Is Lambda School Legit?

Lambda school review

Lambda School is a popular Online Coding School and Bootcamp, In this review, I will talk about my journey with Lambda School and share my experience with you.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Is Lambda School Legit?

According to USNEWS, The average cost of college in the United States was $41,411 at private colleges, $11,171 for state colleges. This is not including the cost of books and accommodations that can potentially set you back another couple thousand dollars. The punchline? Having a degree does not guarantee a job anymore and that is the reason why in this post we will try to find out Is Lambda School Legit?.

Back then, a college degree would almost guarantee a job after graduation. However, times are changing, and simply having a degree will not be enough to persuade hiring managers to go for you.

With the average cost of traditional education becoming more and more unaffordable to the average person, many students are looking elsewhere for their education. 

Today, the average student has around $39,351 in debt after finishing college. With the increasing cost of traditional education and student debt, a lot of companies have come out to offer students a “better” alternative.

Something that could get you in a high-paying job without the expensive traditional education price tag. Something that could give you the skills you need to be ready for the job market. 

Among the many companies that have come up with solutions like this, is Lambda School. This article will dive into all the information you will need to know whether or not Lambda School is legit.

Is Lambda School Accredited? 

No, Lambda School is not an accredited institution. According to the website, it is regulated at the state level as a post-secondary education institution. 

Is Lambda School Legit?

Accreditation is a topic of concern for many people and that’s the reason why it is important to know about that and conclude that Is lambda school legit or not.

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What Exactly is Lambda School?

Unlike other boot camps or online schools, Lambda School focuses primarily on data and computer science courses that are geared towards preparing its students for Data Science or Software Engineer roles. 

According to the Lambda School homepage, Lambda is “The online coding school that invests in you.” The part where they specify in “invests in you” is crucial to their whole mission here. 

Unlike many boot camps and traditional online courses and schools, Lambda School does not actually charge you any money until you find a job. And not just any job. 

You’ll only be paying your tuition AFTER you land a job that is $50,000 or more. And it will be a monthly payment, so do not worry if you are concerned about having to pay it all back immediately. 

Lambda School was started based on providing an alternative educational path to success after its founders realized how “broken” the traditional model of higher education was. 

And for anyone who has ever been to or attending a higher education institution, you will quickly find out just how broken it is. From increasing tuition and cost and student debt to unemployment

Unfortunately, traditional higher education institutions don’t really have much of an incentive to help their students secure any jobs

Those same institutions will be paid regardless of whether or not their graduates succeed and that is the harsh reality. 

The model of higher education is different when it comes to Lambda School. Circling back to their headline “The online coding school that invests in you.” speaks volumes. 

Instead of having you put more money out there on another certificate with no guarantee returns in investment, the school decides whether or not they want to invest in you. 

That’s right, you read it correctly. In order to enroll in Lambda School, you will need to submit an application just like any other school. 

They are investing in you after all and need to make sure you are capable of returning that investment. Despite it being a great alternative to traditional education, it is a business after all. 

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How Much Are You Paying in Tuition?

A‍s mentioned above, you will not be paying any tuition upfront for the entirety of the program. Instead, you enter into an Income Share Agreement (ISA) with Lambda School

The income share agreement states that you (as the student) will agree to pay back 17% of your income to Lambda School post-graduation. 

However, you will only start to pay it back once you start earning $50,000 or more. This income share agreement can make you believe that Is Lambda School Legit or not.

What if I Don’t Find A Job After Lambda School?

This is a great question. A lot of students who are debating on whether or not to continue with the traditional path or lambda will ask this. Do you still need to pay it back even if you don’t find a job? How long do you have to find a job?

The answer is that if you haven’t found a qualified job after 60 months of deferred payments, then you will pay nothing. Their idea is that if you succeed, they succeed. Conversely, if you fail, they also fail.

Lambda school does not guarantee you the job which will tell you that Is Lambda School a Legit or not. 

A qualified job in this instance refers to any job that makes you $50,000 or more a year.

What courses are offered at Lambda School?

As of today, Lambda School offers courses in Data Science, Full Stack Development, and Backend Development. They have also added an Introduction to HTML and CSS course for free. 

Depending on what career path you wish to take, checking each course out will be the best first step. This will help you get an idea of what the outline of the program is about and decide whether it is worth it to pursue Lambda School.

How does Lambda School work?

So now that you understand what Lambda School is, let’s move on to how it works. 

While many online schools and boot camps afford you the flexibility of studying within your own schedule, Lambda School is different. In fact, it works very similarly to traditional schools when it comes to their timetables. 

Lambda School offers both full-time and part-time programs. Students who are enrolled in the full-time programs will be expected to attend classes on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PST for the full six months. 

