Lingoda vs Italki 2024: Which Is A Better Language Learning Platform?

Lingoda vs Italki Onlinecourseing
Lingoda vs Italki Onlinecourseing

In this comparison article, we will talk about a comparison between Lingoda vs Italki and whether it is worth recommending to you.


Looking for an unbiased lingoda vs Italki comparison? Then, you are in the right place!


So, what are these platforms all about? Let’s dive in.

Lingoda is an online language school where you can learn English, Business English, German, French & Spanish. You learn in groups of up to five, and straight from a native speaker. They cater to learners at all levels and also give you study material. 

  • You can learn alongside other language-learning enthusiasts.
  • All teachers are qualified, native speakers.
  • Choose a time that works best for you — they’re available 24/7!
  • Classes are live and interactive to enhance your learning experience.
  • Works on a subscription basis.

italki is another language-learning platform. Here, you can choose from over 130 languages including Russian, Japanese, French, and Spanish. Learning happens one-on-one on Italki. They, too, cater to learners at all levels.

  • You have 130+ languages to choose from, and a wide network of teachers.
  • Teachers can be certified or informal.
  • Available 24/7 — book a session at a time that works for you!
  • Classes are live and one-on-one.
  • Works on a pay-per-session model.

Full Comparison In A Nutshell !

Parameter Lingoda italki
Pricing $6 to$20 per class Classes range from $4 to $40
Duration Details 3 Months No Set Duration
Best For -Instructors
-Group learning
-Sprints & Marathons
-Choice Of Languages
-Mobile App
Course Content Consistent & Structured
The Curriculum Varies From
Money-Back Guarantee Available No
Pros -Engaging Curriculum
-Quality Of Instructors
-Both Group & 1-on-1 lesson
-Wide Variety Of Languages
-Mobile App
Cons -Slightly More Expensive
-No Mobile App
-Difficult To Find Right Trainer
-Complicated Payment System
  Go To Lingoda ➜ Go To italki ➜
Parameter Lingoda italki
Pricing $6 to$20 per class Classes range from $4 to $40
Duration Details 3 Months No Set Duration
Best For 1) Instructors
2) Beginners
3) Group learning
4) Sprints & Marathons
1) Pricing
2) Choice Of Languages
3) Mobile App
Course Content Consistent & Structured Course
Curriculum According To
International Standards
The Curriculum Varies From
Money-Back Guarantee Available No
Pros 1) Engaging Course Curriculum
2) Quality Of Instructors
3) Both Group & 1-on-1 lesson
4) Interaction Between Fellow Learners
1) Affordable
2) Wide Variety Of Languages
3) Mobile App
Cons 1) Slightly More Expensive
2) No Mobile App
1) Not All Trainers Are Good,
Can Be Difficult To Find Right Trainer
2) Complicated Payment System
  Go To Lingoda ➜ Go To italki ➜
Parameter Lingoda italki
Ratings and Reviews ✔️  
Curriculum ✔️  
Instructors ✔️  
Pricing   ✔️
Advance Features   ✔️
Career Prospects After Course ✔️  
Total Points 4 2
Winner- Lingoda! Visit Lingoda ➜ Visit italki ➜


Lingoda vs italki: Which One Is The Best?

Ratings and Reviews:

When choosing a product or service, it’s always important to see how actual users feel about it. That gives you an idea of the pros and cons and helps you make your choice.


  • Positive reviews of Lingoda speak about the quality of instruction and satisfaction with the teachers on their platform. Users also speak of how the certifications they’ve gained from Lingoda have helped them in their careers.
  • Negative reviews of Lingoda speak of the price of the service being on the higher side. Some users have also faced issues with reaching out to Lingoda’s support team.


  • Positive reviews of Italki talk about how the platform allows you to learn a large number of languages. Users like that they offer less common languages too.
  • Negative reviews of italki speak about how the credit system for buying courses is unnecessarily complicated. They also found the process of finding the right teacher very tedious.

Winner: Lingoda

Overall, Lingoda has a bit of an edge when it comes to rating and reviews. They have a large number of ratings and reviews and their average remains between 4 and 5 across review platforms.

Curriculum & Course Content:

When learning any new subject, one of the first questions you’d ask is “What will I learn?”. It’s an important part of learning a language too. It’s important to keep your needs in mind here.


  • They offer a structured form of learning, with a pre-defined set of topics to cover in each lesson.
  • Even if you change teachers, you will still follow the same curriculum.
  • In addition to grammar and vocabulary, lessons also include interactive real-life examples and practice conversations.


  • The curriculum on Italki varies from teacher to teacher.
  • You can find teachers that offer a structured curriculum and ones that don’t.

Winner: Lingoda

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a structured learning experience, then Lingoda is for you. If you’re more interested in conversing and less in structure and certification, you can go with italki.


Instructors: Lingoda Vs Italki?

Probably not. Even if you do, how can you be sure that what you learned is accurate? That’s why it’s so important to have a good teacher.

That way you can focus on learning rather than worrying about your teacher’s capabilities.


  • All instructors on Lingoda are certified. This means that they have a professional education in the language. This allows you to have a bit more confidence in the person you’re learning from.
  • They have about 1400+ teachers in their network teaching English, Business English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • They’re all native speakers of the language they teach. It’s a language that they know through and through.


