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Italian is the primary language of Italy, San Marino, and Switzerland, Croatia, and Slovenia. In this Pimsleur Italian Review, we will explore the Pimsleur Italian course which helps in learning the Italian language in an easy way.

Around 60 million people are speaking Italian in Italy, 22 thousand in San Marino, 852 thousand in Switzerland, a million in many other European nations, as well as roughly 5 million in North and South America.

Although Italian is not a challenging language for People who speak English, it can be tough for newcomers to get started. 

Many people are interested in learning how to communicate in Italian. It is estimated that 60-65 million individuals in the European Union speak Italian as their first language. 

Although Italian is not among the most frequently spoken European languages, it is unquestionably one of the most attractive.

Immersion in a foreign culture opens up a world of fresh opportunities for self-discovery and personal development. Understanding Italian makes it easier to appreciate the core of Italian culture.

This article is for you if you’re a beginner learner of Italian.

The Best Resources and tools for learning Italian 

Learn Italian Symbol

Extensive reading, paying attention to audio material, and taking language classes are all options for learning Italian.

There are a lot of Italian language classes, books, and products to select from, so it’s a rather saturated industry.

Although this can be difficult, that is why Pimsleur Italian is here to help.


Pimsleur Italian Review Pimsleur Icon

About Pimsleur 

Pimsleur Language Programs, founded by Dr. Paul Pimsleur and now owned by Simon & Schuster, has been on the market in various incarnations since 1963

Pimsleur is an Audio-based language learning program that may be accessed via a website or a mobile app

The material is broken down into 30-minute lessons, with Pimsleur recommending that you finish one lesson per day. 

The majority of the materials are audio, but each session also includes alternative (but recommended) brief reading and grammar lessons, as well as quizzes and notes to help you acquire vocabulary words.

Simon & Schuster’s Pimsleur is a great language-learning tool if you’d like to learn how to communicate and comprehend a new language. 

Pimsleur makes an indelible impression on your mind. It excels at pronunciation teaching and reading, and it has a level of tenacity that few rivals can match. 

Pimsleur offers 50 languages to choose from. English-learning programs are also available. 

Although Pimsleur began as an audio-only learning process on record, it has gone a long way in recent years to expand its digital services, which now include a version with practical activities for certain languages.

The basic content is unquestionably strong, regardless of your perspective. It’s very useful if you want to perfect your pronunciation. 

Pimsleur is a popular language-learning program.

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Pimsleur Italian Course 

Pimsleur Italian Review Pimsleur Conversational Skills

Pimsleur is unique among language learning websites because it sells a system rather than merely language lessons. 

So, let’s know more about the Pimsleur Italian language learning course in this Pimsleur Italian Review.

Pimsleur is an audio-only program, therefore users will not be able to see what they are learning. Pimsleur can be a good fit for you if your prime focus is to study and practice Italian.

Pimsleur Italian is among the most well-known and widely used audio courses for learning a second language. Their curriculum and methodologies are one-of-a-kind and have an outstanding educational foundation.

Pimsleur Italian is a thirty-minute audio language study program that is categorized by level

The levels are expected to be completed once every day. Pimsleur’s method is a well-organized and well-researched technique for learning languages that employ tactics focused on linguistics and psychological studies.

It’s not a perfect alternative for interacting with a real human, but it’s a close second among language programs. 

Pimsleur Italian also places a strong emphasis on pronunciation, which is sometimes overlooked by other courses.

The outstanding audio in Pimsleur Italian serves as an important tool for improving your Italian accent. Pimsleur Italian is perhaps the greatest choice for pronunciation practice among Italian audio courses.

All Pimsleur courses teach you new vocabulary one at a time, syllable by syllable, to enable you to understand and utter Italian words. 

Many other courses simply do not include this fundamental but extremely efficient approach to pronunciation teaching.

You’ll be able to understand the basic meaning in most tourist situations and also perform the following tasks thanks to Pimsleur Italian:

  • Formalities.
  • Greetings and introductions. 
  • Buying food and beverages.
  • Making a lunch or dinner invitation.
  • Purchasing items.
  • Reciting or writing Numbers 1-100 in Italian.
  • Providing instructions and expressing intentions.
  • Understand the basics of grammar.
  • Pronunciation. 

