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The development of significant specialized knowledge about management strategies (employee and business management), management abilities, and an intensive depth of knowledge in the professional field are an obvious advantage of an MBA course.

The MBA can also provide you with an ideal starting point for your professional career including new hiring and promotions, as well as wage negotiations. Clearly, the MBA offers a certain level of advantage. It conveys a distinctive quality to potential employers and can thus be extremely profitable.

What is an MBA degree if not the greatest means of preparing you for the dynamic business climate of today? You’ll need to adjust throughout your career to inescapable changes in markets, sectors, and business practices.

Furthermore, while you are taking the course, you will meet other students and instructors, providing you with a unique opportunity to grow your professional network! This can benefit both you and your organization.

If you want to learn more about MBA and how to become a competent business manager, you’ve come to the right place at the right time, because in this upGrad’s Global MBA Course Review, we’ll go over all of the program’s features, pros and cons, curriculum, benefits, and other details in depth.

About the Course: Upgrad Deakin MBA Review

upgrad deakin mba

Before we delve deeper into the details of the course let us first know about upGrad.

UpGrad was founded in 2015 and is India’s largest online higher learning organization that offers data science, technology, business and law programs for students, professional professionals and companies. upGrad is in cooperation with leading universities such as IIT Madras, MICA, NMIMS Global Access, Jindal Global Law School, Duke CE, Deakin University, Liverpool John Moores University, and other universities.

Taking this course will lead you to an all round development of your business management skills.

At the beginning of the course you will learn about the basics of marketing and leadership. Next up you will learn about the finance aspect of business management. In these sections you will get to know about reading Account statements, management of the working capital of a business, and other complex project analysis procedures. You will also learn about forecasting and analyzing the future prospects of a business using different mathematical models. Micro and Macro Economics is also something that you will learn about it in this course.

The next few sections of the course will deal about employing strategies in business management. HR management, sales and distribution management and different business strategies are some of the things that you will learn in these sections. It will also include learning about measuring people’s performance, sustaining a business in future, risk management, digital innovation in business, design innovations, and how international businesses work.

There are assignments in each of the sections ensuring that you have a firm grip of the topics taught in each section.

There are also many different projects throughout the course including projects from Vodafone, ITC, Linkedin, and HP. There is also a project at the end of the course known as Global Capstone Project.

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Pre-requisites of the course

The course has a minimum eligibility criteria of 50% marks in the Bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years of full time relevant work experience. Deakin’s English Language standards must also be met by the students.

If you are eligible for the course but a complete beginner when it comes to business management then I will advise you to not take this course. You could take any of the preliminary business management courses online and learn the basics.

This course is designed for experienced managers, senior management executives, and business owners/entrepreneurs who are in the middle to late phases of their careers.

Admission Process

Here are the steps to take admission in this course:

  • You need to fill the Global MBA application form on the upGrad’s website
  • You will be shortlisted based on your professional experience and academic scores (3 Years work experience and 50% marks in Bachelor’s degree).
  • You can reserve your seat in the program by paying a caution amount.

Syllabus of the Course: Upgrad Deakin MBA review

upgrad deakin mba

Now come to the syllabus in this Upgrad Deakin MBA review. Continue reading to learn about the syllabus.

The course is divided into 20 different sections. Many of the sections have assignments which will give you a reality check of how effectively you have learned that section’s content. There are also various projects from various companies that you will have to do.

Let us have a look at the syllabus of the course section wise:

Marketing Management – I

This section will last for 4 weeks and has one assignment.

It will teach you about the fundamentals of marketing and the different marketing channels that are available to various types of businesses.

Fundamentals of Leadership

It will last for 3 weeks and it also has an assignment attached to it.

Here you will learn Communication skills required for an effective leadership and building your personal brand.

Accounting and Finance

This section will last for a month and also has an assignment.

This section is divided into 3 different sub-sections namely Accounting Statements & Ratio Analysis, Project Evaluation, and Working Capital Management.

Decision Sciences

It also lasts for 4 weeks and also has an assignment.

You will learn about EDA Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, and Regression Analysis and Forecasting in this section.

Business Economics

This section will be taught for 4 weeks and there is an assignment at the end of it.

It carries two different sub-sections known as Micro and Macro Economics.

OB, HR Management, Ethics, and Legal

This section is expected to be completed in 4 weeks as well with an assignment.

You will learn about Organizational Behaviour, HR for Non-HR Managers, and Business Law and Ethics.

Sales & Distribution Management

It will last for about 4 weeks and has 4 different sub-sections with an assignment.

The sub-sections will include Fundamentals of Sales, Territory Management, Channel Management, and Team and Customer Management.

Business Strategy

This section will go about for 4 weeks and has an assignment at the end of it.

