Pimsleur French Review 2024: Discover How To Learn French

pimsleur french review

Discover How To Learn French

Curious to learn French? Read this Pimsleur French review to get an idea about the French courses.


French is widely recognized as one of the globe’s finest romantic languages, and with good reason. This language piques the curiosity of both academics and ordinary people, and almost all of them want to study it for tourism, commerce, and self-development. If you want to study French, using online language software is the best way to go.

Learning French online is easy and practical. There are numerous other benefits to beginning your French studies as well.

Reasons why you should learn French

In this Pimsleur French review, we’ll share some reasons why should learn French.

  • It is a global language.

On all five continents, more than 300 million people speak French. The Organization of French-Speaking Countries (OIF) is an international body of French-speaking nations with 88 member states and governments. After English, French is the second most extensively studied foreign language and the fifth most popularly spoken language on the planet.

In addition, French is the only language spoken in every nation on this planet, besides English. France has the world’s largest cultural institute network, with about a million students enrolled in French language classes.

  • A job-language seeker for the global job market.

In the international employment market, being able to communicate in both French and English is highly advantageous. The ability to communicate in French allows you to work for French organizations in France and other French-speaking countries. France is a crucial macroeconomic partner since it has one of the greatest economies in the universe and is a popular destination for international investments.

  • A travel-related language

France is the world’s most popular tourist attraction, with over 87 million tourists each year. Knowing a little French makes visiting Paris and other parts of France so much more fun, and it provides some insight into the traditions and way of life in France. French is also useful while going to countries where French is spoken.

  • French is a simple language to pick up.

French is a simple language to grasp. There are a variety of ways available on the market that make learning French fun for both kids and adults.

  • Love and logic are expressed in this language.

Learning French is first and foremost a joy since it is a magnificent, rich, musical language that is sometimes referred to as the language of love. French is also an analytical language that organizes ideas and fosters critical thinking, which is a useful tool for talks and negotiations.

Pimsleur and their French course: Pimsleur French Review

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your career, neighborhood, and personality is to learn a foreign language. Although most individuals are aware of this, it does not make it any easier. They tried to put their meager understanding of the language to use, but they froze, stumbling all over their own tongue due to a mix of naivety and uncertainty. Fortunately, there are more than enough online language learning software like Pimsleur on the market at the moment now.

Pimsleur is an online language learning program that promises to get users communicating at an intermediate stage in just one month of practice, and Pimsleur French is one of its most popular offerings. Pimsleur is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to learn French and become a competent French speaker. However, prior to actually proceeding over to purchase the whole program, it really makes common sense to understand more about what the software could indeed offer or whether it suits your immediate needs.

About Pimsleur

Since 1963, Pimsleur Language Programs, established by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, now managed by Simon and Schuster, has been available in numerous forms. Pimsleur is an audio-based language learning tool that may be accessed through the internet or through a smartphone app. The content is divided into 30-minute classes, with Pimsleur advising that you complete one every day. The majority of the materials are audio, but each class also contains optional (but suggested) short readings and vocabulary instruction, and also some assessments and notes to aid vocabulary development.

The Pimsleur Method, which is frequently described as the progressive spacing retention technique, literally functions by alerting language students of new vocabulary at a progressively escalating amount of regularity. This spaced-out method aids in the solidification of both short-term and long-term memory, ensuring that knowledge is kept as efficiently as possible. Pimsleur looked at how long it would take learners to memorize new material and how often they needed to be reminded of it in order to retain it.

Pimsleur courses are based around interactions and speaking publicly; there are no games or enjoyable activities in this curriculum. Conversational focus is intended to assist the brain in learning new vocabulary and grammar as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as modulation, rhythms, music, and pronunciation.

Regardless of your point of view, the fundamental content is undeniably strong and consistent. If you want to improve your spelling and pronunciation, this is a great tool to have. Pimsleur is a well-known language-learning curriculum.

Pimsleur French Course

Pimsleur French Course was intended to make learning French easier for those who choose to learn on their own rather than in a typical classroom setting. It is a completely audio-based learning program that gives basic resources for teaching French at all levels, from the most fundamental to the most advanced.

Unlike registering in a university-level French course, Pimsleur French allows every user to set their own class schedule. You may easily listen to the audio lessons anytime you have free time because they are all accessible on CDs. Pimsleur users can listen to the courses on their mp3 player or any other portable audio device because the lessons are not entirely online-based.

The Pimsleur French program is only available in audio format. There are 30 classes in total, with 16 hours of practice time. The Pimsleur French course now includes a reading booklet to go along with the audio.

You can always just catch up on French lessons and rehearse the most crucial words and expressions you need to comprehend in order to attain mastery, irrespective of where you’re from or what you’re doing.

To assist you to grasp and say French words or phrases, the Pimsleur French program teaches you new vocabulary one word at a time, syllable by syllable. Many other courses simply do not cover this basic but incredibly effective method of teaching pronunciation.

Thanks to Pimsleur French, you’ll be able to fully comprehend the fundamental meaning in most tourist scenarios and also accomplish the following tasks:

  • Formalities.
  • Presentations and pleasantries
  • Purchasing food and drinks.
  • Making an invitation for lunch or supper.
  • Buying things.
  • Reciting or writing Numbers 1-100.
  • Providing directions and conveying intentions.
  • Learn the fundamentals of grammar.
  • Pronunciations.

