Udemy VS Pluralsight: A complete comparison Review

Udemy Vs Pluralsight
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In this post, we have featured an in-depth Udemy Vs Pluralsight 2022 which includes detailed insights into these online learning platforms. In this Udemy vs Pluralsight online learning platform comparison, it’s really easy to put different brands head-to-head and see which provider has the highest evaluation. So let’s get started here

Best forWeb Technologies, Business, MarketingWeb and Software Development
Price$19.9 to $199.9$299 per annum
Career servicesNoNo
Projects/quizzesYes (Not in all the courses)Yes

Did you know 1/3rd of the learners opt for an online course to master a skill?

Yes, you read it right!

There are immense benefits to online learning courses, like flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Things are slowly transforming digitally from offline learning procedures and making them productive. However, some learners choose to learn in conventional methods to stay focused and motivated. 

If you’re planning for a career transition then it’s obvious to have thousands of questions running in your mind like,

What are the prices?

Which are job-relevant skills?

Is it worth buying a course online?

How will it help me grow professionally? Well, selecting the correct subject matter expert from an online institute is important to take the next step in your career. 

It’s always recommended to compare the online learning sites and decide for the best. As we have curated some comparisons for your benefit and made it hassle-free for you. 

There are a lot of similarities and differences between these two online course providers Pluralsight Vs Udemy.

You are here because of the following reasons:

  • You are looking to upgrade your career
  • Wants to develop a skillset
  • Planning to switch your job
  • Love online learning

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the best two online course providers to clear your doubts, and find out if Udemy vs PluralSight is worth it:

Overview of Udemy Vs PluralSight

With an increasing interest in acquiring programming skills, many have turned to popular online learning platforms like Udemy and Pluralsight. These platforms offer a plethora of online courses tailored to the needs of both beginners and experienced learners. 

Udemy courses span various categories, ranging from machine learning web development and programming languages. Pluralsight courses, on the other hand, are majorly focused on tech-related areas, serving as a specialized learning platform.

Among the most well-liked e-learning platforms for programmers are Pluralsight and Udemy. Both platforms include tens of thousands of tech-related courses that cover the most sought-after programming techniques.

Udemy is an e-learning US-based company founded in the year 2010. It’s a massive open online course (MOOC) provider for students and professionals. At present, the platform has more than 36 million learners with 60,000 instructors available in over 75 languages and 1,750,000 courses. 

PluralSight is an American online education company, founded in 2004. Since then the main focus of Pluralsight courses remained technology and development, computer science, and programming.

It has more than 5000 courses listed on the site. The platform is focusing on technology skill development for both individuals and business professionals, such as software development technology, IT ops, Data Science, data security, and much more. 

What is PluralSight?

I’m pretty sure that Udemy already rings a bell to you but PluralSight might new to your ears. Let me give you some info about PluralSight then.

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers a vast library of courses and learning resources primarily focused on technology, software development, IT operations, data science, and cybersecurity. It provides individuals and businesses with opportunities to acquire and enhance their skills in various technical domains.

Pluralsight collaborates with industry experts and renowned professionals to create high-quality courses that cover a wide range of topics and technologies. The platform is known for its up-to-date content, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving tech industry. It offers courses at different skill levels, from beginner to advanced, allowing learners to progress at their own pace.

One of the key features of Pluralsight is its structured learning paths. These learning paths guide learners through a series of courses and projects, providing a comprehensive and systematic approach to skill development in specific areas. Learners can also take advantage of interactive coding exercises, assessments, and hands-on projects to practice and apply their knowledge.

Pluralsight provides a personalized learning experience through its adaptive skill measurement feature. This feature assesses learners’ current skill levels and recommends courses and learning materials to bridge any knowledge gaps. Learners can track their progress and measure their skill development over time.

The platform offers subscription-based access, where learners pay a monthly or annual fee to access the entire course library. This model allows unlimited access to all courses, learning paths, and additional resources available on Pluralsight. The subscription also includes access to exclusive content, such as expert-led webinars and industry reports.

Pluralsight is widely used by individuals looking to acquire new technical skills, advance their careers, or stay updated with the latest industry trends. It is also utilized by businesses and organizations to train their employees and develop a skilled workforce in areas related to technology and IT.

