10+ Best Python Free Courses Online in 2022: Recommended By A Data Scientist

This article will take you through the list of some Free Python Courses you can take from the comfort of your home.

Learning Python is always easy. It’s easier for me to understand and write a program in Python than any other programming language.

 Before taking this free Python course I would like to ask you few questions

  • Do you wish to become a programmer?
  • Are you an aspiring data scientist?
  • Create games?
  • Manipulate Data?
  • Create 3D applications?
  • Explore robotics and AI?
  • Master machine learning?

Python is everywhere. Now you know what you ca do with Python, it’s time to take any of the free Python courses I have personally studied and shortlisted the best among them.

Python is very popular programming language having wide applications. Due to such wide applications there is a huge demand for Python programmers with job title as Python Developer, Python Engineer, Python Database Programmer and Full stack developer. Excited to work as any of these?

Most of the companies offer salaries of above $100 K for a python programmer. So it is good to say that learning Python can give you a lucrative career.

Learning Python has never been easy with these Free Python Online Courses.

Due to increase in big data , opportunities for Python programmers and data scientists is growing rapidly and the future seems so bright for these career opportunities.

This courses are self-paced to start learning programming in Python immediately. This courses are choose in such a way that they are beneficial for beginners as well as advanced learners. A python certification from any of these courses will give you career hike and increase your chances of hiring.

Nothing works better than learning hands on with datasets and problem statements. However basic intro to language can help you in a big way to kick start.

Your target is just to get familiar with the syntax, the resources to look for and just be not overwhelmed by alien terminologies. These courses will take away the unfamiliarity feeling and help you transition into python world easily.

Now let’s explore each course in detail and come to a conclusion which one to take.

Here is a list of Top 5 Free Courses Python online course certification

I would suggest to open all the 5 links on new tabs while reading through the article.

These are the five free courses:

  1. Google’s Python class
  2. Python for Everybody Specialization
  3. Corey Shafer on YouTube
  4. Derek Banas on Youtube
  5. freeCodeCamp.org on youtube
  1. Udemy
  2. Codecademy
  3. Coursera
  4. Edx
  5. Udacity

Google’s Python class:

Often the challenge is finding a course which is good at theory and practice content. This course targets both the aspect very well. It will get you started with everything important to know:

Isn’t it a great combo of textual lessons, lecture videos, and several code exercises!

Some programming background into another language will help you enjoy it more. However I would recommend to take it with a readiness to google around stuff you find a bit tricky to understand.

If you’re unfamiliar, Google also provides a fantastic series of Python lessons for beginners, known as Google’s Python class. This is a free class for those interested in learning Python who have some programming expertise. The course offers textual lessons, lecture videos, and several code exercises to help students practice Python coding.

The initial tasks introduce basic Python concepts like strings and lists before progressing to entire programmes that deal with text files, processes, and http connections.

Many of Google’s projects are written in Python. And, within Google, these resources are commonly used to teach Python to those who are new to coding or have limited programming expertise.

The best aspect about this content is that it includes lecture recordings that can be seen on YouTube. As a result, you won’t require any more accounts. It also teaches you how to create your own Python development environment, which can be difficult at first but is beneficial in the long run.

The google developers python class materials are well-organized. They teach you ideas and syntax before putting you to the test by giving you problem sets to solve.


Perfect for folks who have never programmed before

This is a free course for anyone who wish to learn Python and have some programming expertise.

Well-balanced theoretical and practical content

The course comprises textual materials, lecture videos, and a large number of code exercises to help students practise Python programming. These resources are used by Google to teach Python to those who have just a basic understanding of programming.


You must have some programming experience

While the classes cover the fundamentals of Python, prior programming experience is required to begin studying from Google’s Python class.

Python for Everybody Specialization:

This is offered by Coursera. You can audit it for free and also financial aid is available which means if you ask for it explaining your financial status, you would most likely get it. Especially students use this aid often as having limited pocket money to spend more on education.

No doubt this is well structured courses and beginner friendly.

If you are a person of commitment and stick to one course, I would encourage you to go with this course. The length of the course can be intimidating. But if you stick to completion, you will come out way more proficient in python.

