My Story: Mikateko

Hii Iam Mikateko

Data Analytics Associate at PwC South Africa

I am a Mathematical Science graduate from Stellenbosch University and I have majored in Mathematical Statistics and Economics.

I have a strong interest in women empowerment matters, especially those including women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

My experience includes data & analytics, Predictive Analytics modeling , IT risk and control reviews, Operating System and Database reviews and Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) . I have exposure to a number of industries including agricultural services, retail and financial services. I have worked on auditing support assignments.

There is an economic theory of the “Invincible Hand” generated by Adam Smith a man well known as the father of modern Economics. I adopted his philosophy as my personal motto because I believe that there is an invisible hand in the universe that turns actions meant for self benefit to simultaneous societal benefit. With this being said i believe being involved with an organization, wont only add to my carrier journey but i believe there will be something significant that i will add to the organization and the society at large.

It is always refreshing to visit the office once in awhile. Working from home is safer but a daunting task at times.

It is with greatest pleasure to announce that i have completed my Business Analytics Nanodegree through Udacity. This programme was aimed at building masters of data fundamentals applicable to any industry, instilling the students with knowledge to make data-driven decisions using Excel, SQL and visualize insights using the power of Tableau.

I was offered this opportunity of a lifetime by PWC as a Digital Accelerator. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and the support that came with it.

Go to Udacity’s Business Analytics Nanodergee

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