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Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree Review

Md Rana Mahmud

Data Scientist

It was challenging to finish this course.
It helped me a lot to understand how the Data Scientist works in the real world.
Project 1: Write A Data Science Blog Post Udacity
“How to live Happy Married Life based on Data?”

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Reviews of Data Analyst Nanodegree

Hussain Q

Junior Industrial & System Engineering student

During a three-month journey with Udacity, I have established a strong foundation in Data Analysis using Python libraries (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn).

The program also includes Practical Statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA), Data Wrangling, and Data Visualization. Also, each course requires a capstone project to be completed, which gave me hands-on experience, and made me confident working with data.

Udacity Programming for Data Science with Python Reviews

Andra Z.

Programmatic Manager 

Programming for Data Science with Python is a very comprehensive nanodegree that teaches the most important programming languages used by data scientists today – Python, SQL, terminal, and git. I am very happy to have completed this one & get my certification! Thank you,
Udacity! You never disappoint.

Review of Data Engineering Nanodegree

Vladimir Osin

Data Scientist at Signify

This program helped me improve my skills in building efficient data pipelines using airflow for data lakes and data warehouses in AWS and using SQL and NoSQL databases. The material of this program is highly structured and easy to follow.

Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Review

Omar Martinez Garcia

ML Engineer

During the course, I focused on software engineering and deployment fundamentals using AWS services such as Sagemaker, S3, Lambda, and API Gateway. It was a great opportunity to pursue further practical experience by developing and deploying ML projects on population segmentation, fraud detection, computer vision, sentiment analysis, and time-series forecasting topics.

Deep Learning Nanodegree Review

Sahil Ramani

Machine Learning and Graphics at Unity Technologies

After spending the last few weeks studying for the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree, I graduated today. I feel like I have a great grasp of the fundamentals in this novel field; now it’s on to more papers and projects. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more in this field.

Front-end web developer nanodegree review

Fabian Klein

Senior Frontend Developer at Upwork

The front-end web developer nanodegree is detailed, well-organized, and a good updated refresher for any front-end developer, and I highly recommend it.

Review of Udacity’s Full-Stack Nandoegree

Zia Akhtar

Network Engineering Internship at Zain Jordan

I have completed The Full Stack Development Track from Udacity. For me, Udacity always offers the best learning journey ever. Thank you, Udacity and One Million Arab Coders, for this opportunity.

Asad Manzoor

Full Stack Engineer at Arbisoft

I have learned how to build declarative user interfaces for the web with React and iOS and Android with React Native in this program. I have also learned how to manage state more predictably in your applications with Redux.

-via Linkedin

Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree Review

Vivek Bakul Maru

Machine Learning Developer

This program covers all the components down the chain including Perception, sensor fusion, localization, planning, and control. Developing a full AD software stack and testing it on a vehicle was immensely rewarding.

This program is really interesting, intense, and challenging at times. But it is definitely worth the effort.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Reviews

Malaka Ashour

Digital Marketer

In this nanodegree, I applied my digital marketing knowledge through the following real-life projects:

1.Facebook & Instagram advertising business manager campaign resulting in a +ve ROI and evaluating their performance

2.SEO Auditing: Used the following tools to measure my MKT objectives KPIs through better search ranking results and analyzed the landing page’s areas that require improvements

Review of Ai Product Manager Nanodegree

Peter Jordan

Researcher at Hochschule Esslingen

It has been a great learning journey, and I had a superb experience completing this degree that brought me a lot of practical skills like:

  • How to evaluate the business value of an AI product;
  • How to scope and build datasets;
  • How to train models and evaluate their business impact
    Hats off to Udacity for a well-built program.

Udacity Data Engineer Nanodegree Reviews

1.Muhammad Usman Haider

Achieved Udacity Data Engineering Expert Nano-degree! It not just helped me in Enhancing my Data Engineering Skills also a hands on experience of Airflow and Public cloud utensils to build Data pipelines.

– Muhammad Usman Haider

2.Branko Fulurija

Awesome Projects

I had a great time digging a bit deeper into the world of big data and data engineering during Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree.

You can find his all the exciting projects on Github here :

  1. Postgres data modeling
  2. Cassandra data modeling
  3. Redshift data modeling
  4. Data lake Spark ETL
  5. Airflow data pipeline
  6. Capstone project

Udacity Data Engineer Nanodegree Review

3.Kuzma Leshkov

Good Experience

After completion of the degree, my toolset became broader. I have widened my theoretical experience working with Databases (normalization, denormalization, Snowflake, Star schemas, OLAP, OLTP, Column/Row-based) and practical skills on Spark, Cassandra, Airflow, Postgresql.

