Udacity Artificial Intelligence (AI) Nanodegree Review 2024: Expand Your Knowledge Of AI

I have taken Udacity’s few Nanodegree’s. The cost of purchasing Nanodegree comes with several career support services, such as GitHub portfolio reviews and LinkedIn profile optimization tips, as well as project and technical support from mentors.

In this Udacity AI Nanodegree review, I will uncover the syllabus and my thoughts on the course.

Udacity is offering personalized discount.

Want a career in AI?

First of all Congratulations! It’s gonna be an awesome ride.

A new field is artificial intelligence. Many companies are using AI technology into their operations. These days, artificial intelligence is used in every industry.

Creating a strong foundation of skills is very important to build a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which can be done with the help of this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree.

Again, there is a lot of stuff available online related to Artificial Intelligence but the right practicing and guidance along with realistic project-based learning offered in this Nanodegree is a complete package to deep dive into the world of AI. 

Let’s deep dive into this Udacity AI Nanodegree review.

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About the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Home Page

Udacity is a trusted name and giant in online educational platforms aimed to help students and professionals to enhance and develop their skills to give a boost to their career with the help of various online courses related to programming and some other technology-related stuff.

In this Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree, you will learn and practice various problems and exercises with mentor support.

After the completion of this Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree, you will be able to expand, optimize, and implement your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and become an AI specialist. So let’s know more about this Nanodegree in this Udacity AI Nanodegree Review.

Every tech giant, multinational companies and well-established startups requires AI engineers to test, build and deploy AI models.

Job Scenario

Udacity AI Engineer Salary Review

The Demand for Artificial Intelligence engineers or Artificial Intelligence specialists is increasing day by day as it has the power to transform the global economy.

The average salary of the AI engineer is $135,000 per annum in the US market, however, it can depend on various other factors such as certifications, education, skills, or experience.

In this Udacity AI Nanodegree review, I will cover each of the program features, advantages, and disadvantages so that you get to know the outcomes and the expectations of this course.

Costs and Duration of Udacity AI Nanodegree

Coming to the costs and duration in this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Review –

The overall duration of the Udacity AI Nanodegree is 3 months and after the enrollment, you have to give at least 12 to 15 hours per week to the program.

You can enroll in the program and access the complete 3-month duration of the course for a reasonable price of $799.

However, if you want to pay monthly for the course, then you can pay $314 per month and continue your learning.

Lastly, I always recommend you to stick to the date of completion and deadlines of the projects.


You should also brush up and practice the basic concepts of Calculus, Algebra, and Statistics.

You have to deal with the basic concepts and fundamentals of these topics or skills everywhere in the program.

Keep in mind that prior knowledge of Python Programming language is required, so if you have never done any kind of programming stuff, then it is highly recommended to complete any Python fundamental online course to get an idea of how things work in the world of programming.

If you already have the prerequisites, then congrats, you are ready to rock and enroll yourself in the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree.

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Now let’s discuss the syllabus in this Udacity AI Nanodegree review.

Syllabus of Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

The entire syllabus is divided into 5 courses where each of the courses has its own importance in developing your skills, the courses have various lessons along with challenging projects to practice your learnings and implementation skills.

Course 1: Intro to Artificial Intelligence

So this is the first course of your Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree.

In this course, you will get a brief overview of what you will learn from the program. You will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, its scope, meanings, and impacts in detail.

You will also learn to set up your Environment With Anaconda. In this lesson, you will learn some technical stuff such as installing software and completing the necessary system configuration you may need for the projects.

Course 2: Constraint Satisfaction Problems

This is the second course of the program and in this course, you will learn to build an agent that reasons like a human and would efficiently solve any Sudoku puzzle.

You will build that with the help of constraint propagation and search.

Course 2 of the program consists of three lessons. So let’s have a look at the projects in this Udacity AI Nanodegree review.

It’s time to work on the project, which is to build a Sudoku Solver.

In this project, you will use techniques such as constraint propagation and backtracking search together to make an agent that only considers reasonable solution candidates and efficiently solves any Sudoku puzzles.

While working on this project, you will demonstrate some basic algorithms knowledge and learn to use constraint satisfaction to solve general problems.

