15+ Best Data Analytics Courses, Books, Certifications, Bootcamps 2023

Analyzing the data is not a luxury or a feature, but it is a need. It was recognized in the 19th century, and it has become more prominent ever since the 1960s. It was a time when people started using computers to make critical business decisions. 

These days, every single business is dependent upon data. It can be to figure out the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, product management, manufacturing, etc. Analyzing data helps businesses to figure out more significant trends and to solve several problems. 

Data scientists and data analysis work with data, but their jobs are very different from each other. A data scientist designs all the experiments, work on them and finds new algorithms to process data. On the other hand, a data analyst works with business owners and helps them solve their problems using pre-existent algorithms and solutions. 

Organizations can use data analytics to glean patterns and gain insightful information from unstructured data. It assists businesses in bettering their comprehension of their target market, creating pertinent content, planning advertising strategies, creating useful products, and eventually improving corporate performance.

To become a data scientist, many people have to go through the transition phase of being a data analyst. If it seems like a job for you and something you would rather be doing with life, here are some of the Best Data Analytics Courses you can follow to pursue your career. 

List of Best Data Analytics Courses Online

1. Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree

This course helps you become a full specs data analyst who will program better and work with the messy datasets at any organization. It helps you learn how to manipulate data, exploring it, and creating visualizations with it. 

The data in any company tells a whole story, and this course will enable you to understand it and convey it to everyone else in a better manner. It is a 4-month course in total, with 10 hours per week. 

To start this program, you need to be familiar with Python and SQL already. When you enroll in this program, you will get free access to career course sessions and interview prep advice. You will learn how to groom your resume and online portfolio. 

You can get a personally tailored program specifically designed to fit your needs. It is a flexible learning program so you can keep up with your work and your studies. You get exposure from the real-world projects and technical mentors. 


Course Duration4 Months
Course Pricing$1200
Course Rating4.7 Stars
Link to the CourseCLICK HERE

2. Datacamp’s Data Analyst with Python :

This career track will help you attain the data python skills that you need in data analysis. It provides you with all the required skills that you will need while becoming a data analyst. It includes 9 courses that are covered in a period of 36 hours in Python. 

It is included in Datacamp’s premium plan and is an excellent opportunity for students to kickstart their career as a data analyst. 

Course Duration36 hours
Course Pricing$150/year (Premium)
Course Rating4.2 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

Datacamp’s Data Analyst with R :

This career track does not require any coding experience, and you can start this course to gain practical data analysis skills. You will gain real-time experience working with R packages, including ggplot2 and tidyverse packages like dplyr and readr. 

Working around a range of datasets like the Australian population and Netflix films will be covered in this course. You can grow your R skills and attain SQL skills in just 36 hours and 9 different courses. 

Course Duration36 hours
Course Pricing$150/year (premium)
Course Rating4.3 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

3. Coursera’s Advanced Business Analytics Specialization: 

This specialization helps you learn advanced analytics skills for business, and it also earns you a certificate at the end to help you in real life. It is entirely online with in-depth videos, and it has a number of challenging hands-on projects. Each individual courses and its deadline can be scheduled according to your needs.

It is available with subtitles in multiple languages for international students that may be new to business terms in English. Distributed over 5 courses, it takes around 5 months to complete this specialization. Students get a practical assignment to complete before earning the certificate.

The specialization syllabus covers data analysis with real-world examples. It teaches you how to extract and manipulate data using various tools, like SQL. You’ll learn how to analysis your data to make, and communicate, data driven business decisions.

Course Duration5 Months
Course Pricing$399
Course Rating4.1 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

4.Udemy’s Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst, Bootcamp: 

This data analyst course starts from the very beginning, so you don’t need any prior knowledge before enrolling in it. It offers you all the knowledge, technical skills, and practical experience to get into the market with a head start. 

You will get practical training and a data analytics certification upon completion. This course was top-rated by a number of large international businesses, so it will help get you noticed and able to land your dream job.


Course Duration20.5 hours
Course Pricing$149.99
Course Rating4.2 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

5. Udemy’s Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science

This course only requires some basic knowledge of computers. It helps you learn data science using Tableau, and helps you become a data analyst by the end of the course. It includes different exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge and based on that, and you get a respected data analytics certification at the end of the course. 

Course Duration8.5 hours
Course Pricing$9.99
Course Rating4.2 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

6. Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program

This Simplilearn master’s program is in collaboration with IBM. The course will teach you how to become an expert data analyst with R, SQL and Python. 

It offers you an IBM data science professional certificate at the end. There are 7 courses included in this program, 15+ real-world projects for practice, and equips you with 30+ in-demand skills. 

This collaboration will help students get ready for high-level jobs in analytics and data science. 

Upon successful completion of the course, you also receive $200 worth of IBM cloud credits to use as you like. Pretty neat, right?

