My Story: Jhanvi Shah

Hi! I am Jhanvi.

I am a BBA graduate from Bangalore University. Ranking 9th at the university, my marks have consistently been above 90%. 

Being an introvert, I have always loved writing. Writing helps express the emotions that are left unsaid.

Reading and writing being the things I love to do the most, I started exploring the writing world, which I am still exploring.

It was during the final semester of my graduation I came to know digital marketing and enrolled in it.

Learning digital marketing and exploring my passion for writing, I landed up becoming a freelance content writer. 

Being a freelancer, I got the opportunity of being my own boss. Plus, I am doing what I love the most- writing! I love the roller coaster ride that comes with freelancing. 

As a freelance content writer, I help businesses build authority and trust by writing content that leaves a lasting impact on the readers. 

Talking about my hobbies, I spend my leisure time reading books, conversing with people, and observing nature. I love nature and the peace it brings in life.

Do you love nature or writing? I am always up for a conversation.

You can visit my website or can DM on linkedin

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