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Types of Pimsleur French Courses

For those learning French, Pimsleur provides two sorts of courses.

  • The first type is the Premium version. In addition to the regular course materials, it includes Speakeasy Conversations, a quick match game, and flashcards. It’s worth noting, though, that Premium courses are more costly.
  • The Standard Audio version, on the other hand, includes audio lessons, contextually relevant notes, and learning materials. For people who do not require these advanced features and are looking to just save money, audio courses may be adequate.

However, we strongly advise you to enroll in the premium course.

Pricing structure

pimsleur french review

Pimsleur French has a complicated and expensive pricing system, so you should be informed of what you’ll be spending in the end. The training is available for $9.95 on the Pimsleur website as a limited-time deal. This, unfortunately, is merely a trial subscription for the first 30 days; it is not the whole payment. Following that, you will be charged $64 every month for the next four months. This comes to $265.95, which is on the higher end of the price range for a language course.

You may also buy 5 Pimsleur lessons at a time for $21.95. Pimsleur French allows you to choose a price plan that best fits your requirements.

Pimsleur French Levels

The Pimsleur French courses are divided into five levels: French Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. There are 30 units in each level, each of which takes 30 minutes to finish (as a result, each level lasts about 15 hours). The levels are ranked according to their degree of difficulty. You’d start at level 1 and work your way up if you were studying French for the first time.

Continue reading this Pimsleur French review to learn more about the course.

Pimsleur French Level 1 Premium

Pimsleur French Level 1 Premium gives you a head start on learning to read French. These Reading Lessons are intended to teach you how to speak the language with proper pronunciation and intonations. They also include Reading Lessons.

Learning the sounds of each letter individually and in increasingly responsive combinations allows your brain to interpret what you’re hearing in the audio lessons in a fresh and unique way.

Pimsleur French Level 2 Premium

pimsleur french review

This program comes with reading courses built-in. These courses, which build on the language abilities you learned in Level 1, are intended to provide you reading practice, enhance your pronunciation, and introduce you to new terminology.

You’ll gain confidence and fluency in French with Pimsleur French Level 2 Premium, and you’ll be able to communicate on the fly with a near-native accent. It will increase your vocabulary by a couple of percentage points, improve your knowledge of grammar, and help you to keep practicing your reading. 

Pimsleur French Level 3 Premium

These courses, which build on the language abilities you learned in Levels 1 and 2, are intended to provide you reading practice, enhance your pronunciation, and introduce you to new terminology. You’ll be reading with the autonomy and confidence of a native speaker before you realize it.

You will be capable of communicating complex concepts and accomplish everyday necessities in French after completing Pimsleur French Level 3 Premium, while also improving your pitch-perfect French accent. You’ll be able to hold a conversation fluently in French and have fun discussing a variety of topics. Your vocabulary will grow as a result of reading.

Pimsleur French Level 4 Premium

These courses are created to enhance your practice reading, enhance your pronunciation, and introduce new vocabulary while building on the language skills you learned in Levels 1, 2, and 3. As part of these teachings, a short narrative is given. You’ll be reading with the ease and confidence of a native french speaker before you realize it.

With larger sentence structure, more complicated grammar, and exciting discussions, Pimsleur French Level 4 Premium will improve your efficiency and allow you to speak French at a faster pace. You’ll learn to talk and read like a native speaker, with autonomy and confidence.

Pimsleur French Level 5 Premium

Pimsleur French Level 5 Premium lessons are meant to provide you with reading exercises, enhance your pronunciation, and introduce you to new words. You’ll be reading with the autonomy and confidence of a native french speaker before you realize it.

In this fast-paced language curriculum packed with useful words and sophisticated usage, you’ll progress to an intermediate level of French. With the help of a short narrative, you will be able to improve your reading and understanding.

Pros and Cons of Pimsleur French

Now come to the pros and cons of this Pimsleur French review, you’ll get an overview below:

Pros of Pimsleur FrenchCons of Pimsleur French
  • Pimsleur is not a passive audio program: it requires tremendous concentration. When the course takes a break in the talk, you must come up with the appropriate phrase. After that, the interaction is offered in French. You must concentrate intensely on the course since you are continuously thinking about what you should say. This level of concentration can aid in the rapid improvement of your language skills.
  • It’s Expensive: For those considering purchasing this application, the price appears to be the only source of concern. The advantages are undeniable, but you must be willing to invest a significant amount of money to gain access to the complete program.
  • Pimsleur French is excellent for communication skills since it does not attempt to teach you how to read or write French; rather, it concentrates solely on teaching you how to communicate in French. By reducing the course’s content, it is able to focus on doing one thing exceptionally well rather than a variety of things reasonably well.
  • It’s excellent for French pronunciation: Pimsleur is noted for its use of formal language as well as a strong emphasis on pronunciation. One syllable at a time, Pimsleur French will teach you new French words and phrases. This helps you to concentrate on each sound and progressively improve your ability to pronounce the entire word correctly.
  • Conclusion

    The most crucial fact to understand about Pimsleur French is that it is an excellent software with a wealth of material. While you will have to invest a significant sum of money, the software is well worth it because it fulfills all of its claims and more. Purchasing Pimsleur French is not only a good investment for the future but also a smart buy.

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