And in case you want to practice, you get access to IBM cloud platforms (IBM Watson) 

You don’t need to be an expert in the field to begin this program. A basic knowledge of mathematical concepts is enough to get started.

Course Duration1 Year
Course Pricing€1499
Course Rating3.9 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

7. Pluralsight’s Grow Your Data Professional Skills

This platform allows you an option to try out for the first 10 days as a free user and then apply for a membership if you like using and learning. It offers you real-world skills and takes them to the next level. There are many different courses available within this one so that you can have a full stack of skills. 

This course is aimed to give you a better understanding of big data, cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It also teaches to use tools like R, SQL, and Tableau to analyze data and required information.

Course Duration4 Months
Course Pricing$450 (Premium)
Course Rating4.7 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

8. Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

Springboard is a game changer when, it comes to providing online education. Unlike any other Institute, Springboard guarantees job within the first 6 months for your course completion. 

This Bootcamp is developed in collaboration with Microsoft along with industry mentors from global organisations like Amazon, Lyft etc. 

This course around six months to complete, which includes video tutorials and practical projects that can certainly enhance your portfolio. 

if You ask me spring is worth it not then I would definitely say ‘yes’. Although It comes with much higher and mention about, it does with job guarantee feature. This element alone gives springboard an excellent value for money. 

With this course, you get a guaranteed job, online and offline classes, monitoring, technical skills, and business analysis. It prepares you for real-world challenges by giving you vast exposure in the time of learning. 

The best part is that if you don’t like any of the courses you can directly ask for refund. Hardly any other online education institute provides such an offering. 

To date over 1450+ students have enrolled in their data science career track. To know the syllabus of the program in detail, you can visit the course page. 

Course Duration6 Months
Course Pricing$6,600
Course Rating4.6 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

9. Codecademy’s Analyze data with SQL

This 6 weeks course includes SQL, Data Science, Command-Line, SQLite, Databases, Quieres, Tables, and more. Whether you are experienced or fresher as a data analyst, you can still enroll in this course and obtain a new skill set. 

Course Duration6 weeks
Course PricingFree
Course Rating3.8 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

10. Thinkful Data Analytics Immersion

With this course, you get one on one instructor and tuition. They help you build your portfolio and help you land the job of your dreams as a data analyst. 

Mentorship and important part of this course. You get one-to-one mentor sessions almost twice a week. 

Also, there’s a Thinkful Community over Slack for both students and mentors where you can participate in discussions with other peers. 

Thinkful has an excellent feature called “Technical Coaching.” With that, students can post what they’re currently stuck on in the course, and one of Thinkful’s coaches will help out that student through the problem they’re facing. It’s one of the best features of Thinkful.

Course Duration4 Months
Course Pricing$12,250
Course Rating4.3 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE


11. Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics Imarticus Learning

This course has 2 central units, Basic SQL, and advances SQL to better deal with the data. By the end of the semester, you will understand Python programming concepts and Python libraries and Use statistics and probability for data science.

Course Duration4 Months12 weeks4 Months
Course PricingUnknown
Course Rating3.9 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

12.Edureka’s Data Analyst Masters Program

This course has been designed for the people who are already familiar a little with the data analysts. This is not a beginner, but a master’s course, which will provide you with a master’s certification in the end. 

You can make a whole schedule according to your convenience, so you never miss a single class. Get a personal learning manager and have lifetime access to all our material, quizzes, and assignments. 

Course Duration250+ Hours
Course Pricing£ 2,091
Course Rating4.7 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

13.Data Analytics with R Certification Training Edureka

This course helps you work on R for data analytics and apply the functionalities in data exploring, data manipulation, data mining, data visualization, regression, and data analysis. 

With this course, you have multiple career opportunities, and the applications learned in it will help you land a job anywhere you want. 

Course Duration5 weeks
Course Pricing£359
Course Rating4 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

14. Intellipaat’s Data Science Course

This program offers you flexible working time so you can learn and work at your convenient timing. It helps you with job assistance and provides you a certificate to help you get the highest paying jobs in the market. 

Course Duration4 Months
Course Pricing$1200
Course Rating4.7 Stars
Link of the CourseCLICK HERE

Free Data Analytics Courses:

If you are looking for some free courses in the field of data analytics, then here are a few options for you: 

1.Lean Analytics Workshop – Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz:

This is not a course for beginners and more for the people who have already received some data analytics training. It helps you apply all your learnings to different business models and guides you on when it is time to move on to your project 




2.5 hours


 Click here

2.Google’s Free Data Analytic Course

It is an approach taken by google to help people of all metrics understand and work with data. Whether you are just getting started or already have been working on it for some time, you can still easily understand the complete training and gain experience. 