Course 3: Search, Optimization, and Planning

In this course, you will learn to build agents that can achieve their goals using search and symbolic logic, just like the NASA Mars rovers.

The project of this course is to build a forward planning agent. 

Intelligent agents must reason about their goals and make rational choices of actions to achieve them, as they are expected to act in complex domains where their goals and objectives may not be immediately achievable.

So you will build a system using symbolic logic to represent general problem domains and use classical search to find optimal plans for achieving your agent’s goals.

You will be planning and scheduling system power modern automation and logistics operations, and aerospace applications like the Hubble telescope and NASA Mars rovers.

So this would be the 4th course of the program and in this you will learn the extension of the classical search to adversarial domains, to build agents that make good decisions without any human intervention similar to the DeepMind AlphaGo agent.

After you completed all the lessons of course 4, now it’s time to work on a project. The Project of this course is to build an Adversarial Game Playing Agent.

In this project, you will build a system using symbolic logic to represent general problem domains and use a classical search to find optimal plans for achieving your agent’s goals.

Course 5: Fundamentals of Probabilistic Graphical Models

So this will be the last course of your Nanodegree. In this program, you will learn to Model real-world uncertainty through probability to perform pattern recognition.

You will determine the likelihood of observing test data given a fixed model. You will also learn an algorithm to identify the most likely sequence of states in a model given some data.

After the completion of all the lessons of this last course, now you will be working on a realistic project. The Project of this course is Part of Speech Tagging.

In this project, you will use a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to perform part of speech tagging, a common pre-processing step in Natural language processing.

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Pros and Cons of Udacity AI Nanodegreee

So after discussing all the prerequisites, costs, durations, syllabus of the program, let’s discuss some of the Pros and Cons in this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Review.


  • Various important concepts and topics are covered such as Constraint Satisfaction problem, search, optimization, planning, adversarial search, probabilistic graphical models, and all about Artificial Intelligence.
  • These topics are very important for any AI professional or a student who wants to perform best in any of the interviews for any tech role related to AI.
  • Realistic and challenging projects such as building a Sudoku solver, building a forward planning agent, building an Adversarial Game playing Agent, and part of speech tagging are extremely useful to have hands-on practice and enhance your practical knowledge in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Top-class technical mentor support throughout the program. They always motivate you and help you to stay on your track while pursuing the course.
  • With Udacity, there is always personalized learning at your pace and achieving personal goals with the help of their flexible learning program.
  • Studying with Udacity will always give you the advantages of a Personal career coach and services to help you out in interview preparation, building a resume, and online professional profile to boost your career. 
  • The Course has been rated 4.6 stars out of 5 by most of the learners and graduates enrolled in the program.


This program provides you with lots of information that may be difficult to understand and grasp for beginners, so it is strictly advised to follow the prerequisites and dedicate at least 11 to 12 hrs per week to the program.

Prior knowledge of Python programming and some standard libraries along with Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics are required to enroll in the program and enhance your chance of success.

Nanodegree Certificate

You will receive a similar Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree certification upon graduation and completion of the complete program.

Well, you should know that this certificate is not accredited by any university, but it’s definitely a perfect way to show potential recruiters about your qualification and skills. 

You should definitely add it to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile to highlight yourself as a proficient Artificial Intelligence specialist. You can easily access your certificate through your Udacity account.

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Advance features you get with Udacity

Udacity is popular for its valuable and updated courses which have helped thousands of students, learners, and professionals to improve their skills and land a better job.

Apart from the courses and lessons in the program, they offer some extra services which make this Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree so special. Let’s have a look at some of their services.

 1. Mentorship

 They have a world-class mentorship, which is one of the best parts of the Udacity programs. Mentors guide you throughout the entire program. 

 They will try to answer your every query and doubts which you might face in the program. Also, they will be responsible for reviewing your projects and providing feedback.

 They already know how challenging some of the typical concepts can be, so they will always be in your corner to boost your confidence and motivate you.

2. Career Services

 They always try their best to get you hired and that’s the reason why they help you in the preparation of Job interviews and building a professional resume and profile.

 Your resume and profile will be reviewed by an expert who will recommend you to make changes or improvements in it if required.

