Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Review 2024

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In this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree review, We will discuss how Udacity can help you to master JavaScript Programming.

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Reviews from graduates of Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

Daniel Von Rohr

Fullstack Web-Developer

Thanks, Udacity! I really enjoyed the learning experience!

     -via LinkedIn

Peter M.

Senior Software Developer @ publicplan GmbH

Just got my Intermediate #JavaScript Nanodegree from #Udacity after ~3 months of training! This was definitely a personal skills upgrade of overall JavaScript to 2021 and beyond. Now I am waiting for ambitious JavaScript projects!

     -via LinkedIn

Olaf Minkowicz

FullStack Engineer | Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer

Just finished Udacity Intermediate JavaScript NanoDegree and totally recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of depth in the language as a whole. It was a really good course, some review but some of the stuff was new stuff I wasn’t familiar with, like how the call and apply worked compared to bind and a pretty in-depth look into async calls.
     -via LinkedIn

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JavaScript is a programming language that is widely used in the field of Web and Software Development. In this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Review 2022, we will discuss that is it worth learning JavaScript from Udacity?

JavaScript is used by Web browsers to render dynamic and interactive functionalities such as dynamic web pages, implementing a custom client-side script, etc. 

Without JavaScript, we might not be able to have modern websites and software which we are using today in our day-to-day life. 

Full Stack JavaScript Developers are always in demand because every small and big company wants a Developer to handle both client-side and server-side software. 

This saves them the cost of managing different engineers for relevant tasks. 

There are various Web Frameworks that are built on JavaScript and are widely used for developing Modern Web and Software Applications, some of them are as follows- 

  1. Angular Js
  2. React Js
  3. Vue Js
  4. BackBone Js
  5. Node Js

You may already know that various tech giants such as Google, PayPal, Upwork, Sony use JavaScript and its framework for developing their products, but you may not know they use it for which specific purposes, well there are many but some of them are as follows – 

  1. Frontend Development
  2. Backend Development
  3. Ecommerce Application Development
  4. Game Development
  5. Automation
  6. Testing and Debugging
  7. DOM Manipulation

The skills required for becoming a JavaScript Developer require a level of experience, and you may not gain it as a fresher or a beginner. 

Expertise in JavaScript programming, client-side knowledge, asynchronous programming, cross-platform coding, react, redux are some of the skills required for becoming a JavaScript Developer. 

This Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree is a course where you can learn and practice the skills required to become a JavaScript Developer.

Learning the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree will put you on the fast route to success whether you want to create ambitious online applications, hack a server-side application, or create asynchronous patterns.

You may increase your knowledge of JavaScript’s foundations and develop your ability to create more potent web applications in just three months.

So, let’s find out more about this Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree in this Review for 2022.

About the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree is an online learning program that helps students and even professionals to understand and prepare for the roles in Web Development, Server Side Application Development, and Desktop Development. 

This Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree also helps students to learn and practice the skills required to work with popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

Important fundamentals of JavaScript programming such as Object-Oriented JavaScript, Functional Programming, Asynchronous programming will be taught to you in-depth by the industry experts so that you clarify all your doubts and make your concept crystal clear.

Udacity is the biggest Massive open online course provider and has changed the career of thousands of learners and professionals all over the world. 

This Intermediate Nanodegree is for the professional who wants to master JavaScript to get to the next level of their career.

As you will be learning advanced JavaScript, you are expected to have certain prerequisites and requirements for enrolling in this course. 

You should be well versed with basic concepts and types in JavaScript. In addition to it, you should recognize object syntax and structure, declare functions, able to navigate and use the Chrome DevTools.

Before enrolling, just check out the above prerequisites, and now let’s discuss the Job Scenario and the scope of JavaScript Development.

Job Scenario

Average Salary of JavaScript Developer

We’ve already told you that JavaScript Developers are always in demand, but you will be glad to know that they are also one of the highest-paid developers in the world. On the basis of your skills, you can really earn a lot.

The Average Salary of the JavaScript Developer in the US Market is around $111,100 per annum and the Average Salary of the JavaScript Developer in the Indian Market is around Rs. 350,000 per annum. Still, the package of a JavaScript Developer depends upon location, skills, and experience. 

There may be numerous job openings for JavaScript Developer, but you need to understand that getting any one of them needs you to be a skilled JavaScript Developer if you are a beginner or new to JavaScript then you will find it hard to get a job as a JavaScript Developer and that’s where this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Developer Nanodegree came into play.

This complete Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree review will help you a lot in understanding the structure of the program and its outcomes.

So, let’s start covering more details of this Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree including its features, pros, cons, syllabus, and some student reviews.

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Cost and Duration of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

The complete duration of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree is 3 months and after enrolling in the course, you will have to give at least 10 hours per week. In order to learn and master the fundamental skills, you will have to dedicate a specific time to practice the coding stuff.

The 3 months is the estimated time duration for this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree, it may take more or less time for its completion. It may also depend on your speed of learning and project completion.

You can enroll in the program and access the complete 3-month duration of the course for a reasonable price of $914.99. However, if you want to pay monthly for the course, then you can pay $305 per month and continue your learning with this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree.

You may find the pricing or the cost of this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree a bit expensive. You should be randomly checking the course page as various discounts and offers are also offered on the overall pricing of the course which makes it a bit affordable.

We recommend you to stick to the date of completion and the deadlines of the projects so that you may not lag behind and make it an unusually time-consuming program.

Prerequisites of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

Coming to the prerequisites of this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree it is important for you to know that this may not be the beginner level course. 

