Udacity Front End Nanodegree Review 2024: Learn to Build High-Quality Websites

Udacity front end web developer nanodegree review
Review of Udacity front end web developer

I recommend this Nanodegree if you are a beginner and comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If not, I recommend you to first check out ‘Intro to Programming Nanodgeree‘ to learn the basics.

In this Udacity Front End Nanodegree review, I will talk about its syllabus in depth along with some pros and cons.

Udacity is offering personalized discount.

Demand for front end web developers is widespread and shows no sign of a decrease

Currently, there are over 4 billion internet users all over the world. Unfortunately, we lack enough web developers capable of building websites and applications required by various organizations.

Udacity front end nanodegree dashboard
Udacity front end nanodegree dashboard

This Front end developer nanodegree, no doubt teaches you the best in the industry but at the same time it is important to know:

  • Whether this course is really worth it?
  • How many People have landed a successful job with this Nanodegree?
  • What are the reviews of earlier graduates?

Hence, to come up with this Udacity Front End Web Developer review, I have studied each and every aspect of the course to conclude whether to recommend it to you or not?

So keep reading…

udacity front end nanodegree timetable
Time table for Udacity’s front end nanodegree

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Before moving to this Udacity Front End Nanodegree review, let’s discuss something more about this course.

According to Udacity, students who go through this Front End Web Developer Nanodegree learn to create and design high-quality websites and dynamic applications. 

But to do this you are required to be comfortable to write in the three fundamental languages of web design: HTML CSS and JavaScript. 

In short, you will learn to do the following things in this course:

  1. Using CSS and Flexbox, you will learn to create responsive websites
  2. With the help of JavaScript and HTML learn to develop UI applications
  3. Learn how to connect the web application to a backend server
  4. Learn how to improve website performance in offline mode

We will discuss all the syllabus in the coming sections in this review of Udacity’s Front End Web Developer Nanodegree.

According to Ahmed Mokhtar, a Front End Web Developer Nanodegree graduate, the best part is that the Nanodegree is equipped with real-world projects where mentors review your project and give you comments about the good and bad parts in your code. 

Here is what he has to say,

Udacity front end web developer review

After going through various articles and taking interviews of earlier graduates, I figured out 3 unique USPs of this Udacity Front End Web Nanodegree.

Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree review: Features

1. Mentor support

Udacity assigns you a mentor who helps you out when you get stuck in your code. They provide guidance support and answer all your doubts and can also direct you to a valuable resource.

udacity front end nanodegree mentor help

2. Worthy projects

You will undergo five different projects during this Nanodegree. They provide you with practical exposure and hands-on experience, two problems you will face working as a front-end developer in any organization.

udacity front ned nanodegree project

3. Community

One of the best features Udacity provides is that you are given access to their Slack channel, where you can interact with all the peers who are taking this Nanodegree.

It’s like learning in a real classroom.

The group remains active for most of the time and gives immense opportunity to help other peers and get additional feedback on your projects as well.

For all these offerings, I am sure this Udacity’s Front End Web Developer Nanodegree is worth it.

udacity career services
Udacity Career Serices

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Let’s see how much the course costs for all the above-mentioned offerings

Udacity Front End Nanodegree Cost and Duration

With the given amount of offerings from Udacity in terms of content and dedicated support, the Front End Web Developer Nanodegree comes with a flat fee of $399/month

You are required to complete this in a period of 3 months expecting that you will learn at least 10 hours per week.

Cost: $399

Duration: 3 months

You can also pay monthly at a cost of $199/month.

I think, given the quality of instructor feedback and worthy projects, such a high price also seems reasonable as there are highly educated mentors who meticulously review your projects.

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In this Udacity Front End Nanodegree review, I will take you through the entire syllabus of the course, to help you decide whether to enrol for the Nanodegree or not.

Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree Syllabus

Course 1: CSS and website layout 

This course consists of lessons that include an introduction to HTML CSS and Flexbox. Here you will create a website with HTML and then style it with CSS and other responsive layouts.

As discussed earlier, this course is designed keeping in mind that you are already familiar with HTML and CSS. Here you have to position website elements, modify website typography and troubleshoot any issue that comes with stylesheets. In this course, you will learn to create a responsive layout where you will design a varied web page layout for different screen sizes

When a page is resized, it becomes challenging to change the layout and style. Hence, to overcome this, you will be taught how to observe and create breakpoints on a website.

Project one: Create a styled blog website

project for udacity's front end nanodegree
Front end nanodegree project 1

This being your first project, you will have to create a multipage blog website using HTML and CSS. Also, it is equally important to create the design of your blog pages using responsive layouts, Flexbox and CSS grid to make it more attractive and user-friendly. Let’s discuss the next course in this Udacity front end Nanodegree review.

