the world’s most excellent designers.

Course named as Principles of Design will  teach you how to render presentation to potential clients.

7. AutoDesk Homestyler

Homstyler is Autodesk’s design software for Interior designing. Homestyler is easy to learn and implement where you can create studding interior designs.

 Homestyler is not suitable for professionals,rather house owners who wants to create their own floor plan can make use of it.

8. Lynda

The reason I included Lynda in the list of free courses is that Lynda can be accessed free for first month. So you can learn as many courses as you can in first month . Also Lynda hosts many courses on Interior design Certification. Choose from any of these courses and start learning for free.

View all Lynda Interior Deign Courses

You just read about 8 Best Interior Design Certification and Courses . If you think this article provided you with valuable content then do share this with your friends.

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