Top 10 Best Data Science Scholarships 2024: You Should Not Be Missing

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Are you a student in search of options to learn Data Science at a cheaper price? Have you gone through the best international Data Science scholarships that can let you pursue your dream career in Data Science?

Obtaining a data science scholarship can give you the resources you need to pursue formal training in this fascinating field. Consider submitting an application for data science scholarships if you wish to receive training to become a data scientist but are on a low budget.

If you are still confused about finding the best scholarships for data science available, then this blog is going to guide you and let you land on the perfect track.

Data Science has become a major factor that drives the data-related processes of all sectors, spread across all industries.

According to Hal Varian, the Chief Economist, Google, the key skill in demand in the coming decades, is the ability to understand, process, extract, visualize and communicate data.

Data science involves the effective use of the huge amount of data accumulated every day by businesses and integrating them to arrive at quick decisions to support information management and intelligent solutions.

Harvard Article has defined the Data science profession as the sexiest job of this 21st century. Data Science professionals focus on providing top-notch solutions that cater to organizational development with data analysis techniques.

Data science is a highly paid career and data scientists are the most valuable assets to the company.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Several definitions are available for Data Scientists. A data scientist is an individual who is engaged in practicing and excelling in Data Science.

Earlier the concept of Data Science was confined to Statisticians, however today it has evolved to a combination of skills.

Data Scientists are those who can break the complex problems related to data using their powerful expertise in various science disciplines. Data scientists work on different elements spread across the fields such as Computer science, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. 

Apart from these skills, data science professionals should also develop great business acumen, huge data exposure, and communication skills.

They should be capable of analyzing the three elements – What, Who, How, and Why of the raw data collected, and deploy scientific methods to make them structured. They make a defined plan and make efforts to achieve feasible business decisions.

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How much do you earn as a Data Scientist?

The data scientist’s salary is based on the following factors: Experience, industry, job title, company size, educational qualification, and region of work.

However, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a Data Scientist is 1,00,560 USD. Since the supply of data science jobs has not been as surplus as demand, the starting salaries are still high. 

As per the Data Science Salary Survey conducted by O’Reilly, one of the most crucial factors that determine a data scientist’s salary is experience. Experienced professionals make about 2000-2500 USD more.

The entry-level salary of data scientists is high at 95000 USD. The mid-level data scientist’s salary is 1,30,000 USD. For an experienced professional, salary can be from 1,95,000 USD to 2,50,000 USD.

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Why is the demand for Data Scientists growing constantly?

If you have a glance at the last decade, 2015 was the best year where Data Science took a giant leap with the proliferation of techniques like Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and  Machine Learning (ML).

For instance, Google had triggered its AI-driven projects with more than 2700 projects just in a year, which Jack Clarke of Bloomberg described as 2015- the landmark year of Google.

Data Science Demand Graph

The above image depicts the rise in demand for data science in the past years, where the growth was driven by the roles played by firms in building data-driven insights and utilizing big data to bring intelligent solutions with the help of qualified and skilled data scientists.

With cloud computing, cloud-based applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), and secure cloud computing transformation, organizations have started to adopt a cloud-first strategy over the past decade.

To be precise, are the reasons behind the growing demand for data scientists:

  • Companies are in search of skilled data scientists who can resolve the challenges faced by them to organize data 
  • Businesses face a huge shortage of skilled resources 
  • Data science is a career that has a high pay
  • The data scientist role is unique with opportunities to advance in career in terms of various analytical skills and ace in advanced technology.
  • Jobs are omnipresent; every organization requires data science professionals to enhance data-driven business processes.
  • There are various job roles, still many evolving, and high chances of getting promoted or upgraded to more experienced positions.

The Best Online Data Science Scholarships 

What are Data Science Scholarships?

The Global Skills Index by Coursera says that the most in-demand skills scattered across every industry include data science skills, combined with technology and business skills.

The best Data Science scholarships are the programs that help students to learn data science at less or cheaper prices.