Students who are enrolled in the part-time programs are expected to attend classes on Monday to Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm PST and one weekend afternoon for the twelve months. 

This option is most popular amongst young adults and even working-class students who have to work during the day. However, the part-time programs will take twice as long to complete. 

So that you understand the what and how. Let’s get into how you can apply for Lambda School. Assuming you are interested and still confused that Is Lambda School legit or not.

1. Submit an application

The first step of the process is to submit your application to Lambda school and have all your information ready. This includes your name, email, address, interested course, start date, etc.

Is Lambda School Legit?

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2. Take the assessment

As mentioned above, not everyone who applies will get in. The school admits you based on your potential to succeed in their program and eventually pays them back

To make sure that each candidate will be a good fit, they take an assessment

The assessment will measure out each candidate’s verbal, mathematics, logical thinking, and spatial reasoning skills. 

These are all the fundamental skills that every successful candidate is required to have before being considered for admission. 

3. Accept or Decline your Acceptance 

If you are admitted into Lambda School, you can begin to choose your starting date for your program. This depends on whether you wish to be a full-time student or a part-time student. Once everything is finalized, you can sign the necessary documents.

Note: Full Stack Developer students are required to take a coding assessment in order for the school to evaluate their current proficiency.

4. Attend class 

Once you have everything ready and have chosen your start date, you will be required to commit to this program for the next 6 months (or 12 months for part-time students). 

You are required to attend all your classes to receive all the benefits that Lambda School would have to offer — including the interactive groups. On day one, you will be assigned to different teams and introduced to how the program operates on a daily basis. 

This will include tips on how to make the most out of the online learning environment as well as the community. 

The school system operates differently at Lambda. The curriculum in the school is divided into units. 

Each unit is split into sprints, which take roughly one week to complete for the full-time students and two weeks for part-time students. 

The curriculum at Lambda School is divided into units, which are further split into “sprints.” It takes one week to complete a sprint for a full-time program and two weeks for a part-time program.

5. Challenge Yourself With the Sprints

There are challenges every Friday that test your knowledge of the concepts that you learned that week. This helps to reinforce the knowledge while also making it more of a friendly competition. 

Reminder: It is a timed challenge. You will have three hours to complete the sprint challenge. 

Once you have completed the challenge, it will be reviewed by your instructors. And depending on whether or not you have passed, you will have to repeat the challenge if you failed. 

However, if you are scared of failing and repeating the challenges, do not worry. This is their process of ensuring you have the adequate skills to continue on with the program without falling behind. 

This will actually prime you up better for success in the real world compared to traditional institutions.

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6. Participate in Lambda Labs

Towards the end of your program, you will be given the opportunity to take part in Lambda Labs. Lambda Labs is an in-house apprenticeship where students will be able to work and create real-world projects in a small team setting. 

This is a great chance for you to show off your collaboration skills while also working towards a real project that can help your resume and portfolio. 

7. Get your certificate of completion

Finally, when you have completed the entire program and satisfied all your requirements, you will gain a certificate of completion. 

As mentioned above, Lambda School is not an accredited institution nor is it a degree-granting institution. Most traditional schools will end their journey with you here. 

However, Lambda School does want you to get a good-paying job. That is how they make their money back after all. Career services at Lambda School, which starts around week 2 would have helped you navigate the job market and leverage your skills to land a job. 

Best part? The school actually helps you secure some interviews, recommendations and even assists you with your negotiation. 

Is Lambda School Legit?

Lambda School’s income share agreements

As previously mentioned, the tuition system works differently with Lambda School. Instead of paying tuition upfront, the student signs an income-sharing agreement. 

The income sharing agreement will state that the student must pay 17% of their gross salary for 2 years after finding a qualified job. The job needs to be making them $50,000 or more every year for it to be qualified. 

For those students who are concerned about Lambda School taking advantage of them, do not worry. The total payments are capped at $30,000. Meaning once you pay the full $30,000, you are done. 

However, if you are unable to find a qualified job after 60 months of deferred payments, you do not have to pay at all. 

Income sharing agreements are only available to U.S citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or DACA recipients.

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Can Lambda School Get you a job?

Lambda School can provide you with a plethora of resources and opportunities to secure a job. 

However, like many institutions out there. They are unable to guarantee a job, as we discussed earlier this is an important point in concluding Is Lambda School Legit?. 

Which companies hire Lambda School Graduates?

According to the 2019 Outcomes report posted on their website, Lambda School graduates have previously been hired by:

  • CapitalOne
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • WayFair
  • Cisco
  • InfoSys
Lambda school review

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Lambda School was such an amazing journey. I learned so much more than I thought possible and really enjoyed my time there. Currently, I am working full-time as an Analyst.

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