Lambda School Acceptance Rate: Will I Get Admission in 2024?

Lambda school review

Lambda School is a popular Online Coding School and Bootcamp, In this post, I will share my experience with you and talk about the Lambda School Acceptance Rate.


Lambda school came into inception in the year 2017. It was founded by Austen Alfred to rationalize the new generation with computer science knowledge. Lambda school acceptance rate is pretty high than any other online programming institution. Lambda school started its journey as a platform to provide single functional programming during its formation. 

Now it offers a variety of different courses related to computer science. Lambda School provides in-depth knowledge on boot camps and now it has expanded its courses to a complete nine-month duration. 

Lambda school offers the longest duration of course along with a precise overview of the subject matter.  

In this school, learners develop a sense of self-achieving intuition. The school renders its support and help to the students on every step. 

There are a lot of things you need to learn yourself. Lambda is more about getting a start on the basics, building a community, and creating connections. 

Solely self-taught is much harder than a Boot camp because you have to be self-disciplined versus having a team at Boot camp to help keep you on track. 

The learning structure of the institution is optimum and you will earn the efficacy to comprehend at the workplace with maximum effort and that eventually leads to Lambda school acceptance rate at a much higher position as compared to another school. 

At Lambda School, you will observe that the institution is the vehicle and tool that is preparing you to enter this competitive industry. 

Getting through the program alone doesn’t guarantee you a job but they will make you competent enough to stand stern in the revolutionizing industry.

They teach you HOW to learn these concepts, so you can seek out more information and continue building on top of the foundation they teach you.

Working on side projects and applying what we learn further than what is required of Lambda so that we can put it to use outside of the required projects is what makes the difference.

Much like in the traditional school system. A lot of students who earned degrees from lambda school have said that a four-year IT degree from a university and is just noting when it is compared to what they have learned and applied in the lambda school.  

Students have said in reviews that they have learned a million times more in less than 6 months than they did in all four years of their undergrad and this has been a much more rewarding experience. 

Students don’t feel like they have wasted time while joining lambda school.

The 7 hours of study 5 days a week in Lambda compared to maybe a comp science class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour and 15 minutes max per class in college is a huge difference and makes it possible to learn something. And while there can always be improvements, Lambda provides that structure to succeed if you care to put in the work.  

Like someone else here said, you get out what you put in.

Lambda School Acceptance Rate

Admission Process 

Lambda School is growing at a rapid pace, it provides provocative online education to learners with a wide flown of knowledge in computer science.

Lambda School provides almost 40 hours of classes in a week with a duration of six months. Students who enrolled in the online course will get 900 hours of online classes with proper guidance from the educators.

Although it is really hard to become a Web Developer or Data Scientist in that short period, with the determination of students and guidance of the educators, it won’t be really hard. 

Successful students tend to adapt to tough problems and bring out the optimum result from them. 

The Admission process is one of the most important factors which directly affect the Lambda School acceptance rate. 

The admission process at the Lambda school is pretty easy. It is divided into four parts. 

In the first part, you will need to submit your application. On the application page, you will need to enter your name as well as your email address (double-check the information while entering it) and choose a password to complete registration. 

After entering all the details click on submit and you will be directly transferred to the dashboard of Lambda school. In the dashboard enter all the personal information like your schooling details and background.   

After successfully submitting the application form you will have to proceed to the next step and that is CCAT (criteria cognitive aptitude test)

This test will verify and test your competency to attend the lambda school. The CCAT will assess your ability, the test will have 50 questions and you will get around 15 minutes to finish the test. 

Although it sounds indigestible to complete 50 questions in 15 minutes, you just need to answer the questions which you can solve. So sit back and relax before giving the test. You can get the CCAT study guide from here.

If you are looking forward to enrolling in the Data Science program, you will have to attain a Data Science skills challenge. This skills challenge will assess your comprehensibility to assess the problem related to data science. 

In the skills challenge, you will be required to pass the test with a score of 11/15. You will be given 15 minutes to complete the test. 

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You will also need to verify your education if you belong to DC, CA, or TX. You will need to upload any of the one document from these:- 

1. College Transcripts

2. High School Diploma

3. GED Certificate 

In the third step, you will receive an email about the dates of initiation of your classes. But before that, you will need to check certain things. 