This is done based on filtering the candidates with the mandatory criteria of selection or any standard scholarship tests.

Why are Data Science Scholarships popular?

There are two main reasons behind the popularity and increased demand for data science scholarships as discussed below.

  1. Diminishing popularity for free courses

Free data science courses are eventually in a stage where their popularity has been decreasing due to the following factors.

  • Students might have already covered all these concepts
  • Many of these courses lack quality
  • The majority of the courses are designed focusing on beginners, with no room for experts to upgrade the knowledge
  1. Scholarship programs collaborated with top universities or tech communities

The data science scholarships are value-driven due to the constructive collaborations with the most reputed universities.

Hence when you get in these scholarships, you get more exposure, empower yourself with data science skills, and even grab job opportunities from renowned companies. 

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Which are the best Data Science scholarships available online?

Here are the handpicked Data Science Scholarships 2022, which you can rely on to build secure and most in-demand skills in the field.

  1. Acxiom Corporation Diversity Scholarship

There is certainly something unique about this scholarship and deserves to be recommended as the No.1 among the top ten Data science scholarships.

Axiom is a Customer intelligence company and has more than 50 years of experience in improving customer satisfaction with data-driven solutions.

This scholarship gives learners a complete international experience, with the endeavor to award over 5000 USD to 9 chosen full-time college students who are specialized in fields like Data Science, Information systems, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Quality, etc.

Eligibility: Minimum of junior status, historically underrated group, having at least 3.0 GPA, ready to get into internships at the Acxiom offices.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (877) 314-2049


  1. ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship

This scholarship is organized by the Association for Computing Machinery, along with the SIGHPC(Special Interest Group on High-Performance Computing).

Through collaboration with Intel, they grant the Computational and Data Science Fellowship to high-performing students.

This fellowship is worth 15,000 USD per year and is provided to doctoral or master’s students who perform research using big data on a massive scale. 

Eligibility:  The females and racial minority group members who have finished at least less than 50% of their degrees in computing from the accredited colleges across the US.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information: 

Phone: (212) 869-7440


  1. Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship 

The Diversity Scholarship offered by Bill Caspare was launched in 2015 by The Collective, LLC, which persuades the undergraduates and postgraduates into breaking out into a strong career in Data science, media, and digital ads.

This is valued at 10,000 USD, and reserved for a diverse range of applicants as mentioned below.

Eligibility: Applicants like Asian, Hispanic, Black, Multiracial, Native American, and LGBTQ, are eligible to apply.

The students should be citizens of the US or should have a green card. Must be a full-time student, and should complete 60+ college credits, with at least 3.25 GPA, and submit at least 3 references.

Link to the Scholarship:
Contact Information:

Phone: (646) 480-5140


  1. Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data Mining Excellence 

The scholarship is named for Daniel Rose, Professor, the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and offers one of the most valuable scholarships for Data mining excellence.

The eligible students are granted scholarships worth 4000 USD per year, or 2000 USD per semester.

Eligibility: Both local and international students from Central Connecticut University based in the US, post-graduates who are in the M.S, Data Mining Program.

Additionally, the Big Data aspirants must have completed more than 12 master credits, graded minimum ‘B’ (applicable for Stat 520-527), and great performance as graduate assistants, and 3.5 GPA.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (860) 832-2852


  1. Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program

A scholarship program adorned by Tom and Judy Fisher, Charlotte’s Fisher Family Fund Fellowship program is partnered with the University of North Carolina. The scholarship is worth 2000 USD and opens every Spring.

Eligibility: The excellent graduate students from the College of Computing and Informatics, with Professional M.S in Business Analytics and Data Science.

Must be US citizens, who live permanently in Charlotte. GPA must be from 3.74 to 4.00, demonstrate the financial requirement, and take overall 6+ credits every term.

Link to the Scholarship: |

Contact Information: 

Phone : (704) 687-5871


  1. CA Technologies Fellowship for Women

This fellowship is backed by the University of Vermont and prevails as one of the most in-demand and lucrative Data Science scholarship courses.

