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Implement AI in your company

In this Udacity AI for Business Leaders Review, learn how you can leverage machine learning technologies to power corporate growth

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Contrary to popular belief, machine learning and artificial intelligence are simpler to understand than you may expect.

Beginning to comprehend how they operate now could have a significant impact on you and your company in the future by enabling you to start making wise decisions based on the useful information you can gather from your website.

Things are moving in this direction, and the vast majority of firms are already making the necessary preparations to get there.

Today Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way businesses operate, helping them to get more efficient. 

Organizations are rethinking ways to properly integrate this emerging technology into their corporate strategy.

However, management sometimes finds it difficult to apply these new technologies to make the most out of it.

In order to help management teams to overcome this obstacle, Udacity in partnership with BMW has come up with these Nanodegree programs. In this Udacity AI for Business Leaders Review, I will take you through the entire course syllabus, pros, and cons. Let’s check whether this course is worth investing in or not. 

After all, every investment should bring returns.

As per Udacity, this course will make you understand fundamental technical terms and concepts of machine learning and will make you capable of developing a strategic framework to evaluate business applications of AI across various industries.

BMW is also a driving force in designing and creating this executive program, as the group has worked closely along with Udacity to skill up its employees in the field of data analysis and machine learning.

The course has practical case studies at the end of each lesson that can teach you the right way to ask strategic questions and ways to formulate proposals while planning to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence into your organization.

Who Can Apply?

This Nanodegree is specifically designed for business leaders and managers who make strategic technological decisions.

The course will empower them with the skills and knowledge required to formulate these strategies.

Prerequisites of Udacity AI for Business Leaders

The only pre-requisites are that you should be familiar with statistics and probability, should have an understanding of Algebra. Also, you should have some experience in business that involved decision-making.
If you fulfill all the above requirements, then I think you should definitely enroll in this course.

In this executive program, participants learn to understand, apply, and evaluate AI and the data it leverages. The entire course is followed by a capstone project where you can develop an AI strategy for your own business or else can work on any other business scenario in the automotive industry.

Let’s discuss all the syllabus in detail.

You can sign up here

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Syllabus of Udacity AI for Business Leaders

The course consists of 7 lessons followed by a capstone project where you need to make an AI-based strategy that you can implement in your business. The lessons are as follows:

1. The Paradigm Shift

 Understand how probabilistic reasoning is applied to machine learning and get exposure to algorithms, models, training, test set, etc.

You need to work to develop your own ideas for machine learning and AI use cases for business.

Also, learn to create before/after storyboards and use them to evaluate the impact of an ML/AI use case

2. The Math Behind the Magic

It is very important to differentiate between how the five “V’s” of data i.e. velocity, volume, variety, veracity, value affect a Machine Learning model.

Learn how these 5 “Vs” of data can impact the feasibility of ML and AI use cases.

In Machine Learning applications you will learn to distinguish between classification, regression, optimization, and simulation.

Understand the basics of predictive modeling, optimization, and the co-relation that exists between optimization and simulation.

The best part is you get familiar with concepts of deep learning, and it’s an application in predictive modeling.

This will help you in solving various problems in your organization.

Also implementing reinforcement learning models in optimization is a critical task you will learn here.

3. Architectures of AI Systems

Hell ya! This interests me.

Here you will learn the significance of machine learning system architectures.

Sounds interesting? let’s explore more.

Learn about components of machine learning model architecture that include classifiers, regressors, optimizers, simulators, and segmenters.

Make use of NLP(Natural Language Processing), voice processing, and computer vision.

Differentiate between the capabilities of natural language processing, voice/speech processing, and computer vision•

Build machine learning system architectures for a digital channel chatbot, negotiation engine, and visual classifier

By the end of this lesson, you will learn to build ML model architectures for various applications like digital channel chatbots, negotiation engines, and visual classifiers.

4. Working with Data

Here you will learn the importance of labeling data for supervised learning

In this lesson, you will learn to overcome hurdles in implementing AI infrastructure requirements.

Check data readiness in implementing AI capabilities for business and use this to assess the feasibility of use cases.

5. Accuracy, Bias, and Ethics

Accuracy is an important parameter in any business, especially when it comes to implementing machine learning models.

In this lesson, you will understand why accuracy is the only measure of machine learning model performance.

Try to avoid underfitting and overfitting when developing Machine Learning models.

While making any machine learning models, it is important to apply all the principles and frameworks ethically.

You will get to know more about this during the course.

6. Lesson sixth is Gathering Feedback

 Learn to take surveys and interviews to solicit feedback on prototypes.

Also, identify various stakeholders inside and outside an organization to provide feedback in an iterative design process.

Analyze feedback from stakeholders to inform evaluation and prioritization of use cases

7. The last lesson is ‘Thinking Bigger’

In this last lesson, you will learn to implement AI use cases with small learning experiments.

Here, you have to build a roadmap for deploying machine learning applications that strategically complement one another.

Create a proposal integrating use cases into a transformational business story.

Capstone Project: Deliver a Machine Learning and AI Strategy

Now this project is going to test all your knowledge learned in the above lessons.

Here you have to create an ML/AI strategy that is technically achievable and highly impactful on your business based on the evaluation of various AI-enabled use cases.

This AI strategy will either be for your own company or any other business scenario of the automotive industry.

From the syllabus, it is clear that the course is structured to help you master the foundations of artificial intelligence, so you can strategically implement AI in your company.

Remember this is a competitive world and stay ahead you must try out various experiments. It may power boost your corporate growth, increase efficiency if implemented correctly.

So in a nutshell, I would say ‘Yes’ to this Nanodegree. 

Udacity is offering personalized discount.

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I am an aspiring data scientist with a huge interest in technology.  I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to students career

Implement AI in your company

Leverage machine learning technologies to power corporate growth, increase efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

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Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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