365 Data Science Review: A worldly virtual course, or another set of cheesy 5-min videos?

365 Data Science Graduate Review

Online courses can be a terrific method to learn the important material quickly (and on your own schedule), from Python or SQL to fundamental data analysis and machine learning. To get the real deal, however, you may be required to invest.

What is 365DataScience?

365DataScience is an online training and learning platform that helps students and professionals to build a career in the field of data science. Here In this 365 Data Science Review, I will share my views and experience of learning with 365DataScience.

365 Data Science Home Page

In my opinion, 365 Data Science is a worldly virtual training center for Corporate Data Scientists and Analysts. While some of their video content is short, their style and practical work approach prepare you directly for Data Analyst and Data Science work with renowned corporate companies.

Now let’s learn more about this platform in this 365 Data Science Review.

Why did I join 365DataScience?

I joined officially on November 1, 2021, during their ANNUAL SALE of 75% and I only paid $130 for the annual access and the services they offer. 

The right time and the right price are definitely worth an entry-level computer programmer or data scientist, analyst, …the list goes on. 

I joined because I was looking to make a shift from the education field into Data Science without having to spend thousands of (more) dollars. I spent the previous summer getting a Certificate from Cornell University as a Data Analyst and paid $2500

I decided to spend the money to work on this platform after doing several of their free courses during their sale. They were really awesome but it won’t be beneficial to discuss them here in this 365DataScience Review.

Since then I’ve been spending anywhere from an hour to three hours every day working on completing course content. 

I should have my first Career Track completed by February 2022, which would put me at a completion rate of 3 months. 

At that point, I will gain access to the building and present my resume with verified certificates. 

The community board is public to the current 90,000+ learners on the platform, giving valuable insights to people who are new to the industry, something that has been invaluable to me, as a former special education teacher.

The annual subscription gives you access to courses with certificates, entire career tracks, upcoming training on the latest technology and programs, as well as advisors for resume building and job prospecting.

365 Data Science also has over 413K reviews for you to peruse before you decide what access you’d like. 

I highly recommend looking at the course content and career tracks to decide if this service is right for you. 

There are several videos that are offered for free to the public, and if you’re on the fence about trying this platform, this access gives you the freedom to do ‘try before you buy.’

Now Let’s move to the services offered by the platform in this 365 Data Science Review.

Services offered by 365 Data Science

The services offered with certifications at 365 Data Science are Courses, Career Tracks, resume writing support and mentoring, as well as support in finding appropriate job placements after completing a Career Track. This is one of the most impressive things that I want to mention in this 365DataScience Review.

The courses range from 1 hour to 40+ hours depending on the complexity involved. Course contents include the latest and upcoming programming languages such as Python, R, Analytics, Math & Statistics, Convoluted Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Visualization data in R/Tableau/Excel/Python, Interview Preparation, course work in multiple fields (business, big retail, fashion industry, banking, etc.), 

365 Data Science even has regular uploads of “upcoming the courses” as they expand their clientele interest and base. There’s so much more to explore… don’t wait too long, because when their great deals end you’ll be paying double the price for the same access.

Courses and Projects at 365 Data Science

The courses are led by various industry leaders, trained, and with experience from across the world. So, let’s know more about the courses and projects in this 365DataScience Review. 

Some of the highlighted names on their banner page include Ken Jee, Tina Huang, Giles McCullen, Bernard Marr, Iilya Valchanov, Randy Roossel, Danielle Thé, and many many more. Each has its own style and records videos that are 1-15 minutes in length. 

365 Data Science Course Overview

Chapters or sections of the content are broken up into smaller sections based on the specific information being given and is usually paired with homework, practice exercises, or a multiple-choice practice exam. 

This content style mirrors the research-backed “Brain Rules” for learning theory that Washington state’s UW John Media, Neural Scientist states, the brains learn best in 10-15 chunks and the need for a small delivery or content or switch in the modality of learning. 

I’ve achieved 8 certificates, and am 2 certificates away from completing my first Career Track as Data Scientist. Once all the Course Certificates are obtained in a Career Track, the learner takes a final Career Track exam that comprises important content from each Course.

Here’s an example of how each course content is displayed for users. Each course contains various resources, a detailed syllabus with course content milestones, as well as answer keys with comments within each section.

Within each course, there are practice exercises, small chapter quizzes, and practice exams. The skills test comes at the end of each course completion. The passing rate of at least 65% on the 365 Data Science platform then allows you to make a few errors and show you still have a generalized understanding of the knowledge, or you can study based on the “answer guide” you get from reviewing your mistakes. 

365 Data Science Skills 365 Data Science

You must rewatch at least 30 minutes of videos within the course, ideally, skills you’re not as solid on, and then you are allowed to retake the final exam again. This repeats until you pass.

Projects I have worked on up to this point include data preprocessing, data clean-up, data mining, and visualizations in R, Tableau, and Python. Each project has taken me 30 minutes – 2 hours depending on length and complexity. 

The thing I loved about this part, as if I got stuck or felt like I didn’t understand the content, an answer key with tutorial comments are available to download, as well as each section’s course notes. 

