Top 7 data science conferences you shouldn’t miss out on in 2024

Top 7 data science conferences you shouldn’t miss out on in 2022

Are you a Data Scientist?

Or, planning to build a future with Data Science?

There’s a lot of questions running in your mind like how and where to gather information to stay updated. Well, a common gathering or regular QNA would be an option to consider.

However, to keep up with the latest breakthroughs and trends attending the “Best Data Science Conferences” could be the best choice. As it provides a great chance to meet industry experts and explore innovative solutions. 

What is a data science conference?

Data science conferences are said to be an open platform where you can get to learn about current trends in the data world. The events consist of aspiring data scientists as attendees, data-focused business leaders, and practitioners as keynote speakers. 

As a student, you can become a presenter, if your work talks about something extraordinary and makes a difference in the field of data. Fortunately, you can enter the list of top data science conferences speakers. 

Are data science conferences held virtually?

Since covid-19 has hit normal lives, things have changed. Few of the conference committees have chosen the digital path, while the rest have picked to host hybrid conferences.

However, there are some data science communities thinking to host virtual data science conferences in 2022 to provide online workshops and live training hassle-free. 

What are the topics covered in a data science conference?

The data science conferences include MLOps, Applied AI, Enterprise AI, Computer Vision, NLP(Natural Language Processing), and much more. Specific topics can also differentiate the Best Data Science Conferences but if we look for data science conferences with a broad view then we should be attending them.

A complete overview of data science conferences that will help you grow professionally, which depends on your area of interest and expertise.

“Now, Let’s take a look at the list of best conferences for data science that you need to attend in 2022”. 

Which are the top data science conferences happening in 2022?

Here’s a list of data science conferences that will take place in 2022:

1. Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) 

Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)

Open Data Science Conference is shortly abbreviated as ODSC, is important for the aspiring data scientist who wants to build a data science community and contribute to open source applications.

The motto of ODSC is to outreach the data science professionals by helping them with an exchange of innovative ideas.

ODSC is a unique platform that encourages the audience in decision-making, including CTOs, and leads data scientists. Also, professionals who use and create analytic tools. 

ODSC is one of the biggest gatherings hosted for data scientists that mainly focuses on shaping the present and future of data science and AI. The conference is held in the USA, Europe, and Asia

OSDC main focuses on 

  • Open-source languages used in data science, like Python, R, and Julia
  • Data Visualization 
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning 
  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks
  • DataOps
  • Computer Vision & Voice Recognition
  • AI 
  • Text Analytics & Natural Language Processing 

Here’s a link for events and their scheduled dates –

ODSC APAC Virtual Conference 7th – 8th April 2022
OSDC East  Hybrid Conference | Boston 19th – 21st April 2022
ODSC Europe Hybrid Conference | London 13th – 15th June 2022
ODSC West Hybrid Conference | San Francisco 1st -3rd November 2022

You can receive numerous benefits by joining ODSC communities: 

  • Exclusive discounts for ODSC events
  • Industry experts blogs, videos, and free training resources 
  • Registration for free data science webinars
  • Subscription for the newsletter to stay connected with the latest topics, career advice, and job notifications

Additional information: 

  • You can get featured in their data science blog post
  • You can become a speaker for any of their events
  • You can post a data science job notification on their website
  • You can sponsor any one of their events 
  • You can also become their community or a media partner

If you want to be a part of the event as a volunteer, you can drop an email to for all details. 

Visit for all details

2. Women in Data Science

Women in Data Science

Women in Data Science (WiDS) @ Penn conference is hosted by The University of Pennsylvania on 9th and 10th February 2022 at 3:00 pm ET (Eastern Time).

The event is virtual and about to clash with The annual Global WiDS Conference at Stanford University with more than 150 organizations around the world. All genders can participate! 

The theme set for 2022 is “This is what a data scientist looks like” which highlights data science diversity. This is a celebrated interdisciplinary event and welcomes students, industry speakers of data science aspirants. 

Visit for all details or

3. Healthcare NLP Summit 2022

NLP Summit

NLP summit talks about Natural Language Processing used in real-time. This virtual event discusses NLP practices(includes transfer learning in practice, open-source libraries, and models), real-time scenarios, case studies, and challenges. 

The summit brings together the evolving NLP community to build language understanding applications related to healthcare, finance, life science, eCommerce, media, and much more. 

Healthcare NLP Summit 20222 will be held from 5th April 12:00 PM and 6th April 2022 3:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). This event is free and upon registration, you will receive complete access to 35+ sessions. 

Visit for all details

4. DataConnect conference by women in analytics

Data Connect Conference

A worldwide event dedicated to analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, software engineers, developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and executives. The conference will feature the latest trends in data, analytics, and AI. 

The conference will start on 2nd and 3rd June 2022, virtually in Columbus, OH. 

DataConnect conference gathers industry leaders, technical experts, and entrepreneurs to talk about advancements, technologies, tools, innovations in the data science world. This conference offers hands-on workshops sessions from an expert-led to learn and strengthen in-demand skills from professionals in 4-6 hours concentrating on a wide range of topics. 

The conference activities include: 

  1. Virtual career fair – 

This is a great opportunity to get connected with the companies that are looking for candidates in data science. If you’re a recent graduate, this is a bonus point for you to break into the data field. 

  1. Product launch – 

You can attend companies’ product demos sessions and interact with product exhibitors talking about the features. 

  1. Industry talks – 

You can visit the expo hall to view sponsors and partners 

  1. Ask the expert – 

If you require advice on any project/topic? You can book one-on-one slots with the experts before or during the conference. 

  1. Gallery – 

You can participate in the Data Viz Competition live and get featured in their top 5 finalists. 