So this may not be your cup of tea if you are new to programming or coding and trying to learn JavaScript and its basic concepts. There are various free courses over the internet, you should be using that to get a basic understanding of JavaScript programming.

Well, understanding of JavaScript programming and its primitive types, writing conditions and loops, recognizing object syntax and structure, declaring and calling functions, navigating and using Chrome developer tool.

Syllabus of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

Now, let’s discuss the syllabus of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree. 

The overall syllabus of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree is divided into 3 courses, these three courses are kinds of sub-courses that are based on the basic fundamentals and principles of JavaScript programming. 

Course 1: Object-Oriented JavaScript

With this course, you will start your journey to learn and master JavaScript and in this course, you will learn how to use the Object-Oriented Programming features of JavaScript to write reusable and maintainable blocks of code.

You will learn classes and objects, inheritance, along with various other practices that are used to maintain the Do Not Repeat yourself principle of programming. 

This course has four lessons which are as follows – 

  1. Objects in Depth
  2. Functions at Runtime
  3. Classes and Objects
  4. Object-Oriented Design Patterns

Course 2: Functional Programming

After learning Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript, now it’s time for you to learn functional programming, which is the trending topic in JavaScript. 

You will learn the paradigm of Functional programming and practice the modern JavaScript syntax that will provide you with long-term benefits in JavaScript programming.

This course has five lessons which are as follows – 

  1. Introduction
  2. Functional Programming
  3. Functional JavaScript Syntax
  4. Functional Programming in JavaScript
  5. Going Further with Functional JavaScript

Course 3: Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

So this is the last course of your Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree and the focus of this course is to get you familiar and comfortable reading, writing, and thinking in Asynchronous patterns.

Understanding Asynchronous programming is very important for every web developer to increase or enhance the performance of any website or web application. 

This course has four lessons which are as follows – 

  1. Stack vs Heap
  2. Pointers and References
  3. New, Delete, Memset and Mallo
  4. Smart Pointers

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Pros and Cons

So after knowing all the prerequisites, costs, duration, and syllabus of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree. Now, let’s discuss some of the Pros and Cons of it in this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Review 2021.

Pros of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree:

  1. Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree will make you prepare for the roles in Web Development, Server Side Application Development, and Desktop Development.
  2. You will master the fundamentals of JavaScript Programming.
  3. It has three realistic projects which cover all the concepts and topics taught in the Nanodegree. Working on these realistic projects will provide you with valuable practical experience.
  4. Top-class mentor support throughout the program clears your doubt and helps you to stay on track.
  5. Career Services such as resume support, GitHub Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile optimization will help you to advance in your career.
  6. Project feedback and reviews will help you in finding out the correction you require in your code.
  7. Udacity has a decent student community where ideas, doubts, and guidance are shared and resolved.
  8. You will learn to write code on the industry best practices and get additional suggested resources in order to improve your coding skills.

Cons of the Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree:

  1. Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree requires a level of knowledge about JavaScript programming as a prerequisite.
  2. The Cost of this Nanodegree is more expensive than most of the other Intermediate JavaScript online courses and Bootcamps.

Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Certificate

Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Certification

You will receive a similar Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree certification upon graduation and completion of the complete program. Well, you should know that this certificate is not accredited by any university, but it’s definitely a perfect way to show potential recruiters your qualification and skills. 

You should definitely add it to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile to highlight your proficiency in JavaScript Programming. You can easily access your Nanodegree certificate through your Udacity account.

Advance features of Udacity

Udacity is already popular for its valuable and updated courses which have helped thousands of students, learners, and professionals to improve their skills and land a better job, but there are certain features of Udacity that make it different from other online learning platforms.

Some of them are as follows – 

  • Top Class Mentorship
  • Career Services
  • Decent Community and Discussion forms
  • Projects
  • High-Quality Content
  • Nanodegree Certification
  • Personalized Project Feedback
  • Practical Guidance and Industry Best Practices

About Instructors

Udacity is well known for its experienced, top-class mentors and instructors. In this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree, you will learn the fundamental of Advance JavaScript with this group of Instructors – 

  1. Alyssa Hope – Software Developer at SeamGen
  2. Rachel Manning – FrontEnd Developer at Acquia
  3. Andrew Wong – Developer Advocate at Adyen
  4. Richard Kalehoff – Software Engineer at Udacity

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This Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree is best for the students and professionals who know the basics of JavaScript and want to learn the advanced JavaScript concepts and fundamentals that are used in the development of Modern Web and Software Applications.

Working on all three projects in this Nanodegree will provide you practical experience required to understand and work with modern applications and frameworks of JavaScript.  Hope you find this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Review interesting and beneficial.

At last, the success or the career boost still depends on you and your effort to master a certain programming language and extract out the best from this Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree.

Udacity is offering personalized discounts

FAQ’s of Udacity Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree

This Nanodegree program will prepare me for which type of Job?

Well, in this Nanodegree you will be learning the Advance topics of JavaScript in order to master it. After a little research, you will find out that JavaScript is used in various places either it’s a frontend, backend, web, server-side, or desktop development. So there is a high chance that you will get a job as a JavaScript Developer in these fields.

I don’t think that I have the prerequisites for enrolling in this course. What should I do?

Well, in that case, you should try to learn and practice JavaScript as a programming language. You should also learn that how we use JavaScript with other frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc. We recommend you to enroll in the Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree to get a good understanding of how things work.

Mo Mullah

Author at OnlineCourseing  

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