Overall, Pluralsight is a popular platform for technology-focused learning, offering a comprehensive and structured approach to skill development in various technical domains.

Which platform is easy to use in terms of interface?

Well, every user wants a well-organized easy-to-use website. Let’s check which is better Pluralsight or Udemy, in terms of interface: 

1. Registration:

When you visit the page, for more details you have to register with your official name, active email id to get login credentials. You will receive a confirmation mail from Udemy. 

The registration procedure for PluralSight is easy as you can click on the “Try for Free” icon. You need to enter your first and last name, email id, country of residence, and company name (optional). There’s another section to add payment details for subscriptions. Once your free trial period is over, you will receive a reminder email to continue the course or do it later. 

The end conclusion on the interface is tricky to decide for the incredible learning platforms like Udemy and PluralSight. However, if you consider the registration process, Udemy tops the charts as it is simple with a clear layout to find what you’re searching for. 

2. Design:

Udemy’s design is clean and crisp. The page has all the useful sections, such as top-viewing courses, top categories, fast-selling courses, and much more. 

PluralSight design is artistic and amazing. The main page displays trending topics with their latest features. 

Both sites provide course and subscription plans on the first page itself. Udemy gives trending and interactive courses and package prices with ratings. PluralSight home page gives an overview of the company and top course information. 

3. Courses:

Udemy offers more than 155000 courses with 13 sub-categories and detailed filter options. You can filter the course with star ratings, video length, topics, learning levels, and language. The preview video contains an introduction to get familiar with the course structure and instructor. 

PluralSight core library has 2500+ courses and the expanded library has 7000+ courses, which is related to technology. The category includes Architecture & construction, Business professionals, Creative professionals, Data professionals, IT Ops, Manufacturing & Design, Information & cyber security, Software development, and Web development

In Udemy you can buy an individual course depending upon the levels, but PluralSight is completely based on subscription plans. The user interface of the platforms is wonderful and easy to use. However, a few limitations are applied to some courses based on subscription plans.

Our Take: Course Catalog and Representation – Udemy

Other UI factors – PluralSight

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What’s the price difference between Udemy and PluralSight?

Pricing is an important aspect to compare if you’re buying a single course or long-term degree, online. Both Udemy and PluralSight have their own set of pricing plans based on individual courses on, a monthly and yearly basis. 

Udemy gives an option to buy individual courses, just like how you shop on online shopping sites/apps. In PluralSight, it is completely based on a subscription model. Both platforms have an equal weightage of benefits in terms of quality content. 

Udemy offers more than 1,83,000 online video courses with a wide range of topics, such as creative skillset, cloud computing, data science, web development, and much more. Every month new add-ons will be published. The price is charged for individual course complete modules, which starts from 700 INR. Also, there are free courses to get an overview of the topics related to the main topics.

Udemy for Business offers plans for both team and enterprise. The team plan is created for small-size companies or a team size of 5-20 users. This model pricing starts from $360 per year and a 14-day free trial is available. Team Enterprise plan starts for 21 + users and to try out the plan you can contact Udemy Business for a free demo. 

PluralSight pricing works completely on a subscription model, based on a monthly and yearly basis:

Plan Cost (Monthly/Yearly)
Standard 1,499 / 12,299 INR
Premium 2,299 / 18,399 INR
Plan Cost (Per user /Year) (You can pick for your teams)
Starter $ 399
Professional$ 579
Enterprise$ 779

The basic plan has access to more than 2500 core libraries and a free trial is not included in this plan. If you select a professional plan that’s created for a small team of 10 or more with access to more than 7000 expanded libraries; and a 14-day free trial. 

Our Take: For beginners who want to learn for free or at a cheap price – Udemy

Other Advanced Topics and Practices- PluralSight

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Which is more budget-friendly?

One of the key differences between Udemy and Pluralsight lies in their pricing model. Udemy offers paid and free Udemy courses, allowing users to find courses based on their budget. 

Pluralsight operates on a subscription basis, with a monthly fee providing access to their entire course library. Therefore, if you’re constantly taking classes specifically related to tech, you might find Pluralsight more beneficial.