The CA Technologies Fellowship for Women covers the entire tuition of up to 14,670 USD every semester and includes the engagement in the Tech Girls Rock campaign and the Anita Borg Institute for Women.

Eligibility: The eligible candidates are the females with Post-bachelor’s in M.S Complex Systems and Data Science. Great communicators, creative thinkers, and outstanding achievers having at least a 3.0 GPA is a must.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (802) 565-3131


  1. HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health IT Scholarship

If you are searching for healthcare-based Scholarships for Data Science, HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health Scholarships is probably the best choice you can land safely on.

They provide 1500 USD to Master’s students and 2000 USD to doctoral students who wish to pursue the health-informatics programs, which include data science and data analytics.

Eligibility: Both part-time and full-time graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA, who should reside in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, or North Dakota.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (630) 833-5006


  1. GAANN Ph.D. Big Data Computing Research Fellowship 

With the effective utilization of the US Department of Education GAAN, (Graduation Assistance in Areas of National Need), Worcester Polytechnic Institute provides six fellowships on Ph.D. for core areas of Big Data Computing research annually with total tuition coverage and a stipend of 34000 USD.

Eligibility: The eligible candidates should pursue full-time Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science, and be federal aid who is qualified for 34 CFR 75.60, submission of top academic records, demonstration of financial requirements, and high data analytics skills. 

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (508) 831-5000


  1. INFORMS  Analytics Society Student Scholarship

INFORMS, Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, partnered with SAS, provides the Analytics Society Student Scholarships Data Science every spring.

They award 3000 USD worth of Big data awards to college students who submit analytic project proposals. The winners will receive lodging, round–trip flight, meals, at the Annual Conference.

Eligibility: Candidates aged 18 or more, and submitting resume or Curriculum Vitae, submission of two references, 3 Short Answer Questions, and brief five-page summary about the project.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (800) 446-3676


  1.  Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science

This scholarship is endowed at Saint Mary’s College and provides 1,000 USD each term for 5000 USD overall to the excellent male and female postgraduates who pursue an M.S. in Data Science program based on Mathematics.

Eligibility: The eligible candidates should be a legal residents of Indiana, and must graduate from Indiana College within the previous 12 months, and must have completed at least two semesters on calculus.

The GPA should be 3.0 or more and should possess experience in Computer Programming.

Link to the Scholarship:

Contact Information:

Phone: (574) 284-5291


The Parting Shot

There is huge demand and numerous opportunities in data science available in the present world where online dominates offline.

Wonder if you can get a job with the Data Science Scholarships? 

It is important to develop relevant data science skills before you think about improving your career in Data Science.

Data Science Scholarships are great ways to build the right data science skills with which you can earn expertise and get placed successfully with high salaries

With data science scholarships recommended above, you can learn and earn well, and get the best opportunities to work with giant companies to make intelligent data-driven decisions.

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  1. What are the Benefits of Data Science Scholarships?

When compared to the free courses, data science scholarships are rising as the most beneficial choices for a data science job aspirants. The major benefits of Data science scholarships are as follows:

  • You can learn Data science at every low price and develop all the essential data science skills required to ace your career in the most promising data science job market.
  • Most of the masters in data science scholarships have assured value-added data science certifications to let you establish yourself as highly-experienced and skilled in the field.
  1. How much money can one save from the Data Scholarships?

Data scholarships vary from provider to provider. There are short scholarships and huge scholarships in Data Science.

However, if you consider a data science scholarship from a reputed institution or organization, you can have more than 80% of the total educational expenses, which is quite a big relief from the burden of high investment.

  1. How one can make the most out of the Data Science Scholarships?

To make the most out of the scholarships, you can complete the program projects and the courses in time.

Additionally, it is essential to implement a part of the curriculum into any personal project, which can give an added advantage to showcase the expertise and skills developed in the particular field.

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