The tickets have discounts for students and non-profits, which doesn’t include access to the workshops. If you wish to attend the conference virtually you can buy a ticket as a virtual pass, an in-person conference as a conference pass, and a combo pass. 

Visit for all details

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5. Convergence 2022

ML Convergence

This conference is mainly dedicated to data scientists, ML, and MLOps engineers, which will be held on 2nd March 2022, virtually with free registration.

The event helps to visualize challenges faced while developing and delivering business values with machine learning algorithms.

The virtual conference will focus on emerging tools, workflows to manage machine learning projects right from scratch.

This always helps to share best practices and insights on implementing machine learning strategies on an enterprise level.

Topics covered in Convergence 2022 are categorized into two, business and technical: 

  • Under business, it contains ML strategies, domain knowledge, platforms, and much more.
  • Under technical terms, it contains ML model productions, deployment using CI/CD pipelines, techniques, and much more.

Visit for all details

6. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit is a 4-day conference that will happen between 14th – 17th March 2022 in Orlando, FL. 

The conference gathers all the CDOs, CAOs, senior data and analytics, and business leaders. Key takeaways from the events are many, such as:

  • Learn the challenges faced by data analytics leaders while building and adapting for the organizations’ future.
  • Learn to deliver values in an unavoidable world with strategies backed by data and insight.
  • Learn to deploy data analytics to control the technologies for unleashing innovation and modifying the change continuously. 
  • Learn to simplify a company’s decision-making with advanced data analytics potential in a complex world.
  • Learn to transform unsolved into an opportunity by utilizing data analytics as a powerful tool to drive innovation and manage the change effectively. 

Visit for all details

7. Data Science Salon 

Data Science Salon

This event is unique from the other data science conferences, which are focused on a diverse community of machine learning and other data science technical specialists. The community brings together in-person and virtually to educate best practices, and innovate new solutions. 

  • AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise – In-person + Virtual | 16th February 2022 

Register Now 

  • Machine Learning & AI meetup night – In-person + Virtual | 24th February 2022

Visit for all details:

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Benefits of attending in-person and virtual sessions 

  • Enhances data skills through live presentations and panel discussions 
  • Connect with leading data scientists in-person or virtually
  • Learn to apply state-of-the-art AI and ML techniques on real-time practices
  • Q n A sessions with the experts and speakers

How will a data science conference help me in my career?

Are you looking for a job in the data science field?

Or, ready to advance your career?

The answer can be the best data science conferences, which is a great resource for all the job seekers in today’s era. Here are a few ways to grab the job opportunity by attending a data science conference, such as: 

1. Network 

In general, conferences help to connect with people of similar areas of interest and most industry peers. At conferences, you will be able to meet people of different backgrounds with common discipline, which is interesting.

This in return, builds a professional network and a hub to exchange thoughts to sharpen your skills. 

2. Upgrade 

A conference is a place to learn and hear new things related to your subjects. It could include new tools, techniques, unpublished datasets related to a new domain, or words of advice from industry peers.

A majority of conferences provide you with an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with speakers about your work.

The conference connects you with many dots, such as researching, professional development, and career advice. 

3. Innovations and discoveries 

This is the main reason for attending conferences, showcasing your work. Presenting your thoughts and ideas will make you confident and you will get to see things from new perspectives.

As the feedback provides you to rework the doubtful areas with new insight. 

4. Connection 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of an MNC or a college-going student, you get to meet some amazingly knowledgeable people at the conference. A new connection will impact your professional career, productively. 

In short, conferences will enhance in many ways, such as collaborations, sponsors, speakers for your organization events, project ideas, or for other professional reasons.

If you’re a first-time speaker/presenter, fortunately, you might get recognized for your work and get invited as a keynote speaker. 

Your focused nature of learning and professional career enhancement at the conference allows you to open doors of different opportunities and outlooks. 

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Can I attend a data science conference online for free?

Yes, there are a few data science conferences that are free. If you’re a student, it’s easy to buy a student pass for certain events which excludes hands-on training and workshops. 

How will a data science conference help me to get a job?

Virtual conferences are an easy path for job seekers to find a better job opportunity to get in touch with recruiters.

You will have a person with a common area of interest or expert to have a word on the topics you are working on or to start a career. 

Few strategies to maximize your chance to grab a job opportunity at a data science conference:

  1. Pick the right data science conference 
  • Research the conference content 
  • Look for previous speakers’ topics, videos, presentations
  • Network with the attendees to learn more about the conference
  1. Prepare for the best
  • Checkout speakers’ LinkedIn profiles and their website page if they have any
  • Companies visiting for the first time, sponsors, partners, and their job notifications on profile
  • What projects do the companies handle? Is it a project or service-based 
  1. Social media magic
  • Follow them on your social media networks 
  • Keep an eye on their updates, like awards, product launches, etc
  1. Network 
  • Digital conferences are the best place to network professionally. 
  • Visit the sponsorship halls 
  • Job boards to learn for which skills the demand is high 
  • Learn about the hackathons to connect with the potential employers
  1. Do well for next 
  • Always look back to improvise for the next one 
  • Do a regular follow-up of the upcoming events 
  • Get involved in the volunteering opportunities 
  • Do something exceptional and get noticed 
  • Share your experience on LinkedIn

What are the takeaways from a data science conference?

Data science conferences and industry meet-ups are the places to get regular updates on the latest trends. The best data science conferences are a great networking place to enhance your skills and unveil best industry practices. 

You will be exposed to various tools, technologies, experiences shared by industry experts and leaders.

In the end, you will receive numerous information related to the data world, job-demand skills, networking opportunities with the top peers, and much more. Hope you like this list of Best Data Science Conferences 2022 and found it informative and useful.

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