15+ Best Scrum Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

best scrum courses

What is the best way to learn Scrum online?

If you’d like to significantly improve productivity and reduce the time to benefits for your team then you should definitely consider learning the Scrum framework.

It is different from Agile in that the latter is a project management philosophy whereas Scrum is a specific Agile methodology used to facilitate project delivery.

So if you’d like to learn Scrum and become a scrum master, you need to tap into the power of the best Scrum courses online to give you the push you need. The scrum process will definitely help your business to quickly adapt to changing requirements and deliver a product that matches your business objectives.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Scrum courses and certifications online for implementing Scrum while avoiding Scrum anti-patterns.

You’ll get to learn Agile fundamentals, including Scrum and Kaban, then take the ultimate Agile Scrum aster certification.

Let’s get started.

1. Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum and Kanban | Udemy 
2. Adv. Agile Scrum Master Training: Online Certification Prep | Udemy 
3. Scrum Fundamentals | Pluralsight 
4. Implementing Scrum and Avoiding Scrum Anti-Patterns | Pluralsight 
5. The Complete Agile Scrum Fundamentals Course + Certification | Udemy 
6. Scrum for Beginners + Scrum Master Certification Preparation | Udemy 
7. Scrum Master Certification Specialization | Cousera 
8. Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum | Coursera 
9. Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management | Udemy 
10. Agile Scrum Mastery: Full Project Simulation + Certification | Udemy 
11. Scrum: The Basics Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
12. Scrum: Advanced Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
13. The Ultimate Agile Scrum Master Certification Training | Udemy 
14. Agile Project Management: Scrum Step by Step with Examples | Udemy 
15. Scrum and Agile Basics – Theory, Certification Tips | Udemy 

1. Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum and Kanban | Udemy 

If you are a project manager, lead developer or QA professional then you definitely would be interested in working with an Agile team to help make changes faster and at the least expense.

This is one of the best Agile courses on Udemy that will help you get started learning Agile principles and methodologies to make you more efficient at your job.

By taking this Agile course, you’ll not only learn the fundamentals of Agile methodologies to help you develop the adaptive mindset, but you’ll also break down the most popular Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban.

So you’ll cover topics like user stories, estimation techniques, and setting Work in Progress (WIP) Limits.

Once you complete this course, you’ll have a working understanding of the fundamentals of Agile as well as its most popular frameworks, setting you up to be the Agile, adaptive business analyst every modern organization is desperately looking for.

2. Adv. Agile Scrum Master Training: Online Certification Prep | Udemy 

When preparing for a Scrum certification, taking a proper prep course that will help you remember all the key points is indispensable.

Here is one of those Scrum courses on Udemy that provides you with an overview of Scrum Agile project management, common interview questions, as well as tips to pass the Scrum Master Certification online.

This course helps you develop real confidence in completing a Scrum certification by teaching you everything you need to gain confidence in the exam and then taking you through the Scrum Open Assessment so you can practice before taking the final certification.

Some other skills you’ll pick up in this training include the exact events, roles, rules and artifacts used to deliver a project using Scrum along with the history of Scrum.  This includes lectures on the fundamentals of Sprint Planning, The Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Scrum Artifacts and more.

3. Scrum Fundamentals | Pluralsight 

Learning how to become a Scrum Master involves mastering the fundamentals of the Scrum framework including all roles, artifacts and events and how to use them well.

In this Scrum master beginners courses on PluralSight, you’ll get a proper introduction to the business case for Scrum, the core Scrum framework, and the raw ingredients for bootstrapping Scrum in your organization or team. 

The instructor, David, also takes you through other modules where you get to discuss personal tips and insights from his years of experience using, teaching, and coaching Scrum. 

Some of the other important skills that you’ll pick up include the following PMBOK® Knowledge Areas: Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resource Management, as well as Project Communications Management.

Finally, you’ll finish it off with complimentary practices for success with Scrum where you’ll look at Sprint retrospective, backlog grooming, and economies of estimation.

4. Implementing Scrum and Avoiding Scrum Anti-Patterns | Pluralsight 

If you are at the Scrum intermediate level, then you probably already have learned the roles, events, artifacts, and rules of Scrum.

That means you are now at the point where you have to apply what you’ve learned, and that is what this course will help you achieve. I’d consider it the best Scrum course online that provides practiced, proven techniques for implementing Scrum.

In this course, Implementing Scrum and Avoiding Scrum Anti-Patterns, you will learn foundational knowledge of the application of Scrum.

The instructor takes you through discovering common Scrum anti-patterns and how to address them in a timely manner. You’ll then proceed to learn approaches for applying Scrum in a traditional organization. Finally, you’ll have gained the valuable tips for taking the Professional Scrum Master level 1 assessment.

When you’re finished with this Scrum certification course, you will have the skills and knowledge to apply your understanding of Scrum.

5. The Complete Agile Scrum Fundamentals Course + Certification | Udemy 

If you are considering taking a Scrum certification so that you can open more doors to job opportunities in tech, then you’ve come to the right place.

This Scrum certification courses on Udemy will teach you Agile Scrum from A to Z, where you’ll cover Scrum Project Management methodology, Scrum Fundamentals, Scrum concepts & Agile Scrum tools

Besides, even though this training online prepares you for taking Scrum .org’s Professional Scrum Master® level 1 (PSM I ®) Assessment, it goes way beyond that because there’s just much more that you’ll gain that’s beyond the exam.

Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion and 4 Digital Badges including a Scrum Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV or LinkedIn Profile.

This is a practical course where you learn from interviews, real world examples and the opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practice. 

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