If you’re comparing Udemy vs PluralSight price, Udemy has a higher value for the cost than PluralSight. In terms of quality content, Udemy also led the show. 

PluralSight provides a cost-effective subscription that is quite lower than Udemy, which starts at $29. If you compare free courses, then Udemy has the highest number of free courses offered. The overall analysis of Udemy vs PluralSight is, that Udemy is better than PluralSight; Udemy is budget-friendly with free courses. 

Both the platforms are affordable and mainly depend upon the learners’ requirements. Technically, Udemy is much cheaper and more cost-effective than PluralSight. 

Are Udemy and PluralSight Certificates worth it?

Obtaining a certificate from an online learning platform is valid. Udemy vs PluralSight give completion certificates with the time taken to complete the course. 

Udemy is not accredited to any institution, but you can share your achievement on social networks to get notice from the top recruiters. 

PluralSight will automatically generate a completion certificate once the course is done. The drawback is, that you will not receive certificates for project work and interactive courses. Like Udemy, PluralSight is not completely accredited but has recognition with reputed companies.

Both Udemy and PluralSight reward your learning journey after successful course completion. These platforms are well recognized by many organizations and accepted as an achievement. 

What’s the average time taken to complete a course on an online learning platform?

The average time for any online learning video will be between 30-40 mins.

If you’re taking a free course on Udemy, the maximum course duration would be around 2 hours. The course is divided into smaller sections with an average time of 3-4 mins and it consists of video lectures, assignments, and PDFs related to the topics. 

A learner can take maximum time to complete the practice materials, quizzes, coding exercises, which doesn’t count with the course length. 

The average time taken for course completion on PluralSight is based on the course module. For example, if you enroll in Python, the course length is 42 hours for 24-course topics.

The module’s time duration will be divided into 40 mins, 1 hr, or 2 hr maximum. In PluralSight, you can generate a learning analytics report for a month at regular intervals. 

Here both platforms are dedicated to producing quality content with interactive quizzes, practice test papers, and much more. However, PluralSight gives your learning analytics with points to improve the weak areas. In Udemy, there’s no deadline provided to complete a course. After the completion, you can still access the content. 

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What are the topics mainly focused on by Udemy and PluralSight? 

In Udemy, the sections are divided as per trending courses, learners viewing, and the top category. 

For example, the trending courses can be digital marketing. The complete digital marketing course consists of 12 sets of 12 modules, such as digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, SEO, YouTube, email, Facebook marketing, and much more.

Around 5,00,000 plus students have benefited from this course, which is available in various languages. Overall the rating for the course is 4.5/5. You can buy this complete course at 3,499 INR

Here are a few examples of the courses offered by Udemy

Programming Languages Courses

Business Analytics & Intelligence Courses

Web Development Courses

Personal Transformation Courses

In PluralSight, the courses are listed as per index score, which means the relatively popular topic is highlighted at the top most based on the relevance score. Here the sections are divided as per area of interest, such as software development, IT operations, Data, security, and much more. 

For example; Python is highly recommended for Data Science. The course is available for 1,499 INR per month and a 10-day trial. This is for beginner level, with an average time duration of 1 hour and a rating of 4 /5

Here are a few examples of courses offered by PluralSight

Introduction to Testing in Java

Computer Fundamentals: Software Troubleshooting

Java Language Fundamentals

Building Data Storage Solutions with Microsoft Azure Services

Overall, both learning sites provide an excellent path to master your desired skill. In Udemy the courses are not limited to certain topics, but you can experience various topics, like guitar, design, web development, analytics, personal development, and much more.

However, PluralSight is more focused on technology and business-related topics. Udemy has more topics covered and courses available as it has a wide range of options from various domains

Who are the instructors and what’s their background? 

As you know, teaching makes any subject interactive and engaging. Likewise, teaching makes a course interesting! Udemy and PluralSight have excellent instructors, which helps learners to master a skill. So, now we will be knowing the instructors and their background in this Udemy vs PluralSight comparison review 2022.