Types of Pimsleur Italian Courses 

Let’s discuss the types available in the Pimsleur Italian course in this Pimsleur Italian Review. Pimsleur offers two types of courses for Italian learners.

  • The Premium version is the first type. It contains Speakeasy Conversations, a rapid match game, and flashcards in addition to the Standard course material. However, it is important to note that Premium courses are more expensive.
  • The second is a Standard course that contains audio lessons, contextual notes, and reading material. Audio lessons may be sufficient for those who do not require these extra features and are looking to save money.

However, we recommend that you take the premium course

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Pricing structure 

Coming to the pricing in this Pimsleur Italian Review, Pimsleur provides a variety of pricing alternatives to its customers. Each level can be purchased separately – $119.95 for the standard version and $150 for the premium edition. 

Alternatively, you may buy all of the materials for $550 for the standard version or $575 for the Premium version, which is slightly less expensive. 

If you don’t want to spend lots of money all at once, you can purchase just 5 Pimsleur lessons ($21.95) at a time. 

Pimsleur Italian gives you the option of selecting a pricing plan that best meets your needs. 

Duration of the course 

Let’s talk about the duration in this Pimsleur Italian Review. The length of time it takes to master Pimsleur Italian is determined by how often you use it. 

For example, if you complete one lesson each day for 6 weeks without some kind of pause, you’ll be able to learn the languages in approximately 25 weeks

Each lesson is around 30 minutes long, so you can complete them all in one day and have plenty of time to process what you’ve learned. And besides, that’s what Pimsleur suggests. 

This is thought to work for other languages as well.

The regular individual’s language learning time is determined by the length of daily lessons and the consistency with which they are studied throughout time. 

Additional activities, such as seeing an Italian-language film, listening to music, and reading literature, will, of certainly, have an impact.

Pimsleur Italian Levels 

The Pimsleur Italian courses are broken down into levels, such as Italian Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Each level has 30 units, each of which takes 30 minutes to complete (as a result, each level lasts about 15 hours). 

The levels are ordered in level of complexity. If you were learning Italian for the first time, you would begin at level 1 and work your way up.

Pimsleur Italian Level 1 Premium 

Premium Italian 1

You’ll learn the essentials during the first ten lessons of Pimsleur Italian Level 1 Premium, including striking up a conversation, requesting for or providing information, organizing a lunch or a visit, asking for or giving basic directions, and much more.

You’ll build on what you’ve studied so far in the next 10 lessons. Enhance your choices, improve your overall planning skills, begin dealing with currencies and money exchange, fine-tune your discussions, and include over a hundred new vocabulary. 

You’ll be able to comprehend more of what you hear and contribute more effectively with more fluid and confident communication. 

You’ll be able to understand clearly at an intermediate level by the end of the last ten lessons. 

The majority of the instructions are provided in Italian, which pushes your learning to a whole new dimension

You’ll be able to discuss past events and make plans with ease

Pimsleur Italian Level 2 Premium 

Learn in 30 days

Level 2 premium of Pimsleur Italian builds on the basics learned in Level 1. You’ll start using the past tense in the first 10 lessons. 

Structures become much more complicated, and colloquial communication becomes more prevalent. Soon, you’ll be involved in discussions about ordering food, shopping, and visiting local tourist hotspots. 

Your fluency will improve as your vocabulary grows.

The following ten classes will help you integrate and improve on previously learned aspects to create longer, more complicated utterances

You’ll be able to talk about professional and recreational activities, as well as your hobbies and the climate. 

You’ll double your vocabulary and get access to thousands of structures in the last ten classes. 

You’ll discover how to express yourself using comparative structures such as quicker, poorer, and so on. 

You’ll be able to communicate at a mid-intermediate level with near-native articulation at the end of the course, and you’ll be capable of meeting most changing responsibilities and limited employment prerequisites

Pimsleur Italian Level 3 Premium 

Premium Italian 3

Level 3 Premium of Pimsleur Italian expands on the abilities learned in Levels 1 and 2. 

