15+ Best Microsoft Office Courses & Certifications Online in 2024

microsoft office courses

The Microsoft Office ecosystem is vast. 

From Word and Excel to Publisher and OneNote, there are so many important moving parts that make up the whole. 

Sadly, most Microsoft Office tutorials you’ll find today are either incomplete or cover only one aspect where you only learn MS Excel, for example, at the expense of other important applications in the suite.

In light of this, I’ve compiled some of the best Microsoft Office courses online that cover all the important applications. 

These tutorials will enable you to specialize in specific applications if you’d like or gain holistic Office knowledge, in accordance with your needs, especially if already have experience with Google Sheets applications. Moreover, they will teach you how to use modern techniques and shortcuts so you can power through your MS Office tasks. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best Microsoft Office courses & certifications online in 2021 that are certain to make you a proficient MS Office user. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips  [Udemy]
2. Ultimate Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access [Udemy]
3. Microsoft Office Training (The Complete MS Office Course) [Udemy]
4. MS Office; Excel, Word, Access & PowerPoint 2019 – Beginners [Udemy]
5. MS Office – Advanced – Efficiency Training [Udemy]
6. The Ultimate Microsoft Office 2013 Training Bundle 71 Hours [Udemy]
7. Master Microsoft Office 2010 (In Just 48 Hours!) [Udemy] 
8. Microsoft Office; Excel, Word & PowerPoint 2019 – Beginners [Udemy]
9. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook & OneNote in 60 Minutes [Udemy] 
10. Microsoft Office 2010 Made Easy [Udemy]
11. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint | For Beginners [Udemy]
12. Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word 2016 for Beginners [Udemy]
13. Ultimate Microsoft Office Productivity Tips [Udemy]
14. Microsoft Office Time-Saving Techniques [Udemy]
15. MS Office Course Bundle- Word, Powerpoint, Excel & Outlook [Udemy]


Is efficiency your top priority for learning MS Office? 

If you’ve used Microsoft Office for a while and are simply interested in how to speed things up, consider the  Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips training on Udemy by Christopher Boykin. It’s among the best Microsoft Office courses & certification courses to enable you to work smarter as it contains helpful speed tips for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

To start off right at the basics of Acess, PowerPoint and Excel, you’ll be better served by the Ultimate Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access tutorial on Udemy by Simon Sez.  You’ll learn advanced Excel functions and even how to visualize data from tables with stunning charts, making it one of the best Microsoft Office courses online for data visualization.

If you’d like to get even deeper with data visualization, then stop by my other review of the best Tableau courses on Udemy. Tableau is a powerful visual data analytics tool, and it will help to enhance how you use Exel to process big data. 

Lerma Gray

Lerma is our expert in online education with over a decade of experience. Specializing in e-learning and e-courses. She has reviewed several online training courses and enjoys reviewing e-learning platforms for individuals and organizations.

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