4. Need to improve

Unfortunately, the Data Engineering Nanodegree’s lectures were a bit of a letdown this time, and in my opinion not of their usual quality (at least not of the quality of the machine learning nanodegree). The lectures were not very polished, had very little post-editing, and not rehearsed.

5.High Quality Content

Overall, I really enjoyed this nanodegree and learned a lot of practical things from it that I have already started using at my job. I would estimate I spent about 40 hours completing it so I definitely felt short-changed in content and think it is incredibly overpriced for what it is. What I don’t like is how Udacity markets their courses as a way for someone to make a career change with no real-world experience. I find that incredibly hard to believe and can’t imagine a company hiring someone with no real world experience after completing this nanodegree. I found the content to mostly be of very high quality and I think this is really the only intermediate-advanced data engineering course out there. If you have the cash and are interested in learning data engineering in the cloud I would highly recommend it

Here are 2 more Udacity Data Engineer Reviews I found on Linkedin

Reviews from earlier Data Scientist Nanodegree Graduates

Steve Ellingson

Data scientist

In this Data Scientist Nanodegree I gained the important skill of learning how to build a Convolutional Neural Network to predict breeds for images of dogs and people.

-via LinkedIn

Mohamed salam JEDIDI 

Data Scientist at instaDeep

After taking this course and concentrating on every video and every project, I was able to improve my work pipeline in order to deal with complex problems in a simple way. This course helped me understand that being a good Data Scientist is not about how good is your model but it is also about how clean and how organized your code should be. The course contains so many interesting practical exercises, so I recommend it for everyone who wants to start his journey in Data Science. 


Pooja Purushottam

Data scientist

“The course is definitely worth it as it is highly structured and has covered all the important topics spanning machine learning and data science. The portfolio projects will also help hitting the keywords during job search. It is highly beneficial in case you do not have relevant work experience. In case the course fee is a barrier, a scholarship is always an option

Patrick Moraitis

Data Product at DIRECTV GO

I learned foundational programming with SQL and Python (with some NumPy & Pandas), as well as version control with Git (github.com/patrick-moraitis). To be honest, I still have tons more to learn and many weaknesses to strengthen before I can credibly call myself a Data Scientist, but this has been a solid step in getting there.

Improvement Reviews

Improvement Reviews

Erick Taylor

Data scientist

As far as the negative end, there are a lot of learners that would like a more in-depth look into some of the more difficult math problems and concepts. A few reviewers mention the mentoring program in term 2, however this is a technical issue that Udacity has solved.

Reviews from Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanoegree Graduates

Here are some of the top reviews from earlier Data Analyst Nanodegree graduates.

Farnaz Motamediyan

Well, my first hand experience is vey positive. I loved the process, practical projects and also the curriculum. I landed a job after finishing this Data Analyst NanoDegree. Pretty happy with my investment.

Rand Alhassoun

Project Manager at Saudi Information Technology Company

It was a comprehensive program that included five projects to use practical statistics and python libraries in data analysis process of wrangling, exploring, analyzing and communicating data.

Martín Delgado Pérez

Eurofighter Test Engineer at CENTUM Solutions

Quarantine has been a difficult period for many, but at the same time a moment to take advantage of to reflect and learn. In my case, the time it took me to stay at home allowed me to go in and learn about the new world of Data Science. Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree has brought me knowledge about Python and its different tools, and how to leverage them in the different phases of data analysis.

Muhammad Ahmad Raza

Software Engineer at Aion Digital

Finally, I graduated from Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree! One of the interesting things is that I met and studied with some amazing people all over the globe. Thanks to all my colleagues and technical mentors for support, especially, The one who always encouraged and supported me Ilias Papachristos.

Improvement Reviews


The projects, which can be complex use of frameworks, expect you to recreate on your own. I submitted a completed project after completing the tutorial and was accused of plagiarism.

Benny Prijono

Two days ago I recommended this ND in my blog, and just when I’m about to enroll, they changed the price from $199/mo with 50% discount to $1200 for the whole program! That’s insane! For only seemingly minor changes in program curriculum

Josh Hutcheson

E-Learning Specialist in Online Programs & Courses Linkedin

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