Udacity AI programming with Python Nanodegree Review 2023: Learn AI with Udacity

Udacity AI Programming with Python

AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

In this Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree review, I will talk about how Udacity will help you to master AI Programming with Python.

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Reviews from graduates of Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

William Daugherty LinkedIn

William Daugherty

Prospective NLP engineer and Data Scientist

Thanks, Udacity! This was awesome!

-via LinkedIn

Rohit Kumar LinkedIn

Rohit Kumar

Android Developer || Full Stack Developer || AI Enthusiastic || Jt. Secretary at AIT OSS

Going deep dive in the Artificial intelligence world is the curious effort that everyone wishes to do. I was also curious about AI, so I started learning from Udacity’s Nanaodegree program. It’s a great experience to learn Neural networks, with entrancing Mathematics and all Machine learning implementation tools like NumPy, Pandas, and sturdy Pytorch.
After submitting my project of an Image classifier model as a final project I was graduated from Udacity’s Nanodegree in AIPND.
Have a look at my Image classifier Model project –>https://lnkd.in/eA6EQjq
My verified certification link–> https://lnkd.in/ehYrmyT

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been a representation.” —Jeff Hawkins

     -via LinkedIn

Amitash Nanda LinkedIn

Amitash Nanda

Researcher – Accenture Research Lab

Successfully Completed the Course.
Happy Learning!!!!!
#Udacity #nanodegree #AI

Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Certificate

Improvement reviews

dummy image

I took this course intending to learn Python before getting into AI/Machine Learning.. Would probably have been better to take specifically a Python course.


Udacity Ai Programming with Python Nanodegree Overview

Computers are the most widely used technology all over the world. From the fridge you use to the phone you have, they are everywhere, to the small watch you have around your wrist.

It might seem like computers are programming the world, a notion that cannot be more wrong. No doubt, computers do assist us, humans, in making our lives better, faster, and more comfortable; they still need humans to program them for the tasks they perform.

Different programming languages are used to program computers for different tasks, depending on the ease, nature, and reusability of the language. Nowadays, Python is regarded as the fastest-growing programming language, especially when it comes to AI programming.

SlashData claims that almost 8.2 million programmers are using Python as their primary programming language.

The syntax python provides simple, very close to English language syntax and the functionality of the code written in this language is remarkable.

This AI Programming with Python Nanodegree will make you learn the basic and fundamental skills required to build your own neural network.

You are in the right place if you want to learn more about this Nanodegree as we will be covering each detail of the program in this Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Review.

Jobs in Python Programming

Python is a rapidly growing programming language, and it ensures a broad spectrum of professional opportunities in the field.

If you are someone studying or intending to learn Python, you might be delighted to see that there are many jobs for people proficient in this language.

One might work as a python developer, developing websites, algorithms, data security systems, and developing customized data algorithms.

The other opportunity is that of a product manager, which is all about market trends and works.

You might also find a chance to work as a data analyst or a data journalist, both related to the data collected about various groups of things.

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What is AI Programming with python at Udacity Like?

Multiple online platforms provide courses, short courses, and Nanodegree programs in Python, Udacity.

There is an extensive collection of online courses provided by the forum, but today we will discuss the Udacity Python AI Programming Nanodegree program offered by Udacity.

The Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree starts from the language’s very basics and progresses towards more complex concepts related to the course.

There are many assessments and quizzes during the program, ensuring that the outcomes of the study are being produced as expected.

This program teaches a person who has a fundamental knowledge of computers, technology, and programming languages.

The course ensures that all information related to the subject, no matter how basic it might be, should be delivered to the people enrolled.

Facts about Udacity’s AI programming with Python program

  • You will work on real-world projects from industry experts
  • Technical mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivate you and keep you on track.
  • You will have access to career counselling sessions, interview preparation advice, help in CV and resume making and online professional profile reviews to help you grow in your career.
  • Get a custom learning plan customized to fit your busy life. Learn at your own tempo and reach your own goals on the schedule that works good for you.

Duration of Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

The total duration of the course is estimated to be three months.

The students have to give ten hours per week to the course.

Students can watch the uploaded video any time in the week. There are several quizzes and assignments throughout the degree, all of which have deadlines for a week at least.


There is no cost in particular for the course, but you have to buy the membership at Udacity, which costs $399 (three hundred and ninety-nine dollars) per month.

It means, to complete the course, which lasts for a tenure of three months, you will have to pay $1,197 (One thousand, one hundred and ninety-seven dollars) in total to complete the course.


The Udacity AI programming with Python Nanodegree program comes up with no pre requisitions other than general and hardware requirements you should know about.

General Requirements

  • You should know about the basic knowledge of computers, such as managing files, starting programs, and knowing how to navigate the internet and search for stuff from the internet.
  • Other than this, you should also know introductory algebra and programming knowledge in any language.

Hardware requirements

  • This only includes running OS X or Windows Operating System on your computer.

You can also refresh your skills by referring to our helpful list of resources in our FAQ.

What are the learning outcomes of the Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree?

Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Syllabus

Now let’s discuss the syllabus of this Nanodegree in complete Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Review.

The course material fulfills the commitments made by Udacity Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree. The syllabus is not all about the necessary skills to learn Python, but it will also guide you to start a career or get a job.

The following is the syllabus with a brief overview of all the modules included in it.

Introduction to Python

In this module, you will be given a brief introduction to Python. You will be provided with enough knowledge to start coding with Python.

You will also be provided with the knowledge for drawing upon libraries and will also be able to learn automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly.

Moreover, you will also be introduced to the project on which you will work named “Pre-trained Image Classifier to Identify Dog Breeds.”

In this project, you will test your Python skills by working with three different pre-trained image classifiers. You will be guided to write your script to identify different dog breeds.