2 weeks


 Click here

3. Udacity’s Intro to Data Analysis

This course will help you raise questions regarding your data, manipulating it, and exploring your real data. It will help you come to some conclusions regarding the data, and you will be able to easily communicate and represent your data and findings after taking this course. 




6 weeks


 Click here

Best Data Analytics Bootcamps

1.Join a Data analytics Bootcamp iron hack 

This Bootcamp helps you become a perfect data analyst from coming on campus or online. It will help you develop intelligence in the business world and will allow you to work on real-world data and datasheets. It has different time zones available in which you would like to take the classes for your utmost convenience. 




 Click Here

2.Online Data Analytics Course Brainstation

This course was introduced in the market to help professionals get familiar with data analysis. It is taught by professionals with the latest concepts about the latest technology to help understand and learn the most out of the syllabus. It helps you get confident in your work and helps in creating visualizations of data. 


$3,250 plus processing fee


3 months


 Click Here

3.Data Analytics Program career foundry

You will not only get a teacher in this course, but a tutor with 5+ years of experience in the field who will be with you in every step. It helps you build an impressive portfolio to land a perfect job once you are done with the course. 

This course guarantees you a job as a data analyst within 180 days of graduating from the course, or it guarantees you your full money back. 


$6,555.00 upfront


8 months


 Click Here

Data Analytics Courses from top Universities

If you wish to acquire a certificate or degree directly from a university, except for going through the online platforms, here are some options for you that you can consider. 

1.Learn Data Analytics in 24 Weeks

Whether you are a professional already coding daily or are getting started in this field, you need a crash course of 24 weeks that will help you lead a successful career as a data analyst. It starts with the basics and helps you work on real projects in the world to land some real jobs in the world.



24 weeks


 Click here

2.Data Analysis and Visualization

This course provides you with insights on how data can impact your whole business and what you can do to use that data in your leverage. Going through the whole data and explaining it to everyone else in the room adds to this course’s feature. 




8 weeks


 Click here

3.Berkeley Data Analytics BootCamp

You can become an accurate data analyst with a skillset in your hands in just 24 weeks with this program. All you have to do is enroll in the program, and you will be getting hands-on experience in Python, Machine Learning, R, SQL, and more.



24 weeks


 Click here

Best Data Analytics Certifications Online

It is not easy to get a job, especially in computer science and data science, without a degree or a certificate in the respective field. The following certificates allow you to get the highest paid jobs worldwide and help you get the position of a data analyst that you always wanted. 

1.Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

This is the best certificate you can earn in the field of data analytics. To earn this certificate, you don’t have to enroll in any course, especially. You can take help from the courses given above and give the test for this certificate. 

As soon as you clear the test, you will be automatically given the certificate. You can click here to find out more about the certificate. It will cost you $165 to take the test for the certification.

2.CCA Data Analyst

This test costs $295, and there are 8-12 questions involved in the test. The total time limit to take the test is 120 minutes, and it required you to score 70% on the test to pass the test. 

It is the second-best certification that you can earn in the field of data analytics. You can take free data analysis courses for beginners to try to prepare for this test. Click here to find out more about the certificate. 

Best Data Analytics Books

If you learn better by reading books, professionals have written the following books to help them get full guidance on the data analytics career and courses. 

1.Data Analytics: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Data Analytics:

The multi-time best selling author has written this book. He has presented the best book to guide beginners on data analytics and understand the typicality involved in it. 

He has written them, especially for beginners, not to have any problem reading through the material or understanding it. You can then apply everything in the real world without any problems. 

2.Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know about Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking

Data science is applicable in every business globally, and the professor at New York University from the past 10 years has written this book to make it easy. You will learn how to imply the data sciences in your business and imply them intelligently in the data science projects. 

It brings the data and business closer together and helps you look at them both as one. You will be enabled to think critically. 

3.Data Analytics: Become A Master Data Analytics

It is not easy to become a data analyst as the biggest problem is using data analytics. This book will allow you to know about all the challenges you might face and help you overcome them. 

It will help you understand that it might not be an easy job to be a data analyst, but the more you practice, the better you will get. 

4.Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die

This book has been written as a revised and updated version of its previous edition. In this book, you will learn about how to predict your business’s future using the data you currently have. It is all a part of the data analytics and a trick that will come in handy once you start running your own business. 

5.Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data

This book helps you understand the importance of big data in our society. It tells you how every business and even the local government uses big data and its concepts to deal with daily and long term problems. This book contains several references, experiences, and quotes from several data analysts worldwide to provide some professional experience to all the readers. 

Best Data analytics posts/blogs

Whether you are already a data analyst and are taking these courses to improve your skills or just stepping into the field, you need to stay up to date with every trend. There is always something new happening in the tech world, and it is almost impossible to keep up with all the news coming in every day. 

One of the easiest and smartest ways to keep up with the technology and trends is to follow blogs. They don’t only inform you regarding the important notices, but they also help provide you with the personal information and experiences you can rely on.

