7 Benefits Of Learning Data Science Online That You Need To Know

Benefits of Learning Data Science Online

The word data science is buzzing all around!

So, like everyone, “Are you dreaming about a career in data science?”

The area of data science is expanding swiftly, and more organizations are realizing the value of hiring data scientists. Data scientists are in high demand, but the competition is often fierce.

It’s good to take the right step in your career with trending technology, such as data science. Today most people are learning online but why? let’s find out the benefits of studying Data Science Online.

There are many questions that may pop’s in your mind like, how online learning can bring change and why it’s creating so much noise?

Is studying data science online worth it? or How will it help me grow professionally?

Well, you have come to the right place for all your queries to be answered. The initial phase is the most crucial thing and choosing the best out of the best is important.

At present, digital is the mother of innovation and it has come a long way in evolving things, right from ordering food to acquiring knowledge methods are quite different and hassle-free. 

When you decide to learn data science online, the debate of online vs offline studying is never-ending. Both online and offline have their set of advantages and disadvantages, but let’s look at the positive aspects.  Well, there are millions of reasons while you consider studying data science online.

So, here’s all you need to know about the benefits of studying data science online and my learning experience of the data science journey. 

Importance of data science

Current research by IBM states the demand for data scientists will increase by 28% in the coming years. Well, as you’re aware of the fact that there’s no shortage of data and data science is a multidisciplinary field involving statistics, maths, and knowledge of computer science. 

It’s high time to make a career in the data science industry that has an abundance of high-paying job opportunities. The interesting part of a data science career is you’ll be a part of modern-day superhero clubs. 

Why such hype for data science?

Let’s dive deep into the sea of the data world and the benefits of studying data science online. The data science industry is evolving rapidly, and it’s never late to join the party.

As you’re aware, the demand for data scientists is reaching heights. Many organizations are completely transforming on data-driven insights for decision-making. 

Now, you might be thinking about how and why data scientists are the main element and crucial resource for business growth. The reasons are simple and straight:

  1. Every company generates a huge quantity of data which is a challenging task to handle and extract useful insights. 
  2. Abundant job opportunities and scarcity of skilled professionals/resources.
  3. The world of data is blooming and jobs will continue to be the most desirable job of the decade. 

The popularity of data scientists is offering numerous benefits in all domains. Now, you know the overview of data science and if you’re planning to kickstart a career in data science, you need proper training.

In the digital era, you don’t need to head out to find the “best institute for data science”. All you need is a high-speed internet to learn data science online that’s designed for both university students and working professionals. 

Why should you go online to learn Data Science?

Online learning is interesting, engaging, and interactive for all learners.

It provides a huge number of advantages, some of them are as follows –

  • flexibility,
  • time management,
  • quality content,
  • quizzes,
  • certifications,
  • placement assistance,
  • and much more.

If you’re a professional learner, you can pick a time to learn to balance work and study data science online. 

Most of the online/digital programs are self-paced courses allowing students to learn at their own pace and time.

Data science online course offers knowledge of data collection, manipulation, visualization, supervised, unsupervised learning, data predictive modeling, python programming, R, cloud database, and much more. 

Is data science online cheaper than offline?

You can join free courses online to get an understanding and learn data science from scratch. All the basic knowledge provider courses are free of cost which are trusted by millions with 5-star ratings.

Before you enroll, you can request or ask for certain free webinars to clear the doubts on payment methods, class timings, teaching mode, trainer details, course completion benefits, placement assistance, etc.

If you’re looking for comprehensive courses to learn data science online then don’t mind paying some price to master a skill. Online data science courses often provide monthly installment payment options with or without interest based on course duration.

The fees may vary from the offline institute, where you’ll be spending for course material, software license, subscription for certain blogs, magazines, monthly quizzes, youtube channels, and much more. 

As a learner, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality and quantity provided by the instructor to match your requirements.

A majority of data science educators are from IIT and many online institutes have tie-ups with international universities to offer courses on trending technologies. 

What are the benefits offered by an online course?

Benefits from the Online Courses

1. Attention to the learners –

The initial step of an online course is to engage you as a learner with concepts in order to get familiar with the topics.

As a learner, you might be in need of an extra session to understand the key prospects of the subject, or self-learning videos will be uploaded on your Learning Management System (LMS)

2. Update with tools and technologies – 

A learning curve always involves exposure to many tools and technologies to get hands-on with the current trends and also helps to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive field. 

3. Industry-led experts – 

Wouldn’t it be amazing when a topic is explained by a top industry professional with real-time examples?

Generally, an online data science course instructor is often an IITian and industry expert.

The real-time examples and industry-led experts make the learning more interesting, which helps to crack the interview with advanced concepts. 

4. Master critical skills – 

Apart from mastering data science skills, it’s important for a data scientist to learn non-technical skills, such as teamwork, networking, communication, and leadership.

The actual data science involves critical skills like extracting and manipulating data to grab meaningful insights. 

5. Real-time projects – 

Online data science course contains multiple case studies that come from various domains. The datasets can be from retail, healthcare, supply chain, telecom, manufacturing, operations, oil and gas, and much more.

