YesChef Reviews 2024: Should You Enroll It?

yeschef reviews

yeschef reviews


YesChef Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

In this YesChef reviews, we will talk about graduate reviews and all essential features of YesChef and whether it is worth recommending to you.

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Savor the joy of learning from the top chefs across the World at home. Your blissful experience is amplified when you share your yummy food with your family and friends.

Creating sumptuous traditional dishes learning from World-class dishes. From authentic dishes to the chef’s artistry, learn it all right here.

What Is YesChef?   

YesChef is a one-stop culinary development platform. World-class chefs like Nancy Silverton, Edward Lee, Erez Komarovsky, and more teach you numerous tricks and techniques. Enhance your learning by exploring more flavors, cooking methods, and much more. 

In the world of online culinary classes, YesChef is a relatively new platform. You can learn from the top chefs in the world by using YesChef to prepare the tastiest meals at home.

Opportunities After The Course: 

Let’s help you navigate through your options. Firstly, once you master the art of cooking, the World is your oyster. People across the World LOVE food. And they love it, even more, when it’s good food! However, let’s list out a few options for you:

Home Bakers:

Everyone enjoys a good cake. Trying your hands on perfecting batches of bakes, puffs, and loaves of bread can put a word of the tempting aroma out of your oven. You can start your own Business with home-baking.  

Restaurant Owners:

If baking doesn’t interest you much and you are thinking of grills, sushi or tandoors, open up a restaurant. With tasteful knowledge from the top chefs around the World, winning people’s hearts with similar recipes and techniques should be a piece of cake. Oops, sorry, I meant a piece of steak! 

Enjoy Being A Sous Chef: 

If starting on your own isn’t on your to-do list at all. You can still work at any restaurant or probably get a promotion by mastering the techniques taught on YesChef.

It’s rare a sight when the Chef perfects pasta. But, they know the flavors of hummus. By practicing multi-cuisines, you expand your horizon of knowledge and to more opportunities.  

Online Chef: 

Along with cooking at a restaurant or home, you can also pursue being an Online Chef. Mastering cooking yourself through an online medium, your journey itself adds to your learning experience.

You can have online sessions for your peers and people, teaching them World-class recipes and helping them master the same at home, just like you would have.

Social Media Influencer: 

Enjoy the limelight of social media by spreading love online with your recipes. As you create tempting dishes at your home, record and upload them online. Teach and inspire other people to enjoy food and cook too. This is going to make you an inspiring home chef specialist and an influencer.  


 For chefs with a way with words, or those who would walk a mile ahead after learning the recipes on YesChef, recreate them with a twist. You can write about it or blog about your experience of learning them too and become a chef and a writer. 

In addition to all this, you certainly will make an amazing host. Friends and family would love hanging out to relish the sumptuous delicacies. 

In next topic of YesChef reviews we will talk about what makes it different.

What Makes YesChef Unique?

With so many people online, this is one of the questions which will boggle your mind. Let’s clear the air about this: 

  • Experienced Chefs at affordable prices: Your teachers on YesChef are experts with decades of experience in cooking. These Chefs have come a long way in their journey from overcooking a piece of steak to perfecting it with minimum ingredients. And at YesChef, you get to hear and learn from such experienced experts.  

  • Focus on unique techniques: YesChef recognizes the qualities of a renowned Chef and wants you to work on perfecting those skills. Unlike the regular sessions of making the usual bakes and pizzas, YesChef teaches you to grill, cook, roast, and more.   

  • Structured learning: Techniques, recipes, and your learnings on YesChef are well organized. This helps you define recipes and understand techniques and flavors you can use together to make your own creations. 

  • Personal documentary: Each recipe taught to you on YesChef is adapted in a documentary format. This gives you a birds eye view into the life of the Chef. This wholesome experience is exclusively on YesChef. 

  • Long-term plans: YesChef offers you long-term subscription plans. This way, you have access to all the recipes you learn and many others in the future. And no changes in the future affect your current subscriptions.    

  • Educative content: Everything that you find on YesChef is educative. There is great learning in every episode, making it a library for every YesChef user.  

Top Techniques And Recipes To Harness Your Skill: 

Top Chefs are defined by their choice of flavors and the unique dishes they can bring to the plate. In a hotelier’s life, a degree or the top courses don’t hold value if they haven’t mastered cooking.

This is why your takeaway from YesChef is of utmost importance. Is it even worth it? 