 Udacity also shares your profile with its partnered organizations.

3. Community and discussion forums

Udacity has a nice community feature where you will meet other like-minded peers from your batch and communicate with them.

 You can share your ideas, ask a question in a group of students, and build a professional classroom-like environment.

4. Projects and High-Quality content

 The quality of the content of any online learning platform is what really matters. It is more important than any other stuff available online. Here in Udacity, you will get high-quality content and project-based learning, the programs are overall project-centric.

 You will be working on some realistic and interesting projects, which will definitely help you to gain more practical experience. All of your projects will be reviewed by your mentors, who will guide you throughout the program.

 You can add your projects and certificates to your LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers. The instructors are industry professionals and many of them come from big MNC’s. 

5. Graduation certificate

 Having a certificate from a reputed Massive open online course is always an advantage for you. After the completion of the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree, you will receive a decent graduation certification from them.

 Most employers and potential recruiters are aware of the value of the content provided by Udacity and other big online educational platforms.

About Instructors

1. Peter Norvig (Research Director, Google)

Peter Norvig is a director of research at Google and is co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, which is one of the leading textbooks in the field.

2. Sebastian Thrun (Instructor)

Sebastian is the founder and president of Udacity. Sebastian’s mission is to democratize education. He is also the founder of Google X, where he led projects including the self-driving car, Google Glass, and more.

3. Thad Starner (Professor of computer science, Georgia tech)

Thad Starner is the director of the contextual computing group (CCG) at Georgia Tech and is also the longest-serving Technical Lead/Manager on Google’s Glass project.

Reviews from learners

Review from Ravish Agrawal

Other Reviews

Sameh Kishta

AI Instructor at ITI

View my verified achievement from AI-Nanodegree
Thank you National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) for your effort with us in completing Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree.
Thank you Udacity for your effort.
It was a great journey thought out your great platform.
Thank you for the Labs and Modules.
Thanks to you all for giving us the opportunity for this great journey and I’m looking forward to achieving more

     -via LinkedIn

Is Udacity AI Nanodegree Worth it?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular words in the world of technology. AI is not an entry-level skill or subject for any of the beginners in the field of technology. It requires a lot of experience and expertise. The role of the Artificial Intelligence engineer or specialist is mostly on a senior level in any of the companies. 

The Syllabus and the structure of the course are designed to make you understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence and gradually move to the advanced one. If you are new to Python programming, you should consider starting with Udacity AI programming with Python Nanodegree.

This Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree can help you a lot in cracking any of the tech interviews for the role of an AI specialist or similar to it. Hope you can get more detail about this Nanodegree in this Udacity AI Nanodegree Review.

Overall, this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree is up to the mark and is best for anyone who wants to become successful and boost their career in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We say Yes to this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree, however, it’s all up to you, how talented you are and what you’re gonna do to extract out the best possible outcome from this Nanodegree.

Udacity is offering personalized discount.

Akshay Vikhe

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring data scientist with a huge interest in technology.  I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to students’ careers. Here’s my story


Why should I enroll in this program?

The Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree features expert instructors and a world-class curriculum built in collaboration with top companies in the field. The program offers a broad introduction to the field of artificial intelligence and can help you maximize your potential as an artificial intelligence or machine learning engineer. If you’re ready for an efficient and effective immersion in the world of AI, with the goal of pursuing new opportunities in the field, this is an excellent program for you.

  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?
  • This Nanodegree is designed to build on your existing skills as an engineer or developer. As such, it doesn’t prepare you for a specific job, but instead expands your skills with artificial intelligence algorithms. These skills can be applied to various applications such as video game AI, pathfinding for robots, and recognizing patterns over time like handwriting and sign language.

  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
  • In this Nanodegree, you will learn from the world’s foremost AI experts, and develop a deep understanding of algorithms being applied to real-world problems in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, and more. If your goal is to become an AI expert, then this program is ideal, because it teaches you some of the most important algorithms in AI. You’ll benefit from a structured approach for applying these techniques to new challenges, and emerge from the program fully prepared to advance in the field.

    Akshay Vikhe

    I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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