Python for Everybody Specialization

Coursera is the finest website to go to if you want to study from the world’s best colleges without spending a dime. It provides online courses from prestigious universities such as Stanford, INSEAD, NUS (National University of Singapore), and others.

This course will start from the beginning and teach you Python 3. As you will discover throughout the course, you do not need any prior programming knowledge. More than 850,000 students have previously participated in this course and learnt how to programme, and now it’s your turn.

All of the courses are free-to-audit, which means that you may enroll and study for free. However, you will not be able to participate in assignments or tests until you pay, and you will not receive any certification untill you do.

If you want all of that as well as accreditation, you’ll have to pay for Specialization. If you can afford it and enjoy the course, go ahead and sign up; it’ll be well worth your time and money.



Are you a total novice who has never programmed and may have studied a field unrelated to programming?

So, yes, this course is still for you! At start, programming is intimidating. There appears to be so much to learn, and common knowledge isn’t going to cut it.


This is a very well-structured Specialization.


The Specialization’s Length

While some may regard it as a chance to learn as much as possible, it must be noted that specialization takes time to complete. It is not a two-week course that can be finished in a short amount of time.

A single professor will instruct the whole specialization

Another disadvantage is that only one professor is assigned to teach the whole specialization. Having several professors to educate you allows you to hear a variety of perspectives on the subject you’re studying, making it easier to form your own opinion.

Corey Shafer on Youtube:

There are 143 videos in his playlist for Python, the last time I checked. This is one source that you will never regret spending time on. If you like the style, he is just one click away from you on your phone!

If you are a beginner, it might be a bit of struggle to follow him as you get advanced topics mixed in your playlist.

Also being Youtube, be vigilant of the Ads distracting you and hampering your learning curve.

However, you will get to know what are the important topics in python to look for.

**Derek Banas on Youtube:**

If you enjoy problem solving, this is a great resource to go for. I particularly enjoy his style of directly addressing the elephant in the room! Not beating around the bush.

If you have less attention span, it is certainly a blessing to learn from Derek Banas.

Corey Shafer on YouTube

Subscribers: 679k

Corey Schafer began his YouTube channel in 2006 and covers a variety of programming languages and frameworks, with a primary concentration on Python.

For programmers of all skill levels, Corey’s channel is jam-packed with convenient tutorials and walkthroughs. Beginners will discover everything they need to get started with Python, from setting up their programming environment to lessons on the many beginning topics.

The best part about Corey’s videos is that once you’ve mastered the fundamental ideas of Python, you’ll find plenty other tutorials on his channel to put your newfound knowledge to the test.

JavaScript, SQL, and Django are some of the other programming languages and frameworks for which he has tutorials on his channel. You’ll also discover lessons for several helpful Python libraries for Data Science, such as Pandas for data crunching and Matplotlib for visualizations, as well as an explanation of commonly used programming words and some career advice.

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCezIgC97PvUuR4_gbFUs5g


It isn’t only for beginners

Unlike other lessons, which just cover the basics, he includes advanced topics.

Excellent topic selection

He has a large library of videos on many Python topics for beginners, intermediates, and experienced learners.


Not for Python newbies

Before watching his tutorials, you need have a basic grasp of Python. He addresses fundamental things, yet they go beyond that.

**freeCodeCamp.org on Youtube:**

Intuition based learning is the style of these videos. If you are someone who need to understand why of everything to accept , this is it. Now, as a consequence, you need to know a few concepts of Computer Science or background in another programming language to get grasp of everything.

freeCodeCamp.org on youtube

Subscribers: 2.85M

freeCodeCamp.org is a well-known YouTube channel with a large following of programmers. Quincy Larson founded this channel in 2014** with the goal of making programmers more accessible and affordable to everyone without charging a penny.

FreeCodeCamp is now one of the greatest resources for learning a variety of programming languages, including Python.

In addition to providing Python training for complete beginners, freeCodeCamp also provides Python-related video courses for projects in the Deep Learning and Data Analysis fields.

JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and more are among the programming languages and fields covered by freeCodeCamp’s extensive array of valuable online lessons and practice resources.

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Freecodecamp


Crystal Clear Teaching Style

He has a unique and engaging teaching style.

Intuitive Thoughts

He used Intuitive Ideas to explain difficult topics.


Basic Knowledge Required

Before watching his tutorials, you should have a basic understanding of programming.

