My Story- Gayatri Barnwal

Gayatri Barnwal

I am a student of B.Tech (IT), in love with words. I have always adored writing since childhood. It began
with my admiration for rhymes and poems. But with time, my interest grew in writing blogs, articles,
stories, quotes, and many more.

Apart from writing, I like reading books and blogs. It has given me great control over language and error-free writing skills. Moreover, my love for researching and reading can make even a stranger topic, my friend.

It has given me the freedom to write for various niches and topics. Furthermore, my poetry writing hobby has taught me to bring creative ideas for any topic.

It also landed me my first writing internship in a publishing house. I also have 1K followers on my Miraquill poetry page.

Well, when I am not working, you can find me with a calligraphy pen. Not only do I love calligraphy, but
it brings peace and relaxation to me.

I love to help others with original and well-researched content that connects with the audience.

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