My Story: Rhea Mansukhani

Hi, there! My name is Rhea.

I’m a Freelance Content Writer from Bangalore.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Journalism, and Psychology from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore. I also have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning.

I started taking on freelance projects from the time I graduated back in 2016. I then studied Digital Marketing so that I could understand the nuances of web writing, SEO, ORM, and Social Media Marketing.

Before I knew it, I was designing courses in Web content writing myself. I began teaching Content Writing for an institute called Online Idea Lab in 2018. I went on to become the Director of Content Strategy for the institute.

During my stint here, I spent my time teaching, developing courses, and working on new content ideas with my team.

In late 2020, I decided to move on from teaching and went back to freelancing. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough of what I loved to do the most — writing. 

When I’m writing, I’m in my happy place. Other than blogs, websites, and social media content, I spend a lot of time writing personal essays and short pieces of fiction.

Although a lot of my writing has yet to see the light of day, I’m currently working on my website/blog where I’ll be posting it all.

Freelancing allows me to do all this and more. At my terms, and from anywhere I like.

Travelling has become a challenge due to the pandemic. But, when things settle down, I look forward to living the life of a Digital Nomad.

There’s a lot more than writing that I’m interested in, though. Food is something that I love — eating it, cooking it, writing about it (and even watching shows/videos about it). I am and always have been a dog person. I enjoy playing with other forms of creativity like art and movement. I’m also extremely interested in Design and Psychology and hope to study them further. If I’m not doing any of the above, you’ll find me binge-watching shows and movies online (especially Anime)!

And that’s a little bit about me.

You can reach out to me on Linkedin 🙂I’m always up for a conversation!

Rhea Mansukhani

Rhea is a Freelance Content Writer. She has over 5 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Journalism, and Psychology and a Post-graduate diploma in Instructional Design.

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