################### THE END#################################################


1.Udemy Free Python Course

If you are learning Python for the first time, then you have come to the right place.

Udemy is one of the best online courses to learn Python for free as it hosts couple of Python courses that are offered absolutely  free.

View all Udemy free python courses

 Learners from all levels can enroll into  this course as the instructors from Udemy are specialized from programming to data analysis , giving learners a clear picture of Python Programming.

Udemy Python free courses

But students often gets confused about which Python tutorial to choose.

My recommendation is to choose the first course ‘Introduction to Python Programming’.

This course has highest number of students enrolled till now upto 306K among all Python courses.

Udemy Python
  • Cost : Free
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Certificate: Available
  • Learnings: Basics of Python, Stringss, variables, data types,loopsand conditions in Python,manipulation and functions.

I personally recommend this tutorial for beginners new to Python programming , even if you haven’t touched coding before. This course hold sthe highest rating of 4.4/5

Go to Course


Breaks it down a little better. I was able to catch on quickly. There were exercises in the old section that should have been migrated to the top. you need a little quiz test your knowledge after so many lessons. Also i see there were some topics in the old that were not discussed in the new. Consistency. But I learned. I would recommend this course”

Paid Python course I recommend is Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero To Hero in Python

Still with me. Great !

2. Codecademy Python

Codecademy python

Codecademy is absolutely fantastic and is probably good platform for beginners to start. Many employees from prominent companies like Google and IBM have already taken Python courses from Codecademy. This course introduces fundamental concepts of Python Programming. By the end of this course you will be comfortable coding in Python onto your own computer.

  •  Cost : Free
  • Duration: 25 hours
  • Certificate: Available
  • Learnings: Python syntax, strings and console output, condition and control flow, functions, lists and dictionaries, Loops, Advanced topic in Python.

You don’t need to have any pre-requisite or prior coding experience learn this free python course online on Codecademy. After you take this course you will be able to work on web applications to software development.

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3.Coursera Free Python

Coursera Python

As many of you know , Coursera is one off the best online course provider with in-detail knowledge of the subject. This free python online course from Wesleyan University will give you precise introduction of Python 3. It has a good rating of 4.6/5 and has enrolled more than 70K learners across the globe.

  • Cost : Free
  • Duration: 14 hours ( I suggest to take 4-5 hours a week )
  • Certificate: Available
  • Learning:Python Installation with Spyder, Lists, Datatypes, Libraries

The course is divided into models where at the end of each module there is an  exercise making you to code in python. You can complete the course within four weeks if you spend around 4-5 hours every week.

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4.Edx Free Python Course

Edx courses

Introduction to computer science and Programming using Python by MIT

 One of my friend took this course long ago and now he credits this course for the foundation of his programming career. He says the faculty has put a lot of efforts in making of this course to make sure course is up-to-date and appears clear and logical.

  •  Cost : Free
  •  Duration: 14 hours ( I suggest to take 4-5 hours a week )
  •  Certificate: Paid certificate available
  • Learnings: Python programming, Algorithms, testing , data structurers.

The course itself is in its sixth year running and now the faculty has made it so simple for any newbie to understand and implement the concept.

If you are new to programming you might find this course a bit tough.

I recommend to spend at least 9-12 hours of efforts per week to make most out of this course. 

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5.Udacity Free Python Course

Udacity Free online courses

Introduction to Python Programing

 First thing first, I liked the instructor

Juno Lee is very charming while teaching this free Python online course on Udacity that will make every fundamental concept of Python interesting.

Udacity has always proved its ability to enhance users knowledge and upgrading their career. This free online Python course is no exception.

  •  Cost : Free
  • Duration: 5 weeks 
  • Certificate: Available
  • Learnings: Learn to store data using Python data types and variables, custom functions, write scripts, error handlingIf you ae, use of Python standard Library.

This course will add value to your programming skills ultimately helping you to be better coder in Python.

 If you wish to get trained by Juno Lee then enroll to this course. 

Go to Course

If you are not satisfied with above courses and want to explore more options then I think you should definitely read this book

Learn python the Hard Way

If you are serious about learning Python this paid courses will help you learn Python in depth

Disclaimer: If you buy courses from following links I can earn some commission

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