WildFit Review: Is WildFit Worth It?

To answer the question, “What is WildFit,” I would say that it is a three-month program designed to de-program the unhealthy habits that are so deeply ingrained in many of us. It frees you… body, mind, and soul… so that you begin to crave foods that nourish instead of those that destroy.

Chances are, if you are here reading this review, then you’ve heard of WildFit at Mindvalley and want to know more about it. That’s really no surprise. After all, health programs and “how to lose weight” are probably some of the most searched topics on Google in 2022. 

For some, getting healthy can be almost impossible to do on your own, and programs such as WildFit promise to help. WildFit vows not only to help you lose weight and feel great but to teach you a whole new way to think about food that will sustain you for a lifetime.

But do they keep that promise? I decided to find out and share what I learn with my readers.

It’s Not a Weight Loss Program

Many who are contemplating the WildFit journey mistakenly believe that it is yet another weight loss program. Even if they choose to try it, they may go into it thinking, “Well, it probably won’t work, but I’m desperate.” Sadly, low expectations of any program can lead to low results.

Others may have heard that WildFit is a way to lose weight without having to put in any work. Some reviews say that this program eliminates the whole “no pain, no gain” rule of diet and exercise plans. 

Anyone who skims over such reviews without actually reading them may be misled and hope that WildFit will make pounds melt away while they sit on the sofa eating junk food. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen with any health quest.

WildFit, however, is not a traditional diet or exercise plan. Instead, it is a 90-day journey during which you learn how to think, feel, eat, sleep, and breathe healthily. But does it work? Is it worth it? Read on to see my impression of the “WildFit Food Freedom Experience.”

WildFit Is Not a Diet…Well, Not Really

According to their website, WildFit is “not about restriction. It’s not about willpower. It’s about loving what you eat. Discover lasting, permanent results without the struggle.” Okay, so what does that mean?

From my experience, what sets WildFit apart is that it is not based on restrictions…well, not in the beginning, anyway. Some foods and beverages are eventually cut back, but we will explore that later on. Let’s just say this plan works in such a way that you won’t give up anything that you really want.

So many “health” plans today help you to lose weight by denying certain types of food right from the start. For example, strict, keto-type diets require you to immediately give up bread, white rice, potatoes, and even fruits and some vegetables. 

Low-fat diets, just as they sound, cut a significant percentage of fat from your menu. And those on low-calorie diets must slice their caloric intake drastically.

Those are diets, however, and they force humans to completely erase foods from their diet that their bodies need. We need fats, carbs, and calories for our bodies to run efficiently. Learning how to cut back on the ones that we don’t need is a process that WildFit trains you to do slowly, not all at once.

Even though cutting these out immediately may help you lose weight quickly, the sudden restriction is not healthy, nor is it sustainable. WildFit is not a diet, however, and therefore it does not permanently restrict anything from the menu that mankind needs for our bodies to thrive.

Of course, eating differently can increase your energy and feeling of well-being, which will, in turn, lead to weight loss, better sleep, and healthier habits. WildFit helps you train your mind to become more hungry for things that are good for you over time.

What is WildFit?

You may be thinking, “So, if it isn’t a weight loss program or a diet, what is WildFit?”

Basically, this is a 90-day program that is meant to help build a better you. It teaches you ways to change your entire approach to healthy living. There are daily tasks that you must check off, such as drinking at least six glasses of water or cutting back on caffeine. 

WildFit Home Page

Each day, you will have access to your essential video, which lasts under half an hour. There are also several coaching videos to watch as well as video classes, and “tests” afterward. Some of these videos are quite short, but others last around two hours. 

Food guidelines and healthy recipes are also available for you on printable PDFs and an entire online community of other WildFit users is there for you when you need support, or just want to socialize with others who are on similar paths. 

All of this and more work together to help reverse bad health habits that you’ve taken a lifetime to make. Experiencing “true food freedom” is promised to those who participate in this program, leading to the loss of both excess weight and health issues, according to the Mindvalley Site. 

But who is Mindvalley, and does WildFit live up to those promises?

Who Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online educational “Quest Program” that features well over thirty classes that are meant to help “level up your life.” More classes are added regularly. Their website boasts of breakthroughs in almost any interest of your life, including entrepreneurship, body, mind, soul, relationships, money, performance, and career.

MindValley Home Page

It is meant to be a lifelong education portal that opens to a world of knowledge and wisdom that is not covered by traditional education systems. The platform allows you to connect with an online community and teachers from all over the world.

