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Upgrad Data Science Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?


In this Upgrad data science review, we will discuss various data science courses offered by Upgrad and their syllabus.


Data Science is expanding at a fast pace to meet the demands of power-hungry Artificial Intelligence-related technologies like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning. That is why we thought of making this upGrad Data Science Review. Individuals and businesses may find it difficult to keep track of the numerous changes in the industry as a result of these rapid changes. As the industry becomes inundated with newer trends and techniques, businesses may feel compelled to comprehend and implement them in order to optimize their data handling and analysis processes.

Introduction About upGrad And Their Data Science Courses


It is challenging for associations to define the proper comprehension of data due to the amount of data. However, data science and data analytics can easily handle the undeveloped natural data that was gathered from multiple sources.

As we said earlier, data is vital for a company, but it is useless unless it is converted into valuable information. The data must be read and analyzed. Data science is used to track and measure an organization’s performance. With the ever-changing field of data science, there are constant discoveries and research in data science, there is always something to learn and it helps make everyday work interesting, there is an infinite number of new data science skills that can be learned, providing a competitive advantage with knowledge and expertise. It is estimated that 90% of data has been collected in the last two years.

upGrad team has prepared some of the best courses you can find online, in order to give everyone who wants to learn a kick start on their career. When saying for everyone, we mean it, because in this upGrad Data Science Review we are going to talk about everything about this course.

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Prerequisites Required to Enroll in Upgrad’s Data Science

It is not always necessary for professionals to have a background in data science.

You could be a student or a recent graduate with an interest in data science and a desire to gain hands-on experience in the field. Alternatively, you could be a professional who is already established in one industry but wishes to pursue a data science course due to a passion for data or the growing interest and demand for the profile. The prerequisites that are required to enroll in one of upGrad’s Data Science courses are only educational because no initial coding experience is required. 

Data Scientist profiles differ depending on your expert level as well as your educational and experience background. To pursue a data science course, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any of the STEM subjects is advantageous because it lays the groundwork for basic mathematical or statistical knowledge that will be critical in the future.

When you first started researching data scientists, you should have been exposed to the prerequisites that are required in the industry for the job profile. To meet the criteria, the resources mentioned on the internet for working as a data scientist must have demonstrated a wide range of skill and expertise requirements.

Upgrad’s Masters Of Science On Data Science

masters of science on data science

  • Associated with Liverpool John Moores University’s globally recognized masters
  • upGrad offers a Liverpool John Moores University online program for one-tenth the price of the offline program.
  • upGrad provides access to Liverpool John Moores University’s digital library.
  • The course has been approved by NASSCOM.

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Masters Of Science On Data Science Cost

You will finish this course exactly 18-month after you start it. It may look like a lot of time for an online course but it is totally worth it. And do not worry if you think that it will get boring after a couple of months goes by because the mentors and creator have divided the course into 11 parts with different assignments in each part. 

Now, let’s reveal how much money you have to pay in order to profit from all the benefits this program has to offer. For the whole course, exactly the 18-month program, you will have to pay $7499. 

What it Has to Offer

  • It is an online M.Sc. program in data science for working professionals.
  • Statistics, Predictive Analytics with Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, and other skills are taught at upGrad.
  • Engineers, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Freshers, Domain Experts, Software & IT Professionals can all apply for the program.
  • It offers over 500 hours of learning and global access to opportunities.

Upgard’s Executive Pg Programme In Data Science

executive pg programme in data science

  • The country’s first executive IIBT’s postgraduate program was developed in collaboration with industry by NASSCOM and is government approved.
  • In the current scenario, it is aligned with the competency standards.
  • After completing the course, you will be able to work as a Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, or Chief Architect.

Pricing of Executive Pg Programme In Data Science

This is a 1-year online program for postgraduate students who want to elevate their knowledge even further after finishing their studies. The course is divided into 9 segments where each segment has different assignments. The pricing of this course will cost around $4999. There are no more hidden fees that you have to worry about. 

What it Has to Offer

The program offers six specializations from which to choose based on your background and career goals.

– Generalist in Data Science 

Deep Learning

– Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

– Business Intelligence/Data Analytics 

UpGrad’s data science courses include 14+ Programming Tools and languages.

upGrad is an industry-based education institute that offers 360-degree job assistance with leading companies.

Predictive Analytics with Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data, and Natural Language Processing is among the top skills taught at upGrad.

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Advance Certificate in Data Science

advance certificate in data science

Course Highlights

A certification program from IIITB, and upon successful completion of all program courses, an Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore. The certificate will be both in hard copy and soft one so you can attach it to your CV or LinkedIn account.

After completing the course, you will be able to work as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, or Decision Scientist.

Thoughts on Course Pricing and Duration

As per the time, it will take to complete this course, it is a lot shorter than the other Data Science Courses by upGrad. The course is laid on a 7-month timeline and filled with informative and entertaining videos, cases, and projects. 