The Udemy instructor team follows only one motto, passion! As a learner, you will experience teaching from real-world experts to bring the online classroom into action. More than 65000 instructors are on the Udemy platform, who are:

  • Real-time subject matter experts – Udemy instructors are the best leaders in business, executive coaches, real-time practitioners, and award-winning knowledge providers. 
  • Diverse domain experiences – Udemy marketplace model consists of instructors from over 180 nations worldwide with a huge range of industry knowledge and skills. 
  • Focussed to maintain fresh content – Udemy course ratings, reviews, and direct contact with instructors receive feedback on regular feedback to identify the improvement area to provide quality content. 
  • Powered by data – Udemy analyzes learning data points with help of instructors to recognize the new and trending skills to keep the learning journey successful.
  • Check for course quality and relevance – Udemy instructors provide a formulated syllabus with a combination of manual and automated curation to understand which topic to give more attention. 
  • Community speakers – Udemy course has an international course collection featuring more than 4500 languages. 

Learn more about Udemy’s top instructors

PluralSight’s team of instructors is dedicated to inspiring, teaching, and transforming learners’ lives. As a learner, you will get an opportunity to develop technology skills taught by an industry-led expert.

The team’s mission is to share knowledge and empower the next generation by providing access to in-demand skills. 

  • Instructors create video courses that match global audiences with technology learning videos. 
  • Instructors build adaptive assessments to get hands-on with the skills 
  • Instructors give access to the learners to practice cloud-based skills in a secure platform

Learn more about PluralSight’s top instructors

What are the pros and cons of learning on Udemy and PluralSight?

Every online learning platform has some pros and cons associated with it. It plays a major factor in their ranking. So let’s know about the pros and cons of these online learning platforms in this Udemy vs PluralSight review 2022.

When you consider any platform for learning, there are both pros and cons, such as:

Udemy Pros and Cons –

Pros –

  • Udemy has a wide range of courses available
  • Udemy has free access to online courses for beginners
  • Udemy gives the flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • Udemy courses are sold out as an individual or as a complete module 
  • Udemy content is available in many languages

Cons –

  • Udemy course quality may vary
  • Udemy course may end up being expensive
  • Udemy learning community is limited

PluralSight Pros and Cons –

Pros –

  • PluralSight provides high-quality content consistently
  • PluralSight works on a subscription model
  • PluralSight updates content/information every day
  • PluralSight is focused on delivering IT and business-related courses
  • Pluralsight content is available only in English, but subtitles are offered in various languages

Cons –

  • Some courses on Pluralsight are outdated
  •  PluralSight memberships are expensive 

Quality of Education

Let’s know a little more about the Quality of Education provided by these platforms in this Udemy vs PluralSight comparison review. Udemy has a large variety of courses listed on its platform. Whereas Pluralsight has limited ones with good quality content.

Most of the courses on Pluralsight are tech-related which makes it exclusive in that domain. Hence there is a sense of professionalism in Pluralsight that is sometimes lacking in some Udemy courses.

Udemy covers general topics ranging from skills to creating courses. Hence the quality of content might vary from course to course ( It is always preferable to select courses based on their ratings)

Pluralsight provides high-quality education on topics such as web designing, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, etc. Hence it is the best option when it comes to computer technology-related courses.

Career opportunities in Pluralsight:

  • Web developer
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Android developer
  • Python Programmer
  • Data Scientist

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Does both provide Certificates

Yes, both Udemy and Pluralsight provide certification.

Which is better? CBT Nuggets vs PluralSight vs Udemy

CBT Nuggets is an American organization dedicated to providing in-demand technology training at flexible times for more than 20 years. The company was founded in 1999, and CBT Nuggets stands for “Computer-Based Training” focussed on delivering online training to match productivity and project management. 

The platform is designed for IT professionals, and the courses are based on DevOps, System Administration, Networking, Programming, and much more. CBT Nuggets learning videos are accessible on both computers and mobile. Overall, CBT Nuggets have 338 courses with 2,157 skills to learn and 22,271 video tutorials. 

Some learners like the traditional method of the learning process, so in that case, CBT nuggets take you on a nostalgia trip with a classroom feel and a whiteboard!

The CBT Nuggets interface is amazing and clean with easy navigation. Course lists are clearly labeled for quick support and direction to choose the topics of your interest. Every page is designed with a list of questions and tips to find what you are looking for. 

