Coursera Vs Udemy : A Detailed Comparison and Review

I am very interested to debate on Udemy vs Coursera as both are top online course providers in the country. I will try to pinpoint the pros and cons of both the course providers. As both have their strengths and weaknesses, it becomes very difficult to choose when it comes to Udemy and Coursera. Not to worry, by the end of this article you will be confident to differentiate both the platform as per your requirement.

What you want your online program to “be” will determine the type of online learning system you select, which in turn will depend on a variety of variables, including what students should know and be able to accomplish, technical considerations, and the expertise of online teachers.

Coursera was founded by two Stanford professors in 2012 while Udemy was founded before Coursera in 2010. Currently, Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform, followed by Coursera, Lynda, Edx etc.

Udemy currently hosts 45,000 courses, while Coursera has around      courses that are free to audit.

The major difference between Coursera and Udemy is that Coursera provides courses from world’s leading universities like Stanford, Yale, etc. while Udemy hosts courses from Individuals.

When we look in-depth there comes differences in cost, quality of education and certifications.

Let’s explore all these parameters to help you choose the best in the debate on Coursera vs Udemy.

A detailed review on Coursera vs Udemy

  1. Coursera Vs Udemy Cost Comparison
  2. Quality of Education
  3. Udemy vs Coursera Certificate Value
  4. My Take on Coursera Vs Udemy
  5. Coursera Vs Udemy Vs Edx Vs Skillshare Vs Pluralsight

Coursera Vs Udemy Cost Comparison

When it comes to price, Udemy seems cheaper for individual courses. Their most of the bestselling courses are almost on sale, and you can grab them for around $10-$15(They are mostly priced at $200 but with heavy discounts). The best part is you get lifetime access to the course once you buy it. Now you can take the same course for multiple times for revising your concepts.

Coursera on the other hand have similar business model like Skillshare and Pluralsight. Coursera has a monthly payment option where one needs to pay around $50 ($40-$80) for monthly subscription and gets access to as many courses as they want. Some individual courses chargers one-time payment and gives you access for almost 6 months.

The good part about Coursera is that you can audit most of the courses for free, but to get the certification and get access to additional features you need to make the payment.

Udemy: $10-$15/Course

Coursera: $50/month (Average)

Who Wins in Cost?

 Udemy may seem to be a cheaper option when you decide to take courses frequently or in smaller quantities, as it does not make any point to waste money and time on long courses. One can learn new skill on Udemy for the price of lunch you pay in restaurant.

Coursera is valuable if you have a lot of spare time and budget to complete big courses. Additionally, Coursera provide financial aid option for students struggling to make payments.

For me, Udemy wins for cost comparison between Udemy Vs Coursera.

Quality of Education

Now, this might bring some major difference between both the course providers.

Coursera as you know offers courses taught by leading universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton etc. Often the material taught in the Coursera courses is similar to what is actually taught in the university. This brings a great value addition to Coursera, as getting taught by such incredible instructors is always valuable. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, Udemy is an open platform where most of the courses are individually developed, which means anyone who has knowledge about the subject can teach on Udemy. But this doesn’t mean Udemy lacks behind in providing quality courses. I firmly suggest selecting courses based on rating and reviews, as this way you can be sure of a top quality course.

Who wins in providing Quality Education?

Coursera is obviously a strong academic platform where professors from top universities teach academic oriented subjects. Udemy, on the other hand, is non-academic and teach a range of courses by individuals, but still is good to learn certain academic subjects.

In my view, Coursera is tough to beat in providing Quality academic knowledge.

Udemy vs Coursera Certificate Value

Certification is important when it comes to prove you are credibility and improve your resume. 

You might be needing certification for the following reasons:

  1. To showcase in your resume
  2. To apply for a particular job
  3. To change your existing job
  4. To show your superiority to others in your field.

Coursera Certification is undoubtedly superior to Udemy as it comes with a reference from universities like Stanford, Yale and Cambridge.

Coursera offers digital certificates that can boost your LinkedIn Profile and enhance your resume.

Udemy do provide you a certification on completion of the course, but this may not ensure that the interviewer will consider it valuable to consider for the job position. But this must not stop you from learning that skill set you are looking for.

After all it is the knowledge that matters, not the certificate. Hope you get this.

Coursera Vs Udemy Vs Edx Vs Skillshare Vs Pluralsight

Edx is also a good competitor for Udemy and Coursera, as it offers accredited courses from institutions like MIT and Harvard.

Skillshare is also a great platform to learn creative courses like Photography, 3D animation etc. It is also a subscription model based like Coursera and hosts more than 1000 different courses

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Pluralsight is another great course providers when it comes to computer science and programming.

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