Their website states that customers who sign up to become members will get “full access” to their entire curriculum, and weekly training sessions (live ones) from some of the world’s biggest celebrities, trainers, and authors.

You will also be able to participate in Mindvalley Meditations, which are guided audio journeys to help you transform from the inside out…and, of course, access to their social media network. 

Unlike some online educational centers that require you to sign up and pay for each program separately, once you become a Mindvalley member, you are promised “unlimited access to every Mindvalley Quest Program” instantly. 

Unfortunately, this promise can be a bit misleading, simply because courses such as the WildFit program are not a part of that curriculum. I will explain that a bit more a little further on. 

Before we get into the separate cost of the WildFit program, I’d like to mention that, as of the time that I am writing this review, access to Mindvalley is $99 a month/right at $1200 when paid monthly, or $41.50 a month when paid annually. Of course, $41.50 x 12 is $498 for a year.

It takes just a click to cancel your subscription if you don’t like Mindvalley, but it must be done in the first 15 days. Mindvalley is not a scam, and once you log in, you will have access to all of your own classes, videos, and guided meditations. 

WildFit, however, is not one of those annual programs. Instead, it is labeled as a “partner program,” which means that you gain access to the option of subscribing to it through Mindvalley. You will still have to pay separately for that subscription.

How Much is WildFit and How Do I Sign Up?

You have the choice of paying the entire amount of $899 in full or spreading it out into three payments of $349, which will total $1047 in all. In addition, you will need to be a member of Mindvalley, since Mindvalley is hosting WildFit.

WildFit Review- WildFit Sign Up Page

That is quite expensive, I’ll admit. When compared to other Mindvalley Quests, however, it really isn’t any more costly. Quests such as Lifebook, for example, only last for 30 days, so while the price of WildFit is a bit more, it also lasts three times as long. It is offered in six languages and your purchase gives you lifetime access.

You can sign up for WildFit on the Mindvalley site. When doing so, you will gain access to 90 days’ worth of training, the message boards and online community, workbooks, recipes, and challenges made just for you, daily check-in, tasks, essential videos, and even question and answer sessions with Eric Edmeades, who created WildFit.

Does WildFit Work?

Aside from the number one question, “how much is it?” the second question on the mind of anyone who is reading a review article will usually be, “does it work?” I mean, let’s be real. It doesn’t matter how much something costs if it doesn’t work.

Well, with WildFit, that’s a loaded question. No, really. Here’s why. WildFit is unlike any other diet or exercise journey, but yet in this one thing, they are all exactly the same. They do not work for everyone. 

I am sure the makers and marketers of WildFit probably wouldn’t word it that way, but for this to be an honest review, I must. I have seen diets, training programs, exercise classes, meditation, and such work well for some people, and not at all for others. 

That’s because humans are all different. Our minds and bodies all work in different ways, and therefore, there is no “one size fits all” enlightenment pilgrimage that is going to take every single one of us to the healthy, happy promised land. 

There are some people whom WildFit probably won’t work well for. Vegans and Vegetarians, for example, are not likely to do well on this journey, since it involves a hunter-gatherer style of eating that includes a good bit of meat. It is possible to take this path with vegan sources of proteins, but it may be more difficult for you.

It also isn’t built for those who want to power through or absorb all of the knowledge at once. The WildFit Quest is a journey, not a drag race, and cannot be ingested all at one time. You cannot speed ahead of the rest of the class since your tasks, essential videos, recipes, etc, are only given when you reach that part of the program.

Aside from signing up and trying it yourself, the best way to know if WildFit will work for you is to let me describe each part of the trip, and you decide if you would respond well to this type of journey. 

A Breakdown of the Program

The easiest way to show you how WildFit works is to break it down into sections. The WildFit Journey begins by preparing your mind for the trip, and learning which paths you will need to take. 

Then it teaches you how to remove foods that are not the best choice for you. You do this slowly, over time; never all at once.

The pilgrimage ends by showing you how to sustain what you’ve learned so that it benefits you throughout your lifetime. If you ever need to revisit, you have lifetime access to WildFit. Here’s a breakdown.

The First Two Weeks

In the first two weeks of WildFit, you will get a video each day from Eric Edmeades that will help you to look inside yourself and learn which of the six types of hunger that your body is struggling with. It’s a very encouraging and psychological path that helps you to understand how your mind interacts with cravings and food.