  • They have a combination of certified as well as informal teachers. However, you choose your teachers for every session that you book.
  • So, you can make the choice based on their profiles. You can also filter your search based on whether you want to learn from a ‘Professional Teacher’ or a ‘Community Tutor’.
  • They have a network of over 15000 teachers on their platform teaching over 130 languages.

Winner: Lingoda

Although italki has a wider network of teachers, we have to go with Lingoda on this one. All their teachers are certified and experienced. That saves users the trouble of screening through thousands of teachers.



Of course, when investing in any sort of upskilling or courses in general, price matters. Before deciding on a platform, you must identify the value for money as well as its affordability.


  • Offers a 7-day free trial for you to get an idea of how it works before committing.
  • Prices vary depending on language, plan as well as the frequency of classes.
  • Prices range from $6 right up to $20 per class. However, you have to commit to a monthly plan.


  • Prices on italki vary for different instructors. You can book a class for as low as $4 and as high as $40.
  • They use a credit system, where you first buy credits and then book classes using those credits. This makes the whole process more complicated. Plus, you can end up losing money if you suddenly stop taking classes.

Winner: italki

italki is the clear winner in the comparison of Lingoda vs italki when it comes to price. It’s a lot more affordable, and gives you a lot more bang for your buck!

The biggest advantage here being the pay-per-session model. The only downside is the need to pay using credits.


Advanced Features:

Every learning platform has its unique features. These play a huge role in our interaction with the platform and impact our opinion of it. Let’s look at what advanced Lingoda and italki have to offer to their users.


  • Language Sprint — It’s like a Bootcamp but for language learning. If you have the time and headspace to learn a language at full power and intensity, you should check this out.
  • It involves taking classes every day (super sprint) or every alternate day(sprint). If you attend all your classes, you get a 50% cashback. However, to enroll in this you’ll need to join a waiting list.
  • Course Placement Tests — Placement tests that allow you to gauge your current level in a language. These tests are free to take.


  • Community — Italki offers a community platform that allows you to interact and engage with other users. This can be to ask questions, to practice what you’ve learned, or even to meet new people!
  • Mobile App — They have a mobile app that’s available on Android as well as iOS.
  • Trial Classes — You can book trial classes with instructors at a lower price. This allows you to decide on whether a specific teacher works for you or not without attending an entire class.
  • Italki also offers placement tests, but they range from 10 to 30 dollars.

Winner – italki

In terms of advanced features, italki wins. They offer a wider range of features and ones that are more accessible and useful to language learners.


Learning Experience:


  • Lingoda uses Zoom for their classes, and as long as you have a fast internet connection and a decent device, the interaction is smooth.You can go through Rocket Languages Vs Rosetta Stone article
  • Since they offer group classes, the learning experience is enhanced and more interactive. Especially since the size of the group is small, and hence optimal.


  • While Lingoda can be accessed only through their website, Italki also has an app. The app is available for Android as well as iOS. That makes it easy to learn on the go.
  • Italki offers users several different platforms on which they can attend classes. These include Skype, Facetime, etc. and they also have the Italki classroom which you can access directly through their platform.
  • A lot of reviews of Italki have mentioned tech issues while attending classes.

Winner: TIE

It’s difficult to decide as both have almost the same features considering learning experience. It allows you to access the app, and learn languages on the go and easily.

Career Applications After Course:


  • For every CEFR (Common European Framework) level you complete, Lingoda awards you with a certificate.
  • Therefore, these certificates are internationally recognized. This is great to keep you motivated, and to add to your CV too! It serves as proof of your language understanding and knowledge.
  • This is ideal for people who want to use this language certificate for future career prospects, or even get into teaching themselves.


  • There are no accredited certificates given by Italki for learning languages on their platform.
  • If skill and understanding are all you want, Italki works fine. However, if you need proof of your language proficiency, then you’d have a problem.

Winner: Lingoda

Lingoda wins this one. Especially if you’re learning a language for career purposes, or to get certified, Lingoda would be the right choice. In Lingoda vs Italki battle, here we get a clear winner Lingoda.


Pros and Cons of Lingoda:

✓Pros ✘Cons:
Curriculum is engaging Expensive side
Career services Don’t have a mobile app
Discussions and real-life conversations  
Certified Instructors ensures higher quality teaching  

Pros and Cons of italki:

✓Pros ✘Cons:
Have mobile app Few non-certified trainers
More affordable Complicated Payment System
Flexibility in terms of teachers and schedules  

Final Conclusion: Lingoda Vs italki?

After a brief comparison between Lingoda vs italki, we can say italki is a great platform for learning languages, but we have to say that Lingoda is the better choice among them.

italki would require a lot more time and patience, which most of us don’t have. Plus, Lingoda has certified trainers that can guide you through a new language with a lot of experience backing them.

Learning a language is a long-term commitment and can be life-changing. Lingoda gives you a much more focused, effective learning experience.

Rhea Mansukhani

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In the past few years, she has designed courses in Content and Creative Writing and taught them to 200+ students. Outside of work, she loves to read, watch Anime, cook and she’s also quite the foodie.

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