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GetSmarter Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

In this GetSmarter Review, I will be sharing my views and experience on completing two short courses, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design from GetSmarter.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In this GetSmarter Review, I will be sharing my views and experience on completing two short courses, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design from GetSmarter.

Although I had a degree from a public university, I worked as an Administrative Assistant. Working for a small company, I had the opportunity to work with different departments and found my interest in Graphic Design and Marketing. 

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I then saw the need to have a marketing person within my team as I worked with fundraisers. To add more value to myself and my role, I decided to do a short course in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. 

This way, if a position in marketing presents itself, I would take the opportunity and apply for the role. 

So here I will be sharing my experience of completing the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing short courses from GetSmarter with pros and cons in this GetSmarter Review.

Course 1: Graphic Design

The first course I did at GetSmarter was short in Graphic Design. I had to complete weekly assignments, and the course convenor would provide feedback on our projects. I learned a new software program called Adobe Illustrator

This course was not as interactive. We did not make an effort to get to know our peers and learn from each other. However, the course convenor was extremely helpful and answered questions timeously. 

Every week we would focus on a different tool in Adobe Illustrator. For example, one week, we would learn about the pen tool. The following week we had to learn about the color combination etc. 

The projects were challenging because I was new to Adobe Illustrator. The courses at GetSmarter are very entry-level and are designed for students who are new to the subject; therefore, the perfect course for me. 

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  • Feedback was given timeously 
  • Learn at your own pace


  • Course content could have been more practical than theory. 

Course 2: Digital Marketing 

Now coming to the second course in this GetSmarter Review.

Digital Marketing GetSmarter

The second and more recent short course I did at GetSmarter was an introduction to Digital Marketing. 

Although fully online, it was a more interactive course as we were encouraged to participate in group discussions

We had to debate on the particular subject we’ve learned that week, and we had to share our findings along with our research. 

Check my certificate –

GetSmarter Certification

The course convenor was extremely helpful and replied to your query within 24hours. 

You get a sufficient amount of time to complete projects. There was a case where I could not submit on the due date due to personal reasons. 

I requested an extension, and they approved my request within an hour. Overall I enjoyed my learning experience with them. 

The project itself was challenging as you had to do additional research, including an ongoing project. 

I learned how to create a website, read and analyze Google Analytics, how social media works and its algorithms, email marketing, etc. It is an efficient course and exceptionally well presented. 

Our project was based on a case study of a coffee shop throughout the course. We had to develop a holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

We created social media posts, did an email campaign, and wrote search engine optimization content (SEO). 

All projects were challenging and new, but they provide you with the necessary tool to succeed. The feedback from the course convenor was constructive; she gave suggestions on how to improve and where you did well. 

I completed the course through my work, so they paid for me. However, if I had to pay out of my pocket, I would have paid. 

In this case, I was lucky because I completed a course previously by GetSmarter, and by that, I got 15% off to do a second course. 

You do get value for money when doing a short course at GetSmarter. 

I like GetSmarter because they are upfront about what is expected from you. 

Going into the course, I knew that it would be ten weeks long, and on average, I had to at least take 6 hours out of my week to learn the content and submit projects on time. 

The GetSmarte short course does not have a mentorship component or career service. It is aimed at people who want to learn new or improve current skills. 

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Pros and Cons of GetSmarter

So, let’s know the Pros and Cons in this GetSmarter Review.


  • The whole system where you get access to your lectures, resources, chat group, and submit your assignment is super user-friendly and easy to navigate. 
  • Modules speak to each other.
  • You get feedback on your projects timeously.
  • The course convenor replies to comments, questions within 24hours 
  • If you are not happy with your mark, you can contest it.
  • They offer payment plans.


  • You have to wait six weeks for your certificate

Detailed format of both short courses

It starts with accepting the GetSmarter Honour Code, the basic rules of conduct and the rules to be followed on the discussion forum. 

  • On the left side of the above screenshot, it gives you an idea if what modules you will cover over the course.
  • Once you click on a module it starts off with a discussion forum. Participating in the discussion forum is optional. 
  • The following section is the Module notes. The content is what your project or quiz will be based on.
  • In the Graphic Design short course, we had some graded quizzes however, in the Digital Marketing course, there were no graded quizzes. 
  • It also gives you an idea of how long it will take to complete, especially if you are a mother with a full-time job. It makes managing your time so much easier. The time that they suggest is quite accurate. 
  • The video was my favorite, and it was very well presented and professionally done.
  • It was not just a presentation slide with a voice-over. The video had animation, diagrams and some of the videos were interactive were you to click the correct answer.  It was a beautiful learning experience.
  • The practice exercise was optional. It was basically just to test your knowledge which is quite helpful when it comes to completing projects. 
  • It was not compulsory to participate in the small group discussion for the Graphic Design course. However, joining in the small group discussion in the Digital Marketing course was mandatory as we were graded on our contribution. 
  • The last section is your project/ assignment you would have to complete and submit and extra reading material.
  • They usually give your project in a word document; the layout will be as follows:
    • Instructions on how to submit
    • Guidelines will explain what format it should follow, for example, an essay or report, word count, etc. 
  • Plagiarism declaration 
  • Project instruction: here, you will receive tasks, questions, case studies, etc.

With both courses, they go into detail about how the industry evolved from where it was to where it is going. 

They speak about modern trends and how the trends emerge, how to identify them which is a real eye-opener. 

Learning about this helps, you plan a strategy to be ahead of the competition

The course met my objectives, and it was well presented and relevant to the industry I work in. 

I have learned so much from the Digital Marketing and Graphic Design course that I am able to strategically apply it to my organization. 

Overall it was challenging but enjoyable. By completing the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing course, I moved away from administrative assistant and applied and succeeded in securing a position as a Marketing Lead.

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I hope you find this GetSmarter Review helpful and useful. I highly recommend GetSmarter to anyone who wants to add more value to their roles and is looking for that slight push into the industry. 

Atiyyah Karlie

An accomplished marketing leader with expertise in digital marketing equipped with the practical skills needed to implement an effective online and holistic digital marketing strategy. I live by the values of integrity, respect, and compassion. Check my LinkedIn.

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