Besides learning from the top Chefs around the World, you will be learning these 15 techniques during your YesChef journey: 


Roasting like a pro requires much more than usual home roasting. You will understand this when you learn to roast Nancy Silverton’s way. From roasting an eggplant to making a perfect pepper steak, you’re going to enjoy outdoing yourself. 

Chopping & Seasoning: 

Chopping and seasoning is a task you regularly take up in your home kitchen. So, how will it be different here? Well, While we chop our veggies and season them in the way we always have, the masters add to it. You learn to chop the right way. You also learn seasoning as per the cuisine. 


Baking cakes, bread, muffins, and more will be taught to you. Chef Nancy’s best pastry will help you with tricks to get an amazing fluffy cake out of the oven. She also teaches you about mind-blowing flavors you can add to make your dessert a master chef make. 


Working with veggies, meat, and new flavors develops your skill. Learning to caramelize will allow you to create fun elements on your platter. 


You are taught indoor grilling and outdoor grilling with Edward Lee and Erez Komarvsky on YesChef. These grilling techniques require you to work with different meats, veggies, temperature senses, and more. Expose yourself to a perfectly grilled meat with ease. 

Pasta Making: 

Master making a portion of pasta from scratch. Make the dough, artistically make the pasta and then ace the amazing pasta sauces. Home-made Italian pasta with country flavors with herbs and seasoning can make you a winner.  

Herb Combinations:

The study of herbs and their combinations is an important aspect of a Chef’s journey. Everyone uses the same herbs. But, knowing the right type of herb that would spruce up a dish makes you the master. Learn about the most exclusive herbs and their uses on YesChef. 

Knife Skills:

Where can you learn the best way to use a knife? If not from a steak guru or a butcher himself? On YesChef, Erez Komarvsky and Dario Cecchini teach you to use a knife most skillfully. 


The braising technique is a method of slow-cooking meat or veggies with liquid in harmony. This is one of the challenging techniques you will learn on YesChef. As you practice skillful braising, you are training yourself to use water as an ingredient rather than a moisture agent.  

Cooking With Bourbon:

Cooking with liquor is one of the fancy cooking tricks everyone wishes to experiment with. Although you aren’t just experimenting with this style, you’re acing it with variations. Your YesChef creations will make you a pro at Bourbon-based cooking. 


Become an expert at creating flavors of yogurts and homemade cheese to perfectly go with your hand-made pasta. You certainly will have the knowledge of a complete package with this. 

Open Fire Grilling: 

An Open fire grill is tricky. This technique requires undivided focus, time, and effort in the making. However, anything cooked with the Open fire grill is bang on. 


One of the most important aspects of becoming an expert Chef is to hone the knowledge of preserving food. As small businesses or the most prominent restaurants require you to preserve food to avoid wastage, this is an important part of culinary studies. 

With the above-listed techniques, your learning and experience in the kitchen are only going to rise like a perfected baked cake with the added fluff. 

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Who Are The YesChef Instructors? 

In this topic of YesChef reviews, we will discuss their instructors. YesChef has some of the World-renowned Chefs on board. The list includes:  

Nancy Silverton: Learn to make authentic pasta from master chef Nancy Silverton. The World-renowned pastry chef shares her experience of Italy and California. Master making the homemade pasta and grill like an expert at home. 

Edward Lee: Cooking with Oysters or Bourbon can be tricky. But, learn them at ease with Edward Lee’s cooking tricks and tips. Edward’s unique flavors, techniques, and take on food will take you on a mind-blowing journey of food and cultures. 

Erez Komarovsky: Erez’s teaching is called ‘The roots of the middle-eastern cuisine’, where you are taught the secrets of cooking inside an Israeli household. The only difference is, you will be learning and feasting the platter of hummus from your kitchen.  

Dario Cecchini: Live through the intensive learning sessions of Dario, with his ‘Traditions of butchery and steak’. This is where you master slicing a perfect piece of steak. 

If home-bakers, cooks, chefs, and foodies ever missed a Chef-library, they have one now with YesChef. A marathon of other chefs will soon join your journey of cooking on Yeschef.

Do you feel stressed while learning online? Discover >ways to reduce stress during your online learning program.

Advance Features: 

  • Documentary style: With high-quality videos, each episode is planned and adapted in a documentary style. 

  • Unlimited streaming access: You also have unlimited streaming access. This means that you can stream videos through your phones, laptop, and tablets. 

  • Access for life: YesChef gives you access to lifetime packages. Along with that, you can also subscribe to plans for a couple of years. Hence we are affirm about this YesChef review. 

