10 Reasons why Udacity is Worth it 2024

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Udacity is the world’s fastest, most efficient way to master the skills tech companies want. 100% online, part-time & self-paced.

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Udacity nanodegrees do come up with some extra features that other course providers like Udemy , Coursera and Edx lacks.

Apart from the knowledge needed to be a success in the field, each nanodegree offered by the academy comes with a few extras.

It is their goal to help learners succeed in every way possible, perhaps the reason behind these nanodegree perks.

Here are the reasons I feel why is Udacity worth it

  1. High chance of getting a Job
  2. Projects and the content quality
  3. Mentorship
  4. Career services
  5. Community and discussion forums
  6. Partnership with notable organizations
  7. Free courses
  8. Expert interviews
  9. Good UI
  10. Graduate with a certificate

1.High chance of getting a Job

With Udacity, you have  high chances of landing into a job. 

I am saying this because I have talked with people who got a job because of the nanodegree.

They said that the projects they did at Udacity helped to impress the interviewer a lot. 

Many graduates have landed with a job within 6 months after the nanodegree.

Udacity used to give job guarantees earlier but they have discontinued the job assurance feature now.

However, they do all possible efforts for you to land in a job like their career service page.(more on this later)

After completing a nanodegree, your portfolio is shared with all their partnered organizations, Google and Amazon being one of them. 

This is the main reason why I feel Udacity is worth it. 

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2.Projects and High-quality content

Nothing is more important when it comes to the content quality of an e-learning platform.

Let me talk about the projects first.

As I told you, Udacity is more project-centric.

That means you learn by doing here.

These are the real-world projects aimed at providing you with practical experience.

All your projects are reviewed by a mentor who guides you throughout your nanodegree.

As these projects are valuable, you can add them to your resume or LinkedIn profile to lure employers.

Also, the instructors are industry professionals, good at teaching,

Many of them come from notable organizations like Google.

Even the founder of Udacity, Sebastian Thrun, himself is a Stanford professor and founder of Google-X.


You are assigned a mentor after you enroll in .

They are the ones who guide you through your entire nanodegree.

They are there to answer any of your questions and also give valuable feedback on your projects.

Projects are an important part of a nanodegree, having a mentor by your side is life-saving.

You can reach out to a mentor in case you get stuck somewhere.

The mentors are engaging and knowledgeable and will motivate you to complete the course.

This delivers a positive learning experience.

Having a mentor makes Udacity worth it.

4.Career services

This are the efforts taken by Udacity to help you get hired.

What do you mean by career services? 

It means Udacity will help you in preparing for job interviews and writing a strong resume.

You will also get improvement recommendations from an expert over your Linkedin and Github profiles.

Cool. Isn’t it?

Udacity will also share your portfolio to their existing network of employers. These are the organizations Udacity has partnered with. 

This includes Career Coaching, Resume preview, LinkedIn review, and GitHub review.

5.Community and discussion forums

In your dashboard, you get a feature called ‘peer chat’.


This is where you can discuss it with other students of the batch.

It’s good to watch students answer each other’s questions and supporting each other.

Here you can ask any question, seek some advice, receive support, and can even answer questions of other students. 

In the knowledge section , you find answers to the questions from other students. It is very likely that your question must have already been asked by some other student. 

So when you enroll in Udacity, do make use of discussion forums.

After using this feature, you will feel why Udacity is worth it.

6.Partnership with notable organizations

Their courses are developed in partnership with tech organizations such as Google, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, etc.

Experts from such tech giants help in creating projects and content aligned with the industry standards.

For instance, the self-driving car engineer nanodegree is crafted in collaboration with engineers of Marcedes Benz.

Also, the Android Nnaodegree is made in partnership with Google.

All these courses are followed by academic mentoring and real-world projects from these organizations.

7.Free courses

Yes, Udacity does offer more than 200 free courses to students. 

These courses are designed for beginners and act as pre-requisites for advanced nanodegrees.

With this, you don’t need to go anywhere else to brush up your basics.

Also, you get a taste of how Udacity delivers. 

However, they do not come with advanced features of paid nanodegrees like mentorship, student discussions, project reviews, etc. 

For instance, I took the python free course so that I could enroll in an advanced Business Analyst Nanodegree.

So make use of these free courses if you can. 

8.Expert interviews

This is a very interesting feature of Udacity.

Such expert interviews keep you motivated throughout the program.

But what exactly do you mean by expert interviews?

It means an expert from the industry shares their experience and thoughts.

We agree that theory is important but hearing real-life stories can give you a motivational push.

You will hardly find this feature on any other online education platform

9.Good User Interface

Udacity’s User experience is better than any other MOOC platform.

Have a look at it. 


Continuing course lessons from the menu is easy.

You can also see upcoming deadlines for graded projects. 

Accessing the course outline is handy. You can easily jump from one lesson to the other whenever you want to do so.

The menu on the left-hand side contains tools like Mentors help, peer chat, career services, and support. 

I feel that Udacity’s user interface design is human-centric and very efficient. 

10.Graduate with a Certificate

Udacity Nanodegree Certificate

Whats is more satisfying than having a certificate from a reputed MOOC.

Yes, you get a decent certificate after you graduate from the nanodegree.

You can attach this certificate to your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

As Udacity is a well-known institute, most of the employers are aware of the value it provides.

Having a certificate will ensure that you have acquired the necessary skillset.
Go, get a job.

Anyone wishing to learn new things and develop new skills in fields like data science, business, and programming should check out Udacity. Its courses are created to provide you with practical, marketable skills that are based on real-world projects. You may learn at your own pace and get assistance from mentors around-the-clock.

From the above-mentioned features of Udacity, it is clear that the platform does offer value to money. Hence I could say that Yes, Udacity is worth it.

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Akshay Vikhe


I am is a aspiring data scientist with huge interest in technology. I like to review courses which are genuine and add real value to students career

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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