You won’t cut any types of foods or drinks out of your diet in those first two weeks. It is more of a look inside to determine what you need to do in order to rebuild yourself stronger and better by making healthier choices on purpose.

Weeks Three Through Ten

This is where you first begin to remove some foods and drinks from your diet. There are no longer daily videos, but weekly ones instead, and Eric no longer sends along daily messages. There are, however, plenty of tasks each day to keep you moving forward on your journey.

You will remove things from your menu slowly. Looking for and deleting added sugars is the first step. By week six, you will have removed all sugars, including fruit, and will continue on that path for five weeks, a time referred to as “WildFit Spring.”

This is when you learn how to recognize the way you feel when you eat certain things. For example, I have come to notice that if I eat sugary foods and white bread, my heart will race, and sometimes I will even have itchy skin. 

Slowing down and taking note of such reactions will help train your mind not to want the foods which make you feel bad. The program eventually leads to eating a more hunter-gatherer-styled diet than you did before. 

We will look at who Eric Edmeades is and why this is the type of diet he feels is best a little further on.

Weeks Eleven Through Thirteen

During these last weeks is when you will notice the weight falling off. Called “WildFit Summer,” this period begins in the eleventh week by adding back in the fruits that were removed from your diet during WildFit Spring. Then, in week twelve, you will move back into WildFit Spring, which will lead to the pounds melting away.

The last week of the program, week thirteen, helps teach you how to move back into a diet that is sustainable for the rest of your life. This is one of the parts that is missing from many diet programs. While they may help you lose weight, they do not prepare you to keep it off. WildFit does.

So, Is It For Me?

When deciding if this journey is for you, be honest with yourself. It takes determination and dedication. The cost of this program is actually a good thing, because that by itself may be enough to push some to work through it. It was for me. 

I won’t lie, it is hard in the beginning. The first couple of weeks mentally and emotionally prepares you for the challenges that you will face. Eric warns of skin breakouts, fatigue, and other symptoms that you may see before you see the positive results.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle to one that will make you look and feel better, and if you are willing to put in the time and work to take this journey and relearn everything that you know about diet, nutrition, and health, then yes, this program is for you. 

So, Who IS Eric Edmeades, Anyway?

I promised to explain who Eric is and why he created this program. Eric once suffered from weight problems, skin issues, chronic fatigue, and constant infections of his sinuses and throat. 

While on a trip to Africa, he noted the hunter-gatherer type diet that the bushmen there ate. He also noted that these people had very few health issues.

Eric took what he learned from the bushman diet and added anthropology, biology, psychology, and nutrition research to create the perfect health journey for the human body. He started by changing his own diet and saw his physical issues vanish within 30 days.

And that’s how the WildFit journey began.

To Wrap Up Our WildFit Review

WildFit is a remarkable program that deserves recognition for its innovative approach to health and well-being. Developed by Eric Edmeades, it goes beyond traditional diets and focuses on transforming your relationship with food.

One of the key strengths of WildFit is its emphasis on understanding the underlying reasons behind our eating habits. The program delves into the psychology and biology of food choices, helping participants identify and address emotional triggers and unhealthy patterns.

By addressing these root causes, WildFit empowers individuals to make lasting changes that extend far beyond mere weight loss. The program is designed to mimic the eating patterns of our ancestors, emphasizing whole, unprocessed foods and eliminating common culprits like sugar, grains, and dairy.

This approach aligns with the principles of evolutionary biology and encourages a more natural and nourishing way of eating. Participants report increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, and a general sense of well-being as they adopt this healthier way of nourishing their bodies.

WildFit also stands out for its comprehensive and holistic approach. It addresses not only the physical aspects of nutrition but also factors like sleep, hydration, and stress management. By taking a well-rounded view of health, WildFit ensures that participants experience a true transformation in all areas of their lives.

As with any program, results may vary from person to person. Some individuals may see dramatic weight loss and improvements in their overall health relatively quickly, while others may experience more gradual changes. It’s important to approach WildFit with a mindset of long-term sustainability and understand that it’s not a quick fix but a lifestyle shift.

Overall, WildFit has garnered positive reviews from participants who have experienced significant improvements in their health, increased energy, and a renewed sense of vitality.

If you’re looking for a holistic program that addresses the root causes of unhealthy eating habits and promotes sustainable well-being, WildFit is definitely worth it.

Josh Hutcheson

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