Once you complete learning the topics, you have to implement your learnings on real-time or industry-related datasets. Ultimately, the goal is to get confident in handling the datasets to succeed in data science projects. 

6. Certification –

After the course completion in a prescribed time/duration, the completion certificate will be activated on your LMS with a unique ID number.

You can share the certificate on your social media handles, such as LinkedIn and job portals on Naukri or Monster, where it’s easy for recruiters to get noticed.

CertificationValues Associated with It
Microsoft Certified for Data Analyst Associate  Data Cleaning, Designing, Scalable Data Models
Google Data Analytics Certificate Data Analytics, SQL, Tableau, Python, and R
Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst  Query languages, Data Structuring
Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Lifecycle Methods

However, if you need a proper certification related to showcase your Data Science skills then there are multiple exams offered by institutes and companies, such as – 

Microsoft Certified for Data Analyst Associate 

Are you planning to test your data science skills? Isn’t it always good to start from the right path? Data analyst is the initial part of a data scientist career and data analyst certification is one of the most value-added certifications. 

This certification focuses on skills, like data cleaning, designing, and creating scalable data models.

A majority of data analysts are proficient in data preparation, modeling, visualization, and analyzing. If you want to excel in the field of data, you’re an ideal candidate for Data Analyst Associate Certification.

Google Data Analytics Certificate

If you’re a beginner with no prior experience in analytics and looking for a career then Google Analytics Certification is highly recommended.

The program is curated to provide a basic understanding of data analytics and supporting skills, such as SQL, Tableau, Python, and R. 

Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst 

If you’re already professional and have hands-on experience on Hive and Impala; it’s easy to create reports on the Cloudera CDH platform.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) data analyst certification is designed for professionals, which helps to become a pro in data structuring.

CCA makes use of Query Language Statements on Hive and Impala to analyze data that are present in clusters. 

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

When you’re familiar with the data analytics concepts and want to advance your career CAP is the best choice.

If you have knowledge of how to solve business analytics problems and methodologies, it’s easy to implement and manage the lifecycle for skill degradation.

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Why is certification important?

There is plenty of job opportunities, good pay, and job security when you crack top certification exams as a learner. Moreover, a certification helps in acquiring knowledge and skill development. Well, this also comes in the benefits of studying Data Science online as you can prepare for that top certification exams online.

The certification exams can be taken as per learners’ flexibility, such as you can pick a date and time to schedule the examination.

In most cases, exam slot availability and dates are sent to registered emails to lessen the confusion and preparation burden.

After earning the professional certification, the real competition begins to accomplish a career goal. It helps to improve overall job performance and benefits organizations in the right direction.

The certification adds an advantage in getting placed in top organizations. 

Note: Some of the certifications exam fees are in dollars depending upon the country and continent you’re choosing as the exam center.

7. Placement Assistance 

The greatest benefit of studying data science online is you get noticed easily by the recruiters that enhances your referral connections.

Upon online course completion, it’s essential to create a list of companies and work profiles you want to work for, that’s based on your skillset.

This further helps the placement team to schedule the interviews quickly. 

The online data science courses are constructed in a unique way to understand the topics, effortlessly.

E-learning platforms/sites for data science includes features, like training mode (Instructor-led live training sessions), assignments, discussions with industry experts and alumnus, lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS), real-time project work, resume building, online lab, access to paid tools, interview preparation session, and much more.

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What makes an online learning platform different?

The benefits of studying data science online are mostly provided by online learning platforms and that’s why we need to know “What makes an online Learning platform different”.

  1. Onboarding and orientation – Access to LMS and 1-to-1 session
  2. Hands-on learning – Start programming, machine learning, visualization using real-time case studies.
  3. Domain-related projects – Solve domain-specific real-time projects to add value to your resume. 
  4. Portfolio building – Experts help to create resumes, LinkedIn, and Github profiles. 
  5. Join the network – Access to the job portal and alumni network. 

How data science is helping the industry?

Applications of Data Science

The applications of data science are millions, to name a few:

  1. Data science for targeted advertising
  • Posting ads on the respective websites
  • Getting target customers
  1. Data science for internet search 
  • Collecting user’s queries and providing results
  • Displaying relevant recommendations
  1. Data science for e-commerce
  • Analyzing search patterns
  • Recommending products to the target audience/ potential buyers
  • Offering high-quality products
  1. Data science for education
  • Finding latest course
  • Collecting students feedbacks to understand students requirements
  1. Data science for video streaming/entertainment 
  • Analyzing user’s data 
  • Usage of machine learning algorithms to recommend movies 

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Data science is the most debated topic of the decade and has become an essential part of transforming business data into decision-making insights.

All the e-learning platforms are created for the benefit of learners’ growth and career advancement. Hope you like the benefits of studying data science online and found it useful, share it with your colleagues if you find it interesting.

The online data science learning topics, like machine learning and deep learning, are designed in a way to step into the AI world. However, there can be a different side of a story.

It’s always better to look at the “Positive aspects of Data Science” and stick to the quickest learning method. 

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