Udacity Java Web Developer Nanodegree Review 2024: Learn Back-End Development

Udacity Java web developer review

Become a Java Web Developer

In this Udacity Java web developer review, I shall be talking through my journey into online learning and eventually taking a 4 months course on Udacity.

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Hello, My name is Akshay, I am a Software Engineer at Oracle. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

For the last 3½ years, I have been working on a Full Stack Development within the Java ecosystem. In this Udacity’s Java Web Developer Nanodegree review, I am going to share my journey and thoughts on the projects.

As a graduate with Java web dev Nanodegree, I am probably a little more well-versed than most to write this review.

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About me and my motivation

So, the main motivation which drove me to enroll in this program was its nice and well-designed syllabus. I was already interested and enthusiastic about the Web and Application development ecosystem using Java programming language, and that was also one of the reasons why I could not resist myself to enroll in the course. 

To sum up this review, the overall curriculum and syllabus of this course is very concisely and well-designed. The Instructors are professionals having good knowledge about Java Full Stack Development, however, their explanation was beginner-friendly.

The syllabus of this Nanodegree is industry-oriented, covering all the essential and core concepts of Java Web Development. 

Right place at the right time

Once I was wandering and surfing the net exploring the prices of the Java Web Development courses, suddenly I came upon one of the articles.

I came to know about a nice discount going on offered by the Udacity on Black Friday, I bought it and enrolled right there. For me, this Nanodegree is value for money, it includes all the important and relevant concepts and skills that one needs to become a proficient Java Web Developer.

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Course structure and Projects

The Syllabus of this Java Web Developer Nanodegree is concisely and well-designed. It includes all the important skills and concepts required to finish an end to end complete Java Web Development project.

The Syllabus of the Nanodegree initially introduces us to the Java and Spring ecosystem with their components such as Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring MVC, etc. 

Along with that, this program covers the designing and writing part of the Web Services. It also introduces us to the Microservice Based Architecture.

The first unit may seem to be a bit fast-paced, but once a learner goes through the documentation and finishes the project, he/she will gain enough confidence to work on their future projects. My favorite part of this program is Security and DevOps. In this review of Udacity’s Java Web Developer Nanodegree, I’ve shared why these two are a bit more interesting to learn. 

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Unit 1: Spring Boot Basics


Spring Boot Basics


As the title reads, Unit 1 of this Nanodegree starts with the introduction to the Spring boot, covering all the important topics and concepts required to work on a spring boot-based project.

So, it may seem a little fast-paced. Beginners might need additional reading sessions on the related topics from the documents relevant to it.

Project: Build a Web-based Personal Storage Application

The project of Unit 1 was to build a Web-based personal storage application. This project covers almost all the details and cases required to build a spring-based web application along with UI (User Interface) using thyme leaf.

Basic concepts of Unit testing, Security, Data, and UI are covered. Let’s move on to the next unit in this review of Udacity’s Java Web Developer Nanodegree.

Unit 2:  Web Services and APIs


Web Services and APIs


So, the second unit was Web Services and APIs. This unit majorly focuses on working with REST and microservices. The brief introduction to REST APIs and their functionalities are well explained in a beginner-friendly way.

Consuming the REST and SOAP APIs in the services are demonstrated well. The same has been made understood with the help of various MCQs in an intuitive way.

Project: Build the Backend System for a Car Website

The project of this unit was to build a back-end system for a car website. This project basically covers all the concepts we learned in unit 2 above the REST API development, considering the API key auth. Also, has to have the Swagger-based API documentation.

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Unit 3: Data Stores & Persistence


Data Stores & Persistence


This unit is quite interesting, as we get to learn about various possible ways we can persist data for our application/API using spring.

The multi-tier data storage is well explained. All the concepts taught are well-supported with the appropriate coding snippets given time to time along the way, concluding the lesson with a short assignment to complete. This helps us understand the tricky topics simultaneously.

Topics like Hands-on JPA and how to set up data sources with and without JPA were explained well.

Project: Design the Data Model for a SaaS Application


Project: Design the Data Model for a SaaS Application


The project of this Unit was to design the data model for a SaaS Application. This project demands the learner to write a SaaS application that provides a scheduling interface for a small business that takes care of animals.

This Spring Boot project will allow users to create pets, owners, and employees, and then schedule events for employees to provide services for pets. 

One good thing about the course I found is that to help us head start on the project development, a basic project template along with an easy-to-understand README file is given. This boosts the speed to start the project and work on its development.

Unit 4: Security and DevOps


Security and DevOps


This unit simplifies the concrete concepts that any DevOps and Security enhancement would need during the project development and as well as the deployment phase. The essential and required concepts like authentication and authorization are well touched and explained. 


Product Development Phases


Again testing and logging are the inherent part of any app development, these are included here as well. Splunk and other CI/CD concepts are demonstrated and implemented to know us well.

Project: Implement Authorization for an eCommerce Application

The basic idea of this project was to implement authorization for an ECommerce Application. This project deals with the development of an eCommerce application. This gives us good hands-on key security and DevOps skills from this course.

So, the overall experience of working on the projects in this Nanodegree was very satisfying. All the essential and necessary topics and concepts were already provided in the same unit.

Since that was the first launch of the course, it is well updated nowadays to match today’s work-life balance and living requirements. 

Talking about the timeline of this Java Web Developer Nanodegree, well the timeline was pretty flexible as it’s totally given up to the user to freely choose the days and hours to study. But, the timetable scheduler is great, it helped me a lot to keep track of the course progress, which even shares the timely reminder in case the user missed the track. So, with the help of it, I could complete this Nanodegree in time.

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Udacity Features 

So, there were various features of this Java Web Developer Nanodegree which makes it stand out from the crowd. Talking about the Mentorship, well I have not utilized it as such, as nearly all the issues were addressed well in the forum with supportive answers.

Still, based on my experience, most of the doubts were resolved with the designed and decorated answers. 

All the projects delivered were analyzed for plagiarism and test cases. Career Guidance is provided by them along with helping various learners and students to build and maintain a perfect LinkedIn profile.

A good LinkedIn profile is extremely useful for getting a job matching the required skill sets.

Udacity has very proficient and eligible faculties and mentors for any of the courses and programs they provide. The Quality of the content is always good, it is well-prepared and designed by professionals, and that’s the thing I like the most about studying with Udacity.

Cons of Udacity’s Java Web Developer Nanodegree

Till the ending of this Java Web Developer Nanodegree, there was nothing that I did not give a shot to not liking, whether it’s a feature or the quality of the content, or anything else.

But there is one thing I would like to say and that’s the involvement or the engagement of the learners can be improved by organizing a live session periodically for the past and current students. 


Finally, I am confident to say that I am fully satisfied with this Udacity Become a Java Web Developer Nanodegree Program and I would recommend this Nanodegree to all the Java Spring Developers and enthusiasts who wish to dive deeper to understand all the concepts of the Java Web Development well and have a good hands-on practice on it.

Udacity Java web developer review

Akshay Chaudhari

Akshay is currently working as a Software Engineer at Oracle. He holds rich techno-functional experience in banking product development and consulting at Oracle. He has the thirst to learn new technologies on the go and loves to solve problems using his skills.

Visit my LinkedIn Profile.


Akshay Chaudhari

Akshay is currently working as a Software Engineer at Oracle

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