  • Pass it on to your friend or family: You can learn recipes and share the joy with your friends and family by opting for a lifetime plan. In addition to that, you can pass your learnings to your friends and family.

Imagine teaching kneading the pasta dough with your daughter as you stream a YesChef video. Also, Rouxbe is great platform to learn, you can go through this rouxbe review for better understanding.


YesChef has various offers for all. Believing in the theory that anybody can cook, YesChef offers a lifetime pass for $460. This is a YesChef forever package. 

Annual passes- 

  • Get one and gift one free (2 passes): $360 
  • Annual pass: $180


  • How long can you use YesChef?

You can access all the recipes, Chefs’ journeys, and all future culinary updates forever by opting for YesChef for a lifetime. If you subscribe to the annual membership, you can access it all for a year and renew it at your convenience.   

  • How long are the YesChef chapters for? 

You get 17+ hours of video-learning experience. With 12+ lessons, 30+ recipes and 5+ hours of exclusive video footage, you’re hooked for weeks together cooking and binge-watching on recipes from across the World. 

Refund Policy:

YesChef’s refund policy allows you to get 100% cashback until a month after your purchase. You can claim to take a refund within a month. YesChef is very legitimate and abides by everything that’s been mentioned on the YesChef official website. 


It all boils down to this, is it be a profitable deal to subscribe to YesChef’s culinary lessons. Of course, it will be! Let’s look at everything we get by just subscribing to these tasteful lessons. 

Professional lessons at home: 

As discussed above, every YesChef lesson is given by a master from the industry. You get to recreate their Michelin star restaurant dishes at home.

Thus, making it a big-time advantage for Chefs to grab a professional chef at home anytime they wish to cook. They will make you learn at your convenience yet in the most professional manner. 

Feeding your family and friends:  

Since you are learning online, every new dish you make is feasted by your friends and family. This imparts closure and brings your loved ones closure to each other. They also become the first ones to judge your cooking so, you better make a lasting impression with a finger-licking dish.  

Opening up to opportunities: 

Apart from experts teaching you, you become equipped with high-quality knowledge. You open up to opportunities and higher positions at restaurants. 

Learning news culinary skills and techniques: 

With YesChef you certainly will have your skills updated. With new techniques up your sleeve, you can cook a delicious platter to impress a jury. With dedication, talent, and practice, you will be able to achieve all your dreams as a chef.

Despite all its advantages, there are a few challenges in your way to becoming an expert through YesChef. 


With an unbiased view of this yeschef review, let’s also look at the disadvantages of learning from YesChef: 

Limitation of learning online and not in a physical restaurant:

Online learning certainly comes with its limitations. While you enjoy self-learning, you will miss being in a real kitchen, learning from these experts in their physical presence. 

Lack of networking:

Every time you learn in a class or a restaurant, you network with people in the industry. By learning online, you undoubtedly develop skills but limit your networking opportunities.  

Conclusion: Is It Worth It? 

If it comes down to making a judgment call, weighing all your options about YesChef. This is it, it is worth it! It definitely might lack the feel of being in an actual hotel kitchen. But you pay way less than what you would have to if you had to cook in a real kitchen. 

You skip the costing and cleaning of a real kitchen and cook in your cozy space. And there is no questioning the knowledge you will gain. You have access to some of the best Chef skills in the World. 

If you’re a food enthusiast, a home Chef, or wish to grow as a food influencer, you must try out YesChef! 

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Can I access YesChef from India?

Yes, you can subscribe to YesChef from any part of the World. Indians have access to YesChef too. 

Will I get all the ingredients that are required to make the dishes taught on YesChef?

You will get all the ingredients in India or alternatives for the ones you don’t get. But, you certainly can try out the dishes in your home. 

Is it okay to subscribe to YesChef if I don’t have too much of a cooking experience?

It is okay to subscribe to YesChef even if you haven’t cooked for long. As the experts give you detailed insights and you see them make every dish, you will gauge the recipes at ease. 

Can I understand the accent of foreign Chefs on YesChef? 

Yes, you will be able to understand the Chefs on YesChefs. The International Chefs speak in simple English to help you learn recipes quickly.
Although, if you find any difficulty catching up, you also have the subtitles option to help you understand. 

How can I subscribe to YesChef? 

You can buy and subscribe to a regular dose of recipes and cooking videos on the official YesChef website. 

Do let us know your views on Yeschef reviews.

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