I’ve created over 20 small projects in each milestone content area and written thousands of lines of code just by following minimum recommendations.

At that point, you are sent a notification that you’ve unlocked another certification and the PDF can be downloaded or printed. 

The certificates are also able to be verified, and 365 Data Science reminds the consumer this cannot be done on other platforms like “Teachable.” Let’s know more about them in this 365 Data Science Review.

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365 Data Science Certification

User Certification 365 Data Science

This is my certification which I received after completing the Complete Data Visualization Course with Python, R, Tableau, and Excel. This represents that I have been awarded the Complete Data Visualization Course with Python, R, Tableau, and Excel Certificate for successfully completing the course exam. Holding this certificate demonstrates my proficiency on the topic and signifies my expertise.

This certificate also verifies that I am a 365 Data Science graduate and am providing an authentic 365DataScience Review to you.

You can also receive a similar one after completing the certification program from them. You can use them in your portfolio and any online presence so that you increase your chance of getting noticed.

This was about the certification but there are some other features of the platform that are worth discussing in this 365 Data Science Review.

Other features of 365 Data Science

365 Data Science also has access available for live training and coaching support to companies looking to increase their talent base. 

They offer team track tools based on those achievements so supervisors or other members can celebrate together as they pass milestones on the 365 Data Science platform, guided by a personal customer service manager.

User Profile 365 Data Science

365 Data Science allows individual users to build a resume based on their skills on the platform, and other experiences brought in. 

The resume builder also allows you to publicly share your resume when ready with companies. I’ve included a picture of how they style resumes in the builder. It’s a very simple tool, but great for having a starting template that you can download and edit from there.

Some of the prestigious companies they work with are listed on the banner page posted at the top of the article; such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Visa, Oracle, FAANG, Walmart, and more. You can visit their website to know more about them after reading this 365DataScience Review.

In addition to the resume builder, there is a Q&A community, and blog to connect with regularly on a host of topics about “tutorials, articles, career advice, interview tips – everything you need to know about data science.”

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User Profile Information 365 Data Science

Even with the simplistic resume building features, the ongoing access to course content, a learning community, verifiable certificates, access to industry leaders, a wide data community from around the world. 

Some of the courses are offered an introduction only and can be used easily to boost present skills without hefty projects. There isn’t much I don’t like about 365 Data Science. Hope you find this 365DataScience Review informative and helpful.

From the incredible deal currently going on for pricing, and their well-thought Course Content and Career Tracks, 365 Data Science hits the top of my list for learning sites and price points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 365 Data Science worth using?

Although data science is an up-and-coming area, not everyone is suited; you need the correct mindset and a passion for the task.

This curriculum is probably the best fit if you have a clear goal and have decided to become a data scientist. Start with one or a few courses if you are unsure if this vocation is proper for you. Then, try using your newly acquired knowledge to address some business-related problems.

Is 365 Data Science better than Dataquest?

Dataquest offers four skill paths for different learning routes (depending on the future profession: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer), one of which teaches only one programming language, R or Python. Data Science has a single all-in-one curriculum.

Although the pricing is roughly the same (Dataquest costs $33.25/month when paid annually), Dataquest does not offer the convenience of monthly membership purchases.

Does 365 Data Science have an advantage over Udemy?

The strategies used by both businesses vary greatly. Everything is available on Udemy, from fitness lessons to data science courses. There is a wide range in the usefulness of the content; some of it is poor. Every course is dependent on the teacher.

Additionally, Udemy lacks some business cases as projects for applying newly acquired abilities and has less practice.

Finally, Udemy charges for courses, but the other businesses mentioned above charge every month.

Should I choose 365 Data Science over Datacamp?

Both providers are concentrated on teaching data science and related subjects, as may be inferred from the titles of the companies. Both offer a self-paced learning environment and generally cover statistics, SQL, Excel, Tableau, and programming languages like Python and R.

Although DataCamp is more expensive ($12 per month), it offers a more excellent range of topics (over 330 courses) and more learning methods.

365 Data Science expands its course selection, offers exams to gauge your proficiency, and provides a practical alternative to an active Q&A section.

What career tracks does 365 Data Science currently offer?

Longer “career tracks” programs are created to better prepare students for specific careers. Each track consists of a combination of the courses above, with exams following each portion.

Currently, the company provides 3 professional paths:

  • Along with math, statistics, and probability, data science also incorporates machine learning and deep learning.
  • The foundation of Data Analyst comprises a few Python-related topics as well as Excel, SQL, and Statistics.
  • Business analysts concentrate on subjects like Excel, Statistics, and Data Strategy.

Each career track consists of 10 unique courses, the first of which is optional, the remaining 7 core courses are necessary, and the final two elective courses (this means you can choose between 3 options).

Heather Hamilton

I’ve been in education since 2010, teaching at title one schools, in homes, campus, online, libraries, and in the woods across the United States. I specialize in interest and project learning, with multisensory and hands-on and community-oriented projects, social-emotional learning, cognitive understanding & style, all while meeting students at their level to build success, happiness, and strength.

Heather Hamilton

I’ve been in education since 2010, teaching at title one schools, in homes, campus, online, libraries, and in the woods across the United States.  

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