Because the course is a lot shorter than the others, of course, you will have to pay a lot less too. In order to be part of this course, you will need to pay no more than $1999. But even though the course duration is only 7-month, it doesn’t affect its quality and the learning experience that you will get if you take a one or two-year course. 

What it Has to Offer

  • The course is intended for working professionals, and the certification provided is Advanced Certification from the IIIT Bangalore.
  • Statistics, Python Programming, Predictive Analytics using Python, Basic & Advanced SQL, Visualization using Python, EDA, Basic & Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms are among the top skills taught at upGrad.
  • It includes 7+ case studies and projects, 300+ hours of e-learning content, and prompt doubt resolution.

Master of Science in Data Science

In collaboration with Chandigarh University, As a result, the aspirant becomes a member of their alumni network.

The University Grants Regulations, 2020 are responsible for the design and delivery of Chandigarh University’s online program. According to this rating, the university is ready to launch its online degree program.

According to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Chandigarh University has an A+ grade (NAAC).

Chandigarh University is UGC-accredited and AICTE-approved. The programs are analogous to offline programs.

Course pricing

It is a 2-year online course more like a full university master degree. It is divided into 4 semesters. Each semester has assignments and projects. Besides tests and projects for every semester you will have to accomplish a final test in order to prove all of your knowledge that you have accumulated over the past two years. 

What it Has to Offer

  • The program provides an online Masters degree in Data Science.
  • Fundamentals of Programming (R/Python), Data Visualization, Statistical Methods, and Design and Analysis of Algorithms are among the top skills taught at upGrad.
  • Engineers, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Freshers, Domain Experts, Software & IT Professionals can all apply for the program.
  • It aids in the job search by providing placement assistance.

Professional Certificate Program in Data Science for Business Decision Making

professional certificate program in data science for business decision making

  • The program is affiliated with IIM Kozhikode.
  • It is a data science foundation course for managers.
  • According to NIRF, IIM Kozhikode is the sixth-best institute in India.
  • After completing the course, you will be able to work as a Data Analyst Manager, Data Science Leader, or Business Manager in a data-driven organization.

Now let’s shade some light on the pricing in this Upgrad data science review.

Thoughts on Course Pricing and Duration

The Professional Certificate Program in Data Science is made to be completed in a 8-month period. During this time you will have access to more than 200 hours of content anytime and anywhere for you to watch and learn. There are also live sessions where you can get a more direct teaching and where you can ask questions, if you have any. Look below to find out what this course can offer more than this. 

The cool part is that you can get all of these benefits from this course for only $2999 for the whole 8-months. 

What it Has to Offer

professional certificate program in data science for business decision making

  • 20 or more real – time sessions
  • 5 or more expert mentoring sessions
  • three industrial projects
  • It offers 360-degree job assistance with top companies.
  • Access to over 200 hours of e-content.
  • Excel, Tableau, and Python are used in the course.
  • Business Problem Solving and Storytelling, Basics of Statistics and Machine Learning, and Data Science Strategy are among the top skills you will learn at upGrad.

Can I Get A Job With Upgrad’s Data Science Course

As we have said in other reviews of upGrad courses, one of the main focuses of the upGrad team is to prepare individuals that can work on some of the biggest names in the tech world. After you finish one of the courses successfully, different mentors from the upGrad team will help you on your new challenge to become part of a team in any company that you like. 

Some of the services that upGrad offers in order to make this happen are:

Job Assistance. You will have access to more than 300 hiring partners from all around the globe. This means more opportunity for you to land that first job that everyone dreams for. 

Interview Preparation. Before you get to the real interviews, the mentors at upGrad will prepare some mock interviews for you. This way you will know exactly what to expect from an interview by those big companies that you inspire. 

Resume Feedback. You will get different resume feedback from experts that will help you tailored your resume the best way possible. 

Career Counselling. Experts can help you find the best opportunities by tracing relevant career paths. They will take into consideration what you like and what you do best. 

In this Upgrad data science review, we have highlighted some advantages of enrolling in Upgrad.

Some Benefits of Upgrad’s Data Science Courses

  • You will receive the best learning support possible, with a devoted Success Mentor assigned to each student to ensure consistent progress.
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders will provide you with unrivaled guidance.
  • Each student receives one-on-one feedback on submissions as well as personalized feedback on areas for improvement.
  • Workshop sessions with industry professionals and professors that are entertaining, informative, and career-building.
  • There will be group activities, discussions, and interactive sessions with experts on various industry topics.
  • Opportunities to learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies from a variety of industries.
  • Data science courses at the graduate level ensure a successful career.


Data Scientists are specialists with a wide range of skills. It is difficult to master all trades for oneself.

With the cost comes the difficult part of data science. With the right path ahead of you, your knowledge, training (from various courses taken), and experience in the field will all gradually add to your emerging professional career.

Check out upGrad PG Programme in Data Science or any other Data Science courses if you’re interested in learning data science to stay ahead of fast-paced technological advancements.

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