15+ Best PowerPoint Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

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How can you upgrade your PowerPoint presentation skills as a business leader?

If you’d like to deliver visual presentations that actually pack a punch and get your audience nodding their heads, then you definitely have to learn and master Microsoft PowerPoint.

Once you acquire top-notch communication skills with PowerPoint, you’ll be able to open the program and create presentations from scratch, while adding amazing transitions, animations, and cinematic effects.

However, in order to pick these skills quickly, you need to learn from the best PowerPoint courses online that include design and animation lectures.

So in this article, I have reviewed the best Microsoft PowerPoint courses and certifications that will help you improve your PowerPoint presentation and design skills, so that you can get a really amazing presentation done.

In as short as one hour, you can get a thorough introduction to PowerPoint to get you rolling and then learn to create animated presentations down the line.

Let’s get started.

1. Effective Business Presentations with Powerpoint | Coursera 
2. Work Smarter with Microsoft PowerPoint | Coursera 
3. PowerPoint 2019 Essentials | Pluralsight 
4. Using Office PowerPoint (2016) | Pluralsight 
5. Learn Powerpoint: Master Powerpoint Presentations | Udemy 
6. Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint | Udemy 
7. Eye-catching presentations using PowerPoint 2013 | Udemy  
8. How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint | Udemy 
9. PowerPoint Presentation Masterclass: Design & Animation | Udemy 
10. Master Microsoft PowerPoint Learning Path | LinkedIn Learning 
11. PowerPoint Essential Training (Office 365) | LinkedIn Learning
12. Improve Your PowerPoint & Design Skills Fast | Skillshare 
13. PowerPoint Design & Animation Class | Skillshare 
14. Microsoft PowerPoint Basics | Tutorialspoint 
15. Powerful PowerPoint Presentations | Tutorialspoint 

1. Learn PowerPoint: How to Master PowerPoint Presentation | Udemy 

This is one of the best PowerPoint courses on Udemy if you want to learn how to animate and build engaging presentations and templates. It actually takes you from beginner to expert.

So it will basically help you save more time when working on PowerPoint, making you  more efficient. 

It is in fact divided into four comprehensive chapters to make it easy to follow.

You’ll begin with the essential knowledge part where you’ll cover the best presentation practices and useful PowerPoint tricks. Next, is the slide design chapter that covers how to design your own presentation. 

As you progress along this PowerPoint course, you also learn how to set up, prepare, and create templates in the PowerPoint Slide Master window to create high-quality presentations for your company, or clients.

Some advanced tricks you’ll pick up include setting up the music, video backgrounds, global changes, and more.

2. Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training | Udemy 

If you’d like to become the PowerPoint power user in the room then you should consider taking this PowerPoint training on Udemy.

It is one of the best PowerPoint courses online that provides you a complete PowerPoint training, where you’ll learn the basic PowerPoint features, slide design, and business presentation preparation.

What’s more, the course instructor has extensive experience with PowerPoint, so he teaches you how to organize your presentations in a professional manner, exactly like employees of Fortune100 companies do.

You’ll kick off this course by covering the PowerPoint’s basic tools, making it a great course for beginners in PowerPoint. Next, you’ll explore some advanced features, which are often neglected by average users. 

Finally, there is a case study that goes through the entire thought process instrumental to creating a well-structured company presentation. And then, you’ll create the actual presentation. So you get to gain first-hand experience on how to design great-looking PowerPoint slides from a real pro.

3. Master Microsoft PowerPoint Learning Path | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

This LinkedIn Learning PowerPoint training will help you discover how to create more polished and professional presentations by mastering PowerPoint.

It is split up through five different courses that cover the different aspects of developing an exceptional PowerPoint presentation.

The instructor kicks off this course by showing you  how to create, edit, and share professional-looking presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

You’ll then proceed to learn some powerful tips, tricks, and shortcuts for changing how you work with PowerPoint’s latest features so that you can save time on common tasks. Another way to make your presentations more memorable is through integration of audio and video.

I have included it in this of the best PowerPoint courses online because it also helps you demonstrate your PowerPoint expertise by becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist. So you’ll be ready to sit for the MOS PowerPoint Associate exam for Office 2019 and Office 365 (MO-300) at the end of the course.

4. PowerPoint Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365) Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

Learning how to create PowerPoint presentations is neither a science nor an art, it is just simple practice. So you don’t have to be a designer to create a great visual presentation. 

This course will help you learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to quickly create, edit, and share professional-looking presentations for your workplace or interviews. 

The instructor of this PowerPoint training, Jess Stratton, takes you through how to get started with PowerPoint templates and themes or build a new presentation from scratch. 

Along the course you’ll learn how to change the slide layout; add and edit text, images, charts, video, and animation; format slides for consistency; and add speaker notes and comments to ensure a smooth delivery. 

So by the end of the course, you’ll know how to use the PowerPoint tools to draw attention to your message and deliver a presentation that shines.

5. Microsoft PowerPoint From Beginner to Advanced | Udemy 

I’d say this is another one of those courses that will help you learn Microsoft PowerPoint to an intermediate level, even if you are a complete beginner. This makes it one of the best PowerPoint courses for beginners online.

To begin with, the video tutorials in this course were recorded using Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 on a Windows machine, but they are definitely relevant to PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016. 

However, for Mac users the videos will look a little different since the Mac interface is a little bit different.

What’s more, your instructor has more than 20+ years of Microsoft Office training, so he provides you with step by step guidance as you further develop your skills in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Once you complete this PowerPoint training, you’ll have mastered the most popular and sought after Microsoft PowerPoint tools and come away with confidence to complete many PowerPoint tasks with efficiency and grace. 

Lerma Gray

Lerma is our expert in online education with over a decade of experience. Specializing in e-learning and e-courses. She has reviewed several online training courses and enjoys reviewing e-learning platforms for individuals and organizations.

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