The top posts or blogs regarding data analytics are: 

What Is Data Analysis and How Can You Start Learning It Today?

How do I start learning data analytics step by step?

Smart Data Visualizations: Quality Assessment Algorithm

AI, Data & Analytics

How to Become a Data Analyst: The Definitive Guide (2020)

How to become a data analyst?

It used to be hard to get a degree in computer science-related fields previously. But as technology is evolving, new methods of teaching are coming up. Like the courses given up, you have to select one of the online courses, free or paid, and start learning right away. 

Roadmap to becoming a data analyst

Here are the steps involved in becoming a successful data analyst:

1.Get a bachelors degree

In order to become a data analyst, one must have a degree preferably in computer science or information technology. In case you want to make a career transition from a different domain then you are required to make efforts from the bottom. That means you should learn a programminng language either Python or R in order to succeed in this field. 

Also Read: Free Python courses to get started.

2.Work on core data analytics skills

There are certain data analysis skills that a data analyst should have under their belt. Having a good hold on maths makes it easy to translate business problems into equations. 

You should also be good at probability and statistics. In order to read data and draw necessary conclusions, statistics play an important role. 

As said earlier, programming is one of the core data analytics skills. So get your hand dirty with Python or R. 

3.Get a job as a first-level data analyst

Getting an entry level job in this field is the most important part of becoming a successful data analyst. Employers prefer candidates with at least 2-4 years of experience in the field of data analytics. Hence I suggest getting either an entry-level job or an internship in data analytics. 

The next most important thing you can do is to work on data analytics projects. Doing this not only assures your interest in the field but also introduces you to various data analysis tools and techniques.

After that, I suggest to continue with your career as a data analyst or go further as a data scientist. 

What are the Jobs available in Data Analytics?

If you think you have got what it takes to be a data analyst but are still confused about the kind of jobs you might be able to get after becoming a data analyst, here are some of the options for you: 

– Business Intelligence Analyst

– Data Analyst

– Data scientist

– Data engineer

– Quantitative Analyst

– Data Analytics Consultant

– Operation analyst

– Marketing analyst

– Project manager

– IT Systems Analyst

– Transportation Logistics Specialist


Suppose you wonder if it is a good idea to continue your career as a data analyst. With formal learning and training, you cannot just land good jobs but can have the whole career laid out for you. 

There are millions of jobs opening up every year as a data analyst, and every big or small company requires a data analyst to help them keep track of their data. It can be just the information on the residentials of a building or the detailed Identity card records. 

It is a decision that you will not regret making, and as you keep working and practicing, you will keep climbing the ladder of success. It is not a dead-end job, and more opportunities are always available for the most experienced and the best data analysts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of data analytics?

There are four fundamental types of data analytics. They are Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive data analytics.

What is descriptive analytics?

Descriptive data analytics is the aspect of data analytics that defines happenings and trends over some time. For example, it shows whether the number of views is enhanced or whether this month’s sales are more significant than the previous month’s. It is the simplest form of analytics.

What is diagnostic data analytics?

Diagnostic analytics parses data to address the reason for an event occurring. This kind of analytics compares trends and progressions and looks at how variables correlate.

What is Predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics analyzes historical data, comparing them with current trends to predict future events.

What is prescriptive data analytics?

Prescriptive analytics looks at all possible factors and variables in a scenario to advise what next should be done for improvements.

What does data analytics for businesses do?

Data analytics for businesses is usually called business analytics. Business analytics examines sales trends, expenditures, monthly profits, and customer activity. It is saddled with providing necessary information to maximize profits and overall business growth.

Who needs data analytics?

Business professionals responsible for making decisions need foundational knowledge of data analytics. In addition, data analytics skills are required by marketers, product managers, finance professionals, and human resource personnel.

What are the benefits of data analytics?

Data analytics improves decision-making, and organizations use the derived information to manage decisions and events for improved results. It also enhances marketing by allowing marketers to devise effective strategies. In addition, data analytics improves customer service. Overall, data analytics upgrades efficiency in operations.

What tools can be used for business data analytics?

Business analytics can be handled by tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Google Charts, Data Wrapper, Zoho Analytics, etc.

What is the most popular tool for data analytics?

Most data analysts favor specialized tools for different kinds of analytics. But some of the best tools generally are R and Python, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, RapidMiner, Power BI, and Apache Spark.

What is the most used tool for data analytics?

It’s common knowledge that the most used tool for data analytics is Microsoft Excel.

What are the main challenges of data analytics?

One of the foremost challenges of data analytics is gathering meaningful data. Another challenge analysts have is choosing the right tool for a data group. Data presentation after analysis after analytics is completed can be a source of stress for experts. When dealing with data from multiple sources, things can get confusing and mixed up.

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