Here you will deal with Fundamentals of Strategy and Growth Strategy in business management.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

It will last for about 3 weeks and has an assignment.

You will learn about SCM and Strategic Planning, Source, Make, and Move in this section.

Elective Course (choose any one)

It will carry on for about 4 weeks and has one assignment.

Since it is an elective course, you could choose anyone from Market Research, Corporate Finance, Business Leadership, Operations and Supply Chain Management -2, Business Analytics, and Human Resource Management.

Leadership, Engagement, and People Performance

There are three different modules in this section.

It will deal about leadership qualities, leading teams both in corporate/ real world and choosing leadership as a way of your life.

Leading Change for Sustainable Futures

It comprises of three different modules.

This section will deal with change of management from an individual and organisational perspective.

Enterprise and Risk Management

There are two modules in this section.

It will teach you about understanding the risks involved in the business of an organization and ways to tackle those risks.

Digital Business Innovation

You will have 3 modules in this section.

The modules will deal with Digital Innovations in modern world business, digital business transformations, and the workings of digital businesses.

Strategy Formulation

It is among the largest and the most important sections. It will last for 8 weeks with 2 assignments.

This section will deal with strategy formulation to effectively run a business and familiarizing the students with strategic capabilities in realms of business management.

Innovation by Design

It will also last for 8 weeks with 2 different assignments.

The sub-topics will include Design Thinking and Leading Strategic Innovation.

Financing your Strategy

This section of the course will last for 8 weeks and will have 2 assignments.

The sub-topics will include Financial Analysis & Budgeting, and Capital Raising and Planning for businesses.

International Business

It will last for about 8 weeks and has 2 assignments.

There are two different sub-topics namely International Business Environments and how a firm should deal in international environments.

High Performing Organizations

This section will last for about 8 weeks and has 2 assignments.

It will have 2 sub-topics like Organizational Context for High Performing Organizations, and People leadership and Processes for High Performing Organizations.

Global Capstone Project

It is basically comprises of a Global Project. It will last for about 6 weeks and also has an assignment.

Costs and Duration of the Course

upgrad deakin mba review

Now, it is time to know about the fees in this Upgrad Deakin MBA review.

The overall duration of upGrad’s Global MBA program by Deakin Business School is 24 Months in which you will have to give 16-18 hours per week.

You could enroll in this course by paying a one time fee of ₹5,29,800. They also have EMI and No-cost EMI options starting from ₹12,620  and ₹28,044 respectively.

upgrad deakin mba

Try to give your best during those 24 months since this is one of the few courses where you can get some practical business management skills. These skills will help you in almost any type of management roles.

It is also recommended to complete any of the projects that you get while you are taking the course. These will help you to know how to apply your skills in the real world.


There will be lots of learning materials and assignments that will help you to become proficient in your business management skills.

Because they provide a flexible learning program, you may learn at your own pace and reach your particular goals on your own timetable.

Deakin Business School provides highly qualified and world-class instructors for this program.

You will receive incomparable coaching from mentors, teachers and graduates of industry. Get one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalized improvement feedback.

You will receive individualized professional feedback on assignments and projects that you submit. Get live meetings with specialists on a regular basis to clear up any concept-related questions.

You will also be able to network with your peers which will certainly help you in your corporate world. There will be many career building workshops and group activities with your peers and alumni.

With Deakin’s Global MBA, you can advance your career and explore management consulting, strategy, operations, business development/sales, marketing, finance and human resources management options.


The total cost of the course is fairly high.

You cannot enroll in this course as a complete beginner. You need to have at least 3 years of full time relevant work experience before applying for the course.

You need to invest a fair amount of time in the course which might not be ideal for busy professionals.


You’re going to adore the learning platform of upGrad. It contains everything that is available for a modern learning platform but the best part is how the performance measurement system is created on the platform. Each student is awarded for various performances and behaviours. It’s actually a system of motivation that allows you to distinguish yourself from others in many ways. Therefore, if you like and embrace this challenge, it takes you to a different level. Many learning platforms don’t do everything for you.

The platform has all you need to learn. But you will still receive live lectures from faculty members on this topic and live Q&A, which are enhanced by professors’ live lectures. In addition, both domestic and international industrial experts will offer online/offline sessions to offer you real-world experience.

This course is split into sections that must be completed in a specified time period. One is learning continually and this method works so effectively that you are ready to apply them in the real world. It organizes a person to work for 1.5 to 2 hours every day. The mentors also do regular follow-ups with their students and motivate them to complete each section.

Overall, it is a great course from a reputable university. There are no major cons apart from the cost and the stringent eligibility criteria to enroll in the course. You should give it a shot if you have intermediate level experience in the professional field.

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