My Story: Lewis Forfar

I am Lewis!

I am an accountant from the UK with a keen interest in technology.

Working in the finance sector, I have gained various exposures to many different businesses and how they use technology to operate, which has generated my interest in different technologies and coding styles and languages.

I have recently completed the ‘Intro to Programming’ NanoDegree from Udacity and have pursued many different learning paths since.

I have a strong interest in coding and love learning more about development languages and how they can be used in different industries.

I am currently learning about front-end web development using multiple online resources and plan to move to back end in the near future.

I aim to get competent with these skills to be able to freelance and potentially start my own business. The flexibility of this lifestyle interests me.

Udacity was a great starting point for me to learn these skills. It also fueled my ambitions for technology in general by the wide variety of courses that they offer.

Lewis Forfar

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