Now, you read the complete comparison of the two incredible online learning platforms, let’s have a brief look at Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets vs Udemy. 


  • CBT Nuggets charges $84 per person every month.
  • Udemy price varies as some are free and depend on the course package.
  • PluralSight costs $300 per year as annual membership or $29 every month. 


Pluralsight has close to 5000+ online courses while Udemy has more than 120,000 courses that cover everything from programming languages like Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Kotlin, and PHP to frameworks like React, Angular, Vuejs, Nodejs, and tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle and much more.

A search for “programming courses” on Pluralsight turns up around 2,000 results. This is significantly smaller than Udemy’s offer. However, it’s important to note that Pluralsight is heavily tech-focused. This means quite a number of the courses that aren’t explicitly labeled as programming courses are still very relevant. You can literally find online courses to learn any skills in both Pluralsight and Udemy.

  • In PluralSight, the courses are listed as per index ratings. 
  • PluralSight has a wide range of course selections with document-based and minimal video lessons.
  • In Udemy, the courses are listed as per top ratings, and reviews, and also by trending and most viewed courses. 
  • Udemy has a huge course collection from all the domains, with both more video lectures. 
  • CBT Nuggets provides a free week with an extensive course list. 
  • CBT Nuggets has a longer version of in-depth lessons. 


  • CBT Nuggets – On-demand training videos, Virtual Labs, CyberVista Practice Exams, Accountability Coaching, Usage Reporting, and Learner Management. 
  • PluralSight – Access to 5000+ course libraries, Skill measurement, Virtual Labs, available in multiple languages as subtitles, and much more. 
  • Udemy – 40,000 + courses available, Free courses, Virtual Labs, available in multiple languages, and much more.


Another critical point of difference lies in the structure of the online learning platforms themselves. While both offer quality courses, the best online learning platform for you might depend on your learning style. 

For instance, if you prefer following a structured learning path and require regular assessments of your progress, Pluralsight might be more suitable. On the contrary, if you want more flexibility and the freedom to explore a wide range of topics, Udemy could be the perfect choice.

All three platforms, CBT Nuggets, Udemy, and PluralSight have good, clear, and slick interfaces. CBT Nuggets is easier to navigate, Udemy is approachable with most viewed categories displayed at the top most, and PluralSight is simple to scroll with the course index value. 

All the online learning platforms are wonderfully designed to help you to master a skill. You can choose the platforms based on your learning requirements. 


In the Udemy vs Pluralsight debate, it’s crucial to remember that both platforms excel in their own right. Udemy provides a vast selection of courses, appealing to a broad audience, and it’s often hailed for its basic skills courses and learner-friendly approach. 

Pluralsight, however, is considered one of the best online learning platforms for tech professionals seeking advanced training. Ultimately, the choice between these popular online learning platforms comes down to your individual needs, budget, and learning objectives.

Udemy and PluralSight are ultimately better in terms of delivering quality content through various features, such as online videos, learning materials, and much more. Here’s a list of points based on both the online learning platforms point of view:

  1. Udemy provides some free courses and PluralSight offers 30% on a monthly and yearly basis. 
  2. Udemy has the largest course collection right from creativity to technology, whereas PluralSight provides tech-related topics. 
  3. Udemy individual courses are available at affordable prices, PluralSight provides a free trial for 10-14 days subscription plans. 
  4. Udemy gives an option for a 30-day refund policy (conditions applied) and PluralSight allows offline viewing on the app with no refund policy but you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. 

Overall, both platforms are incredible in shaping the learners’ careers through online learning content. Apart from the content provider, you will be backed with 24/7 email, and phone support, or by submitting a ticket or checking the help center.

Udemy is better for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level learners and PluralSight models are built separately for all level learners, students, and professionals in terms of building business solutions. 

Both the platforms Udemy and Pluralsight are extremely valuable when it comes to e-learning. Both have their own specialties. Udemy is good at general topics suited for beginners looking to explore their interests. Hope you like this Udemy vs PluralSight in-depth comparison.

Whereas Pluralsight is technology-oriented i.e. if you are serious about learning that specific subject in computer technology, then I must say Pluralsight is the right option, as it has few courses but is extremely valuable.

I hope I have cleared your doubts.

Happy Learning!

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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