An email with a link will be sent to your registered email address. In the link, you will have to choose the date from which you want to start your online classes. 

You will also require to provide other demographical information via email. You will also be required to go through the terms and policies of the lambda school

Go through all the terms and conditions of the school precisely. After choosing the desired date for the initiation of your classes. An enrollment agreement will be sent to your registered email address. 

You will require to review it precisely and forward it after signing. 

In the final step, you will not need to fill or review any agreement procedures. The final step is about the first day of your class at Lambda school

You will be required to register for lambda school’s learner orientation program. It is also referred to as Lambda lunch. 

It will be like a briefing of your course, how you will be guided throughout your entire duration of the online course. 

You will also be informed about the materials and software you will receive during the duration of the course. 

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Collaborated companies

Lambda School Acceptance Rate

Lambda School has been working with many prior companies since its inception. Recently the school has collaborated with Amazon to launch a new backend engineering program for the students. 

Amazon has told in a statement that it will upskill more than one lakh of its employees. Amazon has taken this move to help its employees to proliferate in their careers. 

Amazon came into collaboration with lambda to build a workforce of skilled employees by the year 2025. 

This collaboration will help the learners to unlock their prior potential and they can sustain in the changing market with high salaries.


There are a lot of things you need to learn yourself. Lambda was more about getting a start on the basics, building a community, and creating connections. 

Solely self-taught is much harder than a Boot camp because you have to be self-disciplined versus having a team at Boot camp to help keep you on track. 

One thing that is amazing about Lambda is the fact that students who were ready to move on would still move with their knowledge, Lambda school help them build their wings with its unique course structure and optimum facilities. 

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Pricing structure

Lambda has a very flexible pricing structure for the courses they offer. Lambda school charges $30,000 for the full course. 

Although, it seems a lot of money when it is compared to other boot camps. But the institution offers flexible payment methods to swipe the burden of the large sum of payment. 

Students can opt for a preferred payment structure according to their choice. The amount of $30,000 is an overall estimation, which means the fee also depends upon the salary of the student as well as the payment option. 

The enrolled students will need to pay under $30,000 and most of the payment options will only require you to generate a payment if you have a yearly income of $50,000

Lambda has the deferred payment plan and more curriculum going for it

Lambda School Job Placement rate

Lambda School Acceptance Rate

A lot of people misunderstand that and think that enrollment means an automatic job. 

While you might make it through some or significant coursework without developing any programming skills, at least there are warning signs, and a broader set of paths you can take to still getting a degree in something if it becomes clear you won’t succeed in one subject.  

The time isn’t necessarily wasted. In Lambda school, it appears that the time is wasted, in the end, for many, and also that fewer people are even aware of that than would be in a university program.  

Lambda School has a lot of incentive to offer objective assessments because they have proliferated the knowledge of their students with their unique and distinct course structure. 

Lambda School has a very high rate of job offers. Lambda school acceptance rate is much higher than any other Boot camp in the US

The student who has passed out from the school. They get a multitude of job offers with a handsome salary.


Lambda is not as bad as people make it out to be. They have very preferable standards for entry which decreases the Lambda School Acceptance Rate, they are taking the shotgun approach of letting lots of students in and hoping that some of them stick. 

Many students move on to the next section that shouldn’t but on the other hand, you have students that are learning at the appropriate pace and are keeping up. 

The best part of Lambda is its organization, they are growing so fast and its systems keeping up with the pace of rapid growth

The curriculum is pretty strong and it’s supplemented with plenty of videos and written explanations of things in a thing they call the “Training kit”

The training kit can help you in understanding the relevant topics thoroughly. 

They also have plenty of help slack channels that you can reach out to for help on questions beyond your assessments.

You’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to land an entry-level tech position (as well as assistance with job placement), but to advance your career, you’ll still need to do more independent research on computer science and/or data science.

Lambda school review

Ashley Brooks

Lambda School was such an amazing journey. I learned so much more than I thought possible and really enjoyed my time there. Currently, I am working full-time as an Analyst.

Ashley Brooks

Currently working full-time as an Analyst

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