You will raise your lexicon and fluency to a somewhat greater level in the first ten classes. 

You’ll get hands-on exposure partaking in a variety of professional and casual talks about technical, recreational, and semi-professional themes.

Your abilities will improve as you progress through the subsequent ten lessons. 

You’ll enjoy flowing talks on a variety of fresh topics since you communicate with elegance and perfect naturalness

You’re approaching proficiency with swift replies and a natural-sounding, near-native accent in the remaining ten classes. 

You can communicate with past, present, and future tenses and use the language in sophisticated ways. 

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Pimsleur Italian Level 4 Premium 

Available on various devices

Level 4 Premium of Pimsleur Italian builds on the techniques learned in Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Level 4 covers a wide range of topics that are encountered regularly. You’ll be able to communicate and comprehend with near-fluency and proficiency. 

The pace and discourse speed up in Level 4, allowing for a further significant understanding of the language and grammar. 

Pimsleur Italian Level 5 Premium 

Lesson Selector Pimsleur

Level 5 Premium of Pimsleur Italian builds on the principles taught in Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Level 5 accelerates exposure to new terminology and grammar, nearing indigenous fluency and comprehension. 

You’ll have the ability to communicate more in-depth about your personal and professional life and psychological state, as well as construct complicated sentences employing a variety of tenses and emotions.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to communicate successfully with a broad vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture. At last, we have covered all the levels of the Pimsleur Italian Course in this Pimsleur Italian Review.

Pros and Cons of Pimsleur Italian

Now, let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of the Pimsleur Italian Course in this Pimsleur Italian Review.

Pros of Pimsleur Italian 

  • Lessons can be actually bought in installments – One of my main criticisms of this program is the pricing, which appears to be high when compared to other learning options. Pimsleur Italian, on the other hand, may be purchased in five-lesson increments for $21.95. This could be an excellent option for people on a strict budget or who want to check out a few courses before subscribing to the entire course.
  • Pimsleur Italian is simple to use. It’s as simple as playing the audio CD and following the steps to get started with your course. This implies you can start utilizing your course right away and not worry about whether you’re doing it correctly.
  • A good track record of success – With far too many language programs to choose from, it’s hard to know exactly which one to pick. Pimsleur has a long and successful history. You know you’re employing a language acquisition formula that works when you use the Pimsleur method. 

Cons of Pimsleur Italian 

  • Few extra functionalities in the software bundle – Pimsleur Italian has lately restructured its audio-based lessons and decided to offer them as a software curriculum. Unfortunately, as compared to comparable software-based courses like Fluenz or Rosetta Stone, there aren’t as many additional features.
  • There is no progressive testing, unlike some recent software packages, that determines which level you should start on. This is not an issue for total novices, but it might be problematic for more advanced learners to know where to begin. Also, it lacks the progression tracking functionality seen in several other forms of language acquisition software.
  • It is quite pricey – When compared to several competing brands, price is a huge concern with this. Pimsleur’s single-level costs $150, compared to $99.95 for the complete course with Rocket Premium Italian or $134 for each level with Rosetta Stone Italian. Its strong production characteristics aid in justifying its price, but so does its biggest rival.
  • The reading approach is lacking – Pimsleur is mostly an audio-based learning approach, but it has decided to introduce some reading content. The inclusion of reading content is an afterthought, and it pales in comparison to the overall quality of the curriculum.

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Pimsleur Italian is a fantastic language learning course for a variety of reasons. Pimsleur Italian is difficult to top when it comes to increasing verbal proficiency and articulation. Hope you find this Pimsleur Italian Review useful and interesting.

Pimsleur’s teaching approaches, such as spaced repetition and requiring students to generate the language, have since been adopted by many other language programs. 

While the Pimsleur method was formerly unique in emphasizing organic learning over rote learning, this is no longer true.

Is Pimsleur Italian Worth it?

Pimsleur Italian is well worth your money and time if you’re a novice to the language

The fact that Pimsleur uses “spaced repetition” is the most fundamental reason why their language programs succeed. 

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