How to Install and Use Critical Tools?

Every programming course has some essential tools to practice their skills and polish them to become great programs. To know the names of these tools only is not enough.

In this module, a brief overview will be given of all the essential tools which you will use in this course. Following are the tools we will learn about in this course:

  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • NumPy
  • Anaconda
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib

You will learn how to install these key tools on your operating systems and also you will learn how to use these tools to work with data in Python.

After learning this module, you will have an excellent knowledge of the tools mentioned above, and you will be ready to go on the next module and continue learning.

Linear Algebra Essentials

Linear algebra plays a significant part in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In various AI or machine learning algorithms like supervised learning and unsupervised learning, determining inputs, and training the machines with the qualities and expected outputs, linear algebra is needed.

In this module, you will learn the foundational linear algebra you need for Artificial Intelligence success. You will also be able to know about vectors, linear transformations, and matrices.

Linear algebra behind neural networks also plays a vital role in programming, which you will know in this module.

Calculus Essentials

Knowing calculus also plays an essential role in Artificial Intelligence concepts.

In this module, you will learn the foundations of calculus to understand how to train a neural network.

For this, you will learn the following topics of calculus: plotting, derivatives, the chain rule, and many more with all these great topics.

Moreover, in this module, you will see how these mathematical skills visually come to life, which you will be explained with a neural network example.

Neural Networks

In this module of the course, you will learn the basics of neural networks while building up your first network with Python for a project named “Image Classifier.” In this project, you will create an image classifier application.

By building your neural network, your system will be able to identify objects appearing in images, just as humans do.

You will experience how useful and efficient a neural network is, and use your newly acquired knowledge as a substantial building block in your AI career.

What is a Neural Network?

Pros and Cons

Pros of Udacity AI Programming with Python

  • The most significant benefit of learning from Udacity is that portfolios of the enrollers who graduated in Udacity are shared with the globally recognized Partner companies of Udacity, which will help them start their careers immediately after completing the course.
  • Another benefit is that you can get access to the course without paying a single cent, but you have to pay the required fee for getting the certificate. You will be presented with a certificate only if you have compensated the fee.
  • You must be worried about paying for the certificate, but this can be helpful for you; the completion certificate of Udacity is globally distinguishable that will help you get a well-paid job or give a kick start to your profession.
  • This course focuses not only on learning AI Python Programming theoretically but also on exploring it in your practice.
  • Many other platforms do not give feedback on your work. Still, at the Udacity platform, your mentor will review the projects you have done personally, which will help you get accurate reviews and corrections for your projects.
  • Udacity also offers you a personal trainer who will explain to you throughout the course and is always prepared to help the enrollers with the educational problems.
  • They will also help you build up or polish your professional skills, which are important in getting a job or building up a profession, i.e., making resumes, CVs, and interviews.

Cons of Udacity AI Programming with Python

  • As you know, Udacity offers paid courses. Still, it also offers scholarships and discounts to remain a burden for the dedicated enrollers who eagerly wanted to learn from us.
  • This course requires your fullest commitment, which means you have to invest your fullest attention in it and have to work hard to fulfill tiring projects to obtain a certificate, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Udacity’s AI programming with Python Nanodegree Certificate

Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Certificate

You will receive a similar AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Certificate upon completion of this Nanodegree.

You must be worried about paying for the certificate, but this can be helpful for you; the completion certificate of Udacity is globally distinguishable that will help you get a well-paid job or give a kick start to your profession.

In addition to this Nanodegree, you should also check this Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Review, if you want to enhance your AI knowledge.

Why You should enroll yourself in Udacity AI Programming with Python?

Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Features

Project Goals

AI-powered increases in safety, throughput, and efficiency are already advancing our world, and the finest is yet to come as it becomes more and more evident how impactful AI can be.

 The AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program makes it informal to learn the in-demand skills employers are considering. You’ll learn foundational AI programming tools such as Python, NumPy, PyTorch, and the essential math skills such as linear algebra and calculus that will allow you to start building your own AI applications in just three months.

 Whether you’re looking for a full-time role in an AI-related field, want to start smearing AI solutions in your current role, or want to start studying the defining technology of our time, this is the perfect place to get started.

Project Reviewers and feedbacks

You will be able to get customized feedback by 1600 and more. You will also be able to access infinite submission and feedback loops, which will help you gain practical ideas and additional suggestions to improve.

So that means, these projects are not mundane but professional ones as they will be counted upon your portfolios.

Personal Technical Mentor support

If you have paid for the course in Udacity, you will be provided with a technical mentor who will check your projects and guide you if you do anything wrong.

He will support and help you throughout the entire course. If you will have any queries you will be answered by them as soon as possible.

Personal Career Services

Udacity not only focuses on academic things but also helps you to polish your professional skills. You will be given career advice and personalized feedback.

They will also help you to get ready for interviews or CVS and Resumes. Besides this, they will help you to send your CVs to recognizable companies on your behalf.

So it’s an excellent opportunity for you because you will have a great chance of getting a well-paid job in one of the reverence companies worldwide, which will boost your career.

The Final Verdict of Udacity AI programming with Python Nanodegree

The purpose of providing you with Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree Review is to help you understand this course better.

Udacity Nanodegree will help you to achieve your dreams of being an expert in AI and python programming. You can enjoy the virtual class, a strong discussion forum, a personal Trainer, and globally familiar certificates by investing.

AI programming with Python is becoming the most demanding job of this era, and one can earn a lot of money in this.

So that’s why we are suggesting the importance of doing AI programming with Python Nanodegree course in Udacity, which in return will make full use of your investment, and you won’t regret your choice.

Akshay Vikhe

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring ML Engineer with a huge interest in technology.  I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to students’ careers. Here’s my story

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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