Course 2: JavaScript and the DOM

In this course, you will be taught to control a web page using JavaScript.

Will explain what is Document Object Model(DOM) is and how to use it along with JavaScript to dictate page content.

There are five lessons in this course which cover Syntax, Document Object Model(DOM), content creation with JavaScript, working with browser events, and managing website performance.

There are quizzes after every lesson. Helps to revise the concepts.

quizzes of front end nanodegree udacity

The website performance depends upon the quality and quantity of content creation. The course explains possibilities when a webpage has to be redrawn.

In short, by controlling content creation, you will get hands-on experience managing website performance.

Let’s discuss the project involved in this course.

The project is creating a dynamic landing page for marketing content

This project lets you create a multisection landing page.

Most of the time, you are unaware of the amount of content added to a web page either through API or any Content Management System(CMS)

In order to overcome this problem, you have to manually add content to the page.

As you are familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you need to use these skills to update and control the page regularly for a better user experience. As the title says ‘Dynamic landing page for marketing content’ the multisection page you created should be optimized for both marketing and User experience

The next course is Web APIs and Asynchronous Applications

This one will be an interesting course you will go through. Time to develop your web application on your own machine. To do this, you will be taught to set up a Node and Express environment on your PC.

Also, with the help of Express, you will learn to manage website assets.

2nd lesson in this course will teach you to handle HTTP requests and routes.

You will also learn about Asynchronous JavaScript where you have to request data from a server using JavaScript Fetch

Later you have to work on website elements to modify it using asynchronously retrieved data

The project involved in this course is to create a web app that records a weather journal for users.

Here you need to collect data from OpenWeatherMap API and web browser to create a required application for a Weather Journal App.

Hope you enjoy this project during the course. Take your own time to complete the project and make sure your code works just fine.

udacity front ned nanodegree teaching style

We are now at the last course of this Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program.

The first lesson in this course begins with an intro to building tools like Webpack 

The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to use build tools to automate build tasks.

Here you will be introduced to Webpack and its uses.

The next step is to install and configure Webpack on your computer, also you will be taught how installing different types of plugins can extend the functionality of Webpack.

Learn how to cache server data and website functionality with the help of a Service Worker.

The next lesson teaches you to use Sass-controlled stylesheets by configuring Webpack.

Here, you will understand the benefits and use cases for Sass. Also, you will learn to create CSS variables with Sass.

That’s all for this course. The project will interest you more.

In this project, you have to build a web tool that runs Natural Language Processing (NLP) on other websites.

As a Front end developer, you will come across various tools and production environments discussed in this project. So do this project meticulously.

Here you will make use of Ayelin, an interesting API, to build a web interface that interacts with other websites’ NLP systems.

Now, what kind of information this tool will provide to you?

It will tell you the article is opinion or fact-based. Also, it tells you the tone of the article, whether it is positive or negative.

In order to complete this program, you have to undergo a final capstone project that tests your understanding of all the concepts discussed above.

Capstone Project of Front-end developer Nanodegree

It’s time to build an online travel app.

udacity front end nanodegree capstone project
Udacity front end nanodegree capstone project

Sounds interesting?

For this, you’ll have to work with data sources from multiple APIs. Remember, you aim to create an app that helps people in planning their trips by generating weather forecasts for the places they’re going to visit.

It’s time to put all skills you have gained including that of JavaScript, HTML, CSS to make this app, where you will have the flexibility of design, and you can make use of other APIs as well.

Is Udacity’s Front End Nanodegree Worth It?

I would say that this course gives a better understanding of all the concepts of front-end web development. After reading all reviews over different platforms, I found that this course has helped many to land a successful job.

At the end, I would say ‘Yes’ to this Nanodegree.

I hope I have convinced you a bit. I did my job, it’s time for you to take the action.

Udacity is offering personalized discount.

Akshay Vikhe

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring data scientist with a huge interest in technology.  I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to students’ careers. Here’s my story


Is the Front End Web Developer Nanodegree worth it?

This course is curated with the best industry experts to teach all concepts of front-end development. Hence it’s always worth it.

Can I get a job with this front-end Nanodegree?

This course has helped many graduates to land up a job as a front-end web developer. Hence it’s always worth it.

What is the cost of Front end web developer Nanodegree?

This Nanodegree costs $399/month. Sometimes Udacity does run huge discounts.

Review of Udacity front end web developer

Udacity Frond-End Web Developer Nanodegree

